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Buzz Out Loud: Buzz Out Loud Ep. 1581: OS X Mountain Lion: the OS to rule the ecosystem?

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Buzz Out Loud: Buzz Out Loud Ep. 1581: OS X Mountain Lion: the OS to rule the ecosystem?

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Former federal CTO Aneesh Chopra joins the show today to talk wireless policy and what the heck happened with SOPA/PIPA; we dish on what really happened with Molly's Galaxy Nexus; and the address book uploading controversy that just won't end. Plus, Into It/Not Into It, and one angry, angry voice mail. Good to be back!

Today is Thursday February 16 2012. -- with Steven beach of I am Brian solve and I am Molly led look at a buzz out loud -- podcast of indeterminate length it is episode 15100 and AT one welcome back ms. Molly you know it is good to -- that'd be -- and a and a little little Hawaiian vacation with my computer and I got these streets like they didn't say anything about how you -- -- you're when you're. At -- -- -- sir. When I go live audio lost in the islands sit through there was some chance about it is some question whether I would return donated and I'm back -- against -- Good to be here. And we're super excited name because we are joined in studio and by the now former chief technology officer for the United States government in east and the receiver that's kind of a big title it is but it's -- Saturday although a niece was pumped if you couldn't see in our -- he was doing in the air -- silently -- music is great. -- -- -- -- -- And unlike all right cool very cool yet. And where we're especially excited because we're hoping that since -- than now former studio you can actually -- give us some -- ditch ditch. As much stupid -- -- -- you -- of us I half ya I think the dish that he is giving us as the words Hitler did she. -- just smiling and looking at our -- like yeah and I'm a friend and talking points I can't help it I can't. North of I don't -- so we're in a suit like it I don't okay. -- we're -- deeper -- just a little bit. We started talking -- we were -- fried butter trying to mormons aren't butter you -- that is the -- -- -- -- -- I will not be part of that -- I -- -- the other thing a company -- watching the pre -- live is that you have been furiously. -- -- yes over the -- because there is potentially breaking news happening right now pertaining to a big initiative of years ago. Well that's right the president. In the state of the union last year announced what I thought was one of the most important long term economic growth strategies and that was to. Call for a national wireless initiative in of the country is clearly been at the forefront of mobile. -- mobile economy you know apps economies of the design all the key. Elements that have driven the economy in general are accruing to the United States for now but if you go out of 510 years and say -- where. What's -- what is the future look like. Where congested on -- the Cooper revealed roadways if you although the spectrum. That we use to fuel up our our various devices there there there's a concern that there's a crunch and if not today than. In the near future and what our policy makers be in a position to actually. Address this problem before it becomes a crisis while we wait -- the crisis hits and then we go -- one but to date. I understand that the -- negotiators involving the payroll tax negotiation in Washington. Have included this forward leaning long term economic growth. Bipartisan. Initiative. The president's wireless initiative which had three very important elements and we hope all three are preserved I haven't. Read the full details but basically does the following. Right now we have a situation where there's no real market making mechanism if you happen to have access to spectrum. And you want to share it or make it commercially available to a third party you can't just sell it. EE got to get it back to the government held an option -- Soviet you know a lot of incentives to actually I share what you what you currently use. Well we don't gonna have the incentive auction authority that will compensate entities who want to voluntarily -- -- their spectrum to be made available. For mobile broadband operators team to bid on. That we believe will create nearly a hundred billion dollars in economic value in the next decade. And in the other two pieces very importantly is it's a scarce resource today. We needed innovation strategy to turn scarcity into abundance. So we the president called for research and development investments specifically -- on wireless spectrum sharing technologies. So that we could see ourselves and a position over the next decade open up more capacity which is. Harder for us to do since we've got such -- used today and then third. Perhaps most important for personalized with your five year -- in my five year old three year old. A -- and equip our first responders with the same four G technologies that are consumers have in America but our first responders lack. And so I will have the resources to build a nationwide public safety broadband so hopefully great news in the payroll deal beyond just the mechanics of of the the. The tax policies that were extended in this package. How to. This might be a slightly off topic but how does that spectrum initiative and -- as part of apparel -- packet well this is fascinating part of Washington. If it's sweeten the -- -- up a slightly that commitment multiple things have to happen at the same time. Spectrum policy has been a priority for. Many many years I mean if you think about it -- in -- that that the four G networks that are being deployed today will be built largely on. A spectrum that was acquired an auction you know just a little under a decade ago so we sort of think in these -- year increments and sort of the industry was saying gosh. The pace of mobile broadband is it's accelerating so -- -- better not wait another decade to get this policy right. So there was of interest in doing this it's not very partisan -- that it's not like it's a bad idea it's sort of good economic policy but it hadn't been a priority. So step one was getting the president to engage on this issue this is a very important part of his overall winning the future agenda. It's -- he decided to make this a top priority. In the state of the union blasters that give it some lift that a bipartisan group of senators senators Kay Bailey Hutchison from Texas and Jay Rockefeller of West Virginia. Joined forces to put a package together in the Senate Commerce Committee and it passed in a bipartisan vote. Republicans and Democrats majority of both said yes the senate on -- that gave it a lot of political left. It also happened to be a win win win policy in that it produces deficit reduction. It allows us to invest in the future and it makes good on this public safety network. So who's about who's -- opposed to a win win win well when the payroll negotiations took place is -- you know what this has bipartisan support. Is pays down the deficit why don't we incorporate that so that some of that that's a reduction could be used. In this case to pay for some of the tax Extenders that are in the payroll discussion so because it had that history. That bipartisan support and the presidential commitment. I believe those are important ingredients to getting it in. And the policy making process so if you don't follow Washington data that he wouldn't kind of know all this minutia. But hopefully. This coming together is an example of what we can do when we work together as a country. So what the Specter becomes a good talking point by the way. You or sell really well it I mean once in theory it it ink and no one in -- -- early days awesome. Bottom. Up political office is excited -- -- it is not stop its what are. Target what is obviously spectrum becomes available for option and. Only Verizon buys it I mean if there's some you know provision that's. Not one of the dotting the -- crossing the t.'s legal documents are gonna be under what conditions. Will the FCC be allowed to conduct these auctions and so there's been this very important policy debate that historically. The expert agency the Federal Communications Commission looks at competition issues looks at market consolidation looks a whole variety of factors. And makes judgments about how to run these options. And the debate is to what extent will this provision constrain the FCC or liberate them. That's one of those details I was searching the net four to see -- those details have been made available we don't know. But but my hope is you'll see not just. Other carriers to -- -- you'll see a lot of other. Players step up especially as we look to deliver on the public safety broadband network because that will actually have a lot more of this sharing. Public private feel which might bring new players to the market -- otherwise people would expect. -- -- -- shall we know that we've seen have these results -- surveys of where America compares with some of these other countries rather broadband speeds with their coverage of their networks. And we have the national wireless initiative that's open -- covering you know around -- 98% in the vision yes that's the goal on the is there it. Is the investment going more towards wireless word at the same rate including -- of the physical hard wire rod and in the US is Weller is there more of a focus -- us because we see that as the future but you know they both worked in different ways. Great question and it's actually not either war. So in the Recovery Act if you remember going back to the first month the president was in office he had put. North of six billion dollars in two what you would call the wired Internet basically. Mostly it's it was in middle mile. Open access if you will fiber optic networks that are being deployed across the country. And that at initiative continues to bear fruit they're digging trenches are laying the cable they're building the networks out and those will allow. More competition -- and extend those of from those nodes into rural communities perhaps through wireless so you have wired -- -- -- wireless extension. In the public safety broadband network we're gonna be tackling this issue directly. So you're gonna need to have essentially imagine what it does to your operating costs to run a cellular network if you have a fiber connection to every wireless tower. Your back call costs fall dramatically. So I'm getting a little bit lucky few but -- -- you need to look at this full story where does fiber come in where does wireless extend -- a function of both. The need to expand coverage and to retain costs. In a manner that will our first responders to be able to build the products that they use in a cost effective -- it's both. And the R&D here Brian is what's really really important. If you think about it Intel. One of your I'm sure you talk a lot about them various chips that they produce they -- developing cloud ran technology. And -- deploying it where. China China Mobile is going to reduce their operating costs something like thirty to 40%. In building out their network their four G network. Because they're leveraging this cloud -- technology that Intel has invented. So the question about the research and development question is -- we used to have this thing called bell labs and in America we still have -- I guess is a shadow of itself. We we used to have of the convening vehicle were people would think about the next generation of of radio technology wireless technology in wired. In the absence of that kind of convening role in the research and development that went with it. Were worried I was worried from the feedback at Hurd and giving advice to the president that we were gonna lose some of -- competitive edge and so having that aren't. We might have a little bit more creativity on. A security issues on a network coverage issues sharing issues -- like -- there's news. On that on president Obama's proposed budget front about that -- non defense related R&D and funding -- -- to increase yes is back. Aimed at solving some of these -- That's more broadly speaking on the the foundation of a lot of this like the National Science Foundation is one of the agencies that slated for an increase and they cover a lot of basic research so you wouldn't look at it and set up. This is gonna solve a four G network or whatever the next version of that may be called spectrum sharing. -- because it doesn't have that like direct relationship but they may be looking at some fundamental questions of radio interference. In their engineering department that gets increased funding as a result. So you'll see in the president's budget that was released. We did call for an additional investments in spectrum sharing technologies as part of our increase to the National Science Foundation. And that's just one example our military -- DARPA clearly has made investments in wireless communications -- the -- -- dies. And to reach people in Afghanistan and other markets -- don't exactly have commercial four G coverage that. Yet I'm on other well speaking of just. Investment in science and technology in general that's been a huge issue on -- show right we've talked so much about science and technology education. Wear out what. It would was that part of your policy making at all or radius is going and where open education open government open data. Fits our overall stem initiative is what you're describing -- think about it's the words stem. There's really two pieces -- some and there's -- Right you know you notice this is the salute is science and math and that's got a lot of sort of testing. Standards. You kind of know what you gotta do there's been some debate are we teaching to the test the science and math world to sort of -- heavily. Managed element yet but the act. The that engineering and the technology are not covered by these sort of teach to the test questions. It's a little bit more of an innovative wild wild west so if you're going to think of ways to harness technology and open data. What better way to do it than thinking about it in the act so we spent a lot of our time thinking about that question -- give an example on one of the last initiatives -- -- announced that secretary Duncan. Just before I left was what was called the open education data initiative. So unified -- when yours when your son in roles in traditional school. Imagine if you had the ability to ask your school district to give you an electronic copy of his assessment data. And if you look at the math common core as an example there's a with a hundred plus concepts that you need to learn math and usually the analogy on an -- Is even more broad. If you had that ability to take that information. Now imagine the proverbial App Store that's created it says you know what your son is following a bitch behind bench Japanese concept here's a game. That your kid could play -- allow you to master that given subject -- report back in a standardized -- how that information. It's back to your school so they know -- your child -- figured out. You've you've created a little bit more of this open environment for. More innovative approaches to education -- the dangers to call that the my data initiative parents and students should be entitled electronic copies of their own assessment data. That's not the case is we had to get a hard copy your report card. Where PDF version which is not a reusable S so that's what if it. When and a -- that -- and -- that's as well as part of the irrigation Virginians gonna get that. -- -- Yeah. Well you better believe Virginia's in the vanguard but. Now in all seriousness out we did announce that Pearson and Houghton Mifflin two of the largest. -- information vendors voluntarily pledged that they would make that available to families this year the school districts have to turn that policy on. The military family at a school district -- dia. Announced that it was gonna do its fair share so the way we do a lot of -- public private initiatives Molly. Not is that we have the federal government act as it can be -- we sort of knowledge to the industry to make these announcements. We -- took it on ourselves to say where we have the data ourselves in this case that. School military school systems will. Eat our own proverbial dog food and commit to this and -- you'll see this happen look at healthcare -- ninety days to get the blue button live. And we are now north of 800000. Americans and have downloaded their personal health data via blue button. And it's not just the military and the VA and -- Medicare folks it and use that it's available. Aetna Walgreens united all these major a private sector companies -- so I hope the same spirit and if we get to -- Green button to an energy. You wanna be able to download your energy data and only apps with -- that's live here in California six million Californians are alive now. Thanks to this ninety day a sprint to get -- my energy data via Green buttoned down telling you -- for hours and I don't -- and lecturing but that's. This is how technology and innovation can actually make a difference in issues and if that matter the country health care energy education. And then on the private side in the public private initiative what do you think about at things like Google sulfur acts initiative and and it -- no enter it. So the Obama administration as the first time that you never had a true sort of an office of tech policy. And that's. Wonderful and clearly will continue in tech -- huge part of everybody's lives but do you think how much of how much of these innovations are incumbent on private sector or things like. So overwhelmingly. Overwhelmingly this is about the private sector I mean if you think about this you think of a world view where you're not gonna see a lot of increases in budgets generically. Not gonna see a lot of new sweeping legislation generically in -- and divided environment where we are today. On the best policy lever one can poll is the innovation -- the president's been very very clear. We've got a spurred innovation ecosystem around this it's why he launched a strategy for American -- The key activists is. The convening role we can play lower case G government. Is to compel a lot of the private firms to come together voluntarily to -- to these initiatives health care we've been the most mature of this. Send a -- Aventis is one of the nation's one of the world's most effective pharmaceutical companies. They voluntarily chose to run a data diabetes design challenge a year ago. With their money there initiative but they announced that at an open health data symposium at sectors civilians launched. They found an unbelievable. Array of startups and entrepreneurs -- kit that the -- -- MIT won their contest. The demonstrated how to passively collect. Your data in terms a year diabetes your your your your monitoring of your your health it. Date after winning this very. Interest in contest. There of the secure one point seven million and Angel capital -- hired seven employees now they've got to start up in America so big companies collaborating through these open an instance finding little companies. Launching their own platforms for innovation. And we it'll open -- we have always said. We should be celebrating more of this as opposed to just sort of legislating them -- mandating -- to some kind of budgetary asked. Michael now a -- we also want to transition over to it everywhere you know we've gotten as you may we will. Talk about -- time -- -- black and pipa remind me what that is exactly. Now you know well how he viewed if I definitely think so. I gotta -- -- let me make one just general observation -- This is -- I think an incredible story of American civic participation. Okay -- just just to kind of keep score a little bit. I have to be honest in saying. And I have personally believed that this issue of online piracy is. Hurting American jobs so just for the record I do believe. This affects middle class families in not just entertainment industries but a number of industries that rely on IP based. Exports especially. So let me Begin by saying we acknowledges the problem that was -- first paragraph if you will in the statement released. -- expect. However. What was incredible to us was. Normal Washington is congress does its thing and that when it gets ready to pass a piece of legislation they'll officially ask Washington for a statement of administration site the White House. For a statement of administrative position. That is Washington speak for when we are on the record whether we -- in support or opposed to any particular legislation and that's. In this context. Would have been months maybe weeks depending on how fast that -- moving it was certainly not gonna happen to me issued a statement at the time. However. Because of the week the people platform which is one of the president's signature open government initiatives we didn't talk much -- open government but that was a big part of the -- that had to do. My colleague -- Phelps put a ferry simple tool up on the web site that said if you sign this petition and more than 25000 Americans signed the petition. We will respond to you you'll essentially be asking us for statement of administration position. And we had over a 100000 people signed petitions asking for our views and so the people know they were a lot of them saying we think these are bad policies and react. So what was fascinating about this discussion was both the mechanism that led us to make our public statement. Was the American people asking for it. Which is not what would have been possible even six months ago. We didn't have a tool. -- have waited for the insiders in Washington kind of make us. You know here's a lobbyist -- wants and -- in C and here's how congressional panels may be easier engaged in sort of an inside the beltway strategy. -- not because it's good or bad it's just that's that's the nature of with which Washington works. So this is powerful. -- do you feel like. I think there's a sense within the tech community that. We can probably have an argument about jobs later I -- you that but. But I think there's a -- -- in the tech community certainly that industries over represented. In terms of crafting this legislation but also with in the Obama let Obama. Administration. The latter is definitely untrue because. Not if you think about it -- on the list of tech policies that -- -- hire a lobbyist sort of these. I didn't come up with that idea none of us in the White House -- that idea a bunch of rag tag volunteer -- funders and Angel investors -- us on a single afternoon. With a really compelling idea. And you heard the present -- United States in Dorset in May of last year. And we've administratively attempt to get close to that. But you need congressional legislation to close the door so on start of these look -- even be -- -- all of the administrative reforms president called for in the startup America. Not legislation that -- calls for the state of the union. Those ideas came from. Not lobbyists inside the beltway folks those are from. Which donors investors that we called -- -- Mitchell commission for -- Mitchell aren't getting enough network of volunteers to put their ideas -- but what about Alba XR and a link as and and Justice Department. -- no I mean in terms of intellectual property -- -- specifically but again remember it lets you have to separate. Implementation of existing law which is what you're describing is the Justice Department's -- and the introduction of new laws. In the introduction of new laws that is a White House process I'm a principal in that process and. I'm not saying it's either or I. I'm open to hearing that feedback and not just -- my colleagues so. I I think it's safe to say if you read our. Memo which basically spoke about the concerns we had on DNS -- the importance we place on voluntary industry standards -- -- -- ask -- -- Right now if the DOD. Wanted to pay for an online ad package that asked the ad networks don't put these on sites that we believe to be. Sources of this sort of inappropriate. Online infringement. Tell me if today they could buy that package you know Tivoli -- a family package from. Can I buy that ad network package today that -- doubt that has filter out certain type right. And with pink now but it's the tried. We'll -- that I I'm not sure that I want you to be able to because what is the filtering mechanism for determining whether -- -- -- hosting infringing content. Right now it appears to come to market should react if the market is if he -- the same question what to -- a family channel for the cable networks and offered that. I'm just getting -- is an example -- The market reacted and people cinemanow this deserves to be in the package I don't know this doesn't and you have this debate but voluntary industry. Contract negotiations. Are much. More nimble in an Agile in their ability to adjust to the demands of the changes a circumstance -- law. So if you think about it for industry seems in the entertainment industry does beat trying to write lines to -- of -- -- -- gotta feeling has as you know from our from our side looking from let's say the outside yes in in the light in you know in the -- is what's happening with soap and -- we don't feel. Like they get it because first of all our during the hearings right there were no real really technical people that were asked to speak on behalf of the you know oppositional yet I'm not gonna go to the congress -- -- IUI. I -- got it I just wanna -- just curious from their perspective and what you know. Do you feel. Like the majority of people in congress are not just -- stop. Piracy and jump on board or do they really tried to understand the policy -- -- feels like from us they don't understand. Brian that the the the process from that -- of prospective. -- the worked in a very touching way. You're right if I walked in your office and said limitless and I got a piece a legislation. That will stop bad people potentially mafia or whatever you -- described in the Iraq overseas from taking American intellectual property -- and hurting American jobs. And oh by the way you've got the business community. You've got the album you know intellectual property holders -- go to Hollywood and other other stakeholders he got labor unions he got pretty much everybody. Saying we think this is an important thing to do too good a good for step. Who who wouldn't find that an appealing thing to sign onto. I'm the good news about -- the way our democracy works is that as details emerged and has -- -- a closer to how how these things -- be implemented. Questions were raised and folks had a chance to be heard now I can only tell you what we in the White House did. We acknowledge the problem. We've always acknowledged the problem we are very open to creative solutions that are voluntary in nature because that's what we can do we have authority over. And -- we heard specific feedback from all parties especially around mechanics by which this would work in terms of a DNS blocking in the like. We ran a thoughtful data driven process it was not lobbyist driven it was not you know inside the -- -- we listened experts. In Washington outside of Washington I picked -- the phone I eight reached out to friends and a folks to get data and evidence and I would tell you. I would take anyone to take a look at our response and say. What does that look like it was data and evidence revenue was up looking like it was talking points and lobbyist driven. And I would tell you very sincerely we were data driven -- from -- -- to address -- -- -- White House specific question yeah what about act. So this is a fascinating question. You last me this question a year and a half ago I did I -- -- I don't you bring now what's his name is not an I don't know your DC -- one. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Probably -- The lot of questions about the issue of -- Let's start with basic principles -- will not require any change in US copyright law. Period. There were concerns about the process which is it was hidden from you. In C -- its set track. If you followed each round of the negotiations as that feedback was heard by our offices. The US trade represented a started publishing these texts and so you could see. The language. So I think when all was said and done there was a fear of -- because it was. -- unknown and therefore in if unknown bad things could happen when you can't shine -- light on it but when you actually sort of looked at the taxed. To the best of my knowledge most of the feedback that I've heard is yes that is. A reasonable. Policy. Now one could have a separate political debate you know should this be a managing amendment vs a treaty and that congress you know I'm not gonna comment on all the minutia of how it becomes law or how becomes life. But but I will assure you. It does I saw some of the reporting about how this is like worse than -- people that is to my mind absolutely wrong. That that -- -- -- fear. -- not truth. That's -- we looked. So what do you think before will bully laughter -- thank you because it's just studios you have a data gets -- where he has. Just for those that. We're listening and -- act -- stands for the anti counterfeiting trade agreement yet because we kind of throughout acronym without explaining Enola what that actually is yes yeah. So element of staying away just yet. I don't automatically -- but but but just one more comment on the support -- -- There are legitimate American. Businesses. Whose physical goods are counterfeit around the world and if you ask them what legal relief -- you have. Literally countries around the world big markets would say -- Even if the person is found guilty let alone how hard it is to get -- guilty the penalty is a 5000 dollar penalty slap on the wrist. And move on -- -- -- so even if you're successful in getting someone tried. It in the penalties do not reflect that economic effects selling it's possible that. We -- is separate. Digital piracy from counterfeiting because it seems to me that when we can inflate it to you because really. I mean at least the evidence from my eyes even from the -- general accounting -- shows. -- general accounting office says that there there isn't. There is no. Proven mechanism for calculating losses around digital piracy. Also operate whether or not you can measure the loss which I think is a healthy debate. From. Whether or not the principal should apply in both cases and to me the principles that we've always endorsed one of my signature areas of focus was -- a set of Internet policy principles that we're taking around the world. Under leadership of of of our team at the OECD and in my deputy -- what's there. Out carrying car blew our ambassador the -- CD. They have not gotten 34 countries to embrace these principles and one of those key principles is the importance of multi stakeholder collaboration. -- the question is not. Should we do DNS blocking yes no. -- I don't think it and is wondering if anti counterfeiting and account -- -- and -- digital -- -- -- -- -- different variants. They should because those to -- if you think about them methods by which -- the interventions to solve the problem. You'd want to have embracing the same philosophies of the -- the in this example would be. -- what are the mechanisms that the industry could. Could engage on voluntarily with its partners. To not reduce the effects of some of the overseas on -- in an Apollo piracy. Problems. I think more can be done in a following the money in addressing issues of the. You know what are the methods by which we we get done. You know -- -- Ad networks for example to agree not to in a voluntary way to offer products that allow -- to -- to avoid avoid the problem of having been associated with with bad sites that. That to me can be done in in marketing driven a market driven model. Enforceable and endorsed by policy makers that's the theory. Are we have to -- are now I mean -- time and have a patent -- two million other things but we will for you yes I have but what are you gonna do now. Analysts say any of us the scoop on your next gen -- next day from -- -- lieutenant guy I. I -- now -- on you know -- shy. My number one priority is to keep going on -- jobs and industries of the future work that we did so one of the questions is. We served up a lot of these opportunities and open health open energy open education data. But they haven't yet translated every community in America. And so want to find a way on the other end of this that is as a citizen how could I bring these ideas home and actually create the jobs of the future. In communities whether -- in Virginia or elsewhere. And but I also care deeply about our president -- work hard to make sure that he. Wins reelection and in Virginia my former boss governor kaine is running for the senate -- I have -- of a life professional life focused on the industries and jobs of the future a personal interest in and ensuring these these politicians make it. -- to serve our great country and and I'll tell -- my life story is largely been a brown how health care can be modernized by information technology. Still see a lot more of my passion and interest around making that story. I've come to life this is a unique moment I won't get into the minor details but I'll simply say this. The hidden secret of the Affordable Care Act. Is it's created the market conditions where unbelievably creative applications mobile apps and the -- will now have the chance to get reimbursed. And to be -- the ball in the health -- system if you facetime video -- your doctor for three minutes. And reimburse small expense. If you Solomon person for six somehow that qualify as they get paid on that will change. As the Affordable Care Act -- payment reform provisions come in the law and you're gonna see us an explosion of start ups. Bringing what we've learned in the consumer Internet. In to the health care system and I think it's going to be all for the better and -- will pay attention to that and I look forward to helping make that make that a reality. We'll have you on again in the future -- they have asked us silly. I am -- -- -- and hey good luck. Thank you -- so much for having me thank you if you're welcome back into its -- and think U -- we're gonna take a quick break when we come back we will talk about Mac OS-X mountain lion -- her. And of course the ongoing. Address book privacy row continues and into it not in a lot of low net. -- Alright guys welcome back to buzz -- cnet's podcast of indeterminate length. We -- back here in the house the shell -- This is an Amazon romances arcade you know and it's been forever wanna apologize from -- -- -- you set up -- I. And I see I made them and things like for light up and went to new York and virtually no notice that does not exactly right -- bits -- you know -- -- and -- was like. Vacation management -- -- -- the thing with any at a few birds -- -- -- I mean I have been a nightmare I've been a nightmare well Molly -- owed him Valentine's flowers. We we accept your apology but I think you also might need apologize to the chat room or maybe explain your current phone situation. It -- stereo because. I'd like to hear what's going on what's the what's the what's the latest news how the Samsung. Galaxy nexus -- for -- This might well like I shouldn't have said anything erupting out connect with on Twitter but I was convinced that I was gonna be like the galaxy nexus of the phone that we were all waiting for. I know how Julianne. I like it a -- here's that there. If there's a problem. I'm gonna have it because of magnetic field which we've all talked about. So there are two huge problems with the galaxy nexus because of problems that affect certain devices. Of course I had -- -- The first problem is that Verizon's method for handing off from 43 G sucks it's back. It's known to be bad the authentication method is bad and -- -- causes a certain number of phones to just lose connectivity. I had a hard reset it to get back in a connected injuries are a fan base that can -- gets little -- -- just can't so of course I had a problem. Then -- other problem. Ware which is also apparently a known issue for which there is zero fixed where you can't use speech to text because -- even tried to speech to text and you get. Server problem. And like an exclamation point and there's no fix for that. Us. So I thought they I mean I could be wrong and everyone can -- me but. I thought Android didn't have to ping a server further voice recognition stuff at least in past build of Android that I've seen is this an ice cream sandwich thing that had that it would show that little server question -- and. Company and other -- -- -- devices that organized and so much of it on some forms -- to it happening with entered RAZR -- as well. Other than neutered yes I think it's not to such contaminants but no -- -- -- the server. Burke has to -- Google searches and things like that so I couldn't use -- on it which was the main reason that I wanted to go back to in the first place. And it couldn't -- connected to the network and also it really that's a big on the content empty big it. But then the other thing and then this is the last straw and finally I went online -- take respond to new York and I like losing my mind the entire time they can't use speech to text -- losing connectivity as I'm going from meeting to meeting to meeting to meeting to meeting. And I'm just like. I hate this thing oh and by the way that forgy problem caused the battery life to be basically like two hours I spent 200 dollars on battery related accessories with production experts also extended battery at the mobile charger and charger that charges and other battery -- -- it's also charging the phone. Like all I thought about was. Battery like I had so much range anxiety -- a -- conveniently. And and while improving birth solutions to these problems I find out that because of the big huge by -- you know the mobile wallet and doesn't work and other un resident. Because of that big huge -- with Verizon now. Google isn't going to support open source upgrades to the -- the way that they will service I TDMA devices. It's like it's a little bit convoluted issue but the result is that basically they're not gonna deliver pure Android open source updates to the galaxy nexus. Which is the entire brand promise of the nexus like the only reason every Android -- at such we will just have to get a nexus appealing rendered experience we get so that I got -- nexus -- -- sort of like. Well there's -- and be a little -- BS. Even though we -- that there would be an you know what I did when I just had it. Like I'm sure I could've gone back and got a new phone that maybe wouldn't have -- -- three -- pension problem -- maybe the voicing. Wouldn't eventually -- and I was like no this is my fourth try with this thing. You know it just works. Freaking iPhone but with so let iPhone you now have any because I am I he -- have the iPhone for a guy called it that was working quite nice of them. I went back because they have the contract to upgrade available on exceeds -- connect for iPhone. I did it at that there click that click box -- -- -- my -- do you -- hear that. I am more I don't even have an -- for as yet. Molly has more dated Apple technology -- you -- -- You guys I like -- now I'm working on -- today about how why Apple and a little bit and crap should not getting harder and harder and harder and how many phones like how many Android phones are gonna be announced again that are like perfectly capable of running -- -- -- gonna get an upgrade sometime sometime sometime. No just know. No I am done with -- A Kenya even on the road about the support -- people would be like what again -- you were so now you're just now that the nexus -- -- appear AO ST device like. You're the same guy who like three weeks ago I read it was like Bluetooth leaching into community -- period -- to -- but it only goes -- men like. What -- your -- your grades are gonna take another week are you kidding me. No. No. And did they just -- like in your Android phone that's better than the nexus that like the galaxy nexus like an update of that -- -- of the Droid RAZR Max of the crazy battery life now I think it's something else -- -- -- in pronouncement after regular business but -- the chat -- day. Was okay with the for a tape four G connectivity problem examined direct message me a lovely friend of the show was wonderful and awesome the fixed or it like -- -- all you have to deal. Divx the problem is dial pound pound 778 pound than edit mode then pass -- 0000 that a modem -- read and then change RPD to enable. They've got a menu -- gonna commit then reboot now -- perfectly. That's all you have to do just that you guys I don't see what's so hard about that. Couldn't -- -- there I don't have time to time. How. House Syria working for you because you actually use Siri -- you are looking at the. My only complaint about theory is that. It uses Bluetooth in the car. That when I say it's a series comes of the Bluetooth speaker and the microphone is not just like it's like is that it's who beat the that's kind of that -- but whenever you -- -- at my house are in the night in the car the car off you know -- directly in the voice recognition. And that protecting all the time -- I I love math and for. Molly Wood iPhone -- you heard that. I love my iPhone four yes Molly Wood iPhone four S owner I just wanna make sure you guys heard that -- -- for Molly Wood reformed Apple -- And you know -- -- that Microsoft and Google like Microsoft you gave it away that's ridiculous yet don't blame me dollars I would like Brian. You really -- daughter now don't blame me complaining like you -- as technology continues to get more and more complicated can't you cannot continue to -- let it be that difficult. Anyone talked to anybody about -- ER HD. Exist just for the record man vs machine tells me there is is a rumor about the galaxy nexus absence -- -- -- and he couldn't get. Us and accounts easily -- them track record is very good speed does have a astute observation how many weeks do you think this one -- -- Isn't it you did upgrade your contract your content is a prepping -- forests. Is this gonna be it until on the six months from now are you gonna stick with Lawrence I have no. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I saw the -- and I think it will of the iPhone 5 is slimmer let me ask it now I'm not counted put it on but enough where I -- -- -- allotments. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Like I'm not I -- I was the screen was a little bit bigger in the forest but that was too big like I couldn't if I type something I had to certainly -- the gym to get them again and and then I was president rapidly gets awkward to use and I see no reason why we need to upgrade from the forest -- times in all of them. Anytime soon mean within the next three weeks now I'm never gonna pay full price for a nano it seems like -- -- -- that all the time. But I just absolutely it was just as the recently -- in this transitional period right my phone is -- work and need to get a new sonic element eBay in the make up is on the phone the my contracts up and -- -- -- the phone right. Well lake if I mean I got all the while I got a three phones in three month Internet ready yet during Angel followed by god and -- and -- -- three G and and I and any Automask outlets are about as possible well I'll give -- a good deal on an -- during the scenic takes -- -- -- and a means that -- the. The -- that's -- -- peninsula today. Anyway I address that and we have. Tons of other things to get TV with -- -- hammer away out first up the big news of today really is -- Mac OS-X line mountain lion. It really blind -- in -- know where I was laughing because. I did a search for -- yesterday obviously CNET was able to get their hands on it come ahead of time so we have all the details on our website on our front door. But I was laughing because it is search for Mac OS-X outlined not a single not a single article appeared -- So a lot of people were pretty much blind sided by this -- what this really does more than anything this is really now as we talked on the show with previous hosts and guests. Really bring an IOS and Mac OS-X full circle more deeply integrated than ever before you have your iCloud integration now the messaging app. -- you've seen on trials device. Message there's I -- is not turn into its own messages back and top cross cross with all these other Apple devices. You have things like -- you know your own reminders and notes that sync up. -- mere Green from your Mac. Now directly -- -- Apple TV. While that's I thought now is a killer feature on -- LC and yet. Pretty much everything good thing about IOS FaceBook integration of the -- and Flickr integration they have this new share -- that's going to be pretty much predominately -- most their apps. And -- can share stuff socially directly through the apps. Over dot com its its gonna be -- it's it's a nice solid just I was integration through and through. Yeah I mean a thing is it's the operating system that closes the loop on their ecosystem promise and that's gonna be very interesting to watch because they always obviously been in the lead when it comes to. Integrating their devices in a way that other manufacturers can only dream of that was sort of the topic of our next big things to possession -- -- yes this is like OS I think that they're hoping will pull it out. Other yeah and also one thing I forgot to mention if you a lot of Apple fans were fans of this application of this kind of plug in called growl. -- it should pop up notifications on your screen of like anything happening. They also add a notification task bar in two islands are sorry Mac OS-X online. So its its IOS features through and through now we'll. Also pretty hilarious and their impact replacing -- tablet I -- and -- -- -- -- exactly and -- exactly variant yeah I -- but it's pretty funny because. Like you said this news came out of nowhere did I I would even mrs. Clinton -- intimately -- It's likely what you -- might not take this out it's like the new OS and then it comes just as everyone was talking about windows -- windows it was finally set to get some nine shares of little attention about from -- or whatever is for the knobs and I was like -- -- Nevertheless there is still some windows -- news which is apparently Fujitsu. Is they showed off a windows eight launch. Destined for Q4 twenty -- so they may have inadvertently revealed the release date. For windows eight although frankly that -- -- -- -- we'll let them do not shocking to me right. They're gonna release like you've heard of any -- -- About the time they're gonna release a public version like the end of this month supposedly. And if you hope that development goes okay we've. We really have to see it by 2012. I've got -- I there's no way we don't seem to do that and if we don't see in 2012 -- -- That's that's for that's horrible -- -- and so I think we're gonna -- in 2012 also one other quick thing that I wanted to mention is. Because this whole Mac OS-X mountain lion announcement came -- nowhere and is featuring their -- I really think this points to an even -- WW DC because this is typically news that they spent an hour of their time. At WW DC in so -- this is no rumor that we're sorry but this is got to be that they're gonna be focusing even more on this whatever beautiful entry. Amazing and iPhone 5 and maybe even IOS six like WW DC typically shows off the and a good the operating system as a major part of it. Communities and June in G -- day or so this. This insidious and yet there's gonna be even bigger news and I think would not surprise yeah and some. Some big thing about the integration between that and more than anything the iPhone 5 obviously it's obviously -- although obviously. Obviously. I was actually just wondering the other day if there was going to be another iPad pop ups or campus outlets like -- a -- Bull fight it out there will be able find out if on the announcement around the seventh -- march yet. -- -- -- Can imagine comedian and that would. Anyway. And not because I in the lineup -- is -- First there's the -- and a -- and we would never and then they started doing and then they got called out and -- -- -- not doing it but as a result we're now finding out that. -- the number of apps many apps Steve. Pretty much every app that asks you. Do you want us to use your contacts to find your friends are doing this and that's plenty -- apps like instead Graham. That are we have we have Twitter. Like they're -- -- like a lot of these apps that do all this stuff they're they're scattering your ideas but in some of them. Are now behind the scenes because of this happening -- -- the fact that they will now warn you it's a -- quietly behind the scenes. Updated their apps so it now all ASCII before it requests for your address book. At -- go -- -- hit mr. bird spotting they all do what's interesting is that they all. I think we all knew that they were scanning our address books and using that to find friends -- didn't realize that what they were doing with uploading the entire address -- to their own servers to their own company servers and then in some cases storing them for some unknown period of time and -- -- -- part ours is like mountain and -- iron out you can have one time access to find my friends. But you don't get to keep all of this information yet as a result. Apple has made a we are pretty important change -- actually and and and some pundits and I think -- was saying. This is great that forced Apple to make a long -- changed. Which is that now any app that wants approval to be in the App Store the iTunes App Store we'll have to write in explicit user permission. To access that contacted so there's no. I downloaded in minutes and and then until and then uploaded mail address and didn't tell me there's like if -- -- use your address but you have to. Hit okay. The thing and -- even in our pre show talk we were talking about how you know I pretty much figured they were using and -- you know my address but to some certain degree. But I really wanna use that service and Athens you know I didn't -- so we're not all the sudden. Terry we're just everyone's I was a little pressure that they're actually downloading and storing the stuff that's just redundant. An eagle -- is but hey fine they're gonna fix -- it's getting fixed. I did it like a radio minute on this last -- -- out last week -- said that the problem here. Is that the and firewall from user data. Like the way that they regard our data is fundamentally the problem and I understand their data is valuable and important and and they would probably like to access it. More than were willing to let them but until that deep opposition is. Your the one in charge of your own data and IV app developer I'm gonna ask you permission for every little move I make this is just gonna keep happening in the fact that Twitter now is even -- Nazi part means -- it's. Real -- -- -- let's see what else going on in these today of course congress sent a letter want to know about it lobby for expense and -- -- Its program is already like worth -- and it's -- -- it and I think -- -- -- -- -- -- congress doesn't need to Collins it's gonna happen really interesting report from Reuters this week pointing out that according to the fair labor association which went and visited the Foxconn plant in China and has plans to visit other. Apple manufacturing plants in China working conditions at Foxconn at least where the ipads and iphones -- and are far better than those that garment factories or other facilities elsewhere in China. Which has -- -- which was Brinkley. At least at first blush sounded like a very surprising finding right considering that there was that huge mr. daisy goes to China. Report there was -- this American life report where NPR. The that this American -- people said we rigorously fact checked. Everything about -- TC's initial reports. We went ourselves we've that we conducted interviews we've verified networking additions are extremely difficult with this suggests to -- Possibly. Is that. Working conditions in garment factories and elsewhere in China are so appalling -- bully out. I mean two things one that there are those conditions are so appalling that this is like good by comparison. But also that some of this may be. A matter of them -- of standards it like that yet we've also done. The the FLA but Denton says look like by Chinese manufacturing standards this is great but it's something -- no American whenever tolerate. Exactly I mean we've talked about then and are in our -- just about how morally what's acceptable here and -- successful in other countries -- they're completely different levels so. -- -- -- -- Yeah and and frankly there's been enough reporting. On problems in these plants that I have a hard time believing that the FL is a report just means everything's fine. Right it just better than a garment factory is not necessarily good. Let out this is obviously an ongoing search and -- important to report -- update to bring -- Motorola let's see Google officially got the okay from the US department of justice and the European Commission. For its bid to purchase Motorola mobility with no restrictions. There -- like. Or at Omnia start making fonts -- -- Google in the set top boxes that the set top box part as the real interest in part to me because they have all those relationships -- the cable companies. And they have actual hardware then and then they can also make the Smartphones like they do have the potential to close the loop on a TT. Comprehensive. -- say selection of hardware and services and will they do it will -- Jet -- together they're sort. Laser like focus. Of course they do after that after that deal -- you know as it's coming to close HP CEO Meg Whitman. Kind of chimed in on her own it's kind of spin on this -- that us a -- source Android because of their partnership with Motorola. -- treat a big opera could. That's if they decide to close it off then and and and Google -- -- said we're not going to buy -- -- May here's hoping that maybe it could create an opportunity for webos in the long run I think it's good to be optimistic it's definitely -- and I -- in that. Cool would love to. Close about 80% of the market share and just work. Exclusively with Motorola on their own ecosystem it's in the early interest in thinking that can think I think it makes a lot of business sense for an enemy that I'd be more effective in. To be more focused. And to come out with. A dedicated product platform -- makes sense. I don't know but. They've been so committed to saying that it's open but it's open without being -- and so. It's -- they may just do a version they may say here's the open source version here's the version that runs on Merrill phones and then meg mobile you know -- can take that and health plan -- She also said in the middle from the story it's gonna take them there there'll kind of waiting in the wings but it you know. -- seen something this is not going to be like webos is not gonna take off. Immediately they're looking into like a four year window of time that's -- really don't know -- general intact. I've -- using nano phone like nanotechnology phones that are Clinton canceled in our rivals come on. FaceBook has lunch and a big deal FaceBook is now launching verified accounts of your public be -- can verify your account and then. Opts to use a -- -- -- or a preferred nickname instead of your birth name. And a huge change for is that which is always been built and real names and religion well it's time to bring out the Molly -- synonym. -- -- will be there. There is an answer those extra tong is it as -- -- could -- -- that could put -- at the. They do say though it's not about -- the real name is gonna show operate but it's not you know I'm gonna be able to use it to pretend it's basically say don't subscribe to public updates and impostors. I don't want to know the name of some celebrities. Their real name yeah I wanna know their real names like Lady Gaga. Stephanie German on -- -- not and I thought. It that are like the mystery and it and you guys -- the -- -- -- the total different names are their names and you don't know. A wonderfully conceived sign -- seeking user verified account to verify that she is Stephanie Germantown and not -- some -- -- -- German on the and then she can display her name as either -- German German not a Lady Gaga or just. Lady Gaga but then India about aids it would -- at that -- and very good practical example of how it's gonna be implemented I'm really happy -- and that means that meet German not a. The eyes of material straightens her -- part of yes those -- at -- -- -- Stephen has been so kind. Chomping at the battery time but mentally I'm nodding to -- here. It's not up here. An -- -- again our thanks for. Everyone welcome welcome everyone to enjoy it got into the segment -- run down some recent product releases inside quickly. If we are simply into it or not into it let's get started number line. Is. Right here. Number one -- hot glasses have been spotted which allow a user to see the world like the terminator using high tech heads up display and cameras Molly -- are you -- -- Internet account on implant. Brian Tong -- today -- look any worse than a Bluetooth headset into instant. Correct answer is and into at this for the Wall Street geeks out there I mean typically got to lose the nerdy Jewish -- British youths being students did ten years come on and usually it's not -- -- new tool that's yet still get moving -- another two. I would Russian wireless carrier called telco make a phone is encouraging its customers. He began with iPods by offering vacation deals and cash for the top three G data hogs that they can use up to 419 -- within one week they can win a free vacation Molly -- you -- promotions like I entered the public -- scanned -- is -- -- -- -- -- somehow this is not don't do it Brian -- me I don't have the time I'd rather sell my -- not into it the correct answer is -- into -- if -- notification to go to -- for watching video -- well I'm gonna do it. Number three the -- its scope lets you feel your forecast. Texas metal cube in the -- and it tells you what the temperature is outside that -- Hollywood you -- to this and like and it does. That a brand -- into the -- detected temperature by just want their in my house naked cannot insulate. They're both correct I'm not into it I'm gonna stick my head out the window Rock Hill OK the real number for Amazon is that is having rumors about building brick and mortar store stores will they will sell actual physical books -- what are you today -- Internet. Brian Tong -- to this. Physical books actual brick and mortar store stores willing and sell actual physical books. -- -- analog. Am and other stuff of course you know I'm not into it -- correct answer is Brian is right and they don't. Amazon is cool because it's on the Internet this defeats the purpose I'll go to best buy -- Moving well I had events event and they -- -- in the night and some of those little in the resins are -- at best buy okay into it. -- number of five into the group that this innocent number five and Kindle. And yeah the only thing they'd sell. Okay number five. The good folks at live -- have created Kissinger which is a smooching robot for virtual make out sessions. Which allow you to make out with your -- lines across the interwebs Molly -- will you make out with this. Freaks out and it into the video and an active area -- -- now and -- guys I've been a long distance from. Brian diamond a long distance relationship can't -- it. -- correct answer I'm very into it as the other applications for this too -- to mention on the show I'm okay I'm Eric gospel. Yeah and moving high end German designer and German designers have created a pageant heat absorbing robot that collects heat in the disperses it and other places where it is colder Molly what are you into a heat seeking robots came to do -- and all the pain. -- -- -- I like -- a ghost in this I don't do it right now exact gap. Brian Tommy -- -- into -- -- parts of my body need to get warm that you both are correct I'm so into it I would look this thing to follow me around all the time stealing people's teeth and giving us and we finally -- to the facilities -- that something's wrong in my office -- -- encircled and yes thank you Germany for making a gadget robot and finally -- -- Deutschland -- number seven -- Star Wars is launching April 3 need to see more Molly -- quickly please answer you and price on a per share into the correct answer is -- -- into it and this has been into an -- -- -- rejoice. The Star Wars connect. Grand. Opera -- -- it does that little. And that it does happen any time in an area that was awesome as that is and it's all right guys enough of what -- into -- -- -- guys are into we have a feedback loop lesson and it. -- Okay all right I guess that last week we talked about red box and some things are doing. -- in Cleveland wanted to give us his input about red box. I wouldn't stand he wouldn't a wanted to call and about I'll put out loud at -- it would be. Our criminal -- about. Rep box but not I think -- woman commented that what are done on another. -- -- model but I think what our students are indifferent. -- -- and then Netflix and others treating just does. -- because you are not what you need an Internet connection and the iPod but you pretty -- monthly bill pretty. I'll get back together and for income or income -- -- -- Let -- provided a great alternative you get outlook believe movies and -- and but in my application and -- -- article -- in -- thanks. -- -- -- Yeah -- I like red -- he's red box on his boat race was harsh -- on it but it's. He doesn't walk out to his local store he is the -- that probably by -- she's on the Internet before -- -- can be purchased on the Internet. A paranoia. And I love that -- to have thirty sensors and a lot isn't -- -- raises yet exactly like everybody you know and -- Whether whatever income bracket you're in a lot of people use red box I think more brilliant red box probably than Netflix streaming -- I mean I think there's so many considerations not least of which is that red -- actually has movies that you wanna watch and like Netflix streaming is -- -- exactly. Sometimes Apple related product rumor mill gets a little out -- hand. As we we in the tech press and everywhere else to scrabble for even the tiniest scrap of information. Chris calls today with just such -- perhaps. Let -- group love the show Chris here -- Brian I -- -- Apple -- -- you -- love Apple's subs note I was. -- technical -- apparently processed. At the once stationed -- -- much going on and largest mention something about you know ought. -- isn't -- and technical support person like well you know we have actually. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I. Didn't really elaborate look at what is but I -- it acknowledged that partners talk. Apple sells about -- -- -- care. It's pretty interest should I mean I don't -- -- that's pretty much but yet he acknowledged that. Workers in Apple were talking out yet -- Lia loved the show. -- -- Which knock off with the news this is date. -- -- now then that's funny I that is Apple employees themselves don't even know what's going on within their own companies so that. Of course stricken dad and -- -- heavily drivers that are frankly odd name. Emily drive that a friend who who works at Apple who thought they were working on the iPhone 5 and then like marketing people came like oh yeah this is the fluorescent like oh. -- of can yeah I think people don't people don't have -- the planet transit said they'd literally don't know that that's I've tried to extract them for lots of information has. As part. All right this this is that we love we love it when you guys call us and really tell you tell us how you feel -- -- About us and other callers Spencer from Texas. Just wanted to I think you guys just -- this and marinate on -- -- and but apologies in advance and are. -- dispatcher from Victoria Texas. And I want to comment on the guy who are certainly humorous songs FaceBook cookie games into a ridiculous and then deleted his account. Did you which -- corporate angst are -- of that your. Twitter -- optics are stretched for sure that structure. Mention -- she moved into our house moved in to your -- LR. I have been near strategic needs. Just not go to. -- -- so. I mean -- it's the most cupid. Measurement. Chief judge is social network. -- -- Two days. Or four hours. -- you people -- you ask how many people did you talk to. Many forums discussion groups she try out. I mean. I have a little imagination. You can't have that much imagination in two days this is coming from a guy who doesn't even like going on FaceBook got much. This guy isn't in -- Us strong alert style -- got a letter on strong direct and it's our. It mattered matter it's just someone who does on his face but Spencer and happened the ten -- an -- chat -- otherwise known as John and illiterates and says it's interesting to note that red box is moved to pristine dvd upfront from distributors in order to avoid the studio windows. Is exactly the opposite of what Netflix didn't 2000. Netflix which from up front purchases through distributors to a revenue sharing model with the major studios the rev share model allowed Netflix to grow its library cheaply and keep -- in. Keep in stock highly demanded movies but the overall costs -- higher with the rev share. Furthermore the studios have taken more of Netflix competitive advantage by implementing windows releases snicker and deals having -- -- red box to make it a great move because over the rental from the dvd. Misrepresents decreased revenues in the studio -- -- -- to move away from the window released. Full disclosure I own stock in grants are red boxes parent -- -- -- -- they -- right. It's good but not guns -- -- anything he gets rid it gets away from the windows releases. To me is -- the -- we have this thing email and from our buddy Jim savage in San Diego he writes in the first using a fuel -- -- he's heard on CNET. Talking on this phone is like holding all lawful upped your face and credits buzz out loud. It's a large -- its large size is a pain the holding you'd better be up you'd be better topic you have gorilla sized hands -- -- -- It. Am -- talking about the galaxy note. Actually. I'm talking about ACC hasty to when it came out it was one of the first phones with. Four point three inch screen and I remember seeing it make it a little fun out of it even though today. Four point three -- -- are the preferred size on Android phones now the galaxy note is coming out and again. -- seems -- have size issues. From what I've seen and read in your podcast please do not knock non iPhone phones for delivery in what Apple refuses to do. Which -- choice. Jim -- I I challenge you to put that in your pocket. And not have literally it's funny anecdote in and it is. The bolt of bold is its signal it's the gadget of the week today and that and -- I'm buzz report and and I mean from the site its system that's. How much you know leading anti grab another -- -- -- things here's my dad's that we baby he had. -- this is my -- Molly was like thoroughly -- this thing I was really that this is my PS3 and he's drooling like that means. Because until you see it that's five inch amoled screen in the actual graphics this thing as -- then if you're a gamer -- of this thing this is. This is the hot as they come down to the audio is yes -- -- stereo sound on here -- Really it's. All -- is I know yes. I was I was against it because -- my do we need another device but as -- had to speak to my game or its atom like you know it I'm gonna do this because I love games absolutely so. We'll see how we'll see if there's -- market. I had our last email that comes -- abused as you -- and many others complain a lot about a hundred fragmentation over the past two years -- -- however I think the real problem lies not in the software. How people think of Android that's right thinking about it wrong. Right now people think about all the phones running Android as Android phones that sounds like it makes sense and people start to complain about Android phones being too different and not getting updates and so on. But have you started calling Samsung phones running Android Samsung phones. Motorola phones running Android Motorola phones and HTC phones running hundred HTC phones that fragmentation will seem less existent. To be the only hundred phones are just devices. This -- custom user interfaces seem less intrusive because not using Google device but rather an HTC -- and Motorola device. For example and I look at an LG phone running Android I would be infuriating -- I -- of an Android phone ruined by LG's custom -- I just think it -- -- -- on Android as the underlying software I can accept it. As a long quiet I won't be as angered if it -- -- updated past due to read because it's not actually an Android phone. Every -- nicer now. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Also -- those older versions -- operating system are insecure than I don't care where I come from and that's not. But that is a good mental trick and I like it. And -- and that is -- -- that you're really like them and the amendments I'm descending writes I feel like -- welcomed the club again. Welcome back but it has to be home. Where term -- it doesn't make me cranky but that's actually until late my -- Regularly. Again Mac I'm real public you know I've been in -- -- make me cranky. That's the important thing RA -- dot cnet.com is where you can -- -- -- to tenacious and. All -- -- and all the links to the stories that we talked about today. Oh yes and you can down loyalists and call us. Cause I was writing and she called me at the same time I was writing not done anomaly before it's ugly numbers -- -- to -- 8026062638. Cnet's. It via. Follow us on Twitter Molly Wood and Brian and expert -- and you can -- And all -- -- -- -- about it. We'll see in nags at me and I computer love coming up next week -- that's right now. It is we need -- -- -- -- email as an educator loves us and we'll galleries we -- promoting this and then over the next week yeah we'll do that and then -- your all gonna south by -- it. -- get ready. Get yourself they're getting it back to our party and can be up to. Right -- all right we'll see you guys.
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