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Buzz Out Loud: Buzz Out Loud Ep. 1511: No technology in the bedroom

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Buzz Out Loud: Buzz Out Loud Ep. 1511: No technology in the bedroom

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Brian Tong has a rule about no technology in the bedroom. Molly's not so sure. It's Computer Love Friday, everyone! Also, Google continues to make piles of cash and says it's making tons of money (again), and Microsoft may or may not be working on a social/search hybrid site. RIM may or may not be working on an Apple TV competitor, which we fervently pray is not true. Please, RIM. Please don't do it.

It's Friday July 15 I'm Cali Hendricks I am Bryan song and. And I am Hollywood club and a buzz out loud -- podcast and terminal like its episode 15111. Middle and it's Friday navy is Friday at Steve and meet him -- already taken a little make today is over us as first line. Raleigh Durham and way it'd be -- Hendrix filling in admirably yet reading the -- he's. -- engineer of the shows that the times before so we -- -- hands my -- totally seen in their four and it's my last day before vacation though it. I'll try to focus like a little you know I'll be able to on the -- happens and you said -- -- last native mealy said yeah. Right somebody somewhere someone just pod podcast and later. And that's Amazon. Now you guys jump ahead sometimes before regulation. Slowdown it's only Friday but I you have to warn you I'll -- out on next week. Hulu and there is an awesome slate of coast lined up at impact -- showed with the shows as. There's going to be a couple says they come out of New York I think -- -- he's -- comment on that will. Have regularly scheduled buzz out clouds on -- the schedule remain the same but the team -- some Monday and Tuesday. We'll have -- I'll be here and then Wednesday Thursday Friday we'll have some other people filling in for the show. After just a larger but -- one -- now it can be crazy new -- I didn't geeks crazy crazy you know it's crazy five years ago. There's this there's a service. Called Twitter will not knowing that launched and started and now it's taken over the it was super -- coming to like Twitter it didn't even have an. Twitter that -- With -- -- -- Twitter -- five -- years ago today I got on for years ago. Which is kind of argument not really compared to some -- brooks I'm not super energy now my business I resisted it at first because those like. Not that special to add an -- I don't need to tell people acting I had -- but -- as the evolved into something more than just. Broadcasting messages getting information real real time -- love the fact that Twitter in this. -- each has been able to scoop stories where you -- see them -- elsewhere yet are so. That's what made it appealing to me I think -- -- me like -- and here's me. I got I -- a little late of the late -- It definitely took me awhile and I remembered common Veronica on the show it has been -- -- to do these little story in public in that they that are short but I don't update my -- is basically like I'm too -- to add it as an idea but I can use Twitter for that I got on in 2007 just is that when a maternity -- and I loved it they still felt connected to the world -- -- So -- and now and now look at it looked at the start of this year Twitter users in Japan that the tweets per second record. 6939. -- perspective -- they've got -- over there and march Twitter users were sending a billion tweets per week. Wow yeah and then today in order to celebrate the fifth birthday Twitter is is is sending out like basically create these statistics from. Like the fact that there were 240 port tweet sent on July 20 July 15 2006. Today users send that many -- and -- -- in less than a tenth of a second. Rated game. -- but -- been amazing we've seen how it's taken part in social revolutions in uprisings organizing protests for countries for. Free -- from its. Charity water isn't as developed organizations that have used it to leverage it for charities. And use -- gathering information it's an amazing amazing tool I'm happy it's here. I do have to admit -- Twitter has really it changed the face of the news unquestionably the idea of like waiting to get a revenue source when you can get it retreated by someone who like. I have friends you got it from someone -- actually on the ground. It's that -- then it's a brave new world so happy birthday Twitter hybrid day five years old Justin in a -- -- On the -- -- Not time that Internet out of get them an unknown agenda make fun of us senator all the times deadly bombing on the tweeters -- So I like us all to know that -- it -- to make your friend Adam Curry can find me at Molly dot. On the Tweeter home dot com although we all reader. Now that's actual link Molly dot on the Tweeter dot com halted the I let's -- -- Larry Page that came out for the Google earnings call his first appearance as the newly anointed CEO. And apparently ballot county sounded like a CEO. It's got it -- largely because of course they -- -- -- of arson and. Now here's just some of the things that they mentioned they really brought up the fact that Google plus has been quite successful Google plus now has confirmed. Over ten million users who created profiles they also want to let you know that people are sharing in receiving one billion. Items Saturday. Hey that sounds like -- -- think back -- until growth. Of sharing and I -- -- and again you -- But does he mean that a little -- their little yeah I -- on there was like a lot normalized profit would definitely show a remarkable uptick in -- financial sharing. Yes so out. They know for sure and now it only wants two weeks ago to milling users the network has accumulated one point 3% of FaceBook 750 million users. In just two weeks is actually it's pretty -- that remarkable. Twitter though it did want us to know that their one billion items delivered per day -- -- I think if you're running Google also like. Valid and all that they talked about obviously been validated a good data point you have confirmed and really how many times directly -- impediment to many. Twitter though responded to Google's claim about how they are some people are sharing one billion items a day. On Google plus. And that basically like that's so cute. We do 350 billion items -- -- it's your birthday you can sometimes be the deck. And that's what's -- as. There but delivering it on on -- engineering page delivering 350 billion -- today as a terribly fun engineering challenge. Doesn't capture how -- -- -- -- It out yourself I'll say apt get over yourself later of all people like yes it is a hard engineering challenge to deliver Twitter in a reliable -- and -- so now to me like you loud and dial it back okay you want to check it publicly -- now it's also -- and rat reminded me and I forgot to mention is that yes Larry Page actually live blog the conference call on Google plus. While -- and -- -- all -- comments there. Which has chemicals as watching people comment on yesterday as it was happening or is this admin or -- -- was like blogging as he was announcing them. Yeah yeah with -- and and publicly posting in all asthma and group anyway. -- Look -- Google also has pointed out that they are accelerating a test of corporate accounts on Google plus the previously. They've been saying that if you do not have a real name -- real identity attached to your Google plus account it will be shut down. But they said that thousands upon thousands of businesses applied for a place in the program. And so -- time to. -- Well today is the last day that you consent in applications former fill that out so. If you wanna jump on it you probably wanna get in on it now before the clothes and before they shut it down because. You know that the boo boo that little base that also let. Think pets you know how there's like a lot of Internet famous -- -- You know that -- the dog it's like that cute little dog obviously has a million followers and I've gotta say this later okay but it happens to be my friends dot. A real and she makes calendars all and she works for FaceBook and -- like brings in the claim but it's. I'm sure -- gonna have a Google -- is a move. I gotten some followers. Some note you know that notifies your every time anybody -- sneezes or -- inhaler does anything but I definitely is I had people add me. Our accounts at me and Google plus that I am fairly sure are not people yelled out later there -- there's like you know tech businesses or whatever -- -- Let her stay in a stack -- -- really really that's so weird. Google by the way executives did not say when they would arrive. -- the corporate accounts under the accelerated plan they just said okay we get it they basically said okay we get it. -- it we're gonna do that and that's good because a lot of analysts had actually been thing. That Google plus was really the you know it'll take off for real once they give people sadly the opportunity to market within -- The -- lets you know -- like -- it still human and I don't like it when companies. Like we have we have social networks for companies can interfere and take over and jump in -- feats via do we really need a little and I know they need to make money but. They're still making so much money off their search business that can implement search tools to be really have to bring in big business into it now I know I don't I don't think they do think -- You know it's advertised to -- with app where there's something there are a little search are honest I don't think they really need to do this but. In -- they could that could make it stand alone in itself. The but hey there's no way they're not gonna offer corporate -- -- -- at least -- You can -- you know. I mean I do let -- -- of the directional like we have to choose the circle of all of them equipment in any other stuff and that is really -- although I get kind of like although it's. Overwhelming sometimes to be I mean. Obviously we're in a different -- right so sometimes you get a lot of ads. And that's can be overwhelming that the thing I like about Google left compared to FaceBook -- like. You don't have to be friends with them a different view so a corporate account and totally -- -- -- you but there's no. There's absolutely no requirement for you to start getting their update at all so actually corporate accounts might be a little bit less intrusive. In some ways on Google plus and I'm really not much repayment is -- -- -- of the -- -- you. For any content happening so still -- what I said then. Now that's down I agree -- little idea about kind of nice that it does -- human. But now and -- mean as people -- -- -- -- before it -- be the forum Nokia. Like all the people you like the Twitter snobs like always. TV networks are using Twitter totally and I look like on it -- -- -- fire before you get really got huge. Market or not I've. Heard also -- aware -- well -- I didn't like a really early morning TV hit that today. It's a bargain just as a warning. Briefly. Apparently some sort of adds yet unannounced social service from Microsoft. Popped up on the way -- have been. Earlier the web sites SO CL dot com -- the -- local Sokol -- socal not open outlook all. -- discussed the site discussed a social search service called to -- That would allow users to finally meet and share which you know. And of this blog feasible that come with able to discover or at least determined they say that Microsoft was behind it. Could it be. Could it be social -- -- Well we have a Google that's plugged in their whole plus one infrastructure into. Or their API -- to Google searches that has made that a more social like experience directly to their search engine. If Microsoft gonna take some cues -- that they -- Microsoft's Bing also already has some of those social hooks. I don't think we're gonna go to -- specific search engine just because it has a little more social features and it. Maybe maybe not. And you know they could it I feel like they can directly integrate this into being but. Our -- Mary Jo Foley at CNET had her own take citing that it might actually be a Twitter app -- something that accesses twitters. Feeds to collect information in and help that -- the top as well. The -- and now it'll be interesting I don't think you know certainly Macs not nobody can afford to ignore social at this point. But Microsoft -- in a response. T requests for comment from CNET said. So -- dot com is an internal design project from one of our Microsoft research teams which was mistakenly published to the web it no more information. So I mean -- it. Kudos there were -- up all the time -- and -- -- received a letter -- but. They probably do need to do something social you know it's not a bad idea so -- you -- -- but I think -- -- medicine in -- -- -- -- to -- Oh but -- thing to to -- -- because then the ridiculous. And you know well I feel about ridiculous -- -- it. You'll passwords. Are guys gonna to get ad break tool -- may not be that Adam idea but we have some more bad ideas coming up programs you like. Really really bad -- is also why -- LT phones Verizon might not be compatible with. Their future AT&T LT phones and that's just makes this case. The Mac. All right welcome back to buzz out loud is cnet's podcast of intermittently the for those who -- who come to a live chat room. Our mikes were hot during the entire break. -- -- -- -- sometimes it would be like plan out the next blogger we have a little on bad about things that this time we were just comparing the various -- that -- all they met. And it meant continue to go -- -- and it went on and on and our -- are -- and the terribly well. And smart stuff go anonymous studio today an in depth analysis we need -- -- team you'll we are we are thought leaders that's. It's alright guys Molly Wood here in the house this. Lovely Molly -- and -- Hendricks worked in the -- you have to -- -- -- there you go see what's -- -- -- guys back the -- we said rim was coming up with more more bad ideas. I really hope this is just some crazy rumor someone through on the wall. And nothing is -- because rim has said. This is according to boy -- report to be preparing. And Apple TV competitor for fall -- its. The currently working on a media box code named the Blackberry cyclone -- that will launch later this -- according to news site -- -- the rumored media hub. Is said to be similar to Apple's IOS based Apple TV box connecting it to a television streaming content from -- like it does streaming content from iTunes that cyclone though. Purported capabilities. Include Netflix streaming YouTube streaming and streaming from media devices connected the same. Only if this is -- real. Given that I guess now is that actually in the note that -- put in the dock when I put the story yesterday into -- -- W period -- period -- period. Like I sincerely. I live I am down on my knees operating. That this is not true and that reimport god stake is just trying to make a decent -- It's bad enough that they got -- let themselves get totally distracted by shiny pretty tablet market. At least in tablet is somewhat tangentially related to a phone this is the kind of like vanity project that you can engage in once you already have a successful business. -- is based on some sort of core principle. But if you're kind of like flailing around at your -- -- And then your foray into shiny new things not that takes -- -- they don't if you are working on this is bury it in a whole. Was the nuclear waste deep deep deep down -- the ground and get to work on your damp well. -- -- A lot of times a media stream box can also be helpful when you actually even have some sort of media. Infrastructure or media platform. To deliver content -- boxes but sometimes that helps to. And it -- and expertise that you might be you know well knowledge to what knowledgeable with media movies music doesn't. This is great this is. The fact that someone -- it. And they said let's move forward and look into this I know okay guys -- not every company needs explore -- it I'm not anti innovation but. With everything that we've seen -- you up to this point this is ludicrous now it's you cannot you cannot. Please tell me this is not happen. Happened -- isn't the only where unfortunately. I am I I would I -- is actually -- -- to -- like known and when I do know and burn. Now now if we are in fact focusing on our core business and in improving our core product and and making our customers our current customers happy. Instead of being like -- -- -- it's -- -- right now that. 888 hey you know what's really cool right now tablet will widget get a -- plus page. Good luck is really cool all right now. Boom boom under -- below the yeah and look. Let out of other acting like monkeys distracted by shiny toys have -- mr. Lian Dolan does -- Dear god numbers. Are right also bears -- the defense department's report that it lost 24000. Vials. Of various levels of importance in secrecy to quote foreign intruders this past spring in what appears to be one of the most damaging cyber attacks to date. On the US built to military. Loudly so the files were taken from a defense contractor they did not -- Without was but they do mention that over the past few years all manner of data has been stolen summit mundane some of the concerning our most sensitive systems. Including aircraft avionics and it was technology's satellite communication systems network security protocols. It's been a significant concern over the past -- terabytes of data. Have been extracted by foreign intruders from corporate networks of defense companies now I can also probably. Say that the US is doing the same exact thing and other country's first but wow. Yeah. It happened in spring of course it's gonna come out now because they're not gonna tells when it's actually going down well and it shouldn't and they shouldn't it's also -- We know now because they're they're pimping their new content -- cyber warfare division I mean really like it's partly people. Because of the betting on is ramping up the new cyber strategy in the new cyber warfare. Department so they let's be honest they do you need to scare us as much as they can right now -- But it is it is -- -- It's working working. Maybe it'd be funneled onto my tax dollars into -- -- cyber warfare. Department. And other bad news today if you're thinking of the a happy future in which everyone's on LT and it's totally like Europe where GSM is the standard and you -- -- raises any kind of phone whatever unlocked and then take it from -- carrier that carrier whatever. Turns out that LTE. The next -- standard -- both -- and at any that it's not -- be compatible at least not according to. Verizon confirmed today that its LCD -- will not be compatible and other LT networks in the US because. This is that the governor -- -- for the phones will run a different frequencies. So the spectrums that they'll be running the phones on Verizon's now -- -- -- LT -- is mostly on the 700 megahertz band. But they'll be running mostly these phones on the 746 to 787 megahertz. While AT&T -- will be primary locked into the 704. To seven and -- six megahertz now they said there could be phones. That could overlap into that 746 megahertz band but here's the thing then the phone companies or the carriers themselves. The -- -- -- that on each side. Specifically to prevent any kind of phone from overlapping. Even if it's an unlocked even if it's an unlocked phone -- Yeah I mean and really the only reason they're doing it's just keep you on their service and not allow you to take care -- -- you know in case you're wondering no that's just evil. Yet that's just money grab an -- it's as the -- of one of the -- to set a standard that is not a standard. Verizon may be that I -- present -- out confirmed that the phones will be on different frequencies and will not be compatible and other LT networks in the US. And will be designing its -- To -- out all other possible carriers in case you're hoping for like the -- sim card feature that Europe currently enjoy it and as a joint -- and most of the rest of the world. As -- enjoyed for years now and now. Are now. -- is -- going to be in the carrier -- log. The other issue of this is that smaller carriers that are in rural areas they don't -- I'll be locked in several mean. Only when they go to certain places because only one major carrier or partner depending on your phone. Is it is supported them so just by that full. -- AA roaming because you're out of our range. The result a -- PC mag is an incompatible welter of devices likely to continue long into the future. Is the way it is just the -- -- -- -- have a little evil I have to admit like we've been -- for -- and for awhile now. It AT&T was like about one but I gotta say now that Verizon is is. Really the most expensive with the most restrictive data caps. And also continuing to do kind of stuff like that and me and it's like amber as we used to know. The old -- and they -- like that than they had to dial sprint sprint is looking like the Knight in shining armor and now kind of like really but it no matter who like no matter what carrier you end up liking it doesn't. Not if but -- -- you know in that I'm forced the like one of the way. It's not gonna mean compatible standards currently compatible pretty standard. Group I absolutely love the specs -- eleven group but has filed an amended version of its IPO documents. And there are a few key differences from the original filing. May believe. The company is being more upfront about how bad its losses are and how much money it is not making them. They cost investors not to use the comments that one -- their co founders made. About the company being slightly profitable in June 5 and has to -- on Bloomberg they actually said they did not agreed to be interviewed for the story. And the record their own reps requested that the statement not even be published but it was. And -- is like a -- screw it -- go to guys the PR people backlights. Acts. But -- did it happened. It. Yeah I know that's. Who. Okay the filing nevertheless. Even though the filing comes out -- like much more obvious about how much money they're losing the filing added eleven new underwriters to the original list like derelict eleven -- net. Companies banking companies that are willing to sign onto this absolutely insane IPO. -- -- place where they're losing a lot of money -- spending a lot of money. Is trying to gain customers and they're throwing a lot of money into marketing -- remember what the rough calculation of how much it was costing them. To try to acquire new customer but that's where there's where all their big spenders and that's why they're not as probable. Some insane numbers that show their growth though. They had 43000. Customers -- group onto the end of the second quarter 2009. The the end of the first quarter of 2011 the -- to fifteen. Point eight million. Yeah that's pretty explosive but again their marketing costs are so high that the Ponzi scheme if they're -- kinda it's sort of like that allegedly. Thank him from traveling from them they wish to do some -- -- to get me how to turn pocket to make sure we have -- -- similar show yes. And talk to them about that aussies team we totally had a look right she reiterated the face of the feedback loop -- yes. No -- cricket cricket sorry yet click it. Our right -- it's Zynga. Was one of the bidders for pop games pop -- games is in -- -- though they did one billion dollars in cash. But they were outdated by our friends -- -- That's pretty amazing yeah. The company by the way not commenting. Hotmail -- strategies to new Hotmail security features they are they have -- Commonly used or weak passwords which is smart like they wanted -- -- -- none -- that no no just like plain old dictionary word -- that no god love. You know. Things like that and then they've also injured Tuesday my friend has been hacked feature. -- -- -- -- -- If you if -- if -- like start getting a bunch of email from has seen that happen like ally ally not that -- friends -- actually -- you can report accounts that have been compromised. -- -- Also -- Hotmail in the story that never goes away the new MacBook Air is now reportedly becoming to be coming next week. Obviously not this week the week has passed my -- so if you're still waiting according to sources you might be able to see when next week on Thursday or Friday. Everyone continues. To drool and no seriously people are standing -- -- credit card in hand I have they just hold it out for another and even another week after that the (%expletive) people off. You want -- an idea -- I'm patient I'm pays him but it gets the point hurdles I feel sometimes that becomes a game like. When rumors get leaked out by Apple before their keynotes. I. I don't know this for a -- but I guarantee they switch some of the announcements at the keynote specifically. -- -- people on their toes. Like -- -- and they had -- adorable -- dollar fine the out. But yeah exactly but I don't know what diabetic you know whatever it was like excellence are coming up but then they release them the week after -- was announced Buddhist thing. Interesting to keep that -- The mystery. About creative myth and mystery -- Reuters reports suggest that Apple has consigned trial production of its future a six processor to Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. And not. Samsung. Does such a big -- that additional manufacturing partner so yeah hey they've fixed it but apparently in production although we don't expect -- pilot production -- -- -- barrier it's not expected to appear in products until 2012 although analysts think you'll be Quad Core but it also big news that they are starting to severed ties. With Samsung as that -- -- and ongoing lawsuit continues. -- the Taipei's TS TS MC which is Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. they haven't contract -- them to. Move forward and at parties any type of processor in mass quantities yet but doubt be the next step to show that there really separate themselves -- -- via some. Machine. And steam are adamant that it is time for of the feedback loop. -- -- -- -- -- -- Not surprisingly. There was a fair amount of responsible are hotter at -- distributes modified and. I mean I love invited you'll but I understand why Molly was like -- -- like -- in the name I love the light. Right now on invite a in the got 30000 email I love you guys -- -- hasn't gotten may only like we wish we had that many to give out. But I have to admit that some of you got awfully clever when it came to trying to like. Make it happen like our first -- here. It bowlers. Calling in reference to episode sixteen and I have a proposal I would like they'd gladly trade group policy -- For one spot -- invite. I'm sending email -- as well. I'm hoping that this might be -- -- that we can possibly get more spotlight when it's out there -- that will gladly appreciate them once I get them. -- -- They're not they're no leg area now right now the value of a Google -- -- to spun -- by and buy it. They're not even anywhere close to what you think how to how legal advice is -- -- a fight night where. 45. Spotlight of -- article might be read not that they like fifty you have to buy a you have to sign up for the subscription service and even this gentleman who said hey. If I get let's get more spot planets out there well the thing is you have to lock in and paid -- their service to even get more invites via. The screenplay lets -- check out the ad supported one which is the local. The light in the germs that that legal. Not in this world -- a night out or even know what the market is what the market will bare -- -- I'll -- three big clients are relying on Google plus and diet. Yeah what's in right now are like pretty easy and alacrity commodity if you do you really want NBC -- to our chat -- cnet.com plus library can watch this eleven B part of our Tara because micro -- on tavern and thing. I'm giving away free one month premium spot by -- New -- then the chat -- saying that she's got fourteen invites left in Ellis when he won as a there was no and neither should show. We only have to sell -- -- Actually I have useless itself at that but we love you guys so -- -- -- -- by -- going for three to fifteen dollars an even higher now -- week yeah plus was hitting -- 27 Ehrlich has to go ahead try try to work around earth -- sign up for the UK themes and working for people. We have to and we chosen people and we'll get to that -- -- -- -- -- OK next up we have another caller. With some you guys like to create your own contest for the -- -- community -- -- -- -- Some days and students -- -- show where -- although they currently aren't. I have a suggestion. A prominent should challenge. Has -- -- -- -- credits to its own opinions -- Molly. Steve in the air. The real purist -- -- So. Alright guys if you have inside -- that you double and I like it well -- written and -- Then you guys outside and if you have time we understand -- we would like to see your best. Miss Molly Stephen the bear which is Bosnia the bare dies we don't know. Miss my which -- Miss Piggy that obviously. Not -- here. I'm not live there but the daily -- that are planning nened. And then yours truly commitment the town so it will come up with some something equally did you guys know that -- -- do you not -- I mean I wanna see it -- -- -- and it. So we'll we'll figure that our guys that would I'm not here. Odds are you sells the Sony comes to us from our top secret AT&T employ a buzz -- -- -- at 1510 and -- to comment on an email from one of the listeners. About Comcast cutting a month. Anyways he said he switched to AT&T U verse but AT&T has a -- so he went back to Comcast let me tell you. I worked for AT&T and also have U verse the we have a cap I have not heard of anyone. Being disconnected for going over the cap I just think they habits so they can use it to deal with the serious abusers. Interesting. Love the -- -- that the deal thank you for the tip I like it. It's a flu read them from -- to say in the wake of the Netflix price hike blockbuster. Is offering a thirty day trial and discounted plan. But seriously making me reconsider that. I subscribe to Netflix for movies and game client -- for games. The new Netflix pricing means -- to pay 1798. For streaming or one disc and Blu-ray to the Blu-ray is expensive. -- -- 5095 for one game which brings the grand total to 3393 before taxes. Blockbuster is offering two discs at a time movies or games and Blu-ray for 1499. When combined with the 719 and streaming only Netflix plan that's a total of 2298. Before taxes if blockbuster -- a second chance with me biggest loser in all of this. -- -- -- Into steam promenade and good -- I think that really works for -- because of the whole gaming aspect of it yeah but also Blockbuster's service become. The compelling and I didn't I say that this -- -- -- -- didn't but they get the about it is that. They they killed at 28 day window that Netflix users at the -- -- Blockbuster has a deal where you can get those movies -- -- exactly that's one of the different cheaters. But for this if you -- the whole team in ethnic gap that makes dollars and cents blockbusters that -- All I had to go there happen but that's -- it definitely started ad campaign like now tellers and incidents. Fifty other experiments pointing -- that I look a lot more like hippie -- -- it Janet from -- -- band at -- is due to high incident. In what some are not seen that your -- mystic is actually kinda hot or what she came -- that outlook all those. Synchronized liberty answers in the behavioral and about outlook is very little synchronized -- -- I was little boy but I was -- -- -- her bias. That is weird okay -- other sort of system Jonathan and from New Jersey. It lets -- after reading the various reviews on spot by and watching Donald's own first hands on review. I went ahead and cancel my subscription from Netflix and got an -- subscription -- spot by. Realistically I spend more time in my car commuting to work and traveling -- at home watching TV. I wanna watch a show -- access them on demand library on the on demand library from my cable provider I love -- -- by even though I still haven't played with -- long enough. I can see how I can get more out of the service than what I was getting from Netflix so -- Netflix and welcome spot by at least for me. But still interesting alumni at things like a little left turn -- -- you know unless it's got some. It was like a reality check friend is disliked the way you don't use this much of auto my opinion via the new speaking a reality check DeVon -- in from DC into the I'm not sure -- roads freaking out about out of I would as a similar subscription service. Has been available in the US since September of last year our radio has been offering ad free music subscription at the same kind of syncing to mobile devices and offline mode. That -- spotted by so intriguing for a while the US. -- interface seems a lot more intuitive and the social aspect of it as a lot more robust. I can understand people don't wanna pay money then spotted by is a great new service however you're gonna get a subscription -- I would urge bus managed to take a look at RD before they make a decision. A lot of people and ask a few -- onto an -- the big difference between -- -- -- that's one of the things that we're gonna have when we return. -- -- dig into little more you name that's a prize praised today's state that is why worry I know it. There's rhapsody there's RD OS lot of stuff out there so. We'll have to you'll have to break it down for -- yeah definitely. And now all it's it's been on a long -- And I made a few weeks but I just might well. -- -- I guess Wilbur it will bring it back for the special edition of earth you -- -- time -- computer love a home computer in the. -- We can. Hello little she's just incredibly. I got as we have one computer -- him but we think of yourself. -- Matt from link in a -- -- -- didn't -- my wife and I celebrate our second wedding anniversary this September. We plan to take a week -- vacation and visit a few national parks along the way on a road trip. The problem my wife has her iPod Touch with her at all times as often as -- listens to it I wonder if it hasn't been surgically attached to her body. How can I convince my collectively the iPod at home or at least in the hotel room and just enjoy the sights and sounds of the wonderful national park system me. What would be the way ask her passion. Throw it out the window -- Contributed to the landfill. So. It's to be that -- -- everything but even if he asked if she won't do it. -- -- -- -- What type of relationship and that's no wrong honey -- concerned I have to admit it you really feel like I can be able to -- that -- away from her. Yeah. Would you rather look at nature or listen to an iPod Touch and what eBay is -- -- listen and see literally like constantly to get air I'll -- -- Well -- just -- a -- wherever. I. I've pulled a -- out and -- that iPod Touch and you'd have to Europe and -- Yet here you know what here's a larger issue and I think this whole thing about technology dominating our lives and everything. IA. I'm not gonna Sam a little old school but I think this is old school -- a very smart. I have a personal rule. No technology allowed in the bedroom. When I say the bedroom I mean the bad. He. We had to say something -- -- -- -- Okay seriously think about it I don't know everyone here -- -- and watching. They're gonna play any of times where you might be on your iPhone someone might be on -- laptop and and you guys get so tired and then you roll over and you called night. I'm sorry that doesn't happen in my household. And you -- There can be there can be. -- Molly's Molly's name and it can be some technology I would like to see what those under a -- -- believes other devices might be. -- oh -- there's -- -- show called exile loud. Nothing of the screen thank -- -- card there you go and adding that the screen. And I imagine that a so we haven't used data we have a two step plan you plan one after -- like I want to help. And we -- like quality time and then. Q if you are doing it and be it could be it could be like a romantic movie moment like in the movies and -- iPod and put up the winner and -- action and get their music. I figured of the -- without take. But. If that -- networks and that -- that their email us and we'll help theory about hate. A lot of other seriously but -- that trip really doubt that some -- if you're gonna have it. Or maybe an iPad went -- org or take the -- program put in your pocket you might you guys actually may be closer and -- -- What's he trying to be your face went weird like -- evident they've been big enough benefit all come online and make your -- it. Combed and edit -- we -- where we're showing you know we are totally silly Sony we got so many spotted by invites that we had to -- you guys up so. I know we only had a measly two X du Ku I'm sorry I did -- recently I have Google let's admit on the antenna -- -- its. So we have learned that a winter's first modify contest we -- you guys tell us what is the first -- you know listen to when you view when you get that service so. First off Christopher Johnson. Says the first song I would search spot by four is. -- -- -- Wave of mutilation an item has always been this is totally -- -- and I've been -- -- -- these revival lately because there's -- -- by yacht that samples depicting it and it does make Allison and constantly. -- -- -- -- -- -- Christopher FY UN. And because we are you know we like to show love to both genders Allison of the show. Our next winner -- you'll rose says hey let's -- the first song I will search -- -- spot by is drive the death -- it is the car cup it's a part covered really rare. It's not even on Amazon to download some curious. He had spotted by -- it. That will let us know if they actually -- you have not because they're some holes in their collections still. And now they -- fifteen million solves that some reports in saint it's fifteen million in the UK and the licensing is more. -- since it out there. Yeah I mean I -- I may indicate that the assembly finds that on for sure because -- -- they like so far. I have noticed you pretty big -- Arcade Fire like you mentioned earlier and then at -- the 21 album. The entire album was not there in nineteen element -- -- content on them. Okay a Dell though it does seem to like and party -- -- the -- -- match in nineteen with -- like her label to license and answered them via. Item but there's some health pressure. Anybody any service that at worst totally sorry everybody else -- -- automatically -- -- -- It straight -- only -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It I thought Sony's searched at select -- delve nineteen as but. And that -- in the -- but apparently okay our area as its right good but -- -- -- an active part in China. There's no Beatles on there -- -- easily and no other the other -- no Beatles in. Okay keep got -- it -- it lightly settled if it does gave away. Potentially up to 21 of them. -- and in art Harriman -- the community. You -- help each other and awesome thank you yes it's amazing so. Guys you guys want to check out all these stories and show notes and more check it out of fuel that cnet.com you can also call us. 80616263. And -- about the quality it has been very good lately. And and bug that cnet.com is our email address you -- computer -- questioned -- you want us yes and someone comes up because will be saved and I'm not actually are winning -- -- And men next hello. Were saying that happens normally comes back. -- -- Technology -- widow in -- Iowa theater today than we. -- -- an exciting week of -- and comic con coverage ahead -- in all right we'll see you guys compared have a great weekend.
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