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First Look: Canon PowerShot SD970 IS

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First Look: Canon PowerShot SD970 IS

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It might take a good picture, but the Canon PowerShot SD970 IS' feature-to-price ratio is disappointing.

>> Hi. I'm Josh Goldman. Senior Editor for CNET Reviews. And this is the Canon PowerShot SD970IS. It's a 12 megapixel camera with a 5X zoom lens on front. And a nice 3 inch LCD on back. Shooting options are limited to a Canon Smart Auto, which chooses the correct settings based on profiles for 18 scene types. A program mode that gives you control over things like ISO and white balance. And some specialty scene modes like aquarium and long shutter. And lastly a movie mode capable of capturing video at an HD resolution of 720p. My biggest problem with the SD970 is its lens. The 5X zoom is nice to have, but the lens is narrow and slow compared to other cameras. And its price of $380. Otherwise, the SD970 is a basic point and shoot. Controls are easy to master. And if you like viewing photos on your camera, Canon includes its active display technology that lets you move through your shots by moving the camera left or right. Or you can use the scroll wheel and directional pad like everyone else. Fortunately, the SD970 takes very good photos with excellent color. And the HD video quality is good too, but you don't get use of the optical zoom while recording. I'm Josh Goldman, and that's the Canon PowerShot SD970IS.

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