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CNET On Cars: Cadillac ELR: More than a souped-up Volt? (CNET On Cars, Episode 37)

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CNET On Cars: Cadillac ELR: More than a souped-up Volt? (CNET On Cars, Episode 37)

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Does the Cadillac ELR fall far enough from the Volt tree? Keep your dog safe in the car, and 5 apps that are essential for the driver.

That's the thing for the little camera. Cadillac. Apps for driving we run down to five of the best she's ten tec networks and dozens and keeping your -- saved in the golf and it's time to check the general. PC -- is different headings and lovable and and under the hood but also -- to. And are known for -- ideas ugly is included at no extra cost. The good the bad the bottom line this CNET on cars. Welcome to CNET on cars the show all about high tech cars and modern driving I'm Brian Cooley. Lets you loved the idea of a Chevy Volt but want a little bit it looks more performance and increased tax day. Cadillac would seem to have you covered with this the EL law. But is it -- derivative of this ship. Let's find out as we drive this first year model -- check -- -- IE has not exactly running -- of the beautiful. Style and technology -- Atlanta. The -- shopping experience they promise. Like that lettering Kennedy. So what is it the LR well it's a compact car same classes -- Honda Civic or -- VW golf. And while it is a sibling to the Chevy Volt actually eleven inches longer although you wouldn't know it judging by this stubby nose under that aluminum hood. The rest of the car seems to be -- shrunken down CTS coupe. Overall the presentations a little too much like a little bronzed baby shoe. They still do that. First off the -- of this. ELR fits its top of the line image. Very futuristic. They've released leaked out the Cadillac look and of course no mechanical gauges anywhere in the car also -- what -- is missing. -- for a second. Not a -- and the entire vehicle everything is either touch sensitive or some kind of a very nicely done button here on the wheel you've got a couple of rotator here on the -- but this is a very future interface which can be good or bad. Sometimes you just don't wanna fiddle with this -- over here to do the volume it's also about haptic feedback and I think carmakers are running that. There is a place for mechanical controls down here on the head -- you've got kind of everything in the home screen navigation in this -- -- real -- not just the OnStar -- audio system you've -- every possible source you want in there phone with Bluetooth streaming of course. Pandora sits all by itself over here not under audio which then goes under radio and other sources so -- still got this a little bit scattered. -- things get a little bit tech for tech's sake though it's a -- we're gonna see around the cabin. Now there's the radio I just went to it now I'm seeing it would all of its full information -- given a second. Do you see it winks out to a minimize display and doesn't come back until I go to reach it. From the proximity sensor brings it up very cool. Very stupid what's the point. Why don't I want this up all the time when it strips down to last -- it doesn't get me anywhere it just shows they could do it. What I really want is a -- back button and actual buttons not one of these constantly moving variations of back and -- Exit buttons that show up in different places on the touch screen as you may have noticed in the you've got pause -- -- radio so you can hold things when you're. Gotta be distracted and -- give back to your favorite broadcast. -- tech for tech's sake continues here here's your door over the cup holders which normally would be one of these things it's kind of -- -- -- but here it's like a dvd player -- is actually out of loader. But it's not very elegantly as you gotta -- to convert that to start and then it continues the rest. It doesn't necessarily make the experience the better it just shows that Jules -- still works at GM. Ditto for the glove box door I don't need a button over here to operate -- -- vote open the glove box which also my hand goes to that button. Read proximity sense is the radio for no reason things -- little better on the eastern panel over here on the left side you see your battery charge indicator on the right -- -- gasoline level indicator and you've got four different instrument panels you can choose from. You've got classic. Modern classic enhanced and modern enhanced. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And then underneath the load control is your -- driving personality -- start off -- tour which is your basic comfort mode sports gonna make the accelerator. Steering and suspension more aggressive and -- mountain is gonna make a more aggressive recharge profile because it knows you're gonna be going up a grade quite a bit. Finally got paddles on the -- -- these guys do is do adaptive on demand regeneration so when -- -- on one of these you go into heavy region it drags the car back kind of like compression braking -- a combustion engine but in this case it's more aggressively using the region of the motor engine combo to charge the battery more and allows you to put some -- on the car. It's either great if you're going down a hill or if you wanna do some cornering and use this as kind of your -- to turn -- You can be used different ways I don't think many drivers are nothing about it that way. Under the stubby aluminum hood you've got basically a hot load up multiple attack power system here this is a one point four liter lean burn gas engine which is basically -- -- drive a generator to juice up a big old battery that will -- drum of 55 kilowatt traction motor that really moves -- caught. All wheel drive no all wheel drive option on this guy we're looking at numbers that are -- 181 total horsepower 295 foot pounds of torque reference electric very important thing by its nature. -- machine with 1050 -- zero to sixty in seven point nine respectable seconds that's of the economy numbers it's a little -- here 82 -- PG PE when you're running an electric boat and you've got 37 miles of pure electric green from a full charge by the way. I think it's 3135. MP EG when you're running with the gas engine fired. Generating -- as it goes to run electric motor it's a dual load situation on these -- your total range gas and electric combined is 345. Miles. And charging its funny on these cards -- fortified hours for a full charge from flat on a level 2240. Volt charger but remember this isn't strictly a battery electric car as long as you have -- it'll make electricity and -- itself so it doesn't have range anxiety. The first thing I notice -- the clr. -- the most atrocious brake pedal feel I've ever driven it kind of comes on in two stages. That are both kind of it's hard to modulate smoothly the first one isn't just operating region it feels like. And then if you push further then the service breaks -- -- but they kind of take him like that where they go over and knowledge. I mean really awful. But after that you start to get absorbed in the really smooth and quiet ride quality in this thing they've really smooth -- out and it doesn't currently you've got 435. Pounds seventeen shaped battery underneath me. Gotta go in this way and spreading across the back. Does wonders for keeping all of -- are planted and very every solid and fighting back against road vibration. But then all that beautiful smile this is shattered once you use of the battery like I just haven't. And the engine. -- vibrates the brake pedal in the -- Leo I'm kind of shocked by that. Solar electric mode. Great smooth ultra luxury car. With a very good job managing these engines whine and -- management of electric car has that figured out -- it -- -- little generator engines -- -- different vehicle. Now my other gripe is this is the other advancement on -- -- two seconds faster than any subtly. This doesn't feel like it to me for some reason I wrote -- -- sport -- and there's never Chris sort of -- -- -- meego from the electric power that I've come to know -- so many evenings. It's definitely. When I say sprightly. But that nice sharp -- you. Guess it's there I don't know I wasn't impressed by that. -- of course is pretty darn good you got all this white well overdue at times and it's it's slow and will spread across the underside. And of course the back -- room is. It's kind of but nothing I mean you'll you'll get sit behind me when I'm in this car there is no way. There's just you know one a couple of inches of legroom back -- this is the less practical sister of the ship people. Okay let's price our ELR and like you to sit down but this part. 76000. Dollars base. -- problem. -- not done to get it CNET style. You gotta spend 17100 bucks for the luxury package that -- -- twenties intelligent headlights and the blind spot cross traffic tech. And then adaptive cruise control package is nearly 2000 dollars more all it. -- right up against the 80000 dollars before federal and state tax credits that could easily -- -- Graham let's keep that in mind. Still we're looking at 70000. Dollar very small Cadillac with -- doors and silly back -- that isn't that much different performer -- -- Chevy Volt. And can hold it handle to -- Tesla model has. Which is bowels Lance. Cadillacs during a lot of great -- I'm afraid this just isn't one of them largely based on -- Check out our full review on this Cadillac ELR -- cars dot cnet.com. Do you have a dog. And didn't get your dog in the car well dollars it is time and what is accuracy say that it's. The technology and the techniques to make sure are of great interest to the smarter of the main -- The first thing -- -- about getting your dog or am -- going -- car on Duncan giving. It's not to do it all of a -- on the day when you go to the better take it somewhere that -- -- this whole idea. -- -- to going in the car in stages. First by not going anywhere -- all -- -- in the car. -- the house. Then short little drives around the neighborhood rewarded with treats of course. Blankets and -- in the car that they are used it became out of the house -- -- now. And later when it really matters they're not freaked out. Member animals get used to think they don't understand -- cars. By recognizing patterns that don't threaten them over time you've got to give them time to get used -- this machine. -- Now once you do get your -- used to going around in the car here's why it's important to fill that in there are sixty -- -- here weighs 2700. When a car comes to a dead stop from as little as 35 miles per hour. That inertia can be very damaging to him to -- and I'm gonna bring down animal in the car after an accident who if -- -- -- can be threatening first responders or running out into traffic getting himself hurt her causing another hashish. And -- -- seeing these sort of barricades that are used in wagons and -- are fine for. Compartmentalizing. The vehicle. But does this packet up to the task of handling 2700. Of them. August. And absolutely safety harnesses come -- and got this whole -- sort of chest piece here. And it -- over the back of their neck and underneath the front legs goggles on like this. And this whole thing clipped to a sliding tethered -- goes onto the shoulder belt portion in the second row away from those front -- -- back. -- should always be restrained vehicles even if you're just going on a short journey. But here's the problem a recent study done by the center for pet safety concerns it was Subaru goods to their owners love -- bring their dogs and their cars found little lot of these -- -- -- They -- eleven of them in a recent survey. One of them tested really well. Six of them basically broke on impact didn't work out well at all for that were so bad -- bothered testing them. One with the unlikely name of sleepy -- click get was the only one that held up well in this study. It happens to be among the craziest as well -- ninety to a hundred bucks but seemingly money well spent. Now when it comes to cats it's satellite area and Hana and my Canon will lead them. -- -- -- -- kind of always -- it scarier on the road. And then what you -- -- do is use the belts to at least -- scarier in place against second row away from road airbags. You might also consider putting it down in the well between two rows of seats that really -- oxidant. Some cats love being a little enclosed areas and look for a carrier that's -- places for the -- to sort of -- -- doesn't just flip off like. I thought about dogs in the backs of pickup trucks -- -- date and a few additional municipalities have laws against it. Most do not. The ring me that is actually ask us where friends -- introducing legislation to Sam -- Others dangers with dogs up possibly applying -- -- vehicles to get this is an. And we introduced that way back in 1983. It eventually couple decades later became a state like California. Here's what you wanna do is common sense future -- into -- scarier -- rigid carrier in the bed. Then crossed tether that so what's not sliding around for an -- left to right in any kind of maneuver -- impact. If that's not -- possibility then. Investing in some kind of harness would be another option. And of course -- you go without saying parked the car. Take the pets like it's incredibly hot car on even a slightly warm day if you're stopping even just for an -- and don't keep them in a -- without an -- -- Keeping your pets safe in the car it pays you -- dividends to double check that you've done it right yeah. Coming up. Parallel parking EZI technique and technology once again on -- -- on. Get 183 launched in 2011 and I'll be smallest ever and -- -- It's essentially an eight through listen to a strings and a bit more -- The RS -- means it's got something special about it means is the ultimate version of the key through the best. It can possibly thing. -- -- -- premium TVs are looking for something that's a custom file. So it makes us feel special -- gonna be losers is -- isn't easy to enjoy. -- going to be easy for. Find more from the X cart team of CNET UK at cnet.com slash X gone. Welcome back to CNET on cars coming -- -- from our home at the -- club house of cards with -- -- just north of the Golden Gate Bridge. Well parallel parking or your inability to do it. As a source of abject changed for a fair number of drivers witness -- them -- systems technologies that have been presented as evidence of that. So today we bring you double header -- to one is a full proof texting to parallel park easily every time. The other is how to pick the right parking technology in case you never get. Numbers -- you I like because it's got lots. Since they are and command that are easy to remember -- parallel parking spooks you. First of all mine yours plot the magic number here's why you need about five feet more in the space -- the link your card. Compact car like this Mazda is about fifty feet long and about 28 -- space. Alongside the car -- -- you with about three feet of space in between -- Value -- -- -- here's the most critical area until the back of that car. It's lined up with a bow to the bottom of your back -- -- Harriet bid on cars because they all have different wheelbase. Overhang and seating position this is the keeping you want to learn about your car but it's about a third of it -- -- that car. Now let's go all the way pull lock on your we'll -- into the space. You get 45 degrees in the -- to a break this. At this point if you're rolling go all the way to -- -- the block. And the car should -- -- -- Got a backup camera it's certainly helps. And ended Q1 forward -- to bring in the -- Senator after today. Figure it. It's a pretty reliable method without having to do a lot of Fuzzy stuff steps -- real clear. Now after all this parking is a skill you may soon barely need automatic parking tech has been coming for a while. The first system I -- was in -- 2007. Lexus LS this car ballpark itself Lexus park assist it took care of the hard part steering what you handled the -- back then it was -- some tentative menu could have made three attempts in the time it took to make one. Last for a few years of the -- system we showed -- and a recent car tech -- one. It's still just handle staring but now did it pretty quickly and well. But what -- fifteen Ford Focus will also do this trick for perpendicular spaces. And will be able to automatically -- at a parking spot which I didn't realize was difficult. And they have joined mobile and Audi among the companies that are moving soon to the ultimate step. Cars that -- without you even being in them and perhaps even able to drop you off and then go park on their -- one day soon even in spots too narrow for you to open the doors wants the cars there. All these technologies however must be built into a new car so until you're in the market and use the steps we talk you. In a moment the hidden code reader and driving apps you need on your phone when CNET on cars continued. Because -- -- it doesn't have a billion postpone it doesn't have a look okay if we head on the high street. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- PDA parenthood of 151. Months it's a tiny Canon sixty. I'm more from the X cart team of CNET UK at cnet.com slash X -- Welcome back to CNET on cars I'm Brian Cooley. I'm -- your email this comes in from Benji at this time who was watching the top five I did recently -- really simple technologies I think every card should have built in one of the wasn't OBD two code reader. And he says wait a minute in mind that and I Cadillac -- there is one built it I didn't know that looked into it is absolutely right. You push certain buttons on the dash and it'll pull up the code also explain very simply what that code means so you need to go by a reader and plug -- it. And it seems to -- -- after the 2003 model year as far as I can help. It wasn't a huge hit with the dealers because they make a ton of money as you know off their service -- is. And being able to have the -- tell you it's codes and geek owed them. Is one less reason to drop by the dealer for a little service consultation maybe that's why it's gone and out. You know not -- technologies have been so disruptive as they say in the car. As Smartphone apps absences from behind me to bring us information service -- you literally could not have imagined behind the wheel separately you're just. Here's my top plot -- -- We're not covering news again because I bet you got -- staked out alright also got covering tellem addicts apps like. OnStar that sort of thing because they're -- specific to that particular argument let's go. About five performance that I put these survive because let's face it most folks don't give a rat's ass having -- their home. But if you do. -- -- cool you typically pair one wouldn't OBD two dongle that plugs into your car's data port. And -- the vehicles data with time -- GPS location. And unlocks an unseen world of motoring. We use one of these -- -- on cars -- to merge the cards telemetry. With video out the windshield. Even using -- and other OB 82 dongle you're phone's built in excel -- rob what are can do a lot to coaching to drive more efficiently or more precisely. Others function as GPS speedometer odometer combos and some even have a mode to become a sort of poor man's head up display. This is truly a great category for the -- -- -- S apps -- -- these low fares begin I think most investors buy gas when it's handy light comes on the what if you're the Ben Franklin -- these are great for finding cheap fuel. And tracking the real fuel economy at your car. Want to be surprised when it's different than what the cars computers that is. These are also great for quickly finding the nearest gas station when your -- doesn't have built in navigation. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Here we are still driving around around the block and a combination of childlike. And pagan -- hoping to find the spot. Parking apps can reveal municipal data on where spots -- located say in garage as well as well the cost is to use them. Crowd sourced apps can let people share information about spots -- they are leaving so someone else income -- and and don't forget the other apps that let you actually pay for your parking and renew it without having to run back to the meter all the time with coins -- -- car and use one of these. We discover your -- someone. -- do navigation and mapping apps -- being able to live search for what you mean. Tell that -- to navigate to the results or take into the address of what's coming up in your calendar. Then -- it live traffic conditions and best -- information -- can include crowd sourcing. Or even use one of these to find a great scenic drive and her. And run all of this with great voice command all better on your children -- follow up on your car of 2000 dollar -- -- But not more safely which will tackle -- number one moment. Before I get the number one I'll tell you what it won't be to some of your -- -- objection. And that is speed apps I -- -- a popular calling -- speed traps and he that alcohol checkpoints but there's some things. Unseemly about apps that are meant to circumvent the enforcement of laws that work best when you don't know where smokey -- -- -- currently in these -- The number one kind of -- really any kind of driver I think that car -- app. This functions but what ever you're using your phone for and turns your phone into less of a disaster waiting to happen behind the wheel. The idea is to put the car relevant stuff on the screen behind big buttons and that area that 99% of -- you shouldn't be using while driving. While rolling easy access to voice command. And bonus points of view the is that combined a slick head up display mode to keep your eyes out the -- Customizable buttons so you make it yours combine it with a good windshield mount one of those crappy ones yet for seven bucks at the car wash. And you've got a great infotainment system. Big thanks for watching -- enjoyed this episode. Send me your thoughts and what you want us to cover the big part what we do around here on cars at cnet.com. You want -- know it's going on behind the scenes each week -- see the cars were shooting follow me on Twitter Brian Cooley. FaceBook dot com slash -- CNET. Or catch me or on cars on G plus we'll see you next time we checked the ten. -- -- -- -- -- --
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