The Buzz Report: Buzz Report: Robot Sex ('Nuff said.)
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The Buzz Report: Buzz Report: Robot Sex ('Nuff said.)

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This week on the Buzz Report, the institution of human-robot marriage is clones.

[ Music ] ^M00:00:05 >> Molly Wood: Hi, I'm Molly Wood, and welcome to the buzz report. >> Molly Wood: This week robot unions. The Apple Iphone is toxic. And a crazy word game that's clogging the tubes. But first it's the gadget of the week. That gadget of the week is the Olympus stylus 790 SW. Now, we here at Cnet were wondering recently like why does everybody want a new digital camera for Christmas, and then we realized it's because everybody already broke the digital camera they got last year, enter this bad boy. You can drop it, stomp on it, dunk it in ten feet of water, freeze; it'll even keep out fine dust, if you want to take it on a track through the desert, plus seven megapixels, boom. Of course that means no more broken digital cameras, but hey back to hand knit sweaters, next year right, yay. And now for the news. Our top story today, robot sex, a new study says robots will soon become so much like humans that people will fall in love with them, have sex with them, and even marry them. In fact, researcher David Levy believes a state like Massachusetts could legalize human robot marriage by the year 2050. >> Ah, [assumed spelling] yeah, let's get it on, knocking boots baby, settling down, making sweet, sweet robot love. >> Ah, clone what are you doing here? And seriously stop saying that stuff. >> [Inaudible] news and I wanted to let all of you know about my impending nuptials. I'm totally getting hitched, Britney style, ya'll. >> What are you talking about clone, you're not a robot, you're a clone, this is human robot... >> Yeah, I'm a clone. >> Marriage. >> But I'm in a relationship with a robot, the Cooley [assumed spelling] bot, in fact. In around about 2050, we're tying the knot. >> Wait, Cooley is a Cooley bot, Huh; I guess that explains a lot. Anyway, I don't think so clone, robotic marriage is between a human and a robot only, like clone robot marriages, eew [assumed spelling], what would be next, robots marrying multiple clones to the same person, clones marrying dogs, it's creepy. >> Hey, clones have the same rights as humans, turd bottom. We can marry, whoever we want. In fact I know what you want, you just want to take my sweet, sweet Cooley bot away from me. >> Molly Wood: I got to admit the Cooley bot is kind of cute. Moving on, moving on, in other news today, Greenpeace is after Apple again, this time saying that the Iphone contains a number of hazardous and toxic chemicals. The big problem here, chemicals called phthalates [assumed spelling]. In fact according to the center for environmental health, the level of phthalates is high enough to violate California law. Phthalates get your phthalates under control, Apple you're a phthalate, phthalate. Sorry. And finally here's what's clogging the tubes this week, Scrabulous. If Scrabble's for old people, and those sucky vacations where it rains the whole time, scrabulous is for the Internet fabulous. It's a facebook app where you play a word game that is definitely not scrabble, is nothing like scrabble, and the creators of scrabulous should definitely not draw any attention legal or otherwise from the scrabble people. Please scrabble people don't take away our scrabulous. >> I'm Molly Wood, and this has been the buzz report. ^M00:03:20 [ Music ]

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