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Buzz Out Loud: Buzz Out Loud Ep. 1426: Nanowatches, CEO talk, and cats

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Buzz Out Loud: Buzz Out Loud Ep. 1426: Nanowatches, CEO talk, and cats

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Apple's iPad 2 dominates the tech news headlines, even down here in Austin. America is sold out of iPads, and we're at least partly to blame. Also, no NFC for your iPhone anytime soon, Facebook gets into the Groupon game, Brian Tong and Cheezburger CEO Ben Huh compare watches, and how to carve hair into a 640-pound block of cheese. All from the Salt Lick BBQ wine cellar, the best place to have a wedding I ever did see. --Molly

It is but there's -- fourteen. I'm Bryan song I am Molly Wood and welcome to buzz out loud a live from these Salt Lake barbecue addition. I asked gently blot -- that we decided fourteen point six absolutely a little out of sorts of last night was like a party an episode it's part of. Some people here stayed up till 3:30 am we've got the grateful -- countless nations showing up here on to solid to join a very -- Casual remain -- relax in. Play online you can see behind us this is like salt licks -- -- area where they can open up the whole cellar areas they have like the wine vineyards back there because you know. If there's money to be -- This is here this -- renders. It say it was. It seems like that. International partnership Barbeque in -- But this is an amazing space and actually I was talking to that -- -- the or Anne Boleyn. She's wonderful -- that they've had you know ultimately humans have weddings or right here is that not yet because they just opened so he got live in the text area. This is absolutely gorgeous we -- amendment. You know how regularly reading -- rehearsal dinner she -- her own rehearsal dinner here. -- -- -- -- If time is over you don't you wanted to spend a little -- out to someone that idea yesterday so yesterday -- know that we're watching. We had our buzz out loud south by southwest that's awesome show -- you know there's there's people that we're able to come into our show -- there's people that word and other games because there are hundreds there is -- -- -- -- you want those. Yes so apparently Port Elizabeth came to the show and she was looking for me particularly its couldn't -- -- -- -- money and use. Really upsets which I have to say it was totally flattering -- felt horrible and I know it's hard every time we do like an you know. A place and show at -- bar basically so Elizabeth. I love you honey I'm sorry that -- -- they're CEO yeah I think we're in the show and I can come -- supposedly -- the back door via. There it was it was emotional part of that shows how much you know. If you're in times it's -- -- we'll have the on the show. And that also. That -- the CEO a cheeseburger networks is gonna join us -- like. And routes hopefully here and now it's Texas style things its -- -- -- with some -- later -- and you know help -- fill out the news part of the program and we'll talk about -- -- made there is an amazing sculpture at his party. And I'll just say that it started with a block of it was something like 640 pounds of cheddar cheese 640. Power. The analogy of dollars the original start block until they have the picture cameraman by I made like ad giant to having cheese sculpture this. And then I -- style. And you could do people work trip to Israel or not and to make sure it was really does move your nose -- -- -- -- it's now that I think it's valid. You -- that but if that report to the new. I think Brian -- might be the only person -- -- right now it's actually been to use that for a link I get my badge. -- -- -- I don't think I've been back to the convention centers and -- -- -- you actually went session we guess he must ultimately handle time because like. -- -- it -- party -- like 3:30 AM last -- it was an accident. 3:30 am last night it was the time change so. The dollars yesterday and that be -- -- Fuller. So I'm you know it's gotta take up the floor discredits you what the -- is out there and I did -- a team that. Clearly there's about three times the -- panels that are out there but there's also panels that involve a lot of Alec. Love and relationships. Like before it got really right before I came here. Through 23 years ago there -- only one and now I think every -- there's like two or three and they typically have the most -- that does channels other than a keynote -- -- -- but indicated. I mean it's a trend it's happening people people are people -- make it -- into a -- line. -- activist -- effects -- -- very sex. So on the Abbott -- really cool and now on the show floor Yuxi have a lot of exhibitors trying to show off their new apps I think the smartest thing that I saw this -- though is. These group messaging apps which are kind of the next. Think that they're probably try to push out. Data linked up with dumb like you doesn't these food cards or businesses -- basically if you use the wrapper so that they use your app you get a free -- so. I had to hold my stomach back but there was like a free grilled cheese sandwich and drink if I just wait in line for group really end -- -- Classic guys have grilled cheese sandwich. That's like elementary school like I'm at home -- -- late Tuesday and all he does and guess isn't meant as it at least mentally. Now idle and I don't believe tightly like yes yes ideas into. Sailors it's the energy is still there it's it feels great I mean there's a lot of people so -- -- so we definitely recommend if you guys. Want to think about companies just gonna check it out -- I think the coolest thing I've seen -- -- -- -- asked me and I in -- I have not seen that much but we did go to that arcade. But that the content but the extent America -- Greenberg arcade Ali added yeah and they have some pretty cool stuff and end of the best thing that I thought was. -- -- -- -- -- -- Have you guys -- it's an augmented reality game based on traveler which was an old board game like RPG board game. And they're turning it into -- MM RPG. With an augmented reality app so you hold up and so it's kind of like it's like -- you know celestial battle -- game. And so you hold up the phone and you know they -- -- -- -- on it like they they put a planet installation Catholic -- That ever straight lane over the real world when -- hold up the phone. -- -- these virtual objects like planets and star ships in and battle going on things and -- things. It's just really cool and the late. They put like a whole sort of -- universe over top of the M capitol building here in Austin. Avis it's really cool. And I was thinking it and then eventually it'll have -- you can hold up the phone in a room and see if anybody else in that room. Has the app installed you'll to call outs about the head like that that dinosaurs -- idea. Stick but I think that that had a ton of potential to combined with things like -- Congo so that you could can I do want to get to the point where you have columns about people's heads that is they like -- they are. Area they do -- And then market you know and -- -- -- like about that it is like. That group are beluga or whatever and talk to them. Now I don't know wanna know what those guys and I just all the problems of their -- what they were they didn't. There is a kind of disturbing barbecue yeah right now I look like a chicken -- right now you like a -- that there isn't it -- hungry we all hungry. Really not as a nice that -- anyway it I don't think is the tech community isn't revealing. We do have tech is going on today that I have to admit though that as usual. Apple has managed to steal the news cycle from pretty much everybody -- -- real -- in the thunder obviously iPad too I. When we read these stories I do feel low that we I'm not even tried to the when I feel like we were the last week -- the last I've -- that were available in your area. In North America because. It was a Sunday it was the -- the pop ups store in Austin is the last for the had a few left and when we visited there -- For 33330. Yesterday we read we got the last two and a lot of the spot checks he talked anywhere they were out pretty much by Saturday. Right at a pretty amazing -- Piper Jaffray is has been you know doing its checks at area stores and they're finding that it's almost like a 100%. -- like just nationwide that's remarkable so they analysts estimating that they sold one million on Saturday. There isn't one date on the weekend of last year and I and I -- -- was about a million the weekend. This time it's in the day that Apple be in likes socket Kinect they got the idea the world record for the fastest selling can tell you guys did a day not -- lot another. Today so there's some numbers add up I've got people now we have made -- of Africa before with -- mother daughter and let's see clear it was gene Munster still. Okay -- -- -- Salt Lake last time he did a survey about the Galaxy Tab and the iPad users it was up 56. People -- This time -- he's using a larger sample size of 236. Which I appreciate. On some -- -- to statistically relevant but not with 56 -- -- now but ultimately they said that 70% of iPad to buyers were new buyers and yeah it felt like W in the store they. You know because they want it's apparently technically each year whenever they say there -- guys -- they're like the Apple Store it's -- How bad -- here I mean. -- stuff I -- the have to do the cheering you on the store. -- it to your favourite new buyers like -- you know it's even more embarrassing when they did -- launch parties for like OS-X tiger. -- -- -- -- -- -- we do launch price for OS-X tiger when people walk out the door we would -- for someone with their box like software in their hand. Oh for crying out loud but yeah they they stopped us are there like Apple so this is just this is first I had a segment the Apple owning -- market and I've had teased us. Did you visit the pop -- startup now and I did I'd -- -- that vehemently to tempted to buy. Like -- like this. Then I'm out I it sounds from your voices though you may be having this -- -- -- -- experience on what they'll. Amazon has only lights out he's charging ten packs a day of the last twenty years. It just can't it -- that -- -- are you sure you're eating and you're -- and -- -- from your party I actually ditty so that's entities okay. -- -- -- They let a caller by name it to the side of us sculptures nice idea okay 640 pump blog charity scope of almost -- that. There's a master cheese carver whose logo are party to do this we'll get -- job. Master -- yes he's a master key is clogged a one ton block of -- ol' wine lunch haunt. That's like you and me time like 800 -- its -- -- is so no matter. -- -- today that there's something for you sell yet it you know it had Nora the piano playing cat -- Catholic. Long -- That and all is really amazing -- a life like horror that he does RL if it does and I asked -- like -- really hard to car oriented search she's -- -- -- It is very hard might not make them look like wrinkles. That -- to a man. That's totally totally outside -- and the upstairs where you could come -- because of fire Marshal law Spitzer. We had to tell -- your London. A new rap star and apparently like after he was like about and somebody had engaged -- on the really. Our party we don't -- -- all -- it if your. -- you've got -- -- slash blog that made our party please. Contact me -- that's best -- ever out. The next thing geez I don't it would no doubt that our party also pay dared to lead us think that it's awesome to me that an outstanding. So yeah it didn't buy an iPad -- I did not really tempted but I don't think it's excel that much but I definitely know that's definitely an exit. We're we're we're degree and that as an aptitude -- review what -- -- that I however I'm not okay IRA IRA said its like that once you want to play with instantly got into it. I -- we clinically iPad will -- I've you know. I know I've totally. Elastic like accounts are all told -- I told I said this today this is like my -- -- she's. For this thing yet this is the plastic -- from his. Get a home for is that they're real little I know -- lucky that I got -- -- -- I'm not gonna get is an old beat up -- as of last. I just think it's funny that you will take public -- I am. -- a little bit iPad perfect I'm well I'm holding it I'm also holding true to my cultural roots more than anything else. You guys are adorable. Not everybody Jay Lindsay that I think we're definitely collapsed to the store they do the last album art yes afford -- -- -- I bought the store we did. Hampton's. Yeah there was a crude for everyone -- a friend and I will never gave -- the so I bought a 64 gigabytes. I've -- -- you I had everyone on our show last night autograph it. And I'm gonna auction it off. That we learned about batteries possum which he I don't know how to do that anybody else out there know if there's a particular options like that's really good at that like I can put it on eBay. But then you'd have to starter many people are actually harder -- the donations. I don't know because you know I'm wearing the -- -- watch it would I think senator -- that was an iPad it is and I want I don't. You that your idea -- -- so I. And the plastic every guy near the nano watch -- this is all audio and tell us covering. It's -- now a lot -- eight. I don't know I don't know what -- you think -- edits audio and you have to press -- okay o'clock to click it all hot and others very here. LL CD -- and a -- You know what I want -- the one that actually doesn't light that's. This -- plays the -- -- it's a dark matter but it's also a little piece of Steve Jobs -- I read as I can take it never gonna. It is. Also lot of excellent wash my hands like this. -- like planet yet. -- -- that I'm thinking that is not my top choice for maps and admitted any real thumb their nose of them -- could -- oxygen coming up for charity that. Ideally the money goes like directly to the fun and not to meet Bergsten you know whenever they just let me know -- An envelope mailed to pass through the random address that they could do that -- that it wouldn't get the iPad that ultimately. Today is -- the Katzmaier not rent I'll. -- and -- got -- you know we can. The ship for you to sign an apparent accident blood I -- before I go you can gratitude wanna -- wanna today. I separate I -- all like your iPad. Let's not only have pictures of cats on it cheddar cheese cutter look at Tennessee's governor gets little to down. Yet it yeah I gotta carve a remote SuSE he would got all my -- that an exhibit on dry it's -- -- excellent -- -- -- Less than you would use it must ask you if you deliberately you don't need it. Also in the news that Apple is apparently rejecting. Near field communication payment systems and have them the magic no way a way of independently I don't wanna. I got really -- At and -- Apple its new. Less nebulous and I they would do much -- board now Kodak they don't. I don't have anything that sort of like brand new and not -- smooth what digital mobile. Does -- of the bolt dot accessories of any kind and -- like we like -- we're going to blessed us with jobs Apple told operators it was concerned by the lack of a clear standard across the industry -- It got to figure that's one thing if Apple is create forcing -- clear standard on every one of the -- Other thing if someone else is working on the standard Manila I don't know all pattern -- -- get out and wear out. My -- -- buttons for everyone except to the clear standard that is Apple's yes that no one else believes that I didn't I don't say -- via. That's like an entire sensor -- the part -- it right there yes we had a mouse button thing alone as ridiculous. Anyway also in the news eighteen she is speaking -- -- and -- expected to -- is making Japan calls to Japan pre. Until the end of month and so are presents different. But end -- like -- -- -- though it's still pretty hard to get through. But at least with text -- -- That might be able that breakthrough their around they're making it all free right now so all the barriers to sales at the same thing from Haiti -- -- they're not charging people for the text fees. I think that's yeah they're -- He's got up on that if the other study adding in tech's Red Cross tonight 0999. To make a ten dollar donation we did you know like -- -- and that's a campaign -- -- -- just so easy you know like everybody in our community up you know I know you guys I know us like you can afford it. You can afford a ten bucks in apps like you -- -- for the iPad to you you know. Now anyway so I am that is good news and I think that it's kind of convenient timing for AT&T. You announced that -- -- that they look a little make good on the heels arrays is also announcing. A 150. Gigabyte per month DSL caps yes so 250 gig U verse caps to the. It's gotta -- aren't so check out the details before you or your brain explodes. Basically I'll grant -- here if you're the chief of the cats and its other going to be putting caps on DSL users essentially what happens is if you. -- or exceed that cap. Three times during the life of your accounts and -- within a year just three times in life that you -- be charged ten dollars for every fifty -- over or com. Over the 150 gig or two if -- went after they are imposing data caps on your home Internet and this is you know -- -- -- families who download tons of content. Videos are staying Netflix and iTunes updates. Seriously thank you -- -- This this is not a -- Product cafes -- -- you dot threat right it's up their Sharia it's over it's over and over it's -- -- -- -- its usage based. But but what's looked at them over the lifetime of your account yet did this it's it's explicitly says it's over the -- and the -- long -- you exceeded. Three times during that during the life. Any additional overdo it got turned us yeah so relaxed about the -- that are inherently. We just saw a whole lot over the capital letters that's. As with anything -- -- has pushed turnover but does make people leave if -- type you know and I don't think. -- fifty gigs actually for family is not -- that's not very much for Internet. -- user -- but how big is not that I've covered other top -- up BitTorrent download HD movies and I happily pick out probably around four -- not -- it now. Apparently -- just like asking well if it's a bright red tile damage it does an excellent. They get depends on -- beginning 1080 720 -- are not around for games not -- it now. For God's sake people AT&T claims that -- average DSL customer uses around eighteen gigs a month. And that the changes will only impact about 2% of all DSL customers I was happy that they at least refrained from calling and data. Didn't know how much I love that. How -- I -- demonizing people who use the thing that they pay for an embrace new technology it's -- -- love to drive innovation averages write its. Awful it's like. But -- the average mean that grandma who only checks email to get photos of -- cranky -- verses you -- Is you know hundreds advocates are -- early eighteenth all IC you'll only feed to your child. Yes. Apps are you guys on AT&T service right out here. Let your little antivirus. Yeah I believe it yet estimate what retirement -- that -- its origins it's really hard to guess. Fifty to a hundred. 75. Yeah oh yeah exactly -- totally. Yeah. Solves you can only play the roommate. I like that -- -- -- -- -- -- Governments but that's when you start to add -- threats as they do have a family and some people are on the computer and -- -- streaming Netflix and then people are -- you know on Xbox Live. Or PlayStation network he really you -- -- I think way faster than you realise because right now everything we do is networked. Via Amazon video on demand movie. So I mean is backing up before most canceled the planned house backup everything that I had like -- -- on -- raid -- it -- on to this cloud and it was like. Ordered fifty. It takes -- of cats. Going -- cats yeah let me -- capita up. No I don't know it's a total -- that's great. You supplement to what they saw once it's something limited a means to. You to edit it I you're you're one of those die that's it -- -- Can't change it that's what happened now we're gonna do. Turns out kicking -- about. If you've been kicked off Final Fantasy recently the reason is that Sony has temporarily shut down all of its Final Fantasy and memos. Mainly to -- servers offline to ease the load on the power grid in Japan right now if you don't like this you don't like people do not complain about this designed get a where you'll get plane flight then. They'll say epidemic complain about this I'll give a dollar to charity -- it doesn't even matter you can't you can't buyer at night complaining -- -- passcode -- importantly. But so that's why -- if you don't know why that is actually why there's a really good reason so like that double payment. So we take that they can't pretend break because we're gonna have agreed after ten seconds will be quiet -- -- look at where you take a quick break. We are back at that barbecue all companies are -- -- it it it out romance it to -- acute. But without giving -- That -- Right now and hopefully if this sketch up. -- -- -- This could apparently get a plan it testing group on inspired service selling discount offers that every one wants to do that although when -- -- 500 million plus users. It deals -- to. Potentially I don't know what a lot better. That's like anything that's a that's a machine up and I'll like you've talked about be -- -- business model line. Yeah Mexican -- how many companies street. -- -- FaceBook group on deal. I science team right -- this beach ball. Might as virtual -- for 50% off through FaceBook. Credits. And get one from -- us. I mean. You gotta figure but actually does as an end -- -- -- the -- is still it is notorious for. Looking things. You know and then not doing that. Like halo didn't do all kinds that they don't -- that -- -- actually visited -- the entire -- of people just looking into the -- but -- the division -- -- -- -- other people -- other companies -- -- -- -- -- -- The lit department that look at anything and they just -- it adds that it. So we'll see to me it makes sense actually for -- but to -- group on other the rumors about group on -- that that now they want an astronomical sum of money. If they're going to be acquired because they don't seem to realize -- anybody else can do that. And we're starting to turn us on another one of those headlines on Twitter today with the company saying getting on group on of the worst thing ever -- from those. This you know -- that the bigger you get the more haters gonna have -- but it seems that the juggernaut was unstoppable because at least for now. Because they're still outpacing the growth of their rivals and -- belt and yes that's about like when you -- -- investor looking at this machine going yeah there might be not a great -- entry but there's an amazing brand and so far ahead of -- -- -- to right. And they have a -- I don't think that's me see it on -- about it. This is what you're the most unique CEO ever to there's like all that's super good CEO -- and then back to catch yeah yeah sorry. The W I I think that's like living -- starting to catch up though and I will at their heels are immediately I got -- and this is why I think FaceBook. Could be so successful to the Amazon cloud. I think it's what's getting living social those phenomenal deals I'll absolutely and then -- FaceBook -- Coming in their ads FaceBook you gotta figure it is going to be integrate can be consumers what it is my wife lived -- -- that she's the editor of our sites and she's like what is is -- all I was on -- -- Yeah -- yeah like two seconds to convince her that she's not yet another. -- because -- group on everything I feel I feel like it's either spots or restaurants. And then mostly spot -- earlier champion -- -- -- -- -- drops I. I I -- living socialism like movie take exams. You know actual hotels is I'd still like it's super useful. Aren't bullet they have this crazy penthouse deal in San Francisco and everyone is going crazy over did you see that now it was like a penthouse. At night at the penthouse at the -- -- four seasons in downtown San Francisco yet to keep like a 16100 dollar set of China. But for bathrobes drive around a lot try to watch report for the day which is why I have looked -- I'm not gonna like there's like ten -- for hip -- -- -- -- -- And yeah -- an -- -- -- the -- they got 16100 dollars at the time. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Not the case the idea again. Louisiana meaning that announces loudly don't annual world -- get excited about that -- -- other cat litter I can take it. All the letters -- -- me. In other news -- -- -- Biz Stone. He everyone's wondering where's he going was he doing well he's will be advising AOL this is not actually -- being Twitter so don't get scared I mean its its delicate front in the -- for them. And -- you'll be doing it more for their social impact. And philanthropy programs trying to how to extend that -- help. With corporate partners and what not to feel like -- analysis -- -- how -- -- -- And we didn't talk about -- we didn't do like a regular say yes as we can talk about the existing got to Paul's give leaving -- -- -- they don't well it's really a brilliant legal mind the fact I sent. Feel -- you're listening has been in such matters of -- -- saharan Aaliyah. Apparently but if they you know it any wonder what exactly is going on and AOL and now they're looking for advice from -- although I got today. I mean yes Twitter has a good social strategy but -- -- a lot of business yet and it's not really did it you know -- from what they're saying it's not really. It's not -- this thing here thing it's a point to be geared you know motivation to have them on board to advise them so have. You know the following a change much he's gonna try to rally companies to think about new ways of doing business. Ma -- and other buyers now we'll see. But I suspect I'll be the last we hear that for quite on them. And then I know he just saw the headline subset -- images that get higher your top several encircling tops the Zune -- it's finally -- Who will Apple fan boys make -- up. -- -- -- -- -- There's -- why we didn't work out -- line up for silly idea well I don't like are you or little Tom Hartley ray player. Little -- now. -- now basically live. In windows phone seven so you'd ever want you remnants abuses and you're gonna -- -- a windows phone seven -- I think that's terrible I don't know if you wanna do that. Right now breaking I feel sorry for the -- for my peeps in Seattle it's what -- him. And now. Microsoft to be clear declined to comment on plans for the -- they said we have nothing to announce about another Zune devices. Another Zune device but we -- -- entries designates in Canada. That's that it seriously you know as Canadians are very little -- and it's like pan it will retire okay. -- but hey you Canadians because we want to make it easier apps please continue to buy our stuff you get -- -- You get on -- -- No doubt about the offer and it's got a he had literally quantifiable number of days -- -- -- behind you -- this from like literally like straight up like a sixty day lag yeah. I think I think I could actually charted on Twitter at I could write a little app I could probably -- it because I usually get the -- that's like. They look for talking about that -- you know having Canada and then some did you know days later. I got I got the group you're talking about that right now worry worry over it it's not like -- the second generation iPad -- again that I haven't actually seen anybody -- when am I gonna get the Zune HD which I guess is part of the problem doesn't mean it's. They're probably just -- -- like push it out there to sell really cheap now -- of what they have. But Tivo only Canadian exactly only for Canadians it's a value that they don't say they're gonna keep they're gonna sell they're gonna continue to sell them when they have here once. Flooding because that can -- -- -- is actually strong that's actually smart move you have something Canada. Like the user does not adults US which was like you know on a 150 bucks Canadian and and Canadian dollar goes up you just arbor chart all that money and -- so well and everything which -- cats at crises and execute. How smart and also also and I just -- Lose all credibility it yet I'm -- I am gonna try to -- internalize our retouched into my mind I can is that every effort to me that's and its super smart. Of the tech unicorn is alerts. Apple's Phil Schiller confirms that the white iPhone will be available this spring -- -- you know it's disturbing about this so long past the time you Eric. So is -- like the new year is. -- -- plan is the new leadership plan. By Apple. They're gonna talk to their fans or you -- release news on Twitter now. Steve Jobs nonchalant we'll just use little wouldn't we have found we were gonna talk about the -- act on any market that is so ridiculous that now it's a ridiculous I can't not talk about. Let's say it would be spring it's got categories there is Bruce Eric Anderson. Better -- and. He's -- dude who treated Phil Schiller problems like. And there isn't like is that PR strategy -- random individuals and haul them you'll notice it's now. While -- they well it's Apple by companies like -- -- emails they Philip Schiller. Now falls Eric Anderson a loan payment it's like Conan O'Brien moment it is Eric Anderson now the most famous -- on Twitter for its you know -- Today hey Eric Anderson is -- just -- my. -- if you've got to be the guide Apple whose job -- for the white iPhone to market like she's been beaten up like by everybody. -- and is now happening. You know whatever by the time it gets there there's gonna be lines got help solve. Although that iPhone four read for -- exactly. And that's infinitely and and since Yahoo! didn't -- out a new -- stop. My mom still has her I've read iPad now -- then lastly. If you. Were late -- everything yesterday wrote that Sunday because of daylight savings time. Apparently you can continue to blame your IOS device to Joe wants automatically change its time might GS -- changed did it acts. And all -- all -- all law. It might automatically changed what -- -- you -- regulate ticket I like it so big. Certainly you know what you know -- I wake -- this once the -- it's definitely. In your salary caps -- -- -- I got it yet -- it -- I don't need. That's why I I get it but. I can automatically -- Just did for defense team. And Louisiana that that you're getting. I can -- my body that's not my virus and and Columbia Kennewick that used to strap on an iPad. Climatic on the Sheila yeah hey. People are reporting though -- You know scattered problems -- there I was devices refusing to update I don't know if that's if it's an Iowa State an -- to -- is mind my phone actually did. I don't people here -- -- -- having problems. And they know. A no no we have known I have no problems here ice -- suspected like 45 -- -- aren't exactly you know. 45 guys who -- -- like OS four point one and never did anything about and the like. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They communities in a three G phones -- I had the most hilarious that the real tea tea plaques and where 1000 that you totally -- -- the nano watch I would view. It's going to prevent there is no -- airline prevent -- DJ. We'll see we'll see you doing that here in and a lot brighter this guy actually outlook dealing with -- the South Miami there's like a hoard of people with the swan island facility resembling what would this watches -- missile -- want yeah I'm really wanted to like -- now you wouldn't. Fashion tips coming in the park show but that is actually access it really anxious to know oddly -- really -- They're looking object but -- little time. -- the CEO Lowell high tech and they would this segment that will Armani exchange though I can't -- but I think -- -- included. The sir it's my registered to actually you'll -- that don't don't -- it that it. It's so cool I -- I read it you say it. That you know I really got -- I would have discovered shelling of northern and I got no I got Internet hot topic are all. I don't realize. It did purple purple and he has -- -- law this gal over man now on. He did gladly take a alien as they can clean that -- and everything public Peter look they're cool now they made out of romance goes -- he's still here. Fairly. I'm ugly and might not on the barbecue thank you for joining us -- -- -- and I. Saving about the value out buzz around persona -- -- if you wanna. Have a wedding they actually Apple adding that the split split Florida or still pictures of barbecue sauce and replaces it that we -- -- -- -- later. --
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