First Look: Canon's basic Rebel
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First Look: Canon's basic Rebel

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CNET's Lexy Savvides has a look at Canon's newest entry-level DSLR, the EOS Rebel T5.

[MUSIC] Hi, I'm Lexy Savvides for CNET, this is a hands on First Look at the Canon Rebel T5 otherwise knows as the Canon EOS 1200D in other markets around the world. But, no matter what you call it, it's only the badge on the front that's gonna be different. Apart from that, all the inside and the outside are identical. In the hand, this is Canon's entry SLR model and it feels nice and light, accordingly. So if you're just stepping up from your first compact, maybe even a smartphone, it's not gonna be too bulky to scare you away. Inside is an 18 megapixel, APSC CMOS sensor, it's pretty much the same sensor that's been seen on a couple of the other older Canon models from a few years ago. Around the back you get a nice big three inch LCD screen about 416,000 dots so its not a hugely high resolution but its definitely enough to compose your photos and review them with. Speaking of composing your photos of course being an SLR you get an optical viewfinder. When it comes to exposure mode, the 1200 day or REVLT5 has has many as you can throw at it pretty much the same as any other SLR on the market. You get full program aperture shutter and manual exposure modes including a full automatic mode if you are not quite ready to delve into manual exposures just yet and a couple of other theme modes such as portrait, landscape and no flash. When it comes to video recording, this camera definitely has the chops to keep up, at 1080p. However, there is no external microphone jack, so if you do want to get better quality external audio, you're out of luck with the internal mic. This camera comes in a couple of different kit configurations, depending on where you buy it. But the 18 to 55 millimeter lens is pretty standard. However, you have the option of getting it with or without image stabilization. I strongly suggest, you get image stabilization on this lens, especially if you wanna be recording video, because otherwise you're gonna be really shaky, and the camera's gonna pick up every single vibration. You definitely notice the difference between an IS lens and a non-IS lens, especially if you're shooting video. So, check out CNet very soon for their full review. In the mean time, I'm Lexy Savvides for CNet, this has been a Hands on Look at the Cannon Rebel T5 or AF 1200 D. [MUSIC]

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