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Buzz Out Loud Ep. 1586: Announcing the end of Buzz Out Loud: Buzz Out Loud

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Buzz Out Loud: Buzz Out Loud Ep. 1586: Announcing the end of Buzz Out Loud

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Oh, dear fans...we're sad to say that Buzz Out Loud is ending, after an amazing six-year run. Tom, Veronica, and Jason will join us for an epic final show on April 5, and we hope you'll all stick with us as we move on to new projects, including Molly's new show, Always On, launching in June. Meanwhile, enjoy a little tech news, won't you?

Today's Friday march 23 2012 my name is Steven -- -- I am grandson and I am Hollywood welcome to buzz out loud the show that is one -- today it's episode 58 and 86 a little bit late. But we're here. Both of -- in the same building for the first time in probably months rare. It is it is there isn't anything there. There's a lot going on and so we actually want to star at the show we want and -- dive right in. -- our big announcement. Are really nervous -- Gonna have to do it. In my -- -- and now. I mean the Amazon -- -- sells. But a -- is going to. April and human -- April 5. April 5 will be your last day. Our last show we are ending CNET live. In general is going away it's part of a big shift. At CNET we are really. Changing our focus away from audio podcast moving really sat heavily and on demand video there's some really exciting stuff going on. And I'm doing exciting stuff and and and I think you know in a few minutes you'll understand part of -- -- -- A ban on the road so much involvement on the road. Am but a lot a lot is changing you can see major changes to CNET live most of the podcasts are going away. And and will be eventually replaced by on demand video shows and some form or be significantly change the for a -- -- remaining. But they're making major changes to the format there. -- It does -- really hard for us it's really hard like this -- The show's been. Sixty years of my life -- its agreements -- -- -- -- But everything everything even even I Love Lucy had to and that's -- -- to keep selling a cup of. -- is how to channel this -- -- You know that the other thing guises. I mean we're not leaving we're still here we're we're still a little things you'll see there's nothing that'll probably make the community that you guys have really built this show and made it what it is the people -- live chat room. We see we see what you're saying we hear you're seeing a lot of no's and we're gonna still be here for special major announcements and events. But overall it's it's a shift to philosophically with the way -- CNET as a whole is doing. And we're not leaving you were still -- -- work in -- more things we're gonna show you something a little bit. But it's just a natural transition. Of what we're doing here that's CNET and yes sometimes business gets in the way we still don't get us wrong we love what we do we're still here at CNET none of us -- -- -- CNET but this is gonna be. I -- a natural transition for us as -- company started to do things that are gonna help us and still be able to -- you guys with content in just a different way and you know change can be hard but change is always for is for the most are for the better means those he was octane does not get a and -- And some people have been even -- -- it feels like the show's going away in our schedules have been all over the place and you know it's it's a thing with. Other obligations and things that we're working on as a whole. Has started a -- from this and I think you guys would rather see us do great content that you enjoy than something that is kind of went being on its way out. Maybe you know and so that's the -- you know we love you guys like you guys have meant a lot for me just to develop my skills -- as a podcaster. And to be a part of this mean Stephen is amazing he still gonna be here producing shows. There. Generated insulin to be doing roundtable are pitching -- much in news shows and there's a whole bunch of things in the -- right now that are getting baked and that's gonna be really exciting and specialists say it's been an honor and a privilege to produce this show and them. I haven't lastly changed my life in a year I'm game -- client trying to Vienna as must see. That buzz out loud fans -- dislike embrace me and been so nice tweeting me nice things and just been really awesome Ryan I appreciate everything for areas so. -- -- -- gonna be awesome the show's gonna go on or not the show but. Shows will gonna show Venus show will go on and we we will -- -- to what we're working on next that we will have. An epic final show for those content faster and. We hope there's gonna be an epic final shows -- please tell your friends make sure you're here. April 5 is going to be our final -- Tom Veronica and Jason -- -- -- have all agreed to be in the house and and I'm hoping that that you guys will start sending us. You're reminiscences. That your your thoughts your favorite moments you know send -- a video piece of audio. Embarrass us -- free. And and where hopefully you know I mean I think which does make a second I get to our long -- -- a maybe -- they are even now. It's it's going to be super hard but I want you know all of -- and I am so excited about what's coming next so it does just even what is coming at CNET you know you're gonna get -- and come. Loaded is morphing into a new show called CNET update. That with Bridget Carey which I think is gonna be amazing -- is gonna be it's a very like to use the daily cool show it will be available in audio forms and there will still be some audio. Options. And that one's gonna it's gonna be really focused on mobile delivery and I think that's gonna be really exciting and I've been working on a project and I'm really excited about it do you want -- is a time insuring national lot of -- technically Norton -- -- -- talk about it after retirement your enemy on and it's I'm gonna really tell from where everything and I thought that I got I got got a. A little further align them I -- I -- secrets he has secrets -- I have been working on developing a new long form show. For CNET that I hope to eventually transition -- broadcast with CBS. But we really want -- started as a web show because I'm super excited about them and innovative like stuff that we can do in terms of delivery and in terms of interaction with the show. It's can we called always on and we actually have a trailer. The Raleigh area analysts I am. Hollywood and welcome to always on the show where we test torture and occasionally destroying new -- so they can stop driving you crazy and start making your life better. Every week we will stress test the hottest new gadgets and our custom lab. And give you creative tips on how to master the -- in your life. Plus the latest news in depth stories and interviews with a unique interactive format that makes every -- -- part of the show. Google's deal to buy Motorola mobility is. Almost done anonymous -- the -- again the new iPad comes up as we can surprised we're expecting lines at the store. They -- it's waterproof we're gonna find out. -- yeah. They don't don't use your tablet in the bathroom that's -- On today's -- -- we're gonna find out if the Kindle fire can take the heat in the kitchen. It's called chefs kitchen times and it lets you run multiple timers and if you're watching your -- you might -- -- track calories. This -- Alabama it -- it back. -- -- -- still works they say it's military backed the today's -- -- is actually a stairwell test -- And so words no crap so I you know -- just downstairs ten times but they didn't -- -- say their work. Imagine if one single blood test contest for HIV malaria tuberculosis and even some -- cancer all of the same time an all in about ten minutes. -- credit control this. -- -- with my mind. Is -- -- stop thinking something. So this is called little kids and what they are individual -- boards that you can attacks together -- magnets and -- -- whatever you want. I had her first visit mail comes from -- book and it's about the story we did on self driving car. After I dropped my headphones -- the toilet I ask you guys on Twitter which new ones I survived. Always on is the show for today's world where tech is part of everyone's life we make that tech fun accessible and we -- -- You ahead of the current -- It. Have a I'm I'm so excited to see this I'm so re actually this is -- can bring together so many of the things that we've been doing it CNET and that I've been doing -- -- now it's time like. This and this is how we get mailbag coming back here as well definitely. So they -- this is what I've been working on -- and watch this show in June. And I need -- stated as coming. We're gonna be doing like it's it'll be a thirty minute show on the lab you know we'll deliver it to you in shorter chunks on mobile and I wanna build an app. For it and what we're gonna we're going to be building a lab we're gonna be you know freezing things in super heating them and turned -- down the stairs and and all that reviews and interviews and just and great cool segments about like what's happening in the tech world. Out there out there in the world. Our -- I think another thing that. Also that you guys in alluded to in the video that you guys may not. Have -- necessarily. Is the fact though we have this kind of new cool initiative and it will be developing but -- time on a second screen platform -- and this is stuff -- we've developed in house. The ability for a while content is being served to you on your computer. While you have -- tell the device and yes we just like said oh -- -- -- market really mature anymore but there are still at least in the tech audience. The people that we serve people how their talents -- -- and the ability to interact to get additional content. While this video and -- things they are watching -- -- real time. So where it was seasonal cool we're super excited about that I mean that's just. One of those -- -- gets its not like we're sitting here twit we know thumbs I -- I don't have anything to say right now but trust me. Have you any -- and sets up a competitive edge less than he is -- -- and -- and. And we're we're fired -- it's basically like this is the teaser and menus -- -- because all what we're what we're really doing is that we're taking it up. I'm not too -- at CNET and terms of production -- nobody -- feel like nobody does tech video. Better than CNET -- that's a fact that's a fact that's a fact we don't really aren't back yet we're invest -- in the great thing about this. Is that although it feels like we're taking something away. What were really doing is investing in original content. At CNET -- you see that. That is a huge part of what's going on in the media world right now you see how potent you know a hundred million dollars for original content. Yahoo! Google everybody original mobile where no where no different -- no exception. We're gonna be making incredible. Video and I'm. I'm just so and then we're gonna -- a year you guys like I am so excited. About the show and what we're gonna get to do you and about the the new shows that are going to be happening in -- it's -- be. I know that this parts really hard for you and me come. But it's -- being it's a big exciting. -- I mean there's there are always going to be skeptics we know that many of your -- -- -- words gonna go to twit and that's finally -- an audio server purpose. They serve a purpose and we serve a different purpose. And we're gonna we're gonna you know bet big on our strengths and a solar want to do and it. We the thing -- a -- and -- and Stephen were still gonna be here on the big events yes we are how fun because -- -- I'm not I know reading what you guys say yes someone's like will -- the dynamic between Molly -- and Stephen to the fund now we have and how we talk about tech. We're still gonna be able to do that and it's not just only going to be Apple of -- -- You know when Microsoft was gonna and several analogy windows eight being rate you have Amazon upon I have some crazy tricks up their sleeve some of these major press conferences. Will be there. So just. You know -- understand that. Like everything I'm sure. Many view that analysts and in Maine may not have had a job -- straight and have done something else we're still here at the same place. We're just doing something else at the place so we still -- yeah so that's that's the best that I can put and I hope that you guys -- -- we appreciate. So much -- you guys have done I think it's amazing and so. And we hope we so hope that you'll -- shows I mean. Is where it is like Wii's but I'd still like we need to reiterate this again -- -- not leaving. I -- where we're giving you more example. Giving you -- are excited self and enter the -- you said it seems like it's less radio more TV I think that's that's a really appropriate to implement is to limit scientists like. We don't -- just didn't instrument that these -- on. Wanna get out there and -- mind controlled skateboards. -- -- -- And the community that we know the live audience -- the community and even -- -- -- the fraternity and or sorority whatever you -- the rate. That is here -- there's nothing that replicate that and we hope potentially in the future we can still bring some of that those community elements into some of our future shows. But on -- that I think that more than a thing. That's probably the part that you know when I thought about going away that's what warmest you know what we and you -- -- the most has been able to real time. Interact and goof around with everyone I know that's that's awesome but we can't take slices of that -- amendment and to other stuff. And -- -- you know that is actually gonna be a part of always on specifically so every week when that show airs its not gonna be a live show but when we brought when we post it. At the actual posting time I plan to host a live chat so that we can all watch it together. And comment and have this live interaction because I love this audience so much and I love this chat room. And I just I don't want -- to -- -- to go -- so kind of just like right now for about a half hour a week. I hope that you'll join me in a live chat so we can watch I was on together and talk about it and and and just like. Exactly our chat room. The news and who knows that there might be times where. We may feel like we want to inch its of the little -- you know scratch -- stabbed her scratch you know if Apple scratch that -- stressed that it stressed that it's able to do like a random mystery show. Like that's kind of fun and like -- sound like a little -- up so that you know whatever it's gonna pop out of nowhere and we just wanna -- you know we don't we're not leaving. Now at all always -- -- at -- it's like -- it in we will come. But I thought I love it there will be asked so let's not I mean that's just like -- just on that out. We learned so much from. From buzz out loud right like I have learned that I want. I want this audience to be part of every show like now if you're building a fire breathing remind your backyard among come to your house. -- do video and we're gonna have a chat room when we first watch this show and we're you know it's like. There I'll never ever do anything in my career again I think that doesn't involve the community in the same way the buzz out -- -- the moment that this community because that's again like. About it a year into -- -- items like now. I know it's special about the show -- the link gets you secret sauce is the secrets -- send them I appreciate that the secret sauce accepted my secret sauce and a I -- suppressed growth my favorite. -- -- I got a -- here to show every day it was the feedback loop like once we got through all the news on Afghanistan pentagon the feedback regularly and I can sit back and have. Now. I now speaking of -- its next week we want. We want to give you the chance to let it all out. -- -- seriously. Let it out let it out will be here I'm going to read. We will read whatever -- whatever you write what happens -- -- it's only fair. -- we rip on Apple would -- Apple we. You guys. Praised us it's time -- -- but -- plus or also vent your frustration in -- we might have to use the B button but if you wanna write beliefs write believes. And a via the site and I get -- -- -- just be yourself be who you are and I think it's only fair to tell you thanks and of that to go to -- -- the -- -- pretty much Steven and I will be your official Canada eyes and let it out and lets you do the -- next Friday. -- It's not demand that we talk about that because I could be here for Friday Asia indeed it would be terrible if I brought some sort of like -- -- And for every negative email Burgess sat I don't know yet we beat the pinata and easy voodoo doll if we -- enough will see enough if we get enough of those. And we hit the -- enough. And -- will come out. Which means great things for the future -- -- -- out I. Simply is currently shut applicants and Tom bring -- -- -- -- -- bring in -- I love you guys we -- guys and we are with that we're gonna take a little bit of a break. Possibly cry a little bit more and then we'll be right back with the actual news we got -- -- menus aren't. -- -- Blue. Backlit character and -- -- scheduled buzz out loud yeah already in progress. -- Against giant is. Let's let's look at. -- the Vienna Jeremy joined us like ten minutes into the show just a man asked -- Just -- it's just us it's Arab just look at it to. I thought let's Susan tech news because frankly that's what we do and -- -- to take -- mind off of things. I lost my ever loving mind and -- on the story yesterday I could not believe that this was really Associated Press reporting this week that job seekers. Which is -- particularly awful particularly awful in this particular economy. Job seekers are evidently being asked on a semi regular basis when they applied to turn over their FaceBook user names and passwords. So that employers can check other private profiles and just there and I don't we have. A lot of listeners here and I'm -- even serious sit in general. Even if a few of our listeners -- had to come across this them but it's a blatantly asking to dig deep inside. Your personal information things that you like people -- associated with. And then. Making decisions about you being hired from but. It's like this it is the most in the same violation of privacy I think I've ever heard like turn over -- and apparently it is most prevalent. With public and government agencies so like the city of Bozeman Montana apparently for a couple years has had a policy of asking. Applicants for passwords for their email accounts. And all their social network accounts so they can my -- at their private crap. Planets and that's awesome I can't really say this more clearly that -- insane violation of privacy and it ought to be illegal if those FaceBook profiles are private. And employers can't see them then what do they need to be worried about in terms of something being on there. It's not your business it's private profile. So up until this point FaceBook pretty much you know they were -- loaded it broke a couple days ago that FaceBook is now come out. With a public statement on their blog and so they -- made their own position pretty clear they say it's gonna kind of paraphrase some of this as a user. You shouldn't be forced to share your private information and communications. Just to get a job. Unless you're in a basement -- they did say that includes. As the friend of -- user vision after reading your private info or communications will be revealed. You know we've made that a violation of Facebook's statement of rights and responsibilities to share or solicit a FaceBook password and. Why are solicited. That's insane I know I really do understand that. Companies are trying to figure out how to handle social networking in this digital -- we know that all too well but that's just insane. News site map is a great to be indignant and can jam faces thing you'll be doing that don't don't do that I -- Really. Write speed of FaceBook. They just purchased 715. New patents from IBM. As an attempt to kind of build up a war chest of patents because they know that every bit like when you in the lottery Amber's coming out of the woodwork now to see them. -- areas patent infringement. Claims. Yap the Yahoo! is actually -- -- FaceBook are claiming that that social network. Is -- -- on ten of its patents to some of these are related to advertise seen. Privacy controls. Social networking which is what FaceBook is based on -- FaceBook as a defense -- seen this with. Hardware companies have acquired some pass from IBM to. So hopefully alleviate or help them use it as a defensive shield against Yahoo! Yahoo!'s this kind of mad that. FaceBook is doing a lot of things they wish they could do and so they're trying to get money for it and that also happens in the hardware -- Case. Yet suggesting they definitely I mean it's useful for them to have these -- some people are elected they really need to even defend themselves -- Yahoo! because that seems so. -- to patently absurd thing else and a variety. But you know I mean you can understand why they feel like there and -- in -- position that they need to because I'm sure this is hardly. The last patent infringement lawsuit that had a direct. So believe bad news and then good news maybe for the Windows -- planning gish and ES sort of this game. Called Angry Birds. -- -- never played it yet ever played a detailed -- -- and knew -- pattern on. Kind of to get this out because I hear you but I just download the games like what is this all about and we all we're talking about we're like kind of tired of Angry Birds on those is -- and see what happened -- -- -- It's an Angry Birds look it's in space except it's like in this world gravitational. Pull little area now. It's Angry Birds but anyways -- to use -- -- it admitted cool space sounding name via. Bold you guys hear about how they did that demo. At Space Needle in Seattle -- -- like flung an angry bird office Space -- to kind of promote the launch of this game and even though that has nothing actually do with space. But its Space Needle. Cynthia flung an Angry Birds -- like a shuttle in space. Off on the shuttle. It Space Needle or are we using the Hubble still I don't think so we don't Hubble is had been in the meeting where they discuss -- -- weird because it's -- -- products -- -- They said it does just that but it's a space and -- it's the closest thing we've cat get it. It's high off the ground it looks at all it's really not that on life in person anyway it was not going to appear on Windows Phone. And windows live platform at all they were just like. And then we would have had to totally rewrite it that's like a lot of work for windows on Friday it did it did not launch a Windows Phone at all in this assault. Chicken at -- rate you need users and need apps to drive users. Are you need apps you know users an -- -- -- drive each other but if you're not gonna get Angry Birds and you're not gonna get users. -- doesn't look very -- analysts said it was a quote worrying development. Or Windows Phone because it suggested that Rovio did not have much confidence in its future. It being Windows Phone -- Rovio CEO did say that they're working on a version for Windows Phone. With a yet to be named release date but added the biggest thing is as the sign. That it's whether they had to rewrite it or -- It clearly wasn't a priority. Because if you launch on Android and you launch and IOS the two biggest platforms the pretty much tells us. That's where you wanna go and that's where the momentum is any weeks. We we'd like. In this room we've all said we like the interface a Windows Phone 7 -- has a lot of catching up to do and but this is this another one of those things of the largest most popular game. Isn't gonna be on that platform and let's say comes -- six months later that's a long time. -- it's you can and yeah I mean it's not and -- comment to from CEO kind of just makes it sound like. What happened is that Nokia more likely Microsoft called and lost their ever loving mind -- and member of it was like. Oh okay we're totally. -- you know we got the dummies and we got dummies in the supermarket giant I'm sure those -- the long time to develop. NASA -- little -- means -- everywhere and the like -- Angry Birds. At supermarkets at seven elevens. Really front counter prime real estate point of sale right on the front -- and neighbors is everywhere. Had no idea -- dummies only sharpen the pacers again. The siren you're you guys -- seen the -- straight. That consultant -- -- -- -- that's easier than re writing the entire code base saline now. Clearly hiring a factory over in Asia and -- that dummies at that I got I can only imagine the phone calls that were coming into rubio headquarters from that Microsoft which is light how what -- gonna take. Months -- 500 million dollars what are we -- it was a Microsoft. Earlier when they released the windows incidents and -- they're gonna pay developers to get them on the platform while the -- and I'm sure that they were. Either reading tax or you know lobbing bombs. Now or birds angered or old no ice -- -- -- -- Three arguably so Angry Birds is totally over because the only game that anyone has cared about for the past six weeks of its existence was. Draw something -- -- -- RM OMG pop. And in fact apparently they loved it so much that all Michael hunt. Zynga. -- -- in pursuing a new strategy for -- actually it's rather than just copy the game -- right. They probably were actually really impressed that -- that draws some things as dictionary they were like -- nice we usually thought -- -- But instead they apparently paid a 180 million dollars plus another thirty million in employee retention payments is -- -- it -- an app for six weeks. -- Don't -- why did I do not think. Lives it's the whole farm to -- -- -- classic game and at a social networking element and deceived that takes off rate. And draw something is hot I mean -- -- you happen not if you you know it a lot of times people get all caught up and they say I'm not gonna jump on this bandwagon. I'm not gonna jump on Angry Birds I'm not gonna jump on cut the -- you get a jump on draw something on doing it with my five I might complain it with my five year old niece India and its its its amazing but. -- -- I was like -- housing there dropping the cache again this app has only been -- Are pretty much has gained its popularity in six weeks -- -- and they instantly dropped 200 million dollars on and I think they've been getting something like -- one. Other reports that one billion ad impressions. Per week from draw something that's. -- -- -- is free with the ads you pay 99 cents and it's not free it had 25. Million downloads of the app. And with in the first few weeks or so and actually doctor commentary and -- pointed me to their FaceBook page where apparently they post. The best pictures of the day -- other amazing. -- -- -- -- Also how come I can't go back and see my etc. is the dot com slash play draw something. -- I can't go back and see my old drawings but they can grab them and post them on average but because there are stored locally on their. -- -- -- -- -- Bags they may -- easily so funny they're not good but they're funny like -- wanna do for Sweden I thought -- -- -- would you do I do I do this like -- lady with really big blue island and manager plate full of -- miles and managerial IKEA store. The school's -- and I I like to draw comes -- myself Ceglia that. Lenny Kravitz I mean -- un believable. And the funny thing about. This is see if you play this game right. The hook is that you earn coins or points based on the difficulty of the drawing you making you let someone guesses. The only reward in this game. Is you can get more colors to paint with -- The other critical care other than seen the replay of what your friends -- and laughing everytime the erase that lying because they can't get the correct thickness of the lion. It's to get more colors. And to drop time and it worked at so now I'm -- amazing and then again with -- -- who works here. And I your country as -- talked about before but -- that -- -- -- -- -- -- His Darth -- blew my mind there's a thing you can take two perspectives on draws on -- you can -- the stick figures or you can spend half an hour of your time. On a single -- and beautiful pens are holy words you want are -- point. You go three clients I expect some are eagle one point -- a stick figure that people -- is of the hardest of the -- at Hayward now. Anyway yeah we can't -- -- like once you start talking about this. You could understand -- people -- my guys are like when you see your friend just the word they keep on guessing wrong and they -- the tiles you like you're an idiot I. Hearing media and job all I do iGoogle once -- -- into Google -- dent in the near a new phenomenon also. While we guys -- -- people are buying silences specifically. For draw something I kid -- not. Only starting to hear that from my peers concern -- C that. -- on the phone it's a lot harder to draw on an iPad it's amazing right you have more space but -- -- -- Camille Little tricky you know what I'm talking about. You know what I'm talking about a. I bet I wanna play with Sharon because I bet that I'm Sharon has her one of her custom stylus is that she built a blanket to -- can -- that you McGovern. Of the -- -- Salinas and little bubble multiple Apple it was amazing night and make your own stylus line. Actually -- -- -- on iPad two as a whole different. Different universe and trust me don't need to iPad three for draw something in fact you don't -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- every lion you don't -- that. Oh my guess I -- -- keep -- role in your Google wallet. -- -- -- Nods. Turning into the massive market changing juggernaut that Google may have hoped. And now there are reports that the first date has been going very well and Google might be wooing AT&T and Verizon. To join Sprint's. And that makes him partnerships. To tried to -- get the wallet paying off the. This prediction has already come to fruition for the units. -- -- we both said the exactly -- mobile payments will not take off because of the fragmentation. There's the distribution of it. The concept. Of of course were gonna see this take off but it's still -- be a few years away the idea awesome but let Google launched with their galaxy nexis. On Verizon where the feature was already crippled -- not specific. I mean if it's not available on your flagship phone on the -- country's biggest carrier. I think it's a little bit of a set back. What -- just -- god seek. You also have the competition with ice this. Who -- -- that -- a conglomerate between carriers. And some of the phone providers and pretty much a platform that. Vendors can choose to jump on or off of Google wallet was completely on an island supper from diocese and -- is the one that's really looking to kind of heat up -- -- that pushes forward and if you want to make the argument of VHS vs beta. Google might have tried to be the VHS but -- the beta. -- and people will still tell you that -- it was probably better technology was is really matter it was when you're facing illegal collusion between. Workers -- -- -- some anyway so they may -- to be pursuing partnerships with the carriers and I guess -- we will continue to wait. For something that depends after -- -- -- itself a south by southwest I. The guy came up to our Booth -- a little are set up -- -- and interviews and any happen to be from ices. O -- and we started talking and -- in his brain. And he would not say when they're actually and officially roll out because ices. Is still working on these agreements behind the scenes and before they launch it and roll it out there are showing kind of proof of concept to south by southwest. Like because in America people like -- -- You can still touch a phone at a pace. That -- Arm or X sorry about -- I I. Ten on my inner. Nicholas the fact I am I gonna get stoned right now just the -- -- -- -- -- And not ready years ago it start following Maggie Reardon ask Maggie column it's -- she is like that the mobile phone and mobile policy reporter for CNET news dot comments is as great -- today. About mobile phone issues and today it is basically just like. -- -- -- Did you know that president also throttling your unlimited data plan is -- flash. FYI I think a lot of people did not realize that and and more like it throttles not to reviewed articles that through it and she just wants everyone to know in the -- -- just just to its. You were aware. -- -- -- That's -- PSA from a -- To -- Yes and is not to say AT&T Verizon system like. Will throttle you down the -- on the load on their overall network and then bring you back up it's not as -- -- it sounds like with AT&T they just pretty much put the hammer on you. Yet no matter what their network overall is doing whereas Verizon -- -- -- fluctuate based on the overall network congestion -- Totaling just a little different way of doing the same thing -- also -- -- And then some insane thing happen and Apple today they're suckered I think. Apple's over Apple's -- -- that's. Aren't they -- after they heard us talk about the ipad's screen you can the market responded. With a flash crash that steer the big GBs. Out and investors so somewhere in -- earlier in the day in the afternoon Apple's stock dropped about 10%. Of middleware and -- fell as low as five margin -- 42 dollars it was hovering around -- 59600. It was an erroneous trade known as a flash crash. They halted all trading at 10:57 AM eastern time. And resumed trading normally. An eleven but everyone was pretty much going -- but. That. They go generally just in case your portfolio -- -- for the worse it's for five minutes don't panic don't panic that I don't think you're still rich. I think some people the entire retirement is probably an Apple soccer -- select a measure that does not out of. -- I'm not gonna say that's not a Smart move right now with their happy bit well down to 542. And the target price is still 700 dollars like. But I millennia -- buy a bike I've probably were and I stood out about -- little share. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Sony like an 80% return on it I know exactly is that when the time I went you know beef and then again then if by about wine and he got a 700 maybe -- can afford to buy -- -- To see is a -- -- I cannot full disclosure I almost religion Apple -- in -- aggregate and mobile disclosure we tempers any technology -- and -- -- -- Which is the source of endless frustration which is really where everyone makes their money to us and our financial advisors. Such as they maybe. -- good -- at the mark black ball. -- -- -- -- Andrea and a good that's like the -- of those mines in that those -- very subtle did you hear that make up by and it. Did. Alright guys this is a -- -- that we can't get away a little at this. It boggles the mind Nokia. Filed a patent recently and it does came to light. -- Let's just say -- let's call it it is a technology for a vibrating -- high. Would you like. A vibrating tramp stamp that should -- in the headline of this is not Osama. But the mobile company filed for plant and that would let it place. Haptic feedback technology. -- -- -- -- -- alerted customers to a new call. That's outstanding. It could also be -- past few if they still don't wanna catch you -- the -- to. All attacks you could I don't want -- -- that -- no Molly knows a thing or two about tattoos. I thought that -- could totally gets it. I would definitely geared I would totally get a -- -- -- -- I mean benefit for one thing girls -- the legendary problem when it comes to answering the phone right geysers like you -- reduce economy. Can. Record in an Internet and it vegan -- cool like a really cool little -- you and then it would just legs is. Is every time the phone's -- Wow that's cost around pricing here what I. I also like outline all implants I want and channel. Come on board for the Cingular mom want to Google goggles -- you want implants you don't -- or glass and -- that's on -- and -- the technology Nokia will use magnetic waves to create the effect. A -- it could be extended to an invisible -- what's what's the fun in an invisible tattoo. There is no point. You're either Sony ereader its army of three TDD -- you really about -- are on your body or eight. You. -- -- -- an invisible -- -- be useful for people who don't wanna habitat to. Like that makes perfect sense in some ways than you still get all the benefit but that but I like the idea of having some cool and a colleague in coming. And I tell you a fun little story about why this very by the story mainly -- -- -- plenty of fun little story please this is really the audience only if you're under thirteen closing years. -- stealth and I -- design in this -- -- for a significant in the past. And she got -- placed. Right down here -- -- right down here like a year or a I designed it. I thought. What if -- vibrating. Now moral of the -- Month. Moral of the story that -- a moralist Red Hat trick cheated on the accident known because she got -- -- and a special place. -- -- -- It -- vibrate it if it was defined mattered like twenty years later. It's gonna change industry. The industry. When you can happen when implants have only just enhance the experience -- and -- the normal implants everything immediately -- whole new I'm just saying. In the world -- there. That's over a new brings world anything -- on from a kid's. A -- -- -- that and so indebtedness that there -- there there were some you know messed up things Disney movies so what's not to like that innocent teacher. Future but -- this also the signaled he would allow different. Patterns. Like you could have a but you know your ring tones are different than -- vibrate differently. -- is that if like what is your mom's ring -- verses like you're significant others. To -- to. In two specific student she says it is. -- -- ha ha for their work ethic. Move on acting today and strictly -- China is the new hot -- of Smartphone technology they have surpassed the United States an activation of Apple and Android devices. Nineteen are rising to their way more people. A lot more people ultimately lots more also just a couple days ago Twitter turned six. You all know about this he needed to know well maybe you should know now they turned six years old with 140 million. Active users now it's kind of cool is our own social guru Nathan transferred. He pulled up our first tweets to -- -- -- so I don't RM like aren't our words like. Stephen I tried to find your first -- like I I really wanted to track it down. But Nathan transfered in the article every put some of -- -- -- like to read. Your tweet if you open up the link and we can read I'm looking -- when you got a -- is it okay. There -- Molly -- -- first week. Wondering how many morning twitters include drinking coffee and preparing to podcast -- the baby strapped to my test drinking tough to. The very first week. -- I remember eventually got on Twitter and I was home on maternity leave with your life. And I -- fever I just needed to be connected to the world again and then Veronica Lake and I did and that's hilarious -- Brian times -- dream. Didn't down and dirty with playoff football. That sounds like a thirteen year old -- it -- All food you know while they're all in here this is -- Stephen shank land well I joined Twitter to give it a shot too -- I am link. As did -- reports of Twitter -- -- are validated cnet's first Twitter was. Not personal at all it was an article posted. In April of 2009 -- you know Wayne -- Twitter account a little later than others. Since 2000 and -- canceled at any. There were -- -- -- back then why Howell AT&T increases their bounty on -- vandals. To 250 -- For rails. In the substance. Just just loads and sketch in my years. That's pretty much put Americans into and a heated -- that was Alice software that supports -- them -- -- Not surprisingly Brian Cooley. Finishing up a -- tech -- then heading out into rush hour traffic I need -- drink. -- cars drinks again so for parents -- again today -- others twitters six. Years of -- -- outs and it's made our life so much better and actually has an -- I think it's cute they have 140 million users. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- that -- I know that's got to be a priority and that's. -- and a public I think that's of those total crap -- It's bands are unhappy about the ending to the mass effect three game on a lot of -- an eye out there don't know at the anyway but apparently they were so mad about it that argument in -- -- they're considering giving it a new -- They're gonna -- here's the thing okay -- -- Angry Birds for windows on the. And place your bets out which ones -- likely so what -- Is the and the -- my friends who have finished I'm still playing the game because I've been a little bit at a town. It was really kind of ambiguous and this is a trilogy. Where people have literally spent for each -- approximately forty plus hours. So you kinda hoping for a pay -- if yet the very minimum you've invested. 120 hours of your life and it is were satisfied with it BioWare earlier had said that they cut out some of the details of the -- dean. Because they felt it would draw it out too long and I've got imagine BioWare says -- working on DLC that will address. Some of the shortcomings because they wanted to. Respond to the audience is really so. Passionate about this franchise which is that which is what is another thing that's amazing about our current state of the Internet in the world is that -- -- him. Voice our displeasure. -- favour and some of these developers will actually be like you know let. You guys are right we're gonna deliver the goods and we contains the so we're gonna change the mass effect and -- So they're they're -- -- -- that sometime in April they said they're gonna talk about it. Elective like my friends are -- -- overall overall sentiment people were -- people -- months. And I like the fact of the teams are and I think we should I think we should let Steven because -- -- and low on time here which lets you into his thinking -- serious. I am T pain and setup a quake behind your -- -- -- thing I -- I -- For. You. -- because of this story might well it's not all links for -- -- Hollywood down to in the handler that -- slogan on it but again. Get ready to judge -- product is a little early records center and -- -- that I'm not into. -- Welcome to you and not intimately we quickly read out some recent tech product releases and decide if we are simply into it or not it let's get started -- and robotic jelly fish researchers for the US -- -- developing -- jelly fish. Which are self powered using high tech materials and seawater and will be used for surveillance and environmental. Monitoring -- what are you -- -- robotic jelly fish environmental monitoring yeah now I am not incidentally does not advise how to -- -- No thank you so much for skinny dipping ever stand. Right -- on the world deserves to see how I skinny dip they Monterey -- -- Intel wit. Correct answer is not yet another way to kill people. We're gonna at Heathrow -- to get out of control search reproduce on their own so it's not a good idea moving on -- -- do. And numbered zero Google. Human no -- firefighting robots here's another US navy story. S navy has drafted a humanoid firefighting robot known as -- which stands for shipboard autonomous firefighting robot. Which will be handling dangerous firefighting duties will -- On US navy ships could possibly you'd use in real world situations Molly -- are humans or robots firefighters I'm totally -- those guys are amazingly hero I -- names -- and half stand up. Brian Tong -- you do it have you seen a real steel. This could go horribly wrong and they could box they can hurt people on it -- it. The answer and not its -- tech. Jobs. And on number that. -- -- A photographer named Chris Malcolm who left some photographs Eagles recently attached a laser sights -- 500 millimeter telephoto prime lens. Which aids in him getting good shots of his subjects Molly -- you -- -- laser sights on cameras. No because someone's gonna accidentally gets -- -- something but you know that can't well you don't you know what don't answer -- the red dots on -- that I don't know. I'm not answer. Brand targeted -- that I'd like to play -- places sniper rifle is or my friend's face Intuit. That's the correct answer it -- a little scared -- -- people your photos -- mortgaged. And talked about this line here is my -- use. Haptic technology in place implanted into your body which will migrate -- When your phone rings Molly when it security incidents I am server. Into this. Brian Tong you have tons -- using -- -- -- as a previous tattoo designer myself. -- -- Correct answer -- I'm not into it I'll let my phone by agreement hands thinking. -- Excuse me. Few geniuses. By the name of -- index Breen -- Ellsworth have created a Super Mario cooling box lamp AKA an interactive game being questioned block -- So you turn on the slip by touching the bottom of the coin box and after a certain amount of turn on -- play a free man -- -- I'm doing it even asks and -- and -- -- turn. The then you of course that means that -- would it -- -- Bryant -- seriously -- it makes -- instance who is so. That's the correct answer answer let's move on the next level for six. Here we go never thought this is -- concept design for the air mask -- -- tiny wind turbines in front of your mouth. To turn your heavy breathing into renewable electric power they can charge your iPhone and or other electric them devices while you read -- -- We charge your devices -- heavy breathing. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Adobe -- did you factor alone -- am not into it Brian Todd let me tell you I have we breathe and -- -- many devices as a master teacher. -- did not answer. -- like superhero and it looks like the character for Mortal Kombat which highlight -- -- -- we -- that we -- numbers and Ashton Kutcher in this case. Actor and infamous Tweeter booked himself -- a virgin galactic flight. He is Virgin's 500 space joint customer Molly Wood and you -- this -- -- -- -- space. Should it be coming back I don't I hope not okay -- -- or break time. I don't like an attack that I'm not bring him back if there's a face -- on that shuttle that happens to impregnate him and then alien pops out of his -- -- into it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It doesn't mean all hardly needed to and that's that was -- -- and you guys -- I know we that we have fun here we will obviously do so and has our show for today. Next week all your feedback all of it the -- IE we'll do a little bit -- use trolley but -- much. All your feedback every single -- of voice video. Emails. But that doesn't threats. And -- whatever you got. That we whatever you guys via tweets to -- -- the -- -- -- but please please please join us for the epic clash on April 5. I think it's going to be wonderful and stay with us because we're we're can include new projects and and we want -- be part of it. All right okay I had -- you guys --
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