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Buzz Out Loud: Buzz Out Loud Ep. 1584: BOL special coverage: iPad announcement Part 2 of 2

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Buzz Out Loud: Buzz Out Loud Ep. 1584: BOL special coverage: iPad announcement Part 2 of 2

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Brian Tong and Molly Wood give you blow-by-blow analysis on the new iPad announcement, including rewriting the lyrics to John Mayer's "Your Body is a Wonderland," specifically to accommodate the new iPad. Which, in case you haven't guessed by now, is just called "the new iPad."

There are so new cameras are and how Maine we don't know -- is the name of their camera that was us. It's a firewire attached camera that they had a long time and hey that was melted on top of your computer problems before it can be fully integrated into -- And they stopped -- a calling it -- since just referred it is facetime. -- -- that's really good point so I am assuming that this is not an external camera only it will be -- -- titles early episodes of five megapixel on the back with a backside illumination. A five element -- however -- filter and an Apple design as -- -- Similar to the iPhone actually doing an a five megapixel but really great sense and -- It's via iPhone four camera from -- social and content of this -- Auto exposure. Auto focus now -- doing a little demo -- -- some pictures from the beach. Is also auto face detection rate edge to edge detail on a focus law it's just a blast used to blast accessible. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Click I dropped it -- click I would -- to. Those that don't get hit a zags every little. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They make the -- -- that's what I wanna know the value Callahan -- knock out blow my mind. -- feature big feature -- number three is HD video recording now in 1080. Which seems appropriate and -- down with that for sheer cost -- certainly. Also with all the such -- power they have imovie forum you know further videos. And got imagine that iPhoto. Will be coming out -- -- for the iPad here at this announcement. Who integrated specifically with the new hardware that was actually was -- I I was your scandal until Nolan wrote it anywhere so when you -- -- -- imagine you're saying you know that no final. You -- that nuggets group. But I didn't wanna say it before because I have sources close to it that would get in trouble but now -- did. I've you know it makes sense but it's gonna have editing capability is -- supporting the new camera the new processor is gonna help drive that so it's a competitor to let. Adobe's been throwing out there on the iPad Apple wants to still own that space -- never put out any iPhoto equivalent at all. So what if that shows up that's what it's supposed to show up so -- For those you listening. I think there's a little's iPhoto and imovie or to imovie is already there and I I that are specifically. With editing features on integrated in you know -- -- -- ecosystem and bakery. So -- -- -- -- -- the better processor Q I mean you know you could use iPhoto on your computer right now in order books and photos went on to that directly from your iPad. They're saying they have software stabilization built in because your iPad as heavy as hell to be taken video -- BR I'm tired from -- -- -- -- like but I just download it Photoshop touch me at all okay it's fine it's still be on board. Big feature is. Voice dictation. But they're not an alternate series -- voice dictation. An interesting distinction let's not forget that the -- camera has temporal noise reduction that's right. I thought I had there you go as legitimate as he has had like all agree IOS devices has -- keyboard and it now you'll see there's a new key on the bottom. A microphone. Which they have introduced in their iPhone four S camera as well this -- us keyboard. This is instant because we talked about this before like. Would you use series on an iPad and I said the most part -- just tap it and like speaking into it for -- But would you please act but you know -- this is great for like the kitchen. Just tap it speak into your iPad and -- dictate what you have to say so great for web searching especially if you're using an in the kitchen. And and searching in general -- -- -- but an interesting that it's not. Just you can't just talk to it from a -- him. 0101 of the things that the iPad is done is it's really become one of not one of its becomes the most accessible. Computer -- -- he would disabilities and how they interface with it. And use it and so. If you have though this feature four GL TOK if that feature. A I -- Anton. Hello I told you I told notes can. I thought I. Had I totally new all of this done. No one knows this -- adding later -- present the Internet there. It was good impression of the Internet uses next generation wireless it is O facial they're there. Taken the risk interesting -- through the -- insulin like how you can get it -- dozens of. I told you hey rob red did you tell Sasser took a total TV a dozen followers and a where's that. The new iPad -- it's at HSP a plus for at 221 megabit per seconds and if you haven't heard about. Dual carrier has sorry. And also dual carrier HSDPA for up to forty -- it's faster than my cable and LTE or Max of 72 mega bits per -- in -- it's amazing you're gonna love using it C. That's bad that a -- Because yes that it's -- that -- crack. Because I'm I'm you know what I'm leaving and a super saint -- -- you know -- -- -- a straight crack -- you gonna watch yourself let's train. So. Now they're doing a demo of it -- game vs four GMT the initiative are they -- use a Samsung tablets -- my side today has opted to just make that comparison even more unfair. This that this device doesn't have the original -- still -- -- how surprising is this though that the iPad is leapfrogging the iPhone. In terms of connectivity and data -- I think I'm from it's -- that's where the -- More than anything it's time -- because when the iPhone came out what was it September. Ish the last year. It's been -- six months now since that time so. They've been able to see you if they really wanna do -- I. It's just the timing of you know when the couple put in the tech and I wonder I wonder its carrier related mean I think it is I I suspect that the carriers probably -- -- -- can we do a slow start on the forgy. Like it easy to put it in a device like an iPad which is a small much smaller segment of users and gonna be less of a stream. I mean I haven and -- I -- -- -- whole lot of power but why would they tell Apple specifically. One of their. Because like shipped price like -- don't put forging your product because they don't want to consumer data content or can handle -- And I have -- super data -- I would just feel like they care but. They would tell Apple's recently went on like some of the other smaller vendors muscles -- vendors don't -- -- -- aren't that many. I just don't see them he adds I know I know we're just postulate hostility mainly because they're doing demos that not surprisingly show that LTE as faster than 3-D. No they showed a video a demo video of five photos being downloaded on LTE even before alignment and download -- on three GO Megan is it was way to answer. It has -- we can now firm by the way that it will be on Verizon and AT&T to -- the -- flavors of forgy. So that's what it's like to use these high speed networks it's -- You heard it here first. -- -- -- -- Volume. On the other hand. So it's I apologize for -- babies Verizon AT&T in the US Rogers bell and analysts in Canada. By the way I think we can now safely assume that four G will be a feature of the act on Natal that's not initially and -- nominally till I -- you're gonna -- -- -- -- later still Apple tells me about that feature I just don't believe in and analysts. It will be and other high speed networks around the -- And already let's be honest right now the iPad -- already delivered a what we've for the most part expected them and there's nothing that they've done wrong here. What is and what could be the next thing that we -- Are they gonna show us another feature what -- -- -- for already. So for up to where we get the high wrestling the two by piracy -- the -- camera. -- we have the voiced its issues and it does not theory and four GL TE so those four features. In -- that -- impact whenever I think it's a or for forgy get it. And why. I know -- thing is weird pattern understand why they're not using -- branding. I want to investigate further to this. Both models they say down as -- remember this is a social talking -- three G shift started showing up. There are many different -- the same thing is happening on LTE with many bands around the world so we'll have two versions in the US -- -- our three G world ready. -- that its offer to make it a personal hot spot if your carrier supports the personal hot spot feature. I think it's kind of a bummer that them. With all the promise of LTE being basically a GSM derived technology and potentially backwards compatible with GSM that it's still of two different axis. Because you just buy one. In homes and anyway personal hot spot -- confirmed at home button it's. Ordinary about it but it's more of the like you said it it's -- -- estimates more than bands with a different carrier support -- yeah and he says it has the most bands ever. The most wireless band that has ever shipped. It's always the most that ever happened -- and most of the most -- most of the thing the most and ours that's. Just launch and in our blog says veteran animal all the features but he is assuming that there is one more -- -- Come on my French by the -- were only 37 minutes yeah there's terrorists so there's no way EA Phil Schiller. I mean yea -- cut -- of speed and they do it in again the point. Arrow would that would be awesome when is John Mayer coming out to I'm assuming that we are any minute now -- talking about the size and the shape or assembly hearing or maybe the battery. And every failure funny there are talking about the battery I. He says those sources you may be thinking a lot of the signal is consume a fair amount of power so how does it do on battery like you may recall. We claim ten hours of battery life and nine hours on three G -- go we're gonna have to wait for the dumb dumb don't. It has still ten hours of battery life and nine hours of battery life on Ford G and that's huge and that's huge that is -- they did. Hijacked LHD and -- an -- on travel in the future and get -- battery technology everybody has -- -- deal nine out words on forgy. The remains amazingly thin at nine point four millimeters and light at one point five pounds have to -- that because there were rumors at the -- was about. A millimeter thicker I can remember what the iPad if someone can check all or a 199. Dollars for sixteen gigs -- Yeah why that's -- -- and they managed to do this thing at the same price of course they did. Dotson down and inappropriate comments now where will -- -- -- units sandals and sometimes that the page. And one half pounds is the weight. I mean really how do you avenue -- up -- -- the margins that they Weinstein of Jordanian and that's insane but it's just it's just the the technology that they have in the older performing you know someone -- a lot cheaper and it's it's always you know toys and play Aaron and display is expensive. That one half pounds by the way is the weight of the original. IPad -- we got a little bit lighter with iPad two. Thanks for confirming that guys -- I need to. -- -- -- Okay for I remember that so pricey rate for many 9599699. This is across the board. Offer the Wi-Fi versions and then 62970. Point nine and eight -- nine with the forgy feature. And the does the date coming out march 16 march 16 that it that it was reported earlier -- times and her going to many orders start today. Read times -- about -- left the room. We get this thing that's -- typing Apple dot com slash store is -- and click. Follow. On Friday. It's not memorize -- there. Credit card number you fool it's -- right is right it's still will be back soon -- you can't live in the tech world that memorize your try to eliminate or maybe if I go to the Apple Store app on my phone and -- early access like it to the last time it'll lines. In the US Canada UK France Germany Switzerland and Japan simultaneously. They say that that is Apple's biggest to roll out ever by the way we. Have heard pricing for the entire lineup which is is exactly the same for 99599699. For the 1632 and 64 gig models. 629729829. For four G no word on the monthly cost or whether you'll -- have to have a contract. Are right now an easy model he changes seen over insane back to the software. That is -- And ribbon team has worked really hard to make all sulfur look gorgeous and take full advantage of that -- display everything's been fully updated to take full advantage. Of that amazing color and resolution. -- just. I'm writing like comes just do it to be Mac imovie. -- just to -- so they really escalate the new iPad. You had that we haven't heard a name like -- Of this thing okay area -- member when the iPhone four went to the retina display developers did have to do anything to make their applications run on the retina display. Everything will still look great but if developers take a little time as with the iPhone they can do stuff that looks amazing and incredible on the new iPad. The -- -- -- -- still don't understand me keep calling it the iPad you know led the -- do that to screw with people right because it's like. Oh you guys think it's yet ready -- desolate and are -- little -- to organize your movement HD and just call the -- -- -- What counts is pretty heavy and experiment to guess I thought I think what -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It does seem heavy -- -- A few developers got early access so they are doing some demos of apps that are gonna look cool on -- -- and is mulling how heavy fuel -- -- is the part we Tina and we -- rather thinks so how well you said one point five is to that how how heavy do you want -- into the I'm sorry -- heavy but what what would -- L and I. I -- -- iPad two minutes. Hey hey Ariel. And America -- Gonna get -- -- Ariel my Apple creates there might yet now I am in raising concerns aren't armed -- and I -- lady -- you don't wall it. -- -- Not only condition of -- dropping his -- -- is that I tong has a pre order one for him TV just that I just I I did snuggle in Mosul in his in his. Yahoo! photos friends and -- meaning. I -- let's go let's go let's not just the Angel it's you know I'm you know there's a lot of the residences to arguments until enough. So here are the demos and Hampshire -- -- -- amazing though we can't really fear it. That well so let's recap quickly what we have seen for those being -- may -- your -- maybe limelight was not refreshing all -- timer video as a refreshing. So the new iPad is just called iPad. Just -- -- -- overdone and that no -- numbers -- -- fallacy -- name of the variant yeah exactly so yes yes to read and display. Yes to improved camera which is now the five megapixel camera with all of the great sort of camera technology basically that was -- the camera of the iPhone four calling -- the eyesight it gets the -- five acts -- -- stands for Quad Core graphics. It gets four GL TE. And also gets HD video recording just like in the in -- -- for us. And now we're looking at out some of the some -- -- apps. That are made possible by working environment. Together showing off a moment and -- -- demo with this cool fighter jet. Aren't fighter jet that's cool. -- if they wrap this up by eleven. Guys like many different -- -- many of them -- seriously. This that stuff. Such Aaron guys well what do you think so -- -- mean we have people that are falling along gaming happy disappointed. What do you guys think about this you violent -- buying one. And don't do that -- like it was had a real time Paul. Real time -- -- there's no discussion on ram. Let's choose the -- is playing out that there's no there they didn't mention how much ram is is there Willis even if you notice in past iPad events they actually don't. Revealed the ram and -- out and they never have. So this would be par for the course if there's a Quad Core and no ram update I am looking forward to the -- down. You mean -- we Quad Core if they do in the -- that quite core graphics and the improved processor with no ram improvement. Or increase. And the same looking forward to the -- fantasy. No no people are saying no man it's -- it in a fire. Mean no maybe you know overall -- -- in our chat room of listeners. It looks like. The it's it's leaning more towards no verses yes. Is a saying well you know I honestly I really do think that anybody. We talked about this before show that you -- upgrade of yeah I mean I think like. From the iPad to YouTube this. It's it's gonna be noticeable the changes will be noticeable but it because this is not a must have product it's never -- -- be a must have upgrade. But that doesn't mean that they're not gonna sell a ton of these two tablet buyers who. Don't have anything yet. To be honest this feels a lot like. Little you know and this is fine this is what we expect because there's not really many secrets anymore secret. It feels like a little iPhone four to four -- -- -- regain a hires resolution screen right. Create -- a few -- so we expected. But I think everyone gets a little more caught up in -- want to see a device that actually looks new to make it feel like they're buying a new device it's right. And I don't think there's so there's definitely a psychology that is associated with that I I I mean this looks great so. And a -- I wanna see the screen -- the as the selling point. I'm curious about the screen to Iowa I'm also interested by the way what you guys think about the -- and whether that's a big selling point for -- now they didn't announce new forgy pricing. I'm very interested to see how expense about it. -- Janet -- is going to be cheated in officially announce it didn't announce the monthly. And how much the device -- -- got -- in a deal wrapped up a contract. How much is it gonna cost per month will it be an unlimited plan. And then if not what kind of data allow entry in the nick has man -- do blow through a lot of -- -- data. On an iPad yeah that's insane you know some very curious since there's no question that this is. This is an evolution. It's not like I I truly didn't expect any more than us today and I think except for maybe I really -- think they're possibly giving as markers and there is gonna be wants and needs -- -- but -- did -- hide under the -- but I don't but again it doesn't matter -- Apple is the only company selling tablets it doesn't matter if this is an incremental upgrade this is still fifty times better. Than anything else on the market and everybody else can only now compete on price. And get it together in terms. And usability yeah and or you know what the -- transformer primed it is they. Gave you not only a sharper screen at the time but a keyboard -- more functionality but those are its real selling points -- -- on the -- not only -- not the it's not the apps now. Right now there are also showing off for all you people that are excited at. -- -- -- -- kind of a sketching artistic program to showing that off. On the retina display sell more probably more finite -- -- we're gonna talk about other things only get. -- -- there and auto desk. -- desk of the new engine for -- that takes advantage of the -- incredible graphics power of the iPad outside that's -- skipped a pro. So I'll go back to the forgy conversation really quickly our top leverages -- -- here -- always purchase the three G models because whenever I've been on vacation. I like the fact that for a month or you know I put down money just for that moment if I want to. Just to use the service for a month I didn't like the three G connected because it wasn't that great but when I see these four G speeds. Just to be able to have that ability that I use only maybe twice a year rate when I'm out on those lovely Athens but it's nice it's nice to actually have that. An actual Internet that feels like real Internet speeds. -- I'm probably gonna lean towards getting the four -- enabled not the -- I'm not gonna pay the monthly costs. That's is again that's a user I don't think that's a majority of people. But it's a use case thing like when I know my trip I don't even bring my laptop anymore -- But I wanna be able to make an axis of things it's -- -- -- iPad on the beach for all of you wondering first world problems now. I really wanna you and I and I'm on the retina display Phil Schiller is back and he's talking more about the displacing the using your finger to draw on a display. That you Kenny twenty pixels on. Is amazing and go to live if you're not there go to lab like and look at the picture of the flower that they basically just Israel and the -- a pro I mean it is beautiful. And they just can and they -- -- it. Government on their with a finger. That's a pretty -- pretty the third and last demo he says epic game not. -- doesn't. Any blade Leno president any blade. A right but at least accurate infinity at build an eighty blade RD right now nice game of the I devices. I mean I got bored of it honestly I think there's a lot more fun games out there. -- I did -- like a let's just slice my finger like I'd rather play fruit ninja. I. Think I bet it's gonna be pretty epic -- -- -- -- -- -- Dedicated app became a day they're raising the bar for gaming and the new iPad with infinity blade dungeon. Over again it's really. Really. In the -- more exciting music LA dungeon. I mean it's like reverb on the crab legs of bears in do you do you let -- -- don't shed its -- what's the over under and one more thing I'm thinking now. They don't you want more things now and there -- -- -- in its opening to the roads lead to contempt but we'll still do when -- there's not -- -- one more thing I can think of only two or three years. Let's see -- but they're not gonna there. There's gonna do a recap of these demos where's -- photos. What you Siri I don't understand. I don't understand. To understand -- those cables on our CNET page. I -- it's a -- job a look at the picture of that game yet and looks amazing I'm kind of see your back and I'm kinda jazzy and in my hands -- as a man like tag of the back. They always come back at his command and what's -- -- and two months dungeons. It's mandates the you know pinch to zoom in everything shows up in detail sad to get that's -- and this is not. The infinity blade we know this is more like -- Diablo game so I'm going did. Com and the. -- -- -- We're just as fickle as you Internet know this is beyond this lets be -- it's all sizes on. It's -- literally sit and a public unknown -- excited about it and then usually due to. An important and if they -- and it -- apparently. -- of the technology is making games look better including depth of field post processing. Which in English means thank you to excellence and that background and foreground elements look all -- im pretty. -- yeah that's the in the console gaming level type stuff -- -- you get that when you have four times graphics. The unreal engine is unleashing the power of -- -- that act and but I was just what we're Tanzania and that's -- before it turns. I'll sucked -- -- of people still it is to dealer to get from -- and I'm not saying that. It has more memory and processing than an Xbox 380. Well that did come out five years ago friends lets us Poland you know -- get too crazy now and. It and it. Now I have a more memory and processing power than Xbox-360 and the -- and the iPad I believe that I do wish it had a name actually it can be confusing to keep saying on the iPad. Because than ever and can be like. You mean under the other than the land and many attic of -- magnitude iPad which sounds like you're going back in time because iPad one whose uncle died at one. The best thing about this is -- confuses retail workers everywhere I'd like the iPad. No iPad you know I -- -- that -- -- want the red note just iPad. It's in the it'll be tough it's a problem the minute they get -- -- If you guys wanna go check out the website uncensored is hanging out in just a little dance infinity blade dungeons -- -- -- Endless -- -- -- that my phone has more power than Xbox-360. Well you know -- -- think about you guys here here's the -- -- -- the more accurate quote this new device has more memory and higher screen resolution. Then an Xbox 36 European -- that's a different than that it's. Better then an Xbox. I'm just saying it doesn't surprise me but that's a little more accurate statement you know. The risk -- -- set up to. Time does -- in the -- coming up with names. What do they call and it. Actually Roberts isn't can account iPad 2012 internally -- computers -- they're moving to that kind of the more MacBook naming convention that makes sense. Name it after a new species of animal -- I -- it doesn't that -- -- coming up after I work friends you know and on top. Think he's like my scoop who happened in our idea happy that they could have taken it from infinity -- don't just tell you I work. Really hot and I don't until I had to -- -- him maybe you want it and on infinity blade -- Annan on Iowa. Lake dry -- you can make new 3-D charts animations -- and -- You know -- I'm and a prominent. Beat that because keynote is a means -- okay. Keynote now it's not as in depth is -- front door the keynote looks hot as money. Simply to meet to -- charged a new site. Garageband and imovie are also getting -- mail -- nine and and come up to one. Set me. Didn't look like a full do. Garageband is getting Smart strings in a note editor plus iCloud integration and sharing that's cool then you can make a little song. And your iPad and then share with your Apple TV -- closing and played the G string and go with that. -- charts. I'm does everything doesn't transition I'm losing directory teacher at top -- and his jam sessions there's -- editors it's -- garageband. I've never actually I've heard a lot of great things about you can -- up -- four IOS devices running garageband in the complete the other Guantanamo and I sessions I was explaining how to sort out. The next month. -- -- -- You -- thanks partners -- the arrogant he thinks partner Ehrlich. And shut -- moon. Now we're getting a demo of how that works in video farmed. John Mayer John Mayer anybody's and there -- Some -- coming out the -- anyway Chris Martin you can never go back to time there that's like stickers in whom will -- -- examiner. In -- Steve Jobs biography he -- he said that John Mayer was ruined it all up because he's like he's one of the most of the musicians but. He's not doing it right that's true it is here it is either complete nurses with a black -- a worm land there. Canadian that's on the I think about the amazing. Volume -- it and you know -- the attendants -- You know it's -- camera -- -- -- -- -- -- To remove didn't get to add on and I hate that part. I've sat camera wings. You full gene called TE. In the slums that Gene -- thought they were -- this is stupid. I apologize in advance. Lot of them everywhere they want metal like well I work for god sake. I have imovie is also -- -- didn't find my -- outstanding battery has a smooth. Now we're -- -- imovie -- images to significantly with imovie and now manipulate and who want to imovie. Team. Banana and a I would sell new -- photos -- you next time. Now -- to have to. Justice and it was like I want that single. -- the world what will -- again we'll learn on the instrumental. -- for Stephen and Apple really -- and I will put together a little. Soon for the next below -- -- before we have our next VO well even level of your next it will work on something and. Will stop the -- that we're just doing their. Apple Stock -- really not a primarily now. Today you can treat -- this is gotta find you want us to me. -- And so they're adding that. Some of the new features that we found in imovie to the imovie version for the iPad so movie trailers -- kind of a fun little silly thing -- in these dramatic intro is. And breakdowns with notes they're gonna add that in time movie imovie is fine. I didn't use in a long time but it's a fun product. So it works a lot in the same way with visual story boards that tells you what Klipsch need to throw in Phil Schiller says the big deal is that now you can shoot 1080. Directly from the device and then played against the app. So that is pretty hot. Because you couldn't do that before the I -- -- -- PO. Yeah I mean this is all and any time that you improved specs like the -- that the iPad as has been gradually generating toward being a more content. Capable device -- content producing capable device and so it's good that you now have all the tools that you would mean while not. All the tools. Without iPhoto you're still only part of the weighed two thirds of the way there I mean you have your charts. They better bring it something like 3-D really is no iPhoto tong in the parent seriously. I do appreciate -- comments that -- keep your day job tong. I actually am a site shows C as sidewalks in yourself -- the either buster. Little known fact possible Oscar. Oscar the street performer -- trust lasagna did not know -- -- -- musician by any person like a street performer who performs on -- -- for money. It's not busting the case seriously I just learned something -- -- -- -- -- it every day number hostility and I. I'm the dude did you -- Could not do didn't do. Coming up have you seen -- I know that everybody in America has been anything that Jimmy Fallon Amber's been seen in nearly -- Bruce Springsteen version of. A sample of nine of them parties -- I know it oh no don't remember they did this whip my hair. And. This error the now they've done a new one and it's -- I'm sexy in -- -- and there is. Hungary and -- we can plan after we had done I'm being bored by apps. Yeah this is so -- I imovie. Impressed before but some of the blogs -- just -- how impressive this is the the fact that this is all being done. On it in an iPad -- And -- fact that some are saying that it's impressive on any consumer. Platform and now in fact it has been reported that today Apple is introducing. IPhoto. For iPad. And it is. Get your shot -- is ready. Amazing. It's mean. Meant to -- everything and everybody is so happy to be right ever about -- -- Sides -- as a digital and so styled -- thirteenth through his headphones down on the ground and he stomped over to the door because he was so right. Who Loma in the chat room who called me out nicely a little while ago so there's no iPhoto you know it. Boom -- -- -- hit his greatness is stinking up the room right now. -- People -- ever come back to our live -- I wouldn't it I wouldn't I've. IPhoto lets you do you much more than just a few built in editing tools -- -- You now get Smart browsing multi touch editing. Want to -- this is what I'm talking about time that this is new and facts and brushes offices. This is the Nolan was reporting this anywhere. I couldn't say it because I don't want are -- my -- is always seen this is. Brian's girlfriend works for Apple motion effects editing a photo beaming from device device and new photo journals. -- multi -- editing I want to I wish I was I actually does the one time you'll ever hear me say this I wish I was there to see this demo. Well you'll be there -- collect a large wheels. The video later in fact we'll probably just like replay -- keynote from the start so that you can see the video -- it later. Because some are going to be worth watching pressure -- -- -- below The Beatles. Beyond that to talk about a photo he's some of the head -- -- chief architect of photo and video applications and design it's one -- -- and have only received in -- unfortunately he was also responsible for the -- -- a final cut pro X which was. It's true mr. but -- isn't and you reinvented imovie and ticket from a program that made me want to literally commit a murder you're and that actually kind of -- using. I like the new imovie I liked the old imovie I mean of course I'm used to doing like. Regular final cut pro editing but without it but they're both great. Looks intact and -- the -- but that was like 7 years ago and am and I'm so mad. It was that bad well it's you know -- you know -- pretty -- similar -- I'm in like a few tapes on imovie wave back in the day -- -- jobs I'm not gonna hate on it stricken Adidas Japan known them actually had. They're bringing a daily Oscar and you know that's different -- until it was Boston. Houston and other industries guitar -- To -- this is some of this amp editing tools now you know. They're as we haven't liked the -- up from our Sina blog kind of the -- this is very similar to -- of your albums but it's all -- -- -- honestly it's arranged on this. Beautiful -- Today it and I think. You know not I think obviously -- is -- more than anything the multi media on this specific device is what definitely blow people away with just how it looks. -- feels like. And -- and a new iPhoto has a very bouncy different feel from its OS-X counterpart. We're getting a view of it and the new interface is according this is from our own CNET blog. And here we go here's another look of kind of the navigation you have your photos on the left hand side. There is -- a photo workspace area down on the bottom -- you can Tennessee like -- cropping tool. And down like some of the icons that you've seen in a few more that I can't make out from the photo editing features on an iPhone right now. Let's just one month. I meant well let's reply let's rewind that let's rewind maybe like ten minutes ago and now I have not I am not all the way having taken the leap all the way to want this but I have taken -- -- to dammit I don't want that's -- -- that's. Let's just let's just. Look at -- historically when -- gets that point. She's gonna get the device very interest there. Collapse says yes youth -- site. I'm not made of money for God's sake you're not but you're going to get -- pretty things. -- -- -- -- Well that's why not mimic another crew -- oh yeah I ordered that Yahoo! guys this is pretty awesome it does multi photo comparisons. Works with images that you can import up to nineteen megapixels. And the support on this busses. The juicy -- they're showing off the and I. -- sort of scrolling through a lot like a huge number of pictures and I can manage that with that the faster processor in and just in general. It's pretty and isn't this is currently get all multi photo comparison but that's a nice dissident in general I didn't -- light. On can slowly. -- -- It added as usual iPhoto features you can flag things you can share them you can send shots to -- interface -- we've seen Apple you know integrate this -- share -- -- just. More sharing FaceBook still not part of Apple's agreement with -- APIs and platform but Twitter and I'm very much a part of it. -- and photos up to nineteen megapixels so there's a couple of pro cameras or my -- So there's a couple of pro cameras that take raw file images that will not be -- not be supported -- I I would at least expanding -- -- -- and I just know that you didn't hear me say that line but it's okay because -- -- to nineteenth -- now I'm confused well up to nineteen. I prices megapixels or the engineering yes so then what I was actually gonna say that -- he didn't say that you can compare up to nineteen images load -- -- ice I think it did say there are supported. Photo comparisons. -- -- -- Amalia doing punch him in the face trying to kind of -- There's also an auto enhance feature it has the built in a horizon fixing told this is -- -- Of the lines will show up and you can light up your picture because lets be honest a lot of people are the -- picture takers. -- the people you asked to take a picture view on their phone always take the worst damn pictures I've never seen. I their family photos must be horrible yeah I like I would want to be in the family to -- now I can't. What -- -- but that's -- drama -- Graham instantly -- and all of our lives has -- the top of -- -- -- Allianz and the like or digital cameras to use -- not -- let let me get that building in the back yet you got the building and ten other buildings. But that's horrible. A ground -- get out. Drama. But there's a little -- I'd go out drama like Otto Otto enhanced balance that's -- that it's an auto -- built in and then you know all of those all of those -- little nifty. Low level features and carries a Seaway like rob Redmond -- like what are you thinking as a photographer is I have a good friend who oppose a professional photographer. Who uses his iPad as. His total powerful I am and I'd be interested to know if he's never gonna you know switch or -- any editing with it. I don't know about editing effort for the pro user now idea for the promo user probably -- -- like you know just casual editing and of files as you upload them. Ozzie I was glad that I don't feel like a total jackass and that iPhoto actually came like a really -- important we did we get reported on CNET because I discredit but. It would have been really pathetic if it didn't show up and then it's likely -- -- focused only -- and it. You can touch the am. Voted to darken or lighten things just loans and point out there are currently -- as with every Apple announcement there are a bunch of third party app developers that just -- business. Does there where third party apps that could let you do this they delayed decent photo editing on the iPad multi touch editing and things like -- have an -- Well it's -- it's all -- it depends on and -- leveled their ideas because this app is from -- -- cost ten bucks just like imovie -- just like some of those others and yet has the Apple means -- the advantage but. At the same time from an editing perspective this looks pretty basic to -- like this looks like the editing tools with a little bit of action. And you know -- Compared to like what you have on your phone. So I don't know how to brushes are being used I haven't seen that here we go there's the -- thanks Lily pad perfect perfect timing so helpful. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's all different kinds of person. It's something you can paint a picture of X when he -- you see you guys wanna see what other type of artifacts there's there's image colored rebound seen. So this is the brush -- you can rub -- over the image to make changes. -- -- -- -- Maybe you can. -- some like. Can't do and brought all our color splash but I'm not not a theory I'm just -- in our butts -- everyone's like. Gentlemen we have we -- we RD hatter blanket stipulation that some of this is thirty most of this is probably existed before elsewhere that's the blanket stipulation. -- is that were only covering district. Except for the screen that has -- I don't know if they did say that they am have no -- support for MP. Did an outright say it but now the devil's in the details when they don't say something in a lot of the times it -- it's not. Sharpen soft and dark in general repair -- that has some magical sparkle spinning around the -- and all the brushes -- -- Will repair and I guess I just like flaws in your face to -- -- Anderson and editing features are I guess the -- -- to see useful sort of visual metaphor. Okay. He can slide your finger over the effects seen in real time each of those has its own little fact that you can -- mix and match -- -- -- like effects on effects. Move. I think that a little -- thing is a little ol'. Awkward interface was like you just pops up out of the bottom for the. I'm just being picky then so let's not -- I don't know I don't know how -- this is a pretty -- him. And to just say this is the -- and actually be seeing -- and number. Many cousins. There'll be hell and I'm sick of hearing your built in effects -- more artistic effects like at tilt shift is gonna be built in which is that they -- that's everybody's favorite thing in Nvidia renowned and photos. Water color effects and cool. The main issue actually -- -- points on the main issue here is that photos are still relatively locked to the iPad has yet another step to get them from iPad to Mac. Although. Presumably with photo stream images. Not load even -- it -- it -- thought she would be an -- voters and that'll be -- photos from your camera right here iPad not digital camera. They have got to like -- Apple -- to fix photo management with -- -- may why can't just be like Dropbox you know. Make it happen. No I treat some sort Dropbox also a domestic Modesto pictures and their homeowners and their mother and it's -- eighty it is out you know it's starting to feel a little bit although -- in the chatroom earlier in a really good point which is why Apple users at this point even want. Come. -- of time and well I guess billions and I think you're right I still do and I'm with the -- -- essentially at the MacBook air and on test advantage now I am I like keyboard I can get more done. But I could see people potentially buying this instead of a MacBook Air if what they really want is just a lightweight Internet enabled device. Now here here's some really cool stuff we talk about sharing a -- Sina blog they're showing over some of the cooled the journal feature kind of a cool RCE. Lay out of your pictures -- -- -- find you know to share out also you have a one click make it look good option in the room. Melee -- and again and -- elegant. Which in Apple language means make it look over saturated and now be -- load besides -- as you can throw in text calendars and maps. In this journal feature -- -- -- the C that's fun that's real cool. When -- the journal and it's just like I went on this trip so it's like you know let's call a little fun -- -- a -- -- kinda okay. The best part about all these you know whatever yes shutter fly snap fish do it like when you make books with these apps -- and -- Thank you scored major points -- chicks and you might take some photos like just throw them in some template book and I -- it as an ego. Parents'. Parents do it publishers I -- it publishes two out iCloud. Your journal and then it -- a link for sharing a -- got hacked -- Let's get. Although they don't know it'll put in a little weather widget and it'll say like the weather with the public at the time that is -- U. Maps dates notes and the weather which -- the date and location and pulls the archive two -- -- -- panties. And. Available today iPhoto 49 available today so you can get this on previous versions of your ipad's. All you. Q do -- -- saved with an alien and offensive little life a little bit and it was just a little birds you know here -- efforts you -- Phil Schiller is -- saying we brought all of -- -- to the iPad don't let anyone ever tell you that you can't create. On an iPad -- MMS are really kind of Susan likes I would have my own comment there and a Mickey Thomas contends that it's a breathtaking. Piece of software and Phil Schiller says permanent download at the second I get out here. Necessary you it really he has it on his iPad already that's that's the biggest music -- statement. The dollar right now you have -- -- what they did they made a video about the iPad how much they like and they're gonna play it now. -- but so that is that so what they always do -- -- program written to normal. So -- -- video now in iPhoto on a killing him and the as well as -- it looks like -- Some people are reporting that via video sounds like it was narrated by tankers. He will he be jumping on any couches -- the when he gets the I bet he will look at iPhoto is is that exciting. It is. I think that's really cool. Everett says he's been turned down there for five minutes -- it's an -- again. I also wonder for will be available for -- iphones and iPod -- I would say no. I would -- who. Doesn't interfaces are made for the small screen to always always known it sounds like it only for the new iPad. And another -- I'm -- Nvidia is about the app adjustments and -- sorry this is for the new I added this is the most disturbing thing about this video on my screen right now. On this blog it shows a family with the -- -- holding up his iPad in the sky. Is -- you -- believe this is going to start the revolution. Of iPad photo taken in public can -- enhancement. If you have any type of thing to throw -- someone do it when it's -- and let's just stop this right now with a whole blu -- revolution. It was embarrassing. I'm sorry. You will see all of you. Who are making for enemy in the shower and you'll find out exactly how heavy a pound and a half -- when he channel that's a grab and take a video corporation on -- for me. I that is the one and a half pounds is the reason that I went back to my Kindle for reading -- does have a -- iPad -- books. But -- it but then it led to dislike. Diminishing uses write once I wasn't using it for ebooks than I was using my Kindle and then I was finding that -- reach over and get my phone for things and it does -- If if there's any barrier. Patent -- pretty heavy after -- Let's see it is simply -- referred to as new iPad and third generation iPad still. Now -- correcting. Themselves and saying that they they don't think it was time greens act after Earl. And like -- really important -- someone jumped the gun a little longer routes. -- they should just -- -- Sutherland as the -- does voice overs on an island MT is now. I'm well this is this is just news that he heard about the iPad today I don't ever gonna do it I'm -- -- about I doubt about iPhoto on the new iPad. Brian Tong lets you -- can't contain handles though it. You -- contain himself look. Hazardous facilities can't believe it they started the Jared says there was Rick's little -- even -- that's -- Man you probably less well he felt that he -- -- it will be back and assurance and -- he's not on -- because they want to kill us were actually now looking at the sub pixels. Subjects okay I want -- that. They have like a room in the back with these ipads in there and they're gonna show them to the media -- that people can do hands on videos and get a look at them and they're keeping everyone in this room right now and showing them a video of the iPad with its sub pixels than that everything working on it and then pictures of the chip. Like who -- as a five. Being a real cool and declined coordinates everything you do really fast and smooth -- -- quad graphics -- an hour battery life. Two periods are dual core or quad graphics apps this woman that was I read that direct -- actually typo -- any rival blog. That they wrote Quad Core and Quad Core oh -- -- Catch good job rival. A rival blog that we had to refer you because you know everyone's blog it's gonna go down and out here in their -- And I like a variety of sources. At our budget -- it's on every I notice that every -- that was relying on scribble alliance. Had problems and impact so that the other rival -- -- -- -- reliant was like let them know that they're stuck. -- and it's a I think with not. Funny not cool no they are saying it is a Quad Core GPU -- -- -- -- GPU dual core CP US. SP. -- -- what got that on the way guys don't -- us anymore. The tegra three to says -- technical note has a twelve -- TP. Although Apple is claiming better. Well matched within -- this critic for the end PP ET PT he says. -- helping his lover is it does. Another hair -- -- now the video talking about the bands on the new iPad the Wi-Fi Bluetooth three G to four GL TE. And other promoting iPhoto so basically the whole keynote all over again. In three minutes as the people in the rumored literally like they're chewing up their own fingers right now because -- -- is dying to get in there and get their fingers on the retina display name at. All. -- -- -- -- -- Make it booted into could. Bringing in dealers and -- -- we -- -- is the honest and -- that -- -- -- if you've been here for our live coverage before you know. That this is what happened and we always get a little bit bored but we can't leave. Most of whatever the promo video site. We know Apple they like to control the message and they like to make sure you know everything they wanted to know yet to -- -- -- Let's be honest they say it looks like we are wrapping up. Videos -- all right maybe not -- back seat if Tim Cook came out and -- minority -- -- -- back. There's one where he's saying I think -- iPad went on the go and what -- is. I've had TO he's confirming -- confirms that the -- and you will live mine that I got one right. That the price will drop by a hundred dollars so it's 399 now for a sixteen gig Wi-Fi model. -- -- that I actually -- -- yesterday it was like atom like and I and we did say that we we would be surprised that state on shelves. So. So that's good this addresses and this is actually pretty important I think because it addresses that price pressure absolutely. Of and that he's talking about how that's really huge that it's -- -- sixteen gig model that news patent schools and users now can buy in at that price. And I -- at these schools don't need -- -- You know private schools around the country will be more than able to afford these products and also once again everyone made fun of me for this -- All the blogs -- Really confusing that they're just literally calling it the new iPod. It is they I mean that's that they showed the price matrix at the screens are new got -- and it says iPad two. And then exit it says the new iPad I'd like to walk into a store personally and does look the persons -- and be like. I'm -- like knowing you may be confused but it's weird thanks. -- is back the new iPod like him is -- It's too and maybe some cool Kris graft he's gonna -- down in like ipads public's new it is it is it. -- the amazing new iPad. A new affordable price for the amazing iPad two amazing software like iPhoto and the rest of the -- virtually no maintenance. That's how many times an amazing you were playing the amazing he really -- amazing how many times yeah I -- the amazing drinking game is already a dangerous game. For and I have had air for at Apple keynote mundane. -- to -- some people hospitals -- now does now there's a new iPad commercial. He has said as he's wrapping up we've redefined once -- in the category Apple treated just two years ago. With the original iPad and now we're getting another -- that's amazing wait wait wait we just saw. You mean you just showed me the -- photo video on the iPad -- And now you gonna show me the iPad. That's amazing. You know -- this is that this is listing move because we are -- over time about how Apple's kind of changing. And now -- allowing in having products at a lower price point that live with the family of the new stuff they. This is gonna be a trend now with four they've done this at their two flagship products but they they haven't done -- in the past. And so they're really trying to expand that consumer market where they know they have explosive growth but even. Getting -- that a little lighter. It's. It's very clever right it's a -- it's a very uniquely Apple way to do it because it's not Apple introducing cheaper products which they are never going to do and they can't do. Because they do put in very high end components like I really. I think it is bordering on. On feasible that they were able to introduce this new iPad on a new technology apartment -- gonna really do like I am dying. -- I fix it -- down and see if they're taking away lower. Margin on it -- But the way I think it's very clever that they are addressing that price concern. By continuing to make older products and make them cheaper so they in a way Apple has a much bigger suite of products available and that there were house. But it's the old ones equipment -- All right Tim Cook is is wrapping up with his -- truck and team for the day. It's the privilege of a lifetime to work with the most innovative people on -- -- or something you know -- -- now now okay. -- only Apple can -- that deliver this kind of innovation in such a beautiful. Integrated. And easy way to use. And then he says 2012. There's a lot to look forward to you. We are just getting -- -- like this that's star read about the twelve that's a that's an iPhone I think it is you're right O can somebody pre rounded and -- up. We're gonna blow -- up and we're gonna parsed for clues. There's a lot to look forward to so I don't look back so -- in 2012. This is this year so that means it's gonna happen all these things -- get -- and this year's iPhone I probably this year maybe. Boy is then -- is that an Apple TO. And there you have it every line the circle of life. All the new Apple rumors started new because once she noted ended but another awaits -- and we will see you right back here. When that keynote rears its ugly head to be done really easy here to -- -- DC we'll see in June theme engine running back yourself out. There you have it go to cnet.com for we -- have a first take up. And we are our editors are headed behind the curtain now to get a video hands on which hopefully we'll have posted AS AP. And now we obviously just keep it tuned to CNET for all the details. All right okay thanks for joining us everyone for buzz out loud fans this will count as our regular show this week because by Brenda Campbell and route to Austin for south by southwest -- cool coverage. Coming out of there. And will be back next week with a regular -- -- -- -- And under the moon I had excellent.

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