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The Buzz Report: Buzz Report: Space worms attack!

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The Buzz Report: Buzz Report: Space worms attack!

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On this week's Buzz Report, the cutest kitten in the world, viruses in space, and starving Googlers.

[ Music ] ^M00:00:10 >> Hi, I'm Molly Wood and welcome to The Buzz Report. This week the Democrats geek out -- Google engineers pig out and a virus on The Space Station -- but first -- it's The Gadget of the Week. The gadget of the week is the Canon EOS50D -- that's Canon's latest midrange digital SLR -- wanna know what you're getting these days in a midrange DSLR? Well, for starters -- 15.1 mega pixels up from a pathetic 10.1 in the 40D -- and if you're a fan of super sharp photos in, pretty much, any light condition -- the top ISO goes from 3,200 to 12,800 -- that means, in a nut shell, all those mega pixels won't go to waste in noisy photos full of artifacts no matter what size print you make. And, there are plenty of automatic modes and auto focus improvements too -- so that those of us who spend the $1400 just to take pictures of our babies and our dogs and our cats -- will still seem like really good photographers -- coming in October -- thanks Canon. And, now for the news -- By all accounts of this past weeks Democratic National Convention in Denver -- was the techiest [phonetic] ever -- www.wired.com wrote up the text messaging, the streaming video, the blogger's tent, and the 103 inch LCDHD screens -- three of 'em -- and The Washington Post wrote up all the journalists who are supplementing their actual news coverage of the convention -- with pithy little commentary on Twitter. Interestingly, I found, that the stories and the Tweets have almost the exact same amount of substance to them. [birds chirping] -- In other news NASA has confirmed that several laptops on board the International Space Station are infected with a worm that steals login information for online games. So, these astronauts have to live on the Space Station with the incremental bone loss, and the freeze dried ice cream, and the broken toilets, and little, like, mouse experiments, and then if they try to get a moments relaxation -- with a little [inaudible] story online -- then boom they crash the Space Station? Nice NASA -- ya think maybe you could run a little AVG on those laptops or somethin' -- cut these guys a break. In the rumor mill this week -- word has it that Google is starting to cut back on some of its legendary free food service. The company serves three squares a day, just like jail, but rumors now say that Google will cut dinner service for everyone except its engineers. Ya know, Google, maybe you wanna also give dinner to the PR folks, ya know, just in case. And, speaking of rumors, we reported last week on a rumor that The Church of Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints, might be interested in buying Facebook. It turns out that the rumor wasn't true and a lot of members of that church thought that our jokes were kind of tired. Okay, I'll give you that -- but -- the graphics were pretty fresh -- right -- baptizing jokes -- No? ^M00:02:51 [ Sound Effect ] >> Molly: And, finally let's have a look at what's clogging the tubes. It's this kitten -- ^M00:03:00 [ Sound Effect ] ^M00:03:06 >> Molly: Yeah, this kitten has more than 2,500,000 views on YouTube -- sometimes I don't even know why I bother to write this show and put on the makeup -- I've got cats -- that's apparently all I need. And, that's it for this weeks show everyone -- I'm Molly Wood and this has been The Buzz Report -- thanks for watching. ^M00:03:23 [ Music ]

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