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Buzz Out Loud: Google's Eric Schmidt is out and CNET New York is in: Buzz Out Loud

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Buzz Out Loud: Buzz Out Loud: Google's Eric Schmidt is out and CNET New York is in

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It's not your regular Buzz Out loud today. From New York City, Wilson G. Tang, Jeff Bakalar, Dan Ackerman and Rex Brian (AKA Scott Stein) take over, and needless to say it's a very different BOL. In this topsy-turvy world, Google's Dr. Eric Schmidt is forced out as CEO. HP joins the fray by rearranging its board of directors with four new members, including former California gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman. Verizon files suit against the FCC for rules they proposed, and no, the iPad 2 won't be getting the Retina Display--much to our dismay.

Hey it's Friday January 21. Tony -- uses both download the podcast of indeterminate length were pretty sure we like thirty minutes. -- to -- very special buzz out loud. Live from New York City what's going on on Jeff Bakalar hi I'm Dan Ackerman I'm Wilson tang and I'm Rex Ryan and it's so nice would go to twice each batch of -- that it's actually -- fact that. And technical difficulties with our broadcasting harbor here but at least -- Brian could be -- exactly mystery continues -- Bryant street. And -- -- says Scott Stein -- I like to go. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- we're gonna refer you -- -- or Brian Warner the other but apparently there was thing going on below for the last couple weeks. About there being a Brian on the show fifty times -- the -- -- every day which CNET kind of a ringer. And let's set the bar low yet Hulu. On all the time -- -- anyway so they give leg alternate Brian to -- to pop then there's the other Brian yes the -- -- call the act coolly. You know. There's a lot about them really and the cleaning guy we were scrambling the -- Artist and we're and we're looking around and everybody here we know I'm looking through the whole directed -- like one guy. That's there's no one knows who he is not gonna just go to -- just moved here just for a minute if you -- -- just pop in. Anyway Dodgers again it would not -- this episode number either is would be thirteen and you wonder because. We're in New York against at the time differential you can have a podcast doesn't hurt that I watched yesterday's show and they were very clear that this was convened to be considered a special episode should and should not -- within a very fair enough you don't go down there is that's -- -- they -- show title on Yahoo! or a I think they do then after. At Nokia parents that's that's -- he's and he showed three know what they move like that now has its own gun there's a lot to talk about mr. -- -- Who you have for us well all other. Okay the on this earlier what I mean the big news of the day and of course you. Just talked about this it's not good news of the day is that Eric Schmidt. CEO of Google doctor Eric Schmidt. Who's led the company for the last ten years from their IPO all the way. -- now to enjoy Gmail all the stuff is stepping down. He's would become the executive chairman and and he says that you know blu rule really. Sergei don't need someone watching over them anymore. They've matured enough to beat the company. And this is. Big big news because it seemed to come out of nowhere especially. They also announced their financial results yesterday and it was a blockbuster quarter for them so -- And that's the same thing Apple did they kind of take these CEO stepping aside -- stepping down story and they haven't you know that day when you gonna have the earnings report later run in the kind of absorb some of that news. Guilt in a way it's not totally unexpected has been a lot of tension between these guys for a while. And Iraqi Army like these seen on -- public -- TV game Larry and Sergey for -- since we're very insistent on getting out of China because essentially this is Eric wanted to stay there. When they bought Android which thing we've discussed a little while ago. Actually didn't even know that -- upon entrance laughter Verity did as. Apparently he was just kind of -- -- not a rapid decision maker in that dot com company technology company kind of way and this is a -- face saving way of him to be kind of gently pushed out the door -- Founders face saving and also he announced that he's -- I think 390. Million dollars worth of stock -- pocket money. -- nothing much Scotty needs to get his Super Bowl tickets right but they cost -- -- -- much. I'm freaking out that yes there's -- -- -- million dollars in tax system that ticket -- unlock the benefit. But it. If it's it's sort of rattling through the tech industry is nobody really expected this bike. Your you know in hindsight it does make sense. The same thing that happened with Apple. Just before blockbuster quarter we're gonna announced that are CEOs. And as a stepping down but go anyway guys -- something -- yet and it may be it is a much needed boost. -- patent certainly released a several products over the last couple years that. Suppose he may or may not have changed you know the -- the world right but a lot of sort -- retirement who waived for talking about clothes are as well as was. Surely please -- Asia batteries just -- romantic -- -- like you said via the forefront of innovation once again in and the other half of it is that still yes they're releasing all these great products. But I believe -- -- somewhere a couple of days ago 97%. Of all the revenue still comes from search. Even though there on your cell phone. There has to do what they give away any Android for the cellphone and Gmail is free all these other things are free films lost leaders to bring in the think about all the money -- -- -- from Google Voice port. Are -- -- -- gun were also more turmoil in the tech industry. We all heard about the Mark Hurd I just untimely exit -- couple months ago that was where there was. Huge scandal involving. A woman and -- -- relationship with that we don't know the details on all that apparently got laid off because of I think 2000 dollars with -- Weird expense reports that's okay my that he was misleading the board of directors -- -- have confidence in him because you're a little bit of cheating is that they contractor. Obviously we don't know anything about that kind of -- -- very up and up yeah it's still there's still investigating it but everybody can kind of agreed. At -- sudden departure of of mr. heard. Was unexpected. And that the board sort of mangled did -- the release of this information. And as a result of four board members are leaving. And -- -- Meg Whitman and former gubernatorial candidate for California right is gonna be joined the board. So does that as you know. It's always good when you get a kind of -- person to be on your board of directors and it just sounded it gives a you know you get -- can -- -- -- to highlight it makes you feel like if you believe in -- kind of like the -- mission what they've done then you know maybe she can provide -- -- -- there and of course for these people being on a board of directors is a good way to sort of keep your finger and it now that France and you're not governor now -- have a lot of free time I will say internally from HP. The employees were dancing in the streets and moderate left he was not well thought of at all. He destroyed their R&D budgets while he really took away a lot of what made HP magical for a lot of people who work there and just turned it into -- -- -- cash cow for him and his cronies that is the reporting from inside HP. But on the reverse though investors shareholders -- loved him because they you know his cost cutting. Really propelled the company for short term is over long term -- that's the thing you make a little money this quarter but then you don't -- killer products in the future looked at what and look what's happening with HP. We have clear tablet he was was to have last march you know there are -- by -- -- And that'll be a big that it does look pretty and it. I -- honest it really looked leaked images of these reported on engadget the palm pad from -- -- books. Looked literally like a giant iPhone 3GS I was gonna -- -- -- a big -- Palm Pre -- keyboard or anything like it's it's it's obviously whoever it as a sort of a slate 500 tablet finally finally limped out last like November or December. And of course we just saw a lot of their stuff at CES and they didn't really have a breakthrough product experts say -- -- -- all right stuff. But hill and really yes but not -- -- to expire. Yeah well in any sort of finish -- -- though. We're talking about huge from -- in the tech industries for as executives are concerned Microsoft's been laying off their exact -- left and right to lot of all of us there. Big bombers next I don't know who would step in -- that's -- they did they may not have the depth of bench because a lot of the other big guys. I have left they I mean that that odds that you like a lot of -- these big personalities and Microsoft required of the last 101520 years are gone. And Ballmer certainly is a big personality with big -- -- Microsoft CEO Eric Schmidt. I didn't know I don't really -- -- -- today and change things CEOs have much more of the personality responsibility these days there's a big portion of that but also it's just that Microsoft and I think this year's visit -- was very very telling. Every year that I've ever been you know -- yes and never ever ever uses that has been five years five years -- hop. Microsoft to really set the direction from -- the tech industry and this year they were quiet. -- they talked about was how you can watch -- Netflix would connect now you have does that really gonna revolutionize that the tech industry people and you can. -- -- -- -- How much like playing. Let the -- -- -- ever said hey that's is that -- I like it gesture that out man okay okay I do they'll -- three. Who wants to wave at their Netflix those men I guess that's what I. I know I feel like that would be cool I'm so lazy I can't move -- Come on the phone signal the for the ion it's only -- more work to win more work forget that I. How does the connector is disconnected from it through -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- it when I moved to took a long time her because it kept in order was amusing and kept turning and staring at me in itself fond of excellent and boot up -- high cholesterol -- and I played -- game -- fighters unleashed. -- -- the fighting game and have the response was so bad I over complicated so much I accidentally punched myself in the fifth. I'm doing a quick time I'm doing enough that take them. The technology -- habitats and and -- like this and then what what what time it. Boat and a moon literally put myself right -- -- I'm gonna -- -- I think -- good local news. Yeah that's good -- blade connect. -- -- mine back in a magazine where I didn't actually realize this with MySpace yeah I look a little bit over here. The SEC a couple of days ago. Lack of these couple weeks ago and -- processor but that -- net neutrality rules obviously almost every single carrier sort of lashed out at the -- this is overstepping their authority. And Verizon's the first one to actually filed suit. Against the Federal Communications Commission saying that they lacked the authority to actually implement these rules. Now what's strange about all this is that these rules almost. -- the rules that they Verizon and Google came up with the couple months ago and it and the question -- Why they really don't. Because rising -- in their rules exempt did basically mobile broadband kind of signals from that. And that's and that's the the exception they carved out for themselves. If I may Scott and I have actually argued about FCC staff and and and common carrier rules quite a bit over the past year or so often quite heatedly usually about -- which very topic Al a carte cable programming right. Well yes. Yes it's in this particular case not to go back to I I I spent a lot of time many years of studying is -- -- -- cinematic cable -- right now and I like to see some of this stuff. The basic -- digital audience it's a buzzword of let's talk about almost no one understands it in the in in the in the simplest version if for our argument here. It's basically saying if your Time Warner Cable or I have to somebody you can't discriminate over what kind of web -- -- -- -- are going over your wires it makes sense in a lot of ways because. There's a way to look at Internet service providers legally -- what they call common -- which is slate took place but telephone companies used in Solana Montel for example and that there isn't anything -- service provider that operates in a quasi public interest. So it is not allowed to discriminate against the type of of of signal that goes over its -- is purely a transport mechanism. For instance when you pick up your house phone and you call someone. On the phone company can't say we're gonna charge you more to call you grandma and if you call your growth for world and that's that read and write -- evidence that's -- carrier rates so that Silverado is applied to Internet service provider or that core -- it shouldn't want. Why not the same thing and in the and they shouldn't be allowed to discriminate well here's the -- live -- the common carrier rules should apply. Course I will they go we all agree in this -- the the Internet service providers. I disagree well. I don't understand how -- it's like you said it -- there's there should be no discrimination sort of -- but that's another thing reality private network and they can do whatever they want the reality is is that the other classification of service news is I think they collect data services. And you can't discriminate as a as a cable company we can charging more for delivering HBO. Then CBS ABC -- NBC right. I would they already do that and that's their argument I -- the -- cable it's. Right and I -- still have this -- public monopoly the same way somebody who has. I've the FCC to regulate over the things because the public airwaves are the public Airways had said. A lot of Internet. Sir -- -- operate over the same you know and you review when using the spectrum you're using public property you put. The problem though is I think there's not a clear enough defined difference between. So -- -- you have cable and you pay for HBO you pay for showtime bold that philosophy. I guess can be translated over you know and -- -- only one who you gotta pay for Hulu. Unit meaning it may -- that was on an issue that they addressed actually a couple of days ago in the contest approval. Of NBC universal's merger NBC universal and Comcast that I -- But at that I think that the difficulty I think a lot of people would agree that no cable companies in these Internet service providers really should -- discriminate. Against the kind of data that flows in the network as for the most part we're all sort of speaking to each -- yes is some ones and zeroes ray but I think that the problem is. How do you explain this to the -- and because I'm sitting here watching C span and I see people on congress saint. Don't regulate the Internet and that's -- is deregulated in exactly exactly and it's really difficult to explain. Oh well -- always. Yes on both sides -- I am gonna say. I -- sued to believe more in -- in operating the public interest and using. Even wired connections. You know you saw the semi public monopoly if -- -- cable provider in a city for example you you can't just get any. There are New York the other is the exact Time Warner is is that you have one choice right. And you know like my argument against that is -- is very minimal amount of competition. Naturally in the market for you for cable writers -- broadband providers alike even in you know we've spoke about this before most people only have one or two choices. And the second part about it is that yes they had to apply for license to dig underneath the street -- around this cable they pay for. But they were licensed by most municipalities. Can order provide service equally among -- Our customers' real problem is the the rules that govern what the FCC can and cannot regulate basically all put together before of the modern. Internet Arabs that there really sort of back -- a lot of new technology into -- language Halen will cover them we will we will see what happens alright. For those who want a little bit one big story that sort of affecting a lot of people in this room. Is Skype's toolbar for Firefox. -- apparently is being blocked by Mozilla. -- according to them it's causing over 40000 crashes on various browser. Happened to me this morning happened to you I -- I -- it on my my Firefox at a pop up noticing hey you should disable Skype because it's -- things up I think that's probably good idea of that little -- -- and demographic crashed on every ruining my god I'm an idiot I get the message as I was reading our story about. Thought I thought it -- -- and I hitting its that you have to if you so what's so what does it say exactly you know when you -- in Firefox Kevin and on an -- sure nothing is an update for -- thing is now getting to remove the stand on its gonna cost crash. If it recommends that you disabled space and it is so be -- and forget it you don't really mind so what is it saying -- would it would their reasoning is that -- is that is some small animals live on and on that is causing crashes -- it's causing browser instability just to show you will Christian right now. I think I've tried -- Reza crash at Edison I -- ignore and -- -- with my right that's why did and then the browser crashed college well I don't need it he's got to she's up again -- my credit limits. And toolbar for what is apparently knew the toolbar what it does is scans the page your phone numbers oh -- I like system that hides them and then -- Click on it automatically launch myself that I don't allow any tool bars and any of my web browsers I don't care company to go toolbox spiral I thought that was a plug -- not a toolbar. I thought to have but what you normally -- -- -- -- -- -- anti yeah that's okay if it. -- -- -- -- put there there was no physical presence there was no like I -- my little independence and the topple Motorola. Local best buy an extended highlights the phone numbers that is true I think how does this I think we'll look to the 3-D S and to switch to face raiders. Our faith based and they all are like that greedy and management are the future of communication and let's take a little break over here will run and take a minute -- try to recruit because this is a lot harder actually talking about something substantive. -- we hear a New York are not being used to doing we like -- -- existed until dirty jokes that that's that's basically all the plug isn't. Who you let your bag and a second more of buzz out -- after this blue. But. This sums up. I welcome back to buzz out loud. They just. I get -- -- merely doing Muzak you're like Dan -- act -- All so. Disconnect -- of stories below and there's something we really want to discuss current -- you have little real passionate about a vision apparently I'm the only person in here is every use group hi my hottest thing in tech at the moment. A group and is the social discount certificates that I don't really had a pretty New York uses it as far as I can -- if you could you please very briefly returned that Google is gonna have their own version of it called a Google offers. Perfectly -- -- -- ring to it very briefly just explain to me how group on works so the idea is using some of the multiplier effect of social media. Next to bring. A group of people to a business. And the incentive is that the business will heavily discount do you of their product or service so what happens actually be physically what app well you can go to Google website and Atlanta G going in the -- -- website. There's usually a timer or countdown you can -- -- having a limited number have offered listed there exactly go to this story get -- -- -- Guess they must sign every channel or you know pedicure open living social like originally I was like gift card for ten dollars. It's like flash mob shopping try to and then when you get -- one point. You have to have a minimum number people sign up to activate the deal yet. And a lot any other day of various different models and like you living -- you mentioned from Amazon is -- -- onboard of this there are several other companies are sort of utilizing the power of social but group palm was the big one then who missed out on a couple weeks ago they -- to -- tried to -- turned it down. Six billion dollars I -- ask you not believe -- That is not Cuba's right there that would have been brilliant or will go down in history as the worst decisions since that pilot -- my people -- Friends I know that the CSI Miami integrate data yes I -- It's a gravelly voice I know you know like everybody always says this after effects who's gonna turn down an offer from FaceBook or Google for hundreds if not billions of dollars billion for your for your service time -- -- -- -- foursquare or Twitter has been mentioned in the same sends a lot. Replied last week we're talking about -- fifteen billion dollar IPO. This week. What's gonna happen Google decides to -- out information that Google offers is coming out. And now they had not British Irish name will not automatically inspiring but they have the infrastructure that now exactly if you -- data on their Google toolbar -- the Apple. Figure grew by clones AOL just they they had a World of Warcraft website call wow dot com they on the way out dot com domain name and the annual corporate guys stole that from the World of Warcraft guys contributed to wear out -- -- group Bonn Cologne. Which path soft launch a month or so ago and -- -- Nintendo Wii we have not heard from since I've much better reference actually then then what's his name the in my. What will -- on and that being the Pete best of web sites. While my experience -- group find is that I get -- -- -- arsenal while I don't I subscribe to that second and a set of something that I that I get an email go all open it help minute ago. As too much work and then I go away from it. -- -- I think that's not being mean there's I just feel like getting a second being pressured -- on that didn't offer doesn't really seem that interesting though. Doing need to gather a group of people to make this offer have been -- Islamist militants from like a no. I got in a joint nice guy and I think about subscribing environment just -- -- you know just from a model standpoint. I think that there's there's certainly. This is the I think person loses effect because it really doesn't scale all that well and you've got one offered -- per city any city like New York there -- eight million people here. Always looking for various -- discounts and Mike likes I was saying. You know when they I don't wanna pedicure that's -- -- -- 40% on -- -- -- Medicare cuts like in materials during the native city is one of -- -- and I think that the the there's more money for sure in services like this when it comes to geo location. The only way you walk -- and walking in front of a bakery and getting 25% off the new big incentives almost handicapped and right now you're right and it's in an encourages more impulse shopping because they are they hear anything to help alleviate should give it scale that's. I think and other pedicure does not scale. Or not you know -- he's got spaces -- Yeah I can't scale is huge and I did not need to make any foot reference around -- Brian I can't tell -- Like -- I let's move -- all I know that lets move on with the we've got -- -- to more rumors about this. And the latest rumor apparently they'll be in iPad to that of the -- Apparently you're going to do another flash I'm almost sick of all these you know I know we're gonna talk about the retina display or or of the light -- lack thereof -- I'll put -- I -- -- Is anyone else a little just. I guess. Known to the fact that the you know with everyone knows it has cameras now I think it's almost I would bet my life savings on it would be bigger news if it didn't have -- -- -- -- I I'm a little sick of -- what else they do to make it better cameras be great -- the -- would be great detect light area adding the the animated style display which is just Apple's term for very high resolution display. But other people say that's not gonna have been -- technical reason Apple -- -- -- very brief because they to double to do the -- -- apps properly -- basically -- double the resolution or do nothing. And the doubled at 1024 by 768 you end up with a very high higher than. All but the biggest at a desktop monitor resolutions and the iPad would want have a hard time powering that in even if you did put in a more powerful processor and GPU. That would kill the battery life so I I I agree with John Gruber from -- for example I just think would be tough to pull off if -- -- to be a miracle but who beat the. Only do this on one thing I would use. For using -- has been wanting to use -- -- for -- to make the text and port. -- to make the ad text a little bit -- on my porn it. We come through the head start because the text it does come out a little bit block -- the compared to compared iPhone reading. But I find from movies and for for -- -- -- -- that's -- Redmond any -- exactly higher as a writer I'm gonna get higher than 1080. The exact same looking effect as print right so. For an -- for product that prides itself on being the reader. Strip you know you would imagine that it would be able to make sure you've got -- creator exactly nobody's for a lot. It's your if you break on the resolution on the iPhone four it's more like the resolution on out on a regular laptop or netbook so that cramped incriminating evidence at least you can design there's an -- an idea for how that's -- he said if you if you blow up the resolution. To -- -- -- iPad. You're gonna make of it is our conscious right it's gonna it's gonna need of these are a lot going to designs it's relatively hard to do I -- say her -- -- at CES I forget who said it. So otherwise -- would give him credit. After all the tabs that some days it was into an anti iPad two will all be able to say we find out -- -- the iPad killer it's Apple Moskovciak -- -- This is -- I think you know there -- fifty new tablets 52 I think somebody counted. At CES and the only thing people -- trying nice houses and who compete against the iPad two. If any -- back to the original stories. I I obviously want -- -- via a written display on the iPad to glorious time I pick up my from Florida -- -- video. Well I mean like when you look at it it just doesn't look nearly as good idea. But it I will say if anybody can do it with scale missed the point is that the problem -- sell tens of millions of these units. These devices throughout the year -- it's gonna be Apple and in fact like a couple of days you -- during their conference call. He said that they secretly with somebody the and -- -- who. Invested three point nine billion dollars. In their supply chain. We don't know what it is we don't think it's flash and they -- he did that five years ago billion dollars. I it seems more likely that something like a -- Hybrid battery. Aurora -- -- Each each new iPad two is gonna have a small Thermo nuclear generators -- Cold fusion they invented cold fusion just really I bet going to be right into publishing -- that -- emphasis on magazine yet and all the answers on. On -- or just finally gonna have there's actually your -- That would be nice to have for it and it would be close at the end file size to be ridiculously. I just I can't get over the thank you law is the best you reader -- -- have but for super crisp text. -- -- -- I -- -- to undo that we're not want. -- us some more reliable these through these Apple stories and there is an issue I do women speak about a bit. But yesterday was the release of the first the Verizon iPhone and that apparently aired. During network broadcast last -- -- you were reporting on it. I even need to advertise. Again this is a front -- -- New York Times so you know it's not the biggest news. But people -- a battery now another rumor. Is that the IOS four point three could possibly feature -- social network that's coming from the fact that there -- features like. A find my friends know somebody's -- stream photos media saying -- Would this be Apple's third social network after paying anti game center -- -- all those and -- again trying to contract a little bit -- been -- but you're not comfortable feel like paying. -- what -- charts this is just a tractor is. How do you get your friends on there right now -- only way to store and -- -- the into the game center I had given up inviting anyone yeah I have even. Bother trying to do about -- friend requests are even on the Tammy. And I did you know. Yeah I think what you ignore them but I -- -- let's be honest about how to put a little Arafat let's be honest how people connect and -- -- and 90% of it is through FaceBook and Twitter. Or existing you know a log -- system like Google. I think he Craigslist adult content that's true that shows and I think to be honest I think this is the all the multitude of social networks out -- from Apple is very un Apple like. I think there's a strong chance. That they're gonna sort of merge all these together. Right -- it's weird seeing Apple play catchup and category yeah I think that they they probably have a better shot at two dollars if they -- paying just came out banner on all this other stuff. And finally and this is probably huge sticking point because FaceBook may not just happened but FaceBook integration -- they really have to add this -- -- for this to work -- now begin what will you interim CEO Tim Cook took out -- -- -- Tim Cook is taking over -- -- operations. At Apple everybody in the tech industry sort of trust this guy we've we've known him for years he's really good manager. Looks like -- council and a little bit mercilessly bizarre as it leaves you all skin need to really shorthand. But darker yesterday and this is sort of I don't want NASA to focus on the content the story. But -- yesterday released an article where they talk about the -- sexual orientation -- And you know it was just huge personal exposes on him that I don't think was appropriate for our industry but I -- I -- bottle is never appropriate. The sounds like they're busy trying to have their value it. Get -- out -- it's appropriate for them but you know I think -- suggesting that none of us really thought it was a big deal on I think that says something and nobody ever society but yes read the headline -- -- Ever heard expose data was for little personal information in it other -- apparently he'd like Asian guys. So I mean the canceled. I've got out of the -- I think the point is that. Like yes he's -- CEO of the major tech company. But that's still no reason for us to be -- personally yes I mean this is a non issue -- who you know and I don't care nobody nobody -- -- and great up until now every profile of him is used apparently the key words lifelong bachelor and intensely private. Won't you know you could just leave it at that we can also out is an Auburn Tigers football fans are revealed and -- -- shops Bob -- that's much more shocking. Shocking I admire -- Argyle owns and so -- the guy doesn't it doesn't seem like there's anything it's at the surprising in the Hamlet essentially they added late Nazi after the word -- then I can understand no he's not that men -- -- -- -- Leave the do it alone and we will too by moving. Let's move on -- little bit actually yesterday. Guinness. World records -- group has released a new. I -- addition to the book they're calling the records are gaining edition magic pepper company effects fit -- great effort I've never -- it -- get press releases about it not see it clearly -- these records are the ones that get broken very quickly compose. That's what Xbox Live in my high scoreless in their -- and they find it and -- is broken below street level. What they're understanding basements -- their sort of takes about all this is that gaming is sort of become mainstream does not own Mitchell -- -- -- actually just corals record so mainstream and not thinking about this all they can't stomach cores can flip up my elbow and catch and -- hand -- Definitely record I I never -- doing it each -- adding the new Guinness book to my library. I don't -- We have that in a good digital additionally the New Yorkers believe he could just get up like a dvd enjoy every -- that -- leather flip case it's right next year world book encyclopedia can -- its farmers almanac. So this is -- republic these you've got -- is the oldest men. -- in the book is 85 John beats. From Wisconsin. He went on to achieve the most perfect game on Wii Sports bowling -- scored. 2850. Now I got the -- he scored he did 2850 perfect game of -- you get scored below you know I wrote a lot about -- it. About a row maybe just like -- Currently. -- is not an era that still never trust that we don't know this -- have been beaten you know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Last sort of big one is that thirteen thousand gaining fans voted and chose. Mario to be he. Top videogame character of all time pilot shot yeah I among boy in the sky is blue moon. Governor of a fairly -- earth. I would have voted for. I don't know sort of thing of that ball character from the Sega Genesis games that children vector man that -- -- demand that. Ethnic -- has given us. -- just to break the vote. Think -- like master Sargent I feel like that's a billiard -- Which he started at best I. Lilly and third place was master chief -- -- -- -- point out for any new -- outside help and out of his many Hewlett gains -- he's -- it -- patriotism and Africa and the deal is never said a word. Well that's why you don't notice when he's not there is -- -- -- reach of course -- you're you're -- appeared -- I didn't realize this right now. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well look like if it doesn't like includes a pair that's a fully -- with -- regular -- transition on the through these are just it just doesn't have a caller by not a lot of it let's -- -- a little bit pretty thick so it -- we'll just -- -- to more stories -- very very quickly everybody it's like -- Internet connected TV in the first example they -- show is all you can -- to your -- -- you're watching whatever. Q apparently only a quarter anybody on the web wants to share with anybody what they're watching on television -- that's according to a survey. All of the so the so this is initiated from the television is is what they said they didn't wanna do well we're just doing it injected either one -- really -- -- pathetic. Well I mean you know -- -- TVs doing it automatically that's one thing. You think it's really just watching it's always sunny -- -- you know I wouldn't I wouldn't opt in for that. But it's much different than my clicking over to the thing -- why get -- job. You for the eighth time today for some reason isn't that design. -- -- -- -- -- to Hannah Montana. And I wasn't what you are being don't have any net channels on my hand over event that's right. Got selecting the afternoon news on channel five I want to some different kind of -- If you know I -- these these 25% of people who do want to share their TV habits probably more accurate than when -- able to grim anyway and obviously you know my mind that the much that's I think that's the big deal you can't take it. And obviously have is going to be watching all the horrible adult -- -- I'm -- hold. I think this sort of that in the bigger thing is that this is a prime example let's -- over here and nobody wants know what to do -- have to line a couple years ago. I think over sharing is really why -- we can. I put the cat back in that box just saying I don't like sharing while watching a Netflix -- on Xbox Live in now I don't know I I I deactivate that is that creepy guys watching the -- dot. Com now it's still available through my mind might feel like you -- beyond that this is not by -- -- -- watching but there are almost always watching. Either it's always sunny or like teaching certificate and -- -- diligently every state is bad enough -- -- playing Madden 24 cent a Wynonna it jets game nonstop -- losing. That is as you really see that little -- next -- -- losing -- oh yeah -- wonderful last story of today yes we've got the New York Times now easier than trying to figure out for years how they're gonna make money on the web because everybody else has been -- -- their contents. And the New York Times reportedly. Is to you by charging less than twenty dollars a month for full online access to its website which is -- for. Which is currently -- except when you have when you wanna -- an article. The older than a certain amount bright or to get a link and XBLA today and blew my mind earlier by informing me a yes -- paper. Any any gay right -- just a weekday paper from the -- times to by the -- game and even less now it's two dollars. There is really lot of money image dollars for the physical paper got physical paper that's these ice underlying physical paper and -- a dollar back there is a dollar it would. Up very quickly left the Prius from one to 1252150 -- -- I know it's just. Somebody -- -- else if they can just signed a miniature. So I think they got -- that the model is not right yet they have they could somehow combined. I think same thing with the iPad magazines -- -- could be five bucks for an issue of Vanity Fair running iPad -- if you get a subscription it's like twenty bucks for the whole year -- you know they got -- combined the print subscription with the online subscription you just pay once you get it anywhere you want. I think that is the key you pay one time they can get print you can get Kindle you can get iPad you can get wet I don't doubt as the model that. We're seeing oil money if you don't want print or they can Alter each other about and why isn't Wimbledon while some people don't want -- -- you don't have to get it -- could get it -- you there's no paper free discount yeah yeah I'm sure I'm gonna. Initiative my -- and I got to get what I would always say no. That's what you're proposing right now which is in charge you twenty bucks a month go to the website right where you want to do that now when she is the thing indoctrinated me to enjoy flying and -- it at all my heart at its content like that drove you. -- if you're subscribing to the actual physical paper in April all this other stuff in. Then that makes it that's a plan that could work but if HBO was free for the last ten years and then they simply said to me. Starting next week we're gonna charge you for the war I when wanna -- -- that book whenever I am sorry. Have to change the model of you have to offer. A platform agnostic model you're paying for access to the content no matter where you get it from that is the only way that it works. Look what happens when you -- -- -- with -- from steam you can put an eight -- what we're -- keep watch on TV and Xbox and or whatever into -- separate from these -- or maybe that's our current -- dishes or something had been a fan and I don't work. I think that this is a big. You know it area for Google to really step in before Apple does. There have been rumors well a couple of -- you have like -- the biggest issue everybody thought the iPad may see the magazine publishing industry he didn't mostly because Apple -- 30% off every single. Every single. Red slash magazine -- -- magazines -- good for the first issue people think about it every subsequent issue of every magazine. -- -- potential subscription model and I know isn't this is the last point I'll make about this. Is that I think this is actually where big media conglomerates. Really have a lot of value for their customers. We're talking about our own parent company CDS. New York Times owns a bunch of newspapers and a bunch of other sort of like -- media outlets. Why not pay twenty dollars a month and get a mile and -- exactly exactly -- you you can also have web access to the International Herald Tribune and the Boston look at exactly or if you're news corps. Why not do well all your fox content. That we -- get daily Wall Street Journal. It's tough to go from Milwaukee journal one of the only website that's been able to do that because -- much -- specialist audience and we're just expands its network. It's tough to go for the -- and screwed up ready by giving away everything for free for all these years it's gonna be very difficult -- no one's been able to really do we get I promise you over at CNET lot of -- freight on it we're gonna outage at 100 chart. We're getting close every. -- -- -- -- -- And got the things you just wanna cover real I just they've gotten very very very quickly I think this is of particular than their content -- particular interest fertility repeat like Scott. -- that most of our careers in print journalism and have -- real kind of DNA connection to the world of newspapers and magazines frets that too much. I think we've seen that side of the equation much more close up and I think we ever could feel of why it's a difficult to go from that -- -- for -- They the other sort of I can say is the show that out of -- try to get an. We're not done there's there's a dozens -- is so we're just gonna blow through the really quick. T-Mobile apparently there's a -- information on the Dell streak seven -- can map for 330 dollars that might actually a price point that. People consider considering all the other. Enjoy -- have been 50600 dollars -- if kayaks. The Samsung vibrant is gonna for sure get the rodeo update tomorrow. Actually -- excuse me today January 21 open to a T-Mobile and this is really just -- -- saw this on engadget and Gizmodo. Everybody sort of really psyched about all the net site but as excited as you can be in the peripherals industry. When it comes to mice and keyboard wireless is really taking over. And Logitech has just released a mouse. And 515. That -- last two years on a single charge -- is crazy sounds. Why even have it -- a charger for iPods could. Professor and analyst that is just supposedly has dissolved slowly turns black and when it's fully -- unknown how much as ago where I have seen over -- eighty dollar you'll forget where the charger is doing a -- -- to -- power standards village. And I thought not I'm -- It's so these twenty sites on demand will be speaking Chinese are some things that are -- -- Toronto this is a bit that is pretty clothing that's really cool because you know I got a magic mouse in -- all three weeks -- yet doesn't look ahead of on time and he's an apparent. The below does he science news the last thing I -- mention is the university -- -- and UK has at least I think it's really cool. And each DR video camera on CH -- photography my bad -- terrible how does it work until a trip -- dynamic range external -- have no idea -- -- they were showing. It kind of ironically shot on a regular camera. The range of -- city and colors that that the system can display -- -- -- -- to image -- want to look like a dark area -- I was gonna say I gotta do something -- shadows and many of -- -- post right yeah -- most of the -- post multiple explosions and -- that. This is really really cool I -- Pretty exciting it's like a lot of the polarized light lens on the application and let -- surgery videos -- that hit. Yet -- surgery surveillance cameras and football. With thirty full proposal would remain always you know you always put that -- -- -- -- relatives HDR. A lot of videos staple of American. Infrastructure across -- -- but where they call -- -- you and it fell and fell surgery. -- -- Leo -- studio idea he thought that Sony is coming out with the treaty flip style camera and everything we should be the first -- -- -- doing for its affiliates in reading. -- -- -- -- That he should occur if they're earning hero I guess I thought your goals and immediately for this project -- -- -- and punched me. Don't put yet. Our last story we've got four and this is apparently very happy ending and a Star Wars is coming to Blu-ray on September 27 this is the complete saga -- Apparently complete for now until the national occasionally three Blu-ray Iranians that -- wish -- -- -- -- in bonuses -- -- forty it's -- -- -- forty. I'll get it. We're gonna. Sure I I got these are always a worry about that on dvd and it came out and then every got them when they released in with the original non special edition versions on so is Utah and all that seems and -- -- -- disconnect here's a three disks of extras however what if -- -- commentary tracks through commentary that they did were interesting. But not very good but it was it was weird it was George will the Carrie Fisher. Digital you for joining -- president -- relationship with him six films. Three discs that's amazing that's something you -- for the capacity of obliterated don't know it I think it's not I think is nine plus three -- yet to sign it says. On sorry you're right now material that was -- -- -- -- special energy. Hours are -- lot of this Star -- washing over one day's worth of iPod of the old footage you see the -- people cobbled together the -- footage of of the original Star Wars and their filming and scenes and that's our men and and you bought that apparently -- -- -- -- You could talk about -- -- -- businesses. And -- see the footage of -- hard to tell out. Kind of English guy and haven't yet. One wanders off screen and he turns like console goes they'll that's -- And it highlighted volume labs and apparently after that after they started shooting they decided he -- -- -- instead. They should -- -- all the what he's a British accents and then mail became you -- -- exchange disfigured use of service empire accident something like that ethically until they changed from the old yeah records showed that like now they have of that it is he. Too much for me it's a way beyond a -- hard -- right out of my. -- -- -- -- -- Almost any of the show geekspeak let's get to the last. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I lets these so hello all the wonderful people -- Wii -- -- -- -- site. Just -- -- about the girl who fell into the found I eastward to the small. This -- all they had huge protests concerning a mother nursing her child on public bench. So. A mother notified security about the public display of nourishment and security -- missing -- currently cover. Up at the -- to be -- mother the nursing mother threw a fit because she had her rights violated. The next day there was a large protest outside in security -- -- -- for its friends at this Josh will be here. Were suspended in -- fired. What does live into opposes talk is like to have to know what's going -- all has so many things going on I eight average -- so. It's like the -- -- without actually that you stick -- but they found in his. It always amazes about the woman whose texting and walked into found yet and apparently nobody can do I don't want your baby -- this coverage does -- a lot of issues is where you want and now. Gone TV series let's get to this last your house studio album might actually make some sense to us says -- goes through an episode thirteen nine -- talked about Apple's attempt to -- -- -- is currently -- -- the iPhone five. This one be Apple's first -- to have them because apparently the new MacBook Air has been too however there is a fix. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yes some -- I -- and if you that we need to speed up this -- the short 3 o'clock when there are equal. You have so it's in the show you can always go to below that -- -- that comptroller shown two could drag on us on the blog. -- their phone numbers 8061626. Create that CNET. You know the net buzz at cnet.com -- -- -- the market. -- around a plug your produce such a great job by Jeff and Wilson are from 44 which is on every day at the Motorola or alone the eleven inch inch -- -- understand -- -- duty digital city every Monday at 3 PM eastern time that a digital city dot cnet.com and -- -- really mention. Following a Twitter at Dan Ackerman and Scott at. -- -- It's still weird unexpected return -- -- and if you're happy to be tuning in Sunday and 6:30 PM PT championship game I'm thinking you know I will be rooting for the jets obviously obviously -- a month for the jets being that if you're not. I've only ever be allowed to do this again probably not. Left audience and vote with your. Tweets and -- now. We'll see -- easy they'll be back on Monday will be here in New York. Thanks for watching and we'll -- F.
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