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Buzz Out Loud: Buzz Out Loud Ep. 1585: Girls just wanna Pinterest

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Buzz Out Loud: Buzz Out Loud Ep. 1585: Girls just wanna Pinterest

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Sure, there's a new iPad to discuss, a mind-controlled skateboard to tell stories about, lawsuits against Apple over Siri, and the thing where Ray Kurzweil doesn't think there's intelligent life in the universe. But Sharon Vaknin is on the show today, so as soon as Pinterest comes up, that's all we can talk about! PIN ALL THE THINGS! Plus, some news, I swear.

Yeah. Let's do this again today is there's days. March 15 2011 the ides of march in my dad's birthday happy birthday dad -- Steven -- -- I'm Sharon vaknin I am Hollywood happy birthday -- data. Happy birthday that -- -- a buzz out loud cnet's podcast of indeterminate length -- episode 15185. Brian Tong is on the road for once it's not mean. But is like didn't -- up to BO outlet and you. Bryant on another but we're super excited that means Sharon vaknin gets to sit in today and a -- is totally appropriate because it's. Marked as its international women's month ago and now -- for the ladies are taken over BOL. You can -- here a little left -- respected in my voice because I was at south by southwest and I and had a bourbon of the plague called government hasn't and be party mechanism found Athens and the called. -- -- -- -- -- But -- their legacy -- partly dancing until 4 am -- a party did not. Huffington everyone came back from sick if they nearly went in sick later I started thinking -- -- It works except for CES 20 yeah and says that the opposite next week. Currency percent close to him at -- kind of this week we did try to do a little bit -- at south by southwest we interviewed. We interviewed actually six -- -- startups have opposed to news.com. This is like the you know it has the playlist of all the interviews and -- the conversations we had misery you know every year we go there we try to figure out how to. Do something useful because it's not. The -- audiences from -- is mostly like about gadgets in as they don't care about it well really a bunch of nerds into a budget -- -- Submit which had to come back with content that doesn't seem to everyone so go to check out those -- -- -- some of those. Some of the tech is super passing we talk to the path CEO Dave Morin and I tried to put an honest parliament -- -- what exactly the deal is -- their data storage now because. I gotta say like their privacy policies. Is worthless thing it does not say anything about what they're actually doing now with the data as opposed to what they did before when we deleted all the and they just -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Can you give us in a nutshell what his answer sign in a nutshell although perhaps he's a really important for them they still do uploaded in your address but I personally just -- I don't understand why -- necessary but they do you see. Really other isn't it so that they can connect you with friends friends via edit -- sits and talks about a packages must be -- -- -- friendly. Right -- yeah it's a little of it -- most deep ST -- yeah and Ireland by and that. But they don't and that I'm feeling the need to -- like -- -- the first time on and say these ones but they start and -- so they still upload the store all of your information for ever. Deactivate your account is not the same as deleting they'd offer both options but like even if you turn it off your to do a second set to -- at all which is important to know. And then because I said are all those people who had their information deleted just like grandfathered into more private experience than me and but -- -- -- -- I mean you don't have to -- you can say no to the uploading. But I think any sort of seemed like. Place from FaceBook credits so they diligently pursue -- up and then apologize and then -- actress -- again. I gotta say after that news came out that they weren't getting your personal data -- kind of stopped using it lets them -- have social network fatigue or gasoline but I did kind of stop using -- -- I was into for a little while but that doesn't have permanent -- kind of like him. It's also the problem is with the idea of sharing with only your closest friends list. The only people have branded me or that I think would get on top of the people who are the same early adopters that are public reference on Google yeah hey you know so it's not -- at the exact same. -- set as something like Facebook's unless I can and then now like one -- he spends on after the same friends I have who aren't necessarily like my -- ST is. -- I just delete everyone and start over you know it's like. Or it's just another damn thing it's another thing to update and I know it's kind of funny and how people on how they're constantly pushing their updates to Twitter and FaceBook like -- yeah the deeper fence. I feel like. What I thought -- was I only downloaded it to try it out before this interview what I thought it was was it just like another instrument. Yet I know that I absolutely love you and I thought it was some mobile thing but now it's actually a site it doesn't actually you can't use the site for updates it's only mobile as an app but I just thought it was a photo filter out a CK us I'm looking at. I didn't know -- serious and other demographics are because. I think that generalize and a younger audience that I probably don't value sharing with a small. Audience yet I don't care now and Intel and care they want the attention anyway. So we also talked to haven't inane from -- -- which is like it's so funny because I've been incessant -- -- me in the Brenton was like this is amusing. These -- -- finally builds actual working. Technology that scans video. Identifies objects and identifies them specifically so doesn't just say like there's a car in this video it'll say like. There's a Mercedes-Benz car in this video and so the and it's a DDB kind of technology so they figure they'll sell it to you know -- TV network or Ehrlich. Her role you know somebody who wants to be able to maybe create a catalog right like. Look at the shoes that are on that show. -- maybe you're watching your show a dire iPad with an app updates is like -- came up what are those and it tells you and then you can -- invite them. There wasn't website that you -- -- ahead and British territories a team of like five people who would -- -- -- -- and manually uploading. First such issue is exactly -- allows technical and then second market go look at all -- six but second market I think the other one to me -- links. Fascinating because this company is. So they got they became known as the company that sold all of those private shares of FaceBook. Head of the IPO yes and there -- like an underground. Almost like them stock market Beth. Their private NASDAQ any said that they eventually sort of replaced NASDAQ is -- click start -- come and it can take ten years to -- public. You might be long -- by the time you actually have the chops to go public or all of the things that you mean. And he said we want to enable startups to basically take private investment. And then also give their employees stock options that can be -- Without the company going -- going public. Another also lobbying that you -- is right now I was like well how does that is not just like rich people getting richer and -- -- you've create a -- a more closed circle. For rich investors -- yes answer seems very inside -- is like it's completely inside although he claims that what they wanna do is lobby the FCC to change the investing world is right now they say you have to have a certain amount of money. Like whatever hundred million dollars -- to invest and he wants to be able to enable individual investors is acting to start -- sounds promising -- investment capital Apple. Like he is no no less lofty -- goal than just replacing a -- I'm like -- -- -- you know. The stock -- can occur to me is something about it or not a -- time -- -- starting from -- panacea and -- interest in overall though I didn't -- likening his command. Highlight at this year's -- I hate you. I didn't that I like that in our first time ever took. All I heard about a little bit -- -- -- highlight is the thing that everyone is talking about how to as a matter via. Her -- -- I downloaded and used it and connected with people at CNET and if and within an hour I was act 19% from a 100 and and I am I doing right -- how -- See you on getting started which you can check out. And by eight. I'd I don't think I would use it until they fix that issue and it seems -- -- -- -- problem especially simply think that you know. People finding -- -- seem to be if there was any sort of trend coming out. It's -- people finding apps. Other personally I think I did the two coolest things at south by southwest and by far. -- I wrote a mind controlled skateboards. -- -- America the video actually mind control like you almost crashing into -- -- I am casting him. They got up to ten miles an hour and then it started to turn today I lost focus a little bit like it's like meditation you -- really pay attention area if you stop thinking about going forward you'll stop going forward. -- -- -- -- -- Public amber does my butt look big in the shot and then I stop. It is currently fascinating SOL our CI do you guys remember orally and then we had -- buzz out loud last week talking about the things I got to write it. I was on the apparently. -- -- only the third test pilot ever he is which is pretty awesome that is and also dangerous. -- -- -- Oh my god it's horrible that helmet thing okay so it's in motive that the company EM OT IV and I know you everybody's seen some of this technology for like. 2007 is when -- first sort of introduced. The -- the mind controlled video game thing. But nobody had link connected the headset to a tablet running windows eight to a motor on escape or that has -- at 32 miles now are. That now -- you really -- 32 miles per hour on that thing now I -- attendees signing up panicked I remember PS is like. -- increases speed were thinking of zero to forty and five seconds and Mike who got a we're really only orally and in Canada Italy guy with the name early. I know what other I -- that they duplicate the test pilot program that was like a game goes agreed to. Admitted experienced -- Somewhat basic technology or at least -- technology that has existed before. But they'd lose their deal actually put it together in a new way and then turn it into something useful so I don't know what they're gonna turn this into that's useful -- I had all off some time. I couldn't like seriously. What I'm there and thinking like. Go faster. That's insane. Since you have to releasing these things out -- -- just linking them and get them yeah and it's not even that you're not just thinking like you can't just stand there and think go. You have to actually. Kind of addictive as it adds in you have visualize yourself going forward -- -- you look at a space and you think like him. So stopping is really hard because stopping -- like an exercise in in self awareness Flickr the most intense -- -- it to match what you imagine. Fixed an appointed time and I never really figured out stopped her -- Excellent I was -- -- figure I -- stopping by accident but I would just be like -- and there any setup at all. There's a calibration so that it back home and on you know and then it's like they have to get to the electorate the notes to -- -- let. A leaner -- -- is holding growth link sailing and its and your forehead -- slate of that's why make that it's like -- awful. Many stand there -- to -- with part of the craziest thing is they and they go okay think about going forward I'm like okay and I think about -- -- What like they can actually see my -- being vigilant on the tablet because they have that little online there's there's a visualization that's like a red cube in a dark tunnel and what I think about going forward. That they cube like versions of the ridiculed its like your brain in -- space at something totally and just two guys who have created this thing right. The -- there it's the chaotic and Latin and -- and I think they've got several people working in the lab and chaotic moon is a huge studio about it but it's basically just a few people via. It was -- and another thing -- was interview records while I have the best time ever Google helped -- -- come online. It was -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I know Stephen Hawking -- says there's gotta be some. Alien life well a lot of scientists feel that it's a mathematical certainty that there is so my father Andy wasn't. He didn't flatly say that he thinks there's no life -- this is his opinion yeah I -- he -- that if they were out there we would have seen them because we're looking so far out now into the universe. That they were out there and they were projecting their work as I said like okay so you think we're gonna get to -- point where the singularity is near and then we just kind of have conquered. Space and time and where these sort of like disembodied entities that exist between. Physical farms and -- you know ads as machine is we are humanely 2000 -- -- right. -- -- what about space isn't there some possibility that -- An alien life form can get their first and then they come and who who knows what assimilate us. -- -- now my people get their first. Experiencing is very after a -- a little and trick or something. Us a centered. At the but he says were still on track for 2045 for -- Cingular. So. Rural outlook for two year interviewing and trying 45 dagger and Internet access so I mostly wrote -- now it's pretty excited about that. With -- -- Right okay we -- get on to other news now against. Tomorrow's the day. Who year's lineup for new iPad. Not me I ordered mine on the line you know -- -- yeah I'm really not me and commitment. Do you have an iPad already I've never had an iPad is when -- -- -- so you know I've been waiting for like the latest fanciest line in and Teddy BP HD media's big selling point for me so. And sighed as -- Internet Syrian walk around and -- media is yet. Best. I would be that guy at the show the party with the big video camera like. Really actually an interesting email after last week's show only -- to -- -- approved through the camera big time in this guy wrote in and he said that he's an architect. And that he is that all the time because -- always has the iPad with him for drawings and blueprints at school and that then when he's on sites and stuff he is using it to take photos in -- went by so many can sort of like apparel import them into cat or whatever -- I don't like up there that is a super super legit use case that I did not think -- -- for architects of good -- -- And apparently basketball fans only at the warriors games according to write to hook up. I hope some of the. That the a nice -- -- -- -- that via. Some of the usual suspect web sites got their iPad ahead of time -- and so we did a little roundup of the reviews. And at others -- pretty great like we just violence and wrote the five non surprises from the first new iPad reviews like shocker. The new screen is amazing. Bright serious and blew my mind I -- I mean. The new screen is amazing open also the new camera takes better photos this what -- I -- -- funny about dive -- public. Who out there. Needs to -- -- review of the new iPad to decide whether they're gonna buy it. No I think my -- I mean I don't have the iPad two but I do use cnet's frequently. And I was I was considering buying an iPad and -- -- a new iPad. I am and I read -- review to see if it's worth it and then decide that its nine. -- you aren't a bad thing so the faster chip doesn't make everything faster. Sixteen -- -- not cut it anymore. And that's why I got the 32 gate via and then and this is I think what's yet members machine exactly the only people that might read -- review are. Current iPad two owners who are trying to figure out if they need to -- again. There's no need to upgrade they -- Well -- sort of like. If you go and look at -- the storage you decide it's a pretty that you -- public and V yeah but there isn't necessarily I'm not I have the first and -- -- -- -- -- that its account and it does what does a hard time justifying owning an iPad period. I mean especially for people who have not books and -- definitely so too. Make such a small upgrade and it stated that three of it. -- for -- useless like one to three is probably yes it makes sense and -- -- Then. I'm still really upset about the front facing camera now. I was really looking -- lowered -- to my face time calls being so clear right. That everyone -- Zit on my forehead deplore -- wanna die or -- Do you actually think I don't understand -- front facing cameras remains a crappy. -- it still the one point three. Megapixel linked to and has to -- -- -- are like early so used to their laptop cameras beings are crappy why don't we just. Forget about generally understand that but -- look forward to like a lot of people online tomorrow and then. -- -- Easter is about it. Albeit at -- dark thirty doing. Preston didn't today. So. Wal-Mart. Had an interesting announcement this week I'm curious is all -- your thoughts on this Wal-Mart announced that they've adopted the ultraviolet. Video platform that Hollywood's been pushing this is basically their next generation DRM scheme. To allow you. To -- certain movies that you purchase in the cloud and then watch them on lots of different prices so Wal-Mart. Says that you can now bring in movies that you've purchased on dvd from five of the six major studios that -- be confusing and and then for a small -- two to four dollars. -- dvd thirty beating you can purchase. Digital access to those -- -- And then be able to stream them back. Yourself so all you're doing is taking the videos you already own in the putting them into a servers -- -- can watch them on the go Stephen you're buying your dvds again humanity that is yet this is ridiculous Toledo's old rip my old dvds in my old computer my iPad -- -- and some myself. The delay its X five dollars from -- -- -- -- -- -- our stories as two to four and 195 elsewhere. Yet via plus. Best buy land -- everybody they sell dvds now that include the digital version. Yet -- about -- dvd add on -- airlifted -- as I am a -- So at CES we saw this already and that Panasonic touted dvd player that they're gonna release this spring -- due to assess threat so that's all part of the ultraviolet -- Rates of the future in the future. That thing that used to be totally illegal. Will be legal because you can pay more for. Yeah yeah. Yeah. So whose idea it -- I currently -- I own one DB one or two and Breakfast at Tiffany's and media and super daughter something yeah. How about how do you -- year old movies -- I'm I'm battery watcher there are too many things to watch area yet and -- nominees. I would be amazed statistics -- The -- this the Wal-Mart projects specifically. I'm working on and a whole article about -- rent for today about how ultraviolet in general is just the same mold BS that it's ever been like for the last ten years basically it's just DRM. And DRM always acts. -- -- -- -- -- -- You have mentioned and then he -- all people are gonna show up at their dvds. And then have and then vomit and like within these dvds to actually view movies you do not agree to you have it's weird click it then this is why this is why they keep their -- -- Netflix they can do this -- instead. Nicer it isn't competition with Wal-Mart it's solved and they have sales. Perpetually answer. -- they want -- sell all those new dvds with the we're probably a surcharge -- dime for ultraviolet compatibility. In this and I now -- thinking okay my favorite new beam ever my favorite I love that -- the medium. The -- why I left a letter. Is now a -- thanks to grace Smith the Goldman Sachs executive director who quit. On New York Times and -- -- -- toxic profit hungry man that was a good read by the way that was so did she -- that. And a -- -- the Goldman. Some legal commentators refer to their clients -- let's just -- -- -- they just -- silverlight -- whatever crap they can come to it's pretty awesome and then Google's former engineering director James Whitaker. Wrote a pretty insane. Why I left Google letter that basically said that they don't innovate anymore now they're just all about advertising and making many formats and -- Stealing people's personal data. Why did. I. You -- answer it did magnetic Ceglia about just sucking up the data it's fascinating to me it really. It's a very good read and you can kind of understand. How you know what they are -- -- the same story. -- Smith and James Whitaker are telling the exact -- -- which is when you start to make a lot of money you get a little obsessive -- money. And that's all you care about any any roads -- morals. No not not big news but Zoellick but interesting that they're coming out. So strongly also -- my favorite part about this is that say its -- and like. Internet intranet idea that -- -- -- Darth Vader -- I know why am leaving the empire -- -- not comparison parade. In my museum really good stuff in their and then of today is -- last -- at the -- He -- that how you -- number Internet they are now in London. -- -- and it probably people with your mind continues to be sidelined in the way the firm -- some things about making people dead. I'm but then start -- in New York especially liked taking to Twitter in -- does -- you should extra. Cores and they were adorable the -- that weird. And then -- in other news about the world changing. Our lives. Up to 244 years encyclopedia Britannica. It's going digital. And. It's crazy -- Actually Stephen handsome you yeah actually you know last weekend we're cleaning out my apartment and have all these old conflict of -- -- botanical books and a -- from my mom and high school as a gift and they're like really pretty looking you know they -- nice. But -- big giveaway there is taking up space there. Collecting dust in and you know I use everything on -- line now so what's the point. I donated to the libraries that library can use. By Adam -- its sign of the times in its you know I think they're doing to get thing actually having an it focused mainly on all their online stuff and iPad apps applications. If you think about it right -- -- it's easy to sort of say that it's sad and feel nostalgic but it's actually really great because they're totally saying. The web is a better resource for this because it's ever changing and it's -- more interactive seeking to get better information and also. It's more environmentally friendly in its women -- Lot of trees and its -- bastard despite -- -- of something rather than flipping through pages for ten minutes looking through manipulative. Good for them. So don't be sad everyone it's a good thing if it didn't have those familiar copies. Yeah I've got a candidate or copied to their aggression on my enemies yes that's very nature. I we are going to take a quick break while you read I'm wider -- leaving the empire when we come back. We will talk about the guys suing Apple over the Syria -- all the people furious over Yahoo!'s suing FaceBook and -- not -- -- and but -- back to buzz out loud everyone I'm Molly Wood here at the lovely and talented Sharon vaknin and and a and we're just geek you -- on some news. -- so this dude did. Frank and Fazio. Has filed a class action lawsuit against Apple. Saying that the theory advertisements. Are fundamental it fundamentally and design Ed -- at the lawyer -- written designed to lead. -- false and misleading. Later in the lawsuit because the advertisements -- fiction. He said he bought an iPhone OS in November and if he knew -- Siri functions so poorly. So poorly. -- -- about a cheaper iPhone four. Orally. But I would save that these commercials -- those in space and on. Terrible representations of how the service actually works and I can permit hearing -- yesterday that well it's. What usually it's one of the things is -- he says. Rock god on the Iraq god but it actually is -- -- -- what does that even call me rock god. -- -- Powell. -- -- rock. Cod. -- a again are -- well that's not it. There's also there's we should play what -- the ads and then try to recreate analysts the -- -- The rock when it's not there's the one it's just like how far we from a gas station owner with the fastest we've sanitary items -- ass like where's that is there rodeo -- -- beacon or something antenna and Syrian and. Their rodeo in San Franciscans here. Is there -- a rodeo in town this weekend. Sticking your location. I've found to restaurants matching rodeo -- little ways from -- Seriously I don't -- -- -- patents but the prop fundamentally the problem with with Syria is the same and it's always -- it's not Google. If you not attached to Google so even -- not even if she understands you. Which -- I think how to hit or miss especially because -- The fact that when you are connected to Bluetooth in your car -- Usage over Bluetooth means that the speech recognition is. Useless lol why it's not the fault of algorithm the phone -- serious setback in its being routed through Bluetooth microphone. Which is always going to be terrible especially when you're driving. Problem it's ridiculous like -- -- and then when someone calls me on the iPhone it doesn't answer. Over Bluetooth by deep -- Other reached down and -- by the phone impressively too and this is it isn't an Apple problem this is an -- effects yet Android doesn't do that like I can take a caller ran over Bluetooth on -- -- but it doesn't try to do my speech recognition over Bluetooth. Oh micro round is I have set. -- it's still beta. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm still all of that said don't email me because I'm still -- at -- -- and asthma and didn't. Apple's defense is gonna be that at the end of the commercials they put in a sequences shortened so this is -- -- end of every commercial so. When the people are asking Syria the question you know it comes back with the answer right away and they they. Offers dynamic -- that's gonna be their main defense but it's not. Their defense for -- it doesn't work. -- yet it's very interesting -- eight. They do have a disclaimer there's one they LA times interviewed a professor of marketing at the Marshall school of business USC who said. That's the disclaimer sometimes. Is not always in conflict is saying that a shortened is not the same as saying my case sometimes -- get a work. So but he said that it's pretty you know they're -- it's it's a rigorous tests that -- claims have to be substantiated. And not only regional Latin reasonable laboratory environment but also in field tests. But I mean that you know. I think as Gillis -- points out like false advertising is very hard through Apple pretty much. Every time they put out an -- they get sued for false advertising in the double -- specious to report on in the first place that's my -- my legal words species of that would. It -- it's it's like make up ads are. Ad firm -- solution I mean your schedule and delicate back and I area doesn't mean -- I robot that mascara has the fibers and it that the politics and your eyelashes -- four millimeters and I don't think that's happening. -- I don't have -- micro ruler. But I'm just saying -- don't think it's four millimeters sequence shortened version eyelashes a -- incident. And a -- -- as it ever was really -- over though Yahoo! suitcase but as you know for infringing ten of its web related patents. And I have never. Seen. Such rage. Over. -- over the lawsuit. Like the fact that Yahoo! is acting like a patent troll and the fact that Yahoo! is using like patents that were in many cases developed and filed by their own employees. And the gentleman's agreement to yes. There is value talents and each other over patents on common company -- Yet it's fascinating so there were several entrepreneurs who helped Yahoo! file -- for some of these -- patents and said like the lawsuit is a mistake. Mark you've been. We're hoping this. They didn't -- -- I hope Yahoo! -- -- spec the -- sarcastically has sent a copy I was awarded fifty billion dollars W -- -- consumers will realize what is at stake with patent lie as is your storage. She's our -- -- you actually like they would literally have to destroy phase but for people to Italy what the hell. With -- they -- reeks of desperation. On him that's another thing again happening. Paul Sloan wrote an article on news.com saying one possibility. That that FaceBook might actually need to put a stop just -- -- debug -- -- -- Woodward now replicates -- about two and lottery. -- -- all your country relatives show up at the door are. -- and uploaded. They -- saying well you know maybe we am. So -- that one possibility is maybe fees but despite Yahoo!'s -- out right maybe that's what Yahoo! is hoping but it is pre be. I'm pretty shocked -- like the damaged media is doing to its brand with this -- its. Content Wellington -- this is I was just thinking embed it in their claim one of the things they say is that it's at. 3.3 billion dollars and -- says. -- I create these patents so they're asking for billions of dollars -- It's therapies that might have to do that the necessary it's pretty seamless and a two. Dilemma is low but one thing is for certain in the nerd world Yahoo!'s -- done their name is mud. Nobody likes us celebrity news. Hit me now -- -- -- And it. Efforts celebrity news and -- onscreen -- some parents Yorke and many of -- are making amazing original content. -- shadow -- justice and we're. -- the system really popular email and panic as fantasy yet -- in -- sports. Insane I got that. March Madness I got that sentiment that didn't hosts. Pilots he would've gone and the -- of -- -- again there. Though I can't handle this if they craziest. Controversy ever I gotta say. Daniel German here at CNET I think nailed it because you said it was a manufactured controversy people -- all these -- -- profile blog posts and keyboards outraged. Over. This marketing agency that -- some Austin homeless people out onto the streets with wireless hotspots. With the idea that -- by intend to use. Who needed connectivity would pay a few dollars -- the most people. And then beat you not only get Wi-Fi could help someone in -- This is -- safe haven the homeless people like twenty dollars a day. And men said they could keep all the donations. Okay. I think it's pretty okay it's great yes and -- up. Is just just doesn't it just so messed up IP because. It's exploiting them. It's almost making fun of I -- And it's not a sustainable. Way to improve their lives right what are we gonna do not okay well if -- they know that when -- about when like a 100000 geeks are in town and I. Anything to improve their lives under normal circumstances they're gonna walk right -- and be like this -- just like Santa discount via. At least they got you know this -- -- twenty -- today flat rate. And then they weren't people they were suggesting -- marketing company that they donate two dollars per fifteen minutes of usage. I'm just say it actually can have. It would immediately Mario that I -- and it's -- twenty dollars is Leo well it's a little to get when you're right and they also had to Wear this this T shirt that said yeah -- -- -- hotspots this and that's what really got me in India that -- soda trading. -- -- if we did not considered -- -- and nobody would need a data and I mean. It's it's -- And terminal but obviously costs -- buzz so Bravo it did have an excellent PR team. It didn't. The interesting thing is no one has talked about the company rent it again that's not happening and I ended up I don't even know that they're right but that's just like -- -- even know that there is that there was any branding benefit. I don't like Daniel -- thing he said and in -- he thought -- -- people. I heard that they did because they were worried all the tech people come and Austin worried that -- activity would be issues of this is this was their answer for that there. Concerned about that can activities. I didn't see any of those people have -- dollars. For the homeless people -- Although that we're gonna get until discussion by -- should give them yeah exactly I have missiles social justice thing. Keeping up front yeah I know I just think. I say I eight. I think. That it could definitely be answered as a way to essentially give temporary jobs to people who don't have any other way to earn money and I thought I was find that I did they cannot. Learning but not that they're not earning money Syria and that is their paperwork and -- don't do -- kinda -- you for for example not only that it's like. Hey you Wear this shirt and hold this thing -- you can make some money hand but that's not realists like that's not a job it's a temporary job. So I will also -- anyway clearly. Very controversial ads out there you -- also much more controversial -- I think people expected the company Tony -- -- -- and video and when I gonna spend a ton of time getting insert that comes eleven and we really -- to -- into and out into it but Adam. There's a really good write up I think one of the sort of most clear headed -- I've seen. Is over adds a four area dot org -- by -- -- and it's about. Invisible children the organization. And how they orchestrated. -- 2012 as a viral video. And she talks about how this is an organization that. Already existed. That's very very good at rallying certain. Populations. In the first place and that when and they've they've spent a tremendous amount of time and effort over the last ten years reaching out to young people specifically. I'm in high schools and colleges and churches throughout the US and they. When she did sort of like heat maps and traffic maps of where this video was blowing up the most with in all of the locations -- invisible children had already. Had a huge impact and built a huge audience. So says that these guys are the people who are building schools in god and -- children are out there like the ones -- -- and they they say the tweets especially the initial tweets. That came out from what you from the people you'd think we're like disconnected youth living in them -- -- western and southern towns that are recounts -- amazing. She points out that they appear to be coming from communities that invisible invisible children had already activated prior to launching -- Anyway basically -- -- -- spread as for the masses I had social network via yeah exactly did you girls watched them less than me. I part of an idea how I mean I'm a mom like -- I can't there's -- lamenting handle that. I was that I gotta say like after that Adam Curry cells when this broke -- the I -- -- requested -- cabinets and advocating authors and you know them. And -- -- and sounds like now and then but he was doing his show that is on Thursday and that I heard him talking about usually. Is that nobody is Herbert has died six years and all when it comes up because without oil there they want to set up Africa com and I'm glad I was like. About it and do that it doesn't -- so it's been six years of which is just let him go I don't even -- -- and -- yeah -- Let me just a series of that conversation is way worse than the -- -- -- -- by congress. And the whole thing was its it was just. Fascinating and I bet there will be may -- many case studies done. In the future buys social marketing and social media gurus to lower because it was they're calling it the biggest. Viral video of all time. Yes but they've officially yeah exactly and but there has been innocent sort of undercurrent of like humans -- -- really complicated issue and let's not take it only -- As with everything on the Internet. I -- crickets -- Now the news just came out before we went to air that Kevin Rose is going to Google. Which you may think is a big deal but an even bigger deal. Is that apparently Google has hired a director of DARPA. Regina do you gain. To become. Lights. Should know they're not saying they're not commenting on -- specific role at the company but she has -- the director of the entire. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency all of the scary military stuff and that's scary robot dog. Have judgment -- answers yes she's in charge of judgment heading that wanna do you she'll probably she's the one building -- it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- About right and that's pretty bad it's pretty hard -- and Google not -- around now that's real. -- UK police force apparently. Told Twitter. The they had found a missing girl. Fortunately they told Twitter before they told the girl's mom. This is really upsetting the sign of the times we get all our news from Twitter -- -- tweet before anything happens. Louis CK it was during this funny rap is like -- of Jesus came back to earth and everyone would be sitting there like taking pictures of -- -- legal analyst -- that some of the tweet about my golly -- this. So lieutenants and. -- I think I -- tweet about it that I love more sense though then -- are now. Because they they treated as slates and found -- -- the -- and thank you yet please retreat. And then the mom had to tweet back. And say my daughter has my daughter and found. That. And then they treated back to her and said. Yes an officer will be in touch or call when -- when -- -- update and -- -- thank you I'm pretty sure they were freaking out -- and I I think it was -- -- -- shoes for God's -- this is uncommon there's a lot of bad communication you are still figuring out how to use Twitter and you know who tweets land and in what order and so. -- somebody's slept I -- -- -- leaning yes I would just I would just be happy you and I got my daughter is on and then I would favorite and then re tweet it. Here's a way to handle that could consider to be excited favorite and then re -- The lower the Iowa and no one little music gadget news before we get into it not into it. New Apple rumor. That they may be releasing a fifteen inch MacBook Air. And doesn't own my home all electric pig weighed in today saying that Apple has a fifteen inch presented next month Google -- -- writer. Electric than any of the -- It's from -- though the UK hint from. But that tactic that that would spell the death of the -- Of the MacBook Pro -- it would be all -- and a MacBook Air from now on. -- that's I think that's very positive for. Business -- were living human hairs here to know. That -- other components in the MacBook Air diet. I mean -- -- row data plan. That make it better than the air like I I -- I don't know but I would. There would be enough processing power the -- graphics -- in the air to do video editing and yet all about. Stuff. Yeah now -- need detail about the thirteen into -- returning and there's like this thing is huge trend. Subject tactic. But if it hasn't -- our -- at the beginning of I don't know we're just you know we're just keeping the remote on. Let's I think it's time. Today it's time to dance and have been working on my intro trying to get all -- Seacrest. -- -- American Idol. Experience suited. Before. This is I'm into it I'm nodding to. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know that I'm hearing health care didn't -- -- -- Area. Well this is enjoying nodded towards that governor Rendell recent tech product releases and decide separately whether or not we -- -- Not into it let's get started number. Cuddly things right Molly and -- Westchester. So the people here is the -- product called the IC you know what she created by the good geeks at zero point aren't known for their tech related -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- image of mr. Steve Jobs comes equipped -- -- 4 o'clock -- And added it sure you Molly -- -- you and it does am wholly integrated as a collector's item until they get sued by. There and I know you and not enter the correct answer is not into any -- -- -- evil little smile the smile that what. Isn't exactly and Merck pulled away it was so that stumbles crazy and it -- -- and others -- -- mile -- a lot of money they're gonna get sued out of existence -- -- yes I never snuggle with many users will -- be struggling with that -- -- numbers to. Remember too that I had trouble with hidden stores tomorrow to vote of the higher -- screen 1080 Ph.D. video -- Reading Molly -- -- you into -- to calling -- the untouchable but I am not into buying it Sharon vaknin. The correct answer is that it's -- got mine tomorrow don't -- sorry but I don't get our members. We need him blowing puzzles for the -- -- idea. -- yeah. It says is getting a make over the female on. It's a whole thing is getting -- their profile pages and the ability independent media files well. Molly Wood a YouTube of course I am -- -- -- -- -- back you know you are. And so I can't exit from the correct answer is I don't care about -- -- -- RIPs from -- and and that's why Apple. Not that I and tests and is iPad -- and we talked about this little minute security -- we are gonna say Wal-Mart is launching a digital movie service starting in April customers can pay to transfer their dvds and digital copies -- they can wait. Watching all other brands movies they already own on multiple devices Molly -- units that. That's -- no Sharon vaknin. -- -- Thumbs down there back on the correct answers amounted to an end to heat boulevard deals on theory on why do we need is moving on number of -- -- -- The guy the good people let's want to have treated it MP3 doorbell now you can -- roll your friends when they ring the -- you can load up to 32 gigs of music and sound effects that play when a visitor rings the doorbell. It's only fifteen dollars Molly -- do you into this. Earlier this good Sharon vaknin Larry you know this for every room and every -- -- -- Did I have selling -- as I -- -- I can't wait my friends can in my house peninsula. -- get back to -- Number six. Number six costs. Japanese researchers have created the shut up guys. It again that is pointed at someone who's talking too much. The record that words and play it back to them causing them to get confused and -- up Molly would -- be shutting people love this guy. So rude and I am not into -- you know what's W -- the only person on earth. First day -- the -- -- shot of other people share back you know you're into that that. Down sand -- is correct to create as yeah I'm so it's good there's. Kind of uses for this is on the bus -- -- -- that on the plane out -- and Christmas morning when my family. You know people around you that so many applications -- eleven moving dot. -- -- They treat Cold War power sprinkles in Los Angeles is installing cupcake ATM so customers can get the -- fixed 24 hours a day seven days a week. What don't we needed the east -- I'm so not into -- kiddie camp cars I think. But we need this in the peninsula. At the CNET office now. Now correct answer is no brainer -- Companies -- now we can't. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Don't replace -- -- just make up the whole show. Could you ever forget about the rest of the show us. Pilots speed through our feedback because we gotta get out of your card that come in the -- I we have thirty voicemails and Barry -- thanks guys for -- the calls -- and so awesome to hear your voices and -- make the show better. So first up because we just can't stop. With Apple rumors we got a prediction. Serious stuff here about the next iPhone. -- at about age eight to ten out. I want to -- -- -- EG dominant predictions here. Concurrent index I go out personal and ethnic I am not. Because I -- Which only you can. Awhile now the -- would need -- its -- fortunately. I shall orange. Is. What should I get an article called iPhone -- or are you -- media yet. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Actually by that logic wouldn't I -- An excellent that are nominated Thomas AD -- it's when it. Top and dumb Jesus -- iPhone four have been iPhone five by that reasoning Truman yeah same. I -- -- -- years mustard -- my three on my guess is that iPhone 5. Dollars iPhone one then iPhone three G. Then iPhone 3GS. Appear and a. Yeah -- add them in a -- I can't play video will be called. The python I think -- -- carriers and feel about the new iPhone I think I could see -- feeling may be the. The new iPad just showed -- -- little -- Tim Cook pet -- accuses over the numbering he's going to be like you know. When you go to that when -- go to the Mac store as they call the iPhone and iPad three the third generation I it's called iPad third generates ray Upton new high end isn't quite different and yet I get that placing them as being like iPhone for a generation or is like iPod never changed. Via yeah -- mean that iPod Touch tidbit and iPod Touch has been the same Molly's. It's just another way to make them seem cleaner and more guests sterilized and Antarctic like Android galaxy nexus its Spore actor or DR five -- -- DEE Bowe bell. Yeah. I think I actually think AJ could be right we -- -- seeing the -- of numbers across net app that I have the Apple line you heard her. But next up are you excited are you into it or not into it about the iPad our next caller -- in. And slightly in Vegas Nevada what -- important. And all will be on any Apple product. There -- people social model in line. At least we need to be the first to get them. But -- it won't change I don't -- -- -- getting -- -- -- -- and it will chip voltage. Magic sword. Has its own. -- I waited two giants why I'm not going ancestry it -- major at the time you don't need that's out for the iPad. I do I really do think the iPad this new iPad is for everybody who does dirty -- went -- -- anybody dirty doesn't like that camera. He only did it's just love an extra 500 bucks. Piper once. -- I'm just gonna preface this next month called by saying for once it's not just me saying that's. They're brokers better tolerated. -- color intensity nexus -- supporter. And to express my complete and utter frustration with Google in -- -- updates. -- sandwich is released November 14. And we haven't her with other than the chipset release that started in December and -- was cut -- and has never resume. There's been no news network one from Google -- when we can expect such updates. Mana a lot of fourteen -- -- so we needn't get a boxed up but it that the -- costs. And or -- not seen anything. And it completely. Broken promise under the brand -- of the nexus line to always deliver the latest analysts optics. And understand I have no idea who -- kin. What phone I can recommend to my technology trends mean I have to tell me get -- excellently settled its updates express publisher. How should. I mean. I just -- that sentiment is growing especially because for a lot for the longest time people could at least while back nine. There's always been axis -- management and EX. Read on to the emails Greg writes and says as a loyal AT&T customer for over ten years and an iPhone owner for a four over for. I -- cents to when I began to be throttled in late February. Due to the success of -- accurately in small claims court I've yet to plot my revenge. I thought of -- iPhone four has had magically becoming -- -- overnight by -- began to highs and I was ready to add this to my list of complaints. But lo and behold about speeds and increased from a -- point two megabit per second to two mega bits per second on three G and now -- expert. So until I get throttled again later this month AT&T can consider -- -- happy customers -- the -- share and generate on your frame rates. -- What do you do -- -- -- think eventually. I just I feel and I don't and in throttled I hate AT&T and now this orgy thing it absolutely ridiculous -- Doesn't mean anything your speeds aren't faster people. It's just. And name. Your speed is exactly the same AT&T has been battling Apple to get the Ford G logo on their phones for awhile and with a five point one update that's what you got. What's mean is that app didn't even acknowledge -- Yeah I think that I cry yeah but -- the iPod -- all the buzz on Twitter. I don't I didn't I -- a little bit about -- -- We're like is it just me like -- him. Four G. Down for -- here everybody in its. ET TP ski just floored -- if we do it. We -- does speed test between newly updated QWERTY AT&T on and -- resident and -- -- just be a plus I think is what they're calling -- -- right. But there also gonna call their new LTE network for dealing AT&T is at the forgy mess. And -- calculator -- -- it's unfair for past its every Alley -- -- -- top secret but every time we do the show like there's a pointer in the feedback Forrester emailing is different ideas. The idea of four GI any -- -- it. And okay. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Is the failure to incrementally increase the maximum amount of storage -- that relate to the Flash Memory prices from the tsunami deservedly to the technical financial issue like reaching the end of Moore's law. Or isn't an attempt to force iCloud on users it's a total -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah the answers they -- the correct answer is. See it because there's no way for one thing that -- sixteen gigs is enough now to all the photos they are taking the -- news like eight megapixel camera on your and it display no. -- pretty and and Madden and the new apps on the -- like the -- times as large as the Korea and that's what they had to increase the idea up download speed -- aside I. I already -- of Pacific theater -- Everybody about a sixteen gig iPod will be using iCloud -- you pretty much have to be in the I -- then let's do one last email my favorite email of the spa well you get that I get to know ahead of time why I'll read -- first -- titled my -- part of it is. Jane writes in and says. -- IPhone is five years old and there -- 500000 apps the iPad is two years old in their 200000 apps do the math. I didn't do the math out to be my favorite like execute kids -- -- email and are ever at that. It's there it's almost replaced do the research and we'll do your research is to be one night but now -- -- my favorite but also. That is pretty elementary now I hear -- saying. I'm just saying that any post PC world and they actually need uptake to be somewhat faster and I'm surprised that -- -- It's not gonna -- -- Apple -- God's sake. Don't. -- Apple re building there was another email that was well actually email and I chose the -- -- have -- -- -- genetically odds out of. The showtime has to be well actually it. Doesn't slow -- Arab descent. -- -- the problem please let. Extremely uses -- Counselors. -- and that's our show everyone think you share in Africa Mena ending deeper and I want -- I just -- so I get like a little adrenaline rush from Internet and through and then in Iran and the show. Your first time that -- on Ireland cancer charity. Is it's not every. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
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