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The Buzz Report: Buzz Report: Interns at war!

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The Buzz Report: Buzz Report: Interns at war!

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This week on the Buzz Report, the great East Coast/West Coast Intern Beef of 2007 begins. Where will it end?

^M00:00:01 [ Music ] ^M00:00:05 >> Hi I'm Molly Wood and welcome to the Buzz Report. This week Leopard whimpers, Google bores and interns battle; but first, the Gadget of the Week. The Gadget of the Week is the Asus EPC. This is an incredibly appealing little laptop actually with a solid state flash drive in either 2, 4, or 8 gigabytes. It runs Linux and it comes with Open Office; it weighs just 2 pounds and it only costs 399 dollars. Now it's pretty much perfect as a little like living room laptop or even a first top laptop for your kids especially since that flash drive can really take a beating. It's actually pretty awesome although and I know I have a bit of a hang-up about naming conventions for gadgets but the EPC from Asus, Asus EPC; I mean it kind of makes a Nintendo Wii look like non-hilarious. And now for the news. The new Mac operating system OS10-Leopard is out and while most reviews are good, this kitty does have some claws. [ Sound effects ] >> For example Apple acknowledges that some users trying to upgrade to the new OS are experiencing the blue screen of death. Security researchers say there are serious holes in the Leopard firewall including the fact that it's not turned on by default; and users on Apple support forums say that the upgrade slowly strangles their wireless connections. Now a lot of people had predicted that since Windows Vista is such a mess; Leopard might, I don't know, jump into the lead but now that Leopard's got problems too, looks like it could be anybody's game. >> Wooo. Yeah. >> Hey, hey, hey. >> All right. >> Oh, no, no, no; I didn't mean it could be anybody's game, the Linux; you guys are so cute. In other news today, Google is apparently pitching the G-phone to Verizon, has maybe signed on to T-Mobile, and might announce its mobile phone plans in mid-November. You know what? Actually don't talk to me about any G-phone rumors until you're calling me from your G-phone to talk to me about your G-phone cause I'm sure it's gonna be cool but that whole iPhone thing almost killed me--for real. Now for something a little different. Now I try not to let the inner workings of CNET or our employee politics or our inner personal squabbles come into my work. But there is trouble brewing here at CNET TV and I just can't ignore it anymore. Our San Francisco interns, Katherine and Andrea, have a big problem with our New York intern, Mark; and frankly I think things are about to get ugly. So as a responsible Executive Editor I'm doing the only thing I can do, I'm puttin' it on the air. ^M00:02:35 [ Music ] ^M00:02:42 >> Katherine and Andrea thank you for coming on. Okay now everyone here is the footage that started it all. >> Mark the intern here in Times Square. Mark the intern here in Times Square. Mark the intern here in Times Square. >> So what's the problem here? He called himself the intern? The intern. >> Well it's not just that he called himself the intern, I mean, look at the man's face. >> Oh he can see what we're talking about. >> Yeah. >> Also Mark can't dance. >> Can't sing, can't bowl, can't talk. >> Bad guitar hero player. >> Oh what about college for you? >> I actually dropped out of NYU because of Mark. >> Did he stalk you? >> No, he existed. >> Oh okay. >> Our spies tell us he owns a Zune and Microsoft Vista. >> Oh all right; Vista and then a. >> Also he keeps5 puppies. >> Puppies? >> We have evidence. Yeah just look at them inch. >> It doesn't even look that real actually. >> But really the smoking gun is this microphone attack. We had it. >> But attacking it; well it looks like maybe he's just interviewing her? >> If you call death by microphone an interview, you're entitled to your own opinion. >> Okay, death by microphone. There you have it. Mark I think you and your crew have got to respond to this. I'm Molly Wood and this has been the Buzz Report. Thanks for watching. ^M00:04:06 [ Music ] ^M00:04:11

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