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Buzz Out Loud: Buzz Out Loud Ep.1512: Anonymous starts their own social network!

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Buzz Out Loud: Buzz Out Loud Ep.1512: Anonymous starts their own social network!

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The World Cup finals now holds the record for tweets per second. GOAAAAAL! If you're tired of waiting to get into Google+ the hacker group Anonymous is building their own. Wednesday could be a happy day for Apple fanboys, but who cares about Wednesday? Rebecca Black is dropping her new single "My Moment" on Monday! Yup, it's one of those Monday's. - Show quoted text -

It's Monday July 18 I'm -- Hendrix. And Eric Franklin. And I am Brian Tong -- cnet's podcast. And a -- like it's a buzz out loud here. Today we got -- buzz -- boys Molly Wood on vacation but Eric Franklin joining us today bells and well laid on my introduction I didn't know the format has noticed that we're not gonna review the -- -- -- that's your fault. So -- Hendrix -- aboard Stephen B -- will be here tomorrow Kelly admirably filling in as usual and we're gonna kick things off you know Monday sometimes news can be a little slower but. It's not that bad we did -- want to talk about the world's. World Cup women's game did you guys see that I think that's -- any -- you see that anyone in buzz town pay attention it. I depleted it was incredible it was disappointing but -- the day you have to so they really -- -- they lost it was. It was a crazy game Japan's kept on coming back it refused to lose was -- -- 222 and -- -- analytics so they had regular play and have thirty minutes over time it was. I was it was an emotional game because of all the hardships. Obviously know what happened in Japan right so -- it is a best -- but it can bittersweet. Bittersweet but it's one of those things I'd like what sports and heal the nation but to get that to the -- -- of this. The game itself the final between Japan and US according to Twitter. Had even set a new record with 7196. Tweets per -- -- that specific record. Beat out. People -- about the wedding for prince William and Kate and I also -- land where the death of Osama bin Laden -- so that is the way it was able to maintain matched. Really average average worldwide and right yeah yeah okay okay that's that's partially -- -- -- occasional bigger thing in this is a worldwide event but and soccer is it me or football William promoted football. We're gonna -- is it which is only the most popular sport worldwide without yes you enough for -- that makes -- there. So -- on the web and up coming in second place. Was the -- the Paraguay Brazil game which was at 7166. Beats per second but shows. How engaged people are I don't know if you do this but when I'm lover I'm watching sports events and I feel sorry for people -- following on Twitter that they -- -- They have deep -- just read read my Miami Heat I hate Miami Heat we -- -- -- we're all -- things so even though I did pick them and six but now it's a pretty pretty sweet thing but. That was that was an awesome amazing game and worth the attention of the Twitter world. You got ample sports and salon Michigan you know -- every time something else happens mostly are -- it is watched again it's there's a lot of drama involved in so. The social aspect of Twitter taken -- -- In some. We talked about Google plus and how it's been a real social success. -- he's up to this point fair. But they recently rolled out this new thing where their preventing companies from any profiles and -- use an official first and last name under profile events that's preventing some people from getting -- -- -- -- -- girls rule. They announced this in the heart rule they are opening it up to businesses and people have been -- -- Up to Friday yes of last week keep businesses can apply for this kind of -- where they're gonna start introduced -- companies -- have Google place pages as well at the moment there's not. Write a business candy that's so we have a group our friends -- anonymous who applied. Not applied to the business. Business set up but wanted to get a Google plus account of their own. But they were also banned with several counts related -- group. The main thing being -- camp poster you need a poster -- the last thing I want a -- -- I don't -- like hey this is anonymous this flag whoever says. Delivered transit join us as that name anonymous wasn't like that it was -- like what you'd be lessening. Leo isn't yet they -- they ban the group. They named wanted to name it you ignore a non news it was the Google plus counted in haven't first name last name but the Google Google blogger posting said also that. It violated their community standards but really the community standards is using your -- teacher so now. In response to this Google has said it their plane to launch their own new social analysis it. Yeah -- -- on a recent Google -- so sorry -- Thank you for -- over from -- -- yeah anonymous is planned to launch their own use social network called a non plus where they say there will be no fear. Of censorship. Again after -- and several their accounts relayed to the group now this is a very early pet project that could only have about eighty developers working on it. They don't know when it's going to officially released but you know. They're deciding that they want to build a social network to keep their. Beat Tampa -- a joint audience in and actually jumping on that it. -- get information or does -- get more insight on how they. How they operate how -- -- I'm sure the enemy get a very exclusive -- island ferry what's what's the best way to make a social network popular. May make it excludes -- have limited invites and I'm Sharon on plus will be able to do that yeah -- web. What can she is so fresh area she can't get on Google -- for some reason I center and -- Seoul time she just doesn't receive them. Even within just a Gmail account -- -- -- -- everything and she can get -- -- is it's like she wants to get on so bad I just because of everyone else's. So lot of people that want Google plus -- and we've done this several times in the chat -- and through our -- scenes but if you guys wanna check out. Or get -- the Google plus there's plenty people here if you join us in the live chat. That will offer up their email just -- -- -- contact and and then they'll give you Google plus in itself but still when he people -- wanna get and so you know coming out -- live show. Chat with -- stop -- this and noble will get you hooked up also in other news. About Google plus William Shatner is account. Was also temporarily shut down as it should be an -- -- it -- it -- -- It did come back he wrote I'm back clusters -- still did not know what happened but a refrain from -- hello again for -- while just in case really is it -- to elect. -- -- -- -- Yeah he'll be the least talking like that at comic con in Libya heading out there later this week but. -- only it's not only anonymous has -- now or put a little Billy sat in but he needed isn't such -- thing he didn't do anything. Theres something. To follow -- -- some more news related to HTC. Their fate is up in the air now what recently happened is we've known that there's a lot of patent disputes and litigation between companies and Apple. Had claimed that HTC was in violation of several their patents. So what it happened is that. A rule -- for the US international trade commission last week this was an administrative law judge's initial -- it hasn't. Officially gone through the whole process but their initial ruling found that ATC was in violation of two. Of Apple's patents. Based on their interfaces and in -- last. We see this go back and forth now ACC's stock. Dropped by more than 4% but what's scarier implications of this is while this administrative law judge's decision doesn't represent the final death blow. This is gonna go in front of a six member ITC panel and if they do you agree with the judge's decision. It could then imposed embargo to prevent fraud HTC's products from being imported explicitly there HTC's mark. Yeah sure -- -- be huge I mean it would be terrible in bishop unduly -- for each species Ciba. You think that is in me what it has that that actually -- happened in that seems like it's going too far because. If you -- -- ACC -- -- -- to get a flag I pretty much every smart let's. What's happening already are available -- -- -- -- mitigating the patent in her what it -- what happens is a lot of times the battle is becoming where other companies are acquiring. Patents of their own yet to do battle so -- Apple says your filing our pants here the other company who has. Who has acquired -- -- your by Eileen hours and then it just becomes a push and subtle but in this situation. Apple's really put a lot of pressure on HTC now what. -- TC has been looking to do. Confidently enough is to acquire -- they had recently decided to acquire S three graphics and as three. Is a company that holds a writing of patents that they could use in defense. And Andy -- other companies you know -- -- a company -- here -- their -- but. -- I don't know how far this will go. If if the six member panel though -- -- with -- to -- banning their products to be very extreme athlete. A lot of this is usually just posturing and kind of intimidation tactics and select that and -- usually never really. You know that that that that that -- extreme never really happens of like we just shut it down where she C products in the US you know based on this. They make some kind of small change -- he would make some kind of small change their assault course -- my patent which would circumvent the partners and like I get past. Yes so if there is patents that ACC through their S three acquisition comes after Apple -- them then like we had said a lot of times there's some sort of settlement. It becomes an I for an -- but in this case if there isn't it could. United HTC's been an. Excellent excellent my favorite Android hardware makers noted there ACC has done amazingly a day to -- on the Smartphones that is done amazing things. Their flyer you know. Android tablet still haven't really been able to catch on -- partially. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Android three point she was announced on Friday before our show after our show was recorded so. It's official it's going to come in a tablet near you one of the new features -- one of the more interesting and a little bells and whistles and updates is that optimization. For a wider range of screen sizes. Think of -- -- does by scale -- a specific app that was made for Smartphone and blowing it up the new version of Android 3.2 specific the tablets. Will be able to do that as well this is honeycomb. Also. Their media files from your SD card will be able to be loaded directly. Into the system so it makes them really easily accessible to apps from the system media store so that that's helps with integration makes things -- some of the process. And also. Extended screen support API which is really more for the developer side. Allows more precise control over the user interface across a variety of these Android tablets and devices if even if it was you know. Smaller small Google apps. -- how to translate up to tablets from. That's really Hughes -- -- -- I have citing you know but just like little. Little in the middle grade English and incremental grades. So. You obviously review lot of talent to -- -- lot of tablets I do well would you say are. Maybe the top I wanna -- a bunch of things -- say top two or three few things that you really feel. That Android tablets need to deal I mean so this is just the whole Apple spin in the -- they begin to build the site. You don't like that for them to -- to become united -- to an anticompetitive nothing I'm not even seen successful. Discuss. To compete with the what is it 25 million yen -- I've hasn't been so. I think I really do think it's it's hard to really kind of and a nearly down where they are not succeeding because they have a very capable OS in honeycomb at least. I think it's just. Feel like the iPad as just this one -- -- is one thing it's like here's the iPad. Then there's all these other tablets. So of course you know this success. A bubbles of enjoy it on tablets it's going to be. You -- separated by all these other different vendors know you know HTC. Or LG or Samsung or whomever wherever with the -- patches is one in disease that Apple's iPad. And their focus behind that may have -- developers who are creating these awesome awesome apps. That's in -- feel like they have it -- support. Google has it seems a port on honeycomb a little feel that I feel like oh what part of their reasons that they are so many different companies behind that. And it like let's say -- wants to be a revolutionary new design of the tablet OC Sampson wants to create you know at Intel would have but it really awesome screen -- Sampson right. They can't really do that because all the other cool. Tablet vendors would have to support that is well. I don't think I don't like Google would support. Like a bit of a doubling the resolution or stuff like that right because. That would just be in the Samsung and in developers -- the segment the market -- stuff. I don't know if I feel like just having one entitlement but at this point but just -- having one company behind. Your tablet is an -- Apple. -- -- it makes it makes a more streamlined process but I think. What I've seen in. Donald actually -- would post an article it's what is that everyone is trying to break down why as the iPad so successful is it because -- brainwashing -- is it because. People are you know getting into the whole halo effect. And really UPD even boil it down or distilled down to something as simple as. The iPad is -- -- and experience their people have decided that's where they wanna spend their time ray -- it's. It's not even sure it meets certain technical spec sure -- there's other tablets out there that. Are even more superior from a technical standpoint but they've built an experience that people just decide I wanna spend my time here. Yes and this is really large -- by -- -- -- that's just like well. The decision hasn't made and this is kind of lease for the foreseeable future this is kind of where we're going quite like FaceBook right. Yeah it's like guys like YouTube like these are the services are places we decided to spend our time the the economics behind -- Apple's done -- how they're selling during specifically during. Are this time in our economy is is defied logic to -- why are people buying this when. It'll money is tighter yeah reading things aren't turning around this isn't like there's a cell phone where you can you know you don't need -- -- -- it's Leo can communication. -- all around -- area and said don't get you know part of it used to dispute like this is where people have decided to spend their time so. Our guys we're gonna take a little break here and when we come back will be talked about Adobe. Trying to make PDF electronic signatures just a little easier for you. Also Apple and Samsung. And LG working on a new LCD. Plus so we'll show -- is -- -- -- robot. Guys welcome back to buzz out loud -- -- here in the studio Eric Franklin. Joining us as well guest hosting as well as mr. -- -- running the show from the board. As though alright guys back the stories Adobe has decided to purchase eco sign -- -- -- for electronic PDF signatures L. This may sound like now the really caters well why does this affect me that I got some say that's really -- -- -- light is affected this is one of those things that you just don't think about. You come across at least in the workplace a lot where someone send you something even you know what tax forms re -- electronically signed -- -- later Adobe is doing. Is to make this. A built in feature with in their actual. PDF formats. They plan on building their technology directly into this it'll -- give them new abilities for their document handling software clearly this is good -- -- -- -- -- Goodness I'd never ever been -- -- get this way that -- to speak to myself but. Now people like like seriously -- -- I'm here to get electronics -- -- -- has always been. Celso convenient because you know comparison -- -- -- like any sign isn't up to be great she's -- sign in. So it'll be great Yeltsin dissident that this is -- It -- now. Also. In May be good things we talked about Apple and Samsung. We've we've talked so much about -- -- relationship has been -- more and more strain. But a new report coming -- the Korea Times says that Samsung Electronics and LG display to the two worlds largest manufacturers for liquid crystal displays. A close to securing big orders from Apple. And this is specific to. A higher resolution. Queue -- GA display with a resolution -- -- -- 48 by 1536. Which should be for the next generation. IPad three now when -- -- fifteen things about this is that. LG is now involved their Samsung previously has been really -- exclusive. Provider for the LCDs. Apple may be trying to wean themselves often -- so dependent with Samsung at the same time in their legal battles with Samsung which are still two separate divisions but. Ultimately it's going to happen that there -- the two roads -- -- are -- gonna have to the god how how much business they wanna do with each other -- the pants -- -- to. -- also their competing. On Smartphones and on tablets as well so yes this kind of weird -- -- their relationship Apple dynamic is routes as did the benefit for sensing as the you know they have this -- gets in the consumer -- because they know they can make higher margins on compared. The components and the business so was Sampson has done this for years where -- There you have package that'll build specific parts for. Other companies now. Well you know we have with -- they're gonna be. Looking at some -- plans that Apple's planning and be like -- you're gonna prevent us court move with our next tablet or whatever with and yet -- I mean they can that they won't be didn't -- about Apple of those they'll just be able to see the specifics of what screen the screen size in -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They could they could make you know they can make del -- Samson could use the same exact LCDs because their. Facilities are cable manufactured -- but. Look at if we threw on the same display that on an iPad and put it on the Samsung galaxy ten point one it. It doesn't mean they're gonna sell -- Ten point one guy and -- also like -- as has been to before I pass this one Google tablet. You know that -- who's gonna what developers going to say Wu we're gonna develop this exclusive graphics. Engine for this exclusive tablet news in the app for the others -- also less can scale it. Should be alright but also another thing never -- timeout as what's happening -- OLEDs and we've seen. Meant three or four years ago -- first -- start working Nancy yes it was like -- leading exiting thing Sony had released one other small ones it was a seven inch led display. I describe it is making HD look even better than HD is right now the -- -- the colors are somewhat richer X -- but that display was 2500 dollars in -- little small thing and it's super expensive and -- so OLEDs still have yet to really take off we've seen -- -- small MP3 players. In some phones. But beyond that they haven't only been able to make a dent in the market in -- -- And as I'm with the -- the Q -- -- really guess about Nazis who get that and if you can acquire that that'll that'll be the right thing I I don't know some people. Also -- mobile devices -- the pot -- -- a little bit more a recent survey by change wave. Has pointed to ask a question consumers who plan to buy -- Smartphone in the next three months. What would be their top choice and well obviously we -- -- or earlier so that would clearly linked this story by saying that 46% -- Smartphone buyers. Would prefer to buy Apple's I was 32%. Which is Google's Android. And in just another kick in the balls. Rim only 4%. Of people polled. Would choose a rim -- this was. Conducted by fourth out it was a poll of over 4000 people in June. Primarily focusing on the Smartphone market 89% of the people were from the US 11% were outside of America. You eat you -- seen a split where Google is rising and then. Pretty much matching Apple's demand there's there's a chart that's on this link -- -- you guys out but now they've. Separate a little bit and one of their reasons it's in -- As when the iPad launched iPad two launched in March and he saw the swell of consumers picking up developers and start to. -- change. Their priorities and let -- be will be moving towards more of via wireless market but this is clearly. This is from a consumer standpoint you just seek and a -- but they were running neck and neck for recruitment time. So the senate but rim is an amount -- -- -- -- -- we talked about last week it was gonna it was potentially planning on releasing an Apple TV competitor rim. We really -- and -- always using its garbage now after its total it. Also in -- in mobile games and the mobile market more like social games in the social market. Lol apps is merging with six waves to take on Zynga. Now these are two companies lol lapse is based over here in the US they make that's a -- Cisco based startup that makes -- but games. And then we have six waves which is -- Hong Kong based publisher. And their -- mean -- real of their goal is to be. I don't know if there are really gonna try to take housing who was recently acquired by. Become that next second big player in social games. And it's okay to be second place that doesn't instill -- in an anonymous -- -- though. Google dollars doing that doesn't have Barton's thinking about I think. Sorry it doesn't -- right pop one of my same pop games -- So I pop cap games and small games you know it makes you know my story Zynga. Clearly not -- -- -- -- its own -- with a -- using a -- -- filed for their IPO last week and that's one of the reasons why these two social. And networked gaming companies decide if we formed together. We can be more significant share and so they'll they'll you know I think the difference is that -- I don't think I've heard I really it before the story haven't portable ops are six ways. But it's -- because they don't rip off other games and then put on a different name and then put it on -- to programs. Which is which is four different Zynga. Another cool products and -- -- and out. Roku to our out of any as a -- the roku box I am not a fan ran out and Xbox so you don't bilateral that Western Digital media center as well so. Pretty good the roku box is really a carved a niche as this amazing little -- nine dollar box. Hands down to meet the best. Dedicated stream box better than Apple TV by far the Boxee. Is it is a cool solution but it's a little pricey it's around 229 -- -- but roku. Just piled last week -- police -- filed FCC approval process which. Revealed their new product coming out and -- looks like they'll be three models the roku to HD the -- two X the in the -- to -- ass. Hardware wise there's indications that really the major change. Will be the inclusion of Bluetooth support Bluetooth compatibility devices -- also got a you also have to hope got -- yet the hope that there's some sort of interface change -- -- is interfaces easing clean. But I think an easy to modernize a little bit but investing about -- -- not only is it a Netflix box which is what appeals consumers can of the geeks and -- you have really. So many different Internet channels of content the can grab. And viewed directly under a consultancy that isn't there yet he gets seen as we -- it wouldn't we have our own CNET channel which is good but also -- The roku box pricey looks like the XT which is their entry level model will be starting -- around eighty dollars for the access 700 dollars which is their higher and model. On the support at least the current roku with the higher end models of -- supported a few things like. In a faster Wi-Fi -- so this is it is particularly there's -- so much time and day to watch (%expletive) isn't stuff others I don't I don't unfortunately we get a -- elements. Hazard. Disease. Really great -- is okay. Talking about some cool stuff here we love the connect tax and all those all those different products. Students from Stamford have decided to take that to the next level and build of the jet -- bot. So this is -- Robotic arm. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It uses the connect motion sensor to track when someone is in this defensive position. And so as you swing forward. It reacts. So the point aware believes your next when will be very sure it's not really fast right now it's about two or 32 delays but this is. The -- some of the really cooling crazy stuff that people been able to develop and are developing as you know experiments with. They can with Microsoft opened up to connect APIs review -- -- -- College kids who -- times -- time in their hands and the connects. He doesn't know stopping those guys right licences adversary. -- ensure that it yet totally. -- out and it's fun it's a fun little Rodriguez take up the YouTube video. You know Stanford people's -- -- -- cool things at the robot arm looks. Pretty bad ass I don't know if it's don't know what is specifically is. From or use rhino they might seem like -- a similar robot arms that they talked about using. In the medical field where they can now have -- -- -- perform some some levels of surgery with the robotic arms like that's. Technical stuff and you trained computer says yes our guys was gonna take a break we're gonna hit up some of -- not take a break let's -- it at some of our quick it's. Alright guys. Quick hits sounds so sweet students can now save up to 80% with the new program from Amazon pulled the Kindle textbook rental you'll be able look. Rents. Between a length of thirty and 360 days. Some of the textbooks for for college students. And it and you -- other universities this is. This is a pretty good -- it not a good -- this is a -- really great thing for. The student market because oh my gosh do you remember how Spencer calls -- were big and expensive they're even more -- Yeah they they are even more now RAU -- UN dollar rate this is up to. The Wi -- for 80% save up to 80% so this would be the rental time between thirty and 360 days of course this would help. Amazon sell somewhere their hardware -- -- -- and you can go yet on your Kindle I think -- to be more beneficial because textbooks are also pretty big. You may be it's kind of tough sell their larger Kindle. DX which -- -- larger form factor but this'll be available for the 2000 -- school year from leading textbook publishers such as. John Wiley & Sons. -- -- Aaron Taylor and Francis not all of the textbook companies are on board but to get some. -- get those Big Three. That's gonna help them out. Yes savings up to 80% of the print a list price thirty grandpa. Austin to secure and now a lot of times you need these books for entire -- -- I wonder. And -- you mean. That -- -- you could rent for the entire year you probably won't get an 80% discount when you get something more like 30% discount but either way you saving money to Japan's before. Really act Kelly act exactly. Kelly is that guy that has the paper that. Rapid -- -- textbook publishers that the professors that yeah yeah sweetheart deal triangle I'm glad to hear broken. -- -- it is it is it is a business I mean it's a huge business for them also. If you wanna talk about some more. Apple rumors and rumblings Apple is set to launch a low priced iPhone for 350 dollars we talked about the lower price when the system from wages report towards the end of the summer. While coincidentally around September time. One thing that I found -- in the articles like it's entirely possible that the low cost iPhone will in fact be the iPhone 3GS. Thanks. That's ray like I -- the other the rumors -- computing is gonna be offered for free. You'll it would be free if you had a contract that this was an unlocked phones that are not not unlocked on a phone without any content whatsoever then -- and if -- if -- price. Now it may you rest period because iPhone 3GS -- -- that's not -- -- does not excited about now I'm just I just thought it was funny that article. -- posted this story but and really -- the said well to be entirely possible entirely possible that -- GS -- we don't know we're speculating yet. It it is gained traction also gain other traction. Com Apple sets release lion Mac OS-X lion we are waiting for last week and possible new MacBook airs as soon as. Wednesday. This is according to sources from Apple insider we cannot comment on the story but that's in -- story. -- -- -- -- It's true we can't we can't comment on that story -- and -- now. We talked about the -- go out and people in our pre show here in the like Tarrant -- -- discover the story but CNN. And headline news will begin real time -- mean. Via the web and the -- the -- customers will now be able to stream their live life CNN content is the big thing about this is mrs. From what I know. The first. Panel the first time a TV network has decided to be able to pump their content when he for seventh through official means there an official app on. One of the ways that they do this is its limited some other Peter. Comcast a cable -- cable providers Time Warner is the parent company of CNN headline news. But much like the HBO go -- You have to be. It has to -- fire authenticate that you have to have paid subscribers you and -- service provides it or supports the speakers so. Comcast corporation DISH Network Cox Communications. -- -- -- AT&T U verse TV. And Verizon Communications if you have those you should be able to use its app on your iPad -- on your mobile mice yes so I want Anderson Cooper might. Phone all all day old days all -- and and how I would totally use this. This is -- and it's also home may -- good stuff that they -- US I'm sorry guys. Rebecca on the item I'm personally a fan because I think this girl is a hustler. I always appreciate the hustle I have this is a console that's a matter let -- is only thirteen Rebecca black is releasing her new single my moment. Today on July 18. Now there'll -- only a -- -- After -- lol I expect a good is great but at this hailed the success that they can only be like you. You can't you know we can't capture light in the -- in bottle twice right can't do that. But -- success is measured by how many views that YouTube video burst dot. If you should BR -- -- before we are right now so anyways solicited our -- -- overnight -- much more than that but. I got -- throughout the statement that I'm actually a big supporter of anyone doing what they love you to get criticize all you want is an -- -- -- -- black and yet not not for her actual music. Yeah I think about what the fact that she's able to do this and and on this popular. If you're thirteen and you had an opportunity to make -- music video. And the Internet existed. You would do it -- anyone here would do it -- had a white sounds like leveling I would've been a dream back then and there. Speculates -- let. Yet you made him UDU need to -- glove additionally. It includes it. Alright guys enough of -- let's hear from you from a feedback -- your voice mails and emails. Well there's not from Boston. Does present a study where many Smartphone uses mistakenly turkeys as Smartphones as happened forgy. I think something that adds to the confusion is desperate and ten dollar per month fee for all Smartphones for premium -- -- So I like BlackBerry Curve -- ten dollar month fourteen tax even though it is in which -- -- -- Yes this is in response to the story that we talked about our -- Some like 34% of iPhone users. IPhone four users think they have an iPhone 44. Because -- because it has a number four and I I was sprint has their own that's what -- time and I and I was unaware about this where. They initially had their premium data add on plan plugged into -- HTC evo four G in their shift. And -- Samsung epic. But now. This is going to be extended across all devices and maybe that's why some people think oh you're praying for the second service that you must have forgy gap that -- public of these India that. He makes a good point. If the iPhone was actually on sprint. Then I would say it could be attributed to that fare but on this it's a little -- I guess now. Okay let's take out emails guys and -- do you have the nose pulled up until it okay that's would you like to -- -- -- email. Is -- the one that starts now I -- a dude. Discipline is from Peter from prospect OK I get that would get it so this guy's not a dude -- not a dude. He has -- -- -- this never proselytize Ellen all me I'm responding to the AT&T employee who stated. They do not cut off service for people who reach the cap. They actually start charging over its -- some people have stayed at around stayed at around ten dollars per fifty gigabytes of gigabytes of data. It may not seem that much and who you watched it lot of streaming movies online supplements iPhone does -- -- so he's saying basically that. That can. -- some people have -- around ten dollars per. Fifty gigabytes of -- it sure what he's that's over its fees. -- what happened is we had. Buzz town. And write in and say that they were ticked off than they went to another service and then they went back but this Peter sane world. They're only they were probably charging that action action if he for the data use and that might really be more the result of why they cost why are most analysts are left. Okay instead of him really just getting completely -- off that way if he told us he got chopped off -- -- have to take. I'm gonna take -- -- -- he wrote to us directly so that it that they wouldn't want to do. Given the people accurate paying customers know they they don't let you know charging a ten dollar and cents. -- -- -- this it's you -- comes to us from Jimmy the micro biologist. He writes in -- -- -- now I'm a dude so -- may not come off as the greatest authority but hear me out. You guys should be so surprised at three girls won the Google science fair with bioscience projects among people my age on the third year Ph.D. student -- bio. Women tend to be the dominant gender in the biosciences the problem is an -- is an interest in girls and -- biology the problem is enticing them. To use their degrees -- make three years of it there's a much higher drop off for women than men. In the got a degree and then use that category among -- -- -- suggested explanations for the phenomenon. But all it all points away from the girls just don't like math and science hypothesis it's called a young people both genders are becoming -- -- in the sciences. But there are real issues in the workplace that are pushing people away. Especially element -- -- -- to attract even more people to feel that still needs professional reform. Love the show that's coming from Jimmy and I was is it -- point -- we us -- neighbor that the Google science for a three. Teenagers on the top three winners of the of the fair or that competition -- for a where girls soda or that we were actually -- Girl power we were. Report and I don't even though we were. And made it sound like we were surprised we were just happy. Yeah yeah happy for them and surprised about that I don't I would be surprised that think I'd be very pleasantly surprise exactly and then to get -- -- -- it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Is this the in reference yes. -- -- this is in reference is something you guys talked about two months back. About new sensors in cellphone cameras that prevent a concert goers from recording the show. To a rap concert in Detroit. Just this past Saturday. And the venue -- turn on water sprinklers to -- the crowd not the not the kind of for not not the kind for a five. I know you wouldn't -- -- you might think. It was to prevent people from dehydration. But it seemed like they would only come on in areas where people would be filming. And when people would put the bones away the water with stop. Okay so he's saying basically when he would. With when people would like in an -- is what people might be filming the springs will come on. But when people would -- the way the water would actually stop which is kind of where -- -- -- it what does it -- meet redon. The -- -- putting these two things together is -- this is. A medium size we knew that -- seven dollars for a bottled water so that kind of kills the good faith. Aspect and -- the artists multiple signs in the lobby and an artist multiples of the lobby and announcements from the MC all stressed. -- -- All -- that's so please do not record our show. Okay all stressed please do not record a shuttle that regularly neonatal unit unity unity forgiveness than to know. Take. From what angle you want where you could see some kind of connection. So -- the show very long time listener Alexander. -- Alexander that's the reason why we put this email -- is because. You know. We eat the whole iPhone there -- a patent were concert concert venues -- are implementing these cameras that detect. When we're recording cameras this and so this is really the low top of the low tech way. This make sense like you -- if it missed was coming down and it was. You know these sprinklers it's not like -- raining on you but. If it's -- enough to get your own screen what you're gonna are eager -- up your phone away. And I think it's actually in -- say no but you really this is happening like people put -- people put their phones away and a water would stop. Who Ctrl+Alt. Whoever the guide to get it it's it's not easy generally the -- -- -- they have to use pumped up there with these little good on their. Someone's watching these things -- watching -- -- because you know the problem is a lot of artists. Here's the challenge. Alexander doses I like independent underground rap artist. The -- that out that rap artist should actually. Get want people -- concert yet because in this YouTube generation tag them as they get by with independent. Independent artists that's you'll get more or WAV by -- that someone's not going to watch a concert. And then say I've heard the song I'll never go again that'll be more interested in going to go to FaceBook -- what I like I speak it is pretty genius is pretty genius. I don't know how likely it is that it's actually happening out its suite that's a big brother's watching closely. -- just less -- comes this from Amelie and we writes in hey guys thanks for the spotted by invite she was one of our winners. From last week I did do a search for -- cars cover and came up with nada. Yet I founded in tiny shark grew -- mobile app so seem to spot by still has some catching up to -- -- Thanks again -- I believe we we gave it to hurt you I'm glad they sent a response by but in a lot of people were left out from the -- -- invites so. What I teased at the beginning to show is that you stick around and we -- we have been able to thanks to our -- spotted by. You get we have acquired 10100. Spot -- by invites. And what we're going to do is yes there were people that you know this in the past not going to be able to take care of every one. But what you guys can do was fill our email box up. Even more than you already have. With what is your first song. Actually let's do this. The first song you want Molly Wood to -- when she returns from her vacation. She's not here. Now I'm gonna -- I want you guys send that first saw you on my listening and she will sing that so you have to do send a -- not buzz at cnet.com. Asked for the spot -- buy -- by. And -- all you like it to hear we have again. For some of you listeners out there's not 100 per day we have 100. Invites a spot fighting -- out so. -- -- taken take advantage of that seriously this is for the free spot by ad supported version but. Thank our friends -- by a major props and that's that's amazing I was blown away when I saw it's nice little 100 they go. Alright guys that's gonna defer our show today we will be back tomorrow -- -- will be in the house you -- out our show notes and also result we talked about here at the world at cnet.com. Call us at 80616 -- 68 that's -- CN ET with a voice mails and remember to email us. If you want a -- -- in by the buzz at cnet.com. That's gonna do it -- -- you know blizzard. I'm okay. We'll see guy's mouth.
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