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Buzz Out Loud: Buzz Out Loud Ep. 1300: Is Ping a ding or a zing?

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Buzz Out Loud: Buzz Out Loud Ep. 1300: Is Ping a ding or a zing?

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Steve Jobs says he tried to get Facebook integration in Ping, but Facebook made it too hard. Uh huh. Also, Boxee says it can price its box at $100 more and still compete. We're not so sure. In other news, Twitter plans to record all the links you click, Skyfire hopes to bring flash to un-jailbroken iOS devices (for the children!), and EULA rules fall once again. --Molly

Yeah. -- -- -- Hollywood welcome to buzz out loud yeah. Podcast of indeterminate length it is episode. Thirteen. Time. Does and happy 9210 I know Lola I love that don't forget that the little -- -- Brenda and that's only like -- -- never watched the show I businessmen. I -- I was very it is nine a Q&A today if thank if you didn't you know on the Twitter earlier you know cartons of graduates or whatever. And it is also Apple event to recap today the I was. We sort yes we have to use the avatars but as I was saying yesterday I think the most interest in part of the announcement was -- Even though a lot of people hate it but to from a business perspective -- -- -- for Apple to try to do a social network. And the question we -- had was. Where the heck it's FaceBook in this series and at night we did exactly edit you know just like way way way way way way to legacy -- -- being a social network and then. It only lives in that bloated piece of software software which also did not get a web update. Right so it only lives. In the big ninety's some megabyte download. And you have to open it to be in -- or -- he can do it on your phony I guess it's like you've got to be right but then then -- today. -- -- -- -- -- -- And he said basically that Facebook's. Had had some requirements for connecting. With -- and they found on -- Yes onerous terms but nonetheless -- term what's interesting what's -- -- thing about that is that. For a brief period of time and on some of the screens -- during the demo onstage. FaceBook was there and there were people who -- actually able to connect. To put in there to connect -- FaceBook together -- -- nothing -- and it'll evaporated re O'Malley. I get -- that he he had the the link set up and then as of this morning -- all gone and that was even then that was only FaceBook connect. No actions were being sent it was no it was just a log in via -- -- -- I didn't have you know like find your friends on FaceBook or anything like that. It with just like with FaceBook connect and now we know is that is gone into the start but come on like if you're gonna populated don't. Launch another -- completely if you wanna popularly a social network let me populated my FaceBook friends and -- post and all of that it's just like. Really it's as -- to me like they don't. It either they don't understand kind of how web based social networking works or just don't care -- that don't wanna control it well horses or the -- they'll likely. -- it could be like you say which is the height of arrogance to think that even though you have a 160 million users that that those 160 million software users. Actually want to form a social network and I've tried I tried -- I installed it but I'm running it. I look for like twenty people I know on it none of them are on there I don't know that's that they haven't tried it or if I mean these people -- what would try -- early adopters -- Or -- some flaw at the moment some bug. But the last thing I wanna do with that yet another social network Wyeth YA -- yet another social network -- let me sign up via. You know find my FaceBook friends who are also on paying -- apartment Twitter friends or something but doing began his route it to its its -- arrogant for Apple to think. That people that this will work. And that's scary thing is though as -- -- -- -- -- realize well actually probably will I don't know that it well I'd like that the overwhelming response to paying has been a large man. And -- I don't think it was I think them the way more significant to me. Thing that they did was with Apple TV if anything I mean I didn't find it particularly -- Clinton. Announcement overall it was definitely like okay here's another big -- for you know -- update it medium. I'm surprised that they're still in TV game now -- -- they have to be though they have to move forward to think. Yes I did I don't think Steve Jobs believes in it and -- and and I think he did call it a -- after all angled at a hobby again he sort of saying you know like that yeah the content right the content owners are now on board with -- -- I ping I think is. That to me type my told my bottom line after the event yesterday -- that I didn't -- that anybody was like while they ruined the nano and I don't understand the wet. And guilt eat you -- -- really good point about the nano because we were so even even we here in the studio were so gob smacked by how. How much it looks like a watch yeah we neglected to. Remember that they kept the price the same -- making the screen smaller and picking up the camera. Yeah -- -- -- and now they -- human just like wait a minute they just -- feature writes the thing now I know I don't I truly don't understand what on earth they did to the NATO and looks great I -- -- -- I still think it looks like relieved that product. But when -- -- -- -- I don't know why you would buy that I really don't like the price. Differential isn't significantly between that and the iPod Touch and a shuffle is the one that I think that you -- used as a small little device. When I just totally didn't it. Anyway. But I did think Apple TV announcement with significant and now today some of its competitors are responding -- physically Boxee. Who put -- around and -- about to put up a blog posting here's how we see Apple TV you know we like Apple -- -- -- it's wonderful but Apple TV is still closed. -- that it's gonna be a closed system we think that ours is open and that even though and this is -- Canada money quote he said. The Boxee box is going to be a hundred dollars more expensive -- Apple TV but we'll give you the freedom to watch what you want we think it's worth it and. He is by any sense of logic absolutely correct. But nobody will care that's my concern right -- in the in like you said that's a perfect way to put it in a logical world possibly there you know I I still think. You can't -- hundred dollars mark and then Apple now they have also a hundred dollars more expensive than recruit them and its -- -- expensive. Like it's just not. -- -- is what people are gonna wanna pay -- this especially because right now most of them are still paying. Cable subscriptions fees and will still have to do because the content providers are not I'm bored with -- And let's be clear it's not just a hundred dollars more expensive it put another way another -- -- it's twice as much right. It's 200 dollars versus 100 dollars that that's. That's a big change now for what and I think Steve is right and why did not coming -- sorry. -- But seriously still not and that that members of the pocket than men do the tilt the -- this of the -- That's locked the F Silva who's making it Linksys or. They can get that they need more partnerships meaning -- more at -- developer part hardware partners if the thing out there. Or -- or something -- -- this thing was all this it was the sex at CES. In January. And if it is not coming out until November it's kind of the same as the tablet competitors like you. You had all the buzz but now you've let now you're gonna let Apple kind of sneak in -- we don't get me wrong I think Apple TV comes with a lot of qualifications right it's not the perfect device for everyone. It's only really gonna work well for you with -- in a Mac house. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The thing is at and certainly for -- any power brokers like the one that's just like really cool and really undervalued and and the same price -- -- intimately. Apple I know that one yeah at a hundred bucks people by the Apple -- that the Apple TV and a -- 200 bucks is over that limit for lot of people that Apple TV will cut in. To box -- it -- may still be some Boxee to believe if and that's not forget -- of the -- -- TV devices coming out in two and now. And that's that's a totally different mindset that's think Google engineering driven versus Apple you know you'll take -- -- -- love a trip yeah have a very from its -- but those are gonna be the big players. I think NN and the Xbox that's not what am I also thought. I think that the rental versus. Buying is very interesting interesting to me that they're now only offering the option to during. What does not store they make completely got to the product -- -- -- one chip -- yeah it's just that winter I just made me seriously do people want. To be able want to own. I didn't exactly know how to feel about that -- -- what kind of rigid button that I can only rent. But at the same time I find managing digital media media to be kind of well about I think he's right people who want and can store. If you go if you if that product goes into an Apple household then where there are iTunes users and they are buying products on the right things that content will be -- ruled the Apple TV hmm. So while the Apple TV itself is stream only able stream from what's in your house so in an Apple household it actually is -- -- looked after well yes exactly. That's I mean come to the -- while -- and the only shows you like to watch -- any became -- -- -- Which by the way that fear of speaking here at and the previously that's a terrible idea all the good so there and -- did -- -- -- -- -- an account now. We're gonna take quick -- actually before now we're actually not. Other things coming out of the -- -- -- the keynote it's embarrassing even printing press -- -- announcement. The super over anti press announcement Steve Jobs took a little dig at Google. And that. I I didn't really realize -- but last month Eric Schmidt of Google is activating over 200000 Android devices that day and growing Steve Jobs -- -- -- there and said. Saying some of our friends might be counting grades and their numbers. But we're not Clinton and Google was listening to the Google of the thing and we activating 230000. New Vaio -- devices per -- Right we are and then Google -- and the -- -- -- -- it. Is that time and myself but unity that goes spokespersons that this was talking -- that that the point Europe fortune. The Android activation numbers do not include upgrades and -- -- only a portion. Of the Android devices in the market since we only include devices that have global services and -- of course being open source means that all the billions. Of tablets there are being -- Interest -- possibly rank rank anyway nice little cat -- there. Now also Utica less direct hit at Google's TV and what I considered to being directed at me. By saying that consumers want Hollywood blockbusters and high end TV shows on their on their set top box. Accessories but not. Amateur hour. Molina and mature. That's what I think outpacing he was lumping you in there you. Think everybody who doesn't online content is not on TV into the idea of an era like no you're doing I don't of those funny things because you could tell because a lot of people in the audience view. What you might consider amateur hour you know like you've got all these tech journalists most of them are doing video on the -- -- -- kind of feel everybody in every like. Steve -- -- well -- -- Steve it's playing the game here he is he is suddenly convincing the people in the audience that they are somehow diminished to elevate himself it's it's. It's total game and -- statesmanship it well it's it's. And about -- I know what it is they're just saying that it was -- -- like I actually think are actually think that what can. What he's doing here is I mean I make I'm completely agree with you here but there's I think there's another angle here which I think he is talking to. The big studios and saying look of all the people who were doing media media devices out there. We understand you Disney. Well with -- you know Disney Disney Warner whoever we are your friends. We are about professional content we will protect you you protect -- that's the message there yet it's also a dig at Google I mean I know perfectly well thank you -- he's talking about YouTube. But and yet but he -- trying to justify the fact that the Apple TV it is -- to Abner. -- and when I'm not -- a closed environment that is only going to offer you iTunes rentals. And then presumably whatever podcast there. Available on -- -- elect crappy image continuing their reluctance there weren't lots of -- and lots of pain as usual that are not even went to. Let's take a quick break when we come back we're gonna talk about how Twitter is going to be watching -- By the end of the year according to news.com story today Twitter expects to be recording in analyzing every link users click. When using its website or any of the thousands of third party micro blogging -- third party -- -- -- also them Twitter will be. As switching and this is not new but they announced that they were gonna switch all users over to their T dot -- link shortening service and then once that happens. They'll distract all those Linksys in ethnically. That that distract them all that is track everything that people are sharing and clicking inside -- -- picture and by the by kill bit leak. And all the other link sharing products out there which are big piloting we have some traction as an out as link analysis company is great because it gives you great -- Twitter sent out an email to. Some I I didn't I -- one -- my -- -- there's. People saying this is what we're doing. And it is you know you yet again it's another. Time we're Twitter is they've built up this great environment with -- open API and all the stuff all these great people are always great companies that things like. When sharing aren't link shortening an intruder comes and it says you know what we're gonna do and we're gonna do better. And eventually. I believe twitters and starts selling the analysis -- yet. I mean there you know they don't know is like -- don't you know they have been pretty good that watching. -- other features and third party apps and and snapping them up and and they need a business model and I think they've they totally realized that sponsored tweet. Are going to annoy people that you know nobody wants a Twitter that's filled with -- -- and I think they really are looking for ads aren't -- thanks for other ways to. Get revenue and and and data collection is a time honored model it's not as though everybody else is in doing what I think they should probably due to reassure users to that -- like that that's creepy. Did you put in only kind of public website lankans in on your podium are you communicating -- links to each other. Over Twitter but what I think they could do to reassure users the same you know direct messages would be tracked. Don are -- good -- yet. If that you know people are talking about it being disgusting -- land grab and whether there will be an opt out policy and if there's a privacy concern and I sort of -- There can't be that much privacy can -- About. None of about links that you share in public you might be concerned actually has very little to the privacy if it's that link short mirrors are -- and if the link shortening service goes down. Then all the sudden the value of the whole thing collapses and Twitter is not known for its reliability. So era where like put yourself out there's like hey come see our in our live blog of such and such here's a -- -- -- -- Duncan is all the sudden Twitter gets overloaded and Twitter and the then they'll links fail -- out via this I mean they -- right yeah and they're still. Intermittently Twitter has problems and I'm not -- -- they have the capacity right now to deal with every link going through their servers. Yeah I think that's probably that is a very good point well -- I mean I think it's totally actually to start worrying about twitters control every information mean there's archiving. Element you know there's the fact that you are giving. Information and data. I don't know updates that you might wanted them right into a book later -- you another company and and now your links to -- turning kind of your whole experience over to Twitter. It doesn't mean it does make you wonder -- they need to have government can control where you regulating -- -- going to be like the -- that we have about like my own blog. -- -- I don't want of the great unfettered economic supplement owned like -- how cute who met the adorable. And. -- also making a third party clients makers -- again today by announcing Twitter for iPad. Yeah this is the they bought tweedy and they made -- into the official Twitter client for the iPhone. Which. Much to many people's chagrin including mine is really really good yeah and I -- using Twitter over tweet deck on the iPhone and now. Twitter for the iPad is out. And it's also quite good it's not. Doesn't give you quite as much information in one place as a tweet deck does on the iPad where at three columns. This is an adults only one called the navigation -- local what I like about this I'm apt. Is that it it has some cool features like. -- the paper integration so read later. I mean have a newspaper accounts I gotta get because -- -- -- something to read later and -- and -- -- and -- an -- an inline media. -- -- -- to -- is just -- especially on the iPad in -- and Motorola have it it's sort of perfect if only have flash player. If that -- yeah I don't actually. Mean maybe Philadelphia that are not with Twitter but sky fire. Has submitted a flash. Compatible browser -- To the iTunes app store and a -- City. That they think it's going to be accepted -- trans codes splashed into html. In real time right to -- actually supporting flash yeah it's a proxy. Browser and so the flash goes through their servers and then it's sent to your computer or your your patty or pod. In. Html five. So an Apple. Apparently. This is okay with Apple will see anti designer and the -- is -- experiment when -- phone to listen to the show right now. It is you know don't it is popular with mobile devices that way it it isn't thinking that the hack. But it does and here -- the company maintains the company says it has been developed with significant oversight and he got from Apple and that quote. It adheres to every -- put forth by Apple regarding html five video playback Brian -- -- you after it. They are transporting. They are India and displaying html five video playback I wonder how will -- -- I wonder if the Apple people are are are back in their offices and oh how -- -- let that loophole through. Or maybe not gases maybe this is there one of their ways of saying look see you do not need latch finally there Ide device it's just -- -- just that's the one that is still the one thing that I have the same day to day. I find it and -- -- -- iPad use it is obnoxious I'm with you the flash and JavaScript. If I can even browse banana republic and -- thing. -- what I wanted to do -- like I'm like African iPad commercial there with the knees up is that you added all lately you'll and you from wearing a banana republic got -- learned them banana republic khakis and -- banana republic that copper whatever and -- like. I got an email about the new sales of about -- -- -- thing conflict. -- yeah you know gets me the Lago pieced user for picking -- Lagos the buy for your son. -- in this since. Does not work. And trying to buy sexy it's used in data like I need to replace the kitty Lego it's Florida children Apple I'll come -- to. Last other children. I -- -- -- a whole like a man who sued a gaming company of its crippling addiction to the computer -- that -- lineage to. Has apparently won a pretty important victory in court with a judge ruling. That the game makers Ullah. Is not enough to prevent the lawsuit from going forward but even though the reveal -- thing you can't -- us because this gamer in your life. The courts and now you can actually that it really super -- like well a lot. This this -- -- -- -- mention his name he he put 20000 hours until lineage to yet to be hospitalized. And he continues to suffer extreme. -- extreme and serious emotional distress and depression. While apparently -- not -- -- by his own admission -- is no longer able to -- Baylor communicate with his friends and family of the direct result. Of his usage of this game and then so what he said is. That the the game maker did not. Adequately warn of the dangers of gaming addiction and that that then actually they shut down to the -- What can you imagine I mean here's this guy after all that yeah. And that's probably what depressed -- yes thirty filed a federal lawsuit and the judge in this case ruled that both Texas and Hawaii law. -- contract provisions that -- in advance the ability to make gross negligence claims. And he did not dismiss moments when I mean this is gonna go further because this -- -- bullets are really missing you -- -- story to Armenia as a precedent because viewers are getting kind of hammered from all sides and people are saying look. It is bull crap to put up 35 pages they know perfectly well nobody's gonna read try to identify ourselves from any claims. It's just not gonna. It's not gonna stand in their more and more president like that. On the other hand. Somebody. Of all that tens of thousands or however many people are millions of people -- use the games like. Lineage how many of them end up depressed and unable to -- right you know one so far that we now know all gaming addiction is all right so. A lot -- real but but most people don't so should. I mean this. This is extreme both sides the yields are ridiculous. Most people don't mean most you know people most babies don't think there -- through that bars and cribs and strangle themselves either but there's the warnings and there's still. You know you standards for that and -- what they're saying it like -- Gaming addiction I mean what the federal judge Rowland is the thing is gaming addiction is -- real thing. And companies have a responsibility to warn about it even if it's not likely and that is completely the American way of doing things right even if it's not likely still warn you might choke on them. The thing so they'll have to add another page to the Illinois 36 page. I mean how -- you solve this and I'm with you and I and I'm curious to see how we can get ahead of this and help. Find these people before -- well -- is that while and maybe we don't need to have such. Three police sophisticated game mechanics that are -- -- developed at the main part of the problem right -- building these games that are. The the technological equivalent of their consulting psychologists and psychiatrists and -- in and doing. Bringing mechanics and trying to figure out the best possible way to hook people keep them I'm gonna reported actually -- like cigarettes. Yes and worse because it's in deep inside your brain I mean they're they're engineering addiction into the air secret -- at some point lecturer there Indian tribal. I think had to -- in my next migrant. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- gave a really good story from our colleague Maggie Reardon today about exclusive deals explicit content mainly sports field. They're actually making the 3-D TV audience -- Not that big the start button even smaller if slicing and I think there's I think connecting it to that -- the other -- -- rate which is like content exclusivity will kill us all. It'll certainly -- 3-D TV she read about -- sports. Is. Supposedly the savior of 3-D TV it's the thing that makes it so compelling. However. You have to subscribe to DirecTV and able to get US open tennis tournament in 3-D you have to subscribe to some other. Service to get put all you've got you know it's like. The DirecTV has the most 3-D content that they're making all -- mr. deal and kind of places and I think that I mean like is that I mean even small yet this is totally. Anti the -- Net neutrality -- not to bring something else into it but. This is this is the content companies going in the other direction losing you know we want a piece of this when -- of that so. We're just going to say you can -- on this network on this box on this TV and there there you get it but people aren't going to buy. Televisions or hardware just to get this content as these deals never last again with the public knows that. It's really it is really interesting -- it didn't face enough hurdles he kind of wonder if that's the EA or if the manufacturers would start to put the pressure on. The content owners and -- Why killing a baby immigrant here -- -- I I think over time that will happen I mean it's like you you can't get cable or right now without. -- via some you know nobody makes those deals because -- -- would be ridiculous to say well you know this service for that service -- And the same thing happened with 3-D. If enough people want to it will become more universal yet and challenges yankees SA network as -- -- they're -- -- in -- creative because -- nobody can experiment with that. -- -- Yep yet again and -- -- -- edit -- anyway Italy nobody ever needed anyway that's never really compelling reason -- home movies like home movies as an impact I -- tyrant but no this is great that before content. Then it makes room for amateur hour okay yeah that's right and then here's Panasonic at. Pitching 3-D -- 3-D video. Don't worry about -- US. Open on that so we're starting to see the 380 consumer hardware come out so Panasonic's at this thing and maintenance that model number which. Records -- 3-D we saw it was a Fuji camera thought the treaty showcase your compliments the golden because a digital camera that it three pictures and video yet and that is that there's a treaty webcam yeah and out there but that that the first one I've seen that. Like a big old. Hi Def cam corder that -- to record -- treating this actually semi pro. Via -- -- about thirteen 99. Handling the video raises complications. Yet that 3-D video can be copied and shown using -- -- in my FT parity with B Panasonic that. But -- expect consumer video editing to be a simple matter. In your video editing in HD -- already not a simple matter to there all those different ABC HD formats and different -- that supports this and then we're back. -- another adding 3-D into the makes three. Forget it forget it let it go. You forget editing authority -- just you don't get 3-D. Yeah I wish we -- from your lips I wish that would work. You know how I feel about treaty it's just it seems silly. Anyway but apparently -- and is. Hoping that you -- I guess you have to have a reason to keep buying your widgets right and so -- -- is what they hope will be -- you need -- hold. It's fear 00. Widget economy. To make this thing work like you need but I am recorders in need the -- account and the boxes and you need -- displays. And they just keep coming out as much as we know -- useful collision during. Now Sony also if I showed up a lot of prototypes of a forthcoming Vaio laptop that will in -- come with a 3-D button. And then active shutter glasses to separate if they want the -- that these that he convene the eighty. Illustrate but I do think it could just think if you tip the perm permanent display where you right. I do have a button that -- acute internal they -- time. -- time and keep this -- -- the stigma you know for like games and yeah and that's treaty and that's actually that's -- 3-D will probably work in you know use. Totaling games because their -- -- written and -- models. Anyway yeah I -- Sony plans to -- -- -- 3-D TV channel. Oh no no no -- -- I think Sony did you not -- -- irony and this is what we were just saying not to do that's for an evil I'm sorry but that I did I hate the fact that content is controlled by companies have so many dangerous other interest -- example hardware. Mike don't try to sell me 3-D enabled TV's because your the ones who want to push more expensive movie. That will that you'll get a bigger revenue I'm like they're playing all these 3-D is Resident Evil -- let the green hornet Spider-Man and a black sequel then they're gonna launch -- 3-D TV channel but you can't. -- if you make the content and and the hardware and you're trying to get -- to pay more for -- like art isn't that just you you're getting paid on both ends and your trying to drive this innovation and nobody -- wants. Capitalism maybe its growth gets its growth. Adult like and I'm not do it and I'm not buying your stupid new. A little hot hot have released their two. Vietnamese and yet if Gavin -- any guidelines them -- -- update their pink. Well Ali an -- with their -- -- okay yet new new EU leaders. Why lines and -- -- community. I guess when Amazon anyway they never -- that the news it is is the news is there's a bunch of new year -- as a five inch one for 179. Dollars. The another one -- that. If -- -- -- six inch clear touch screen for 229 and another oil which is three G. Seven inch screen -- let me handle -- -- more money. I just a heart I can't get -- I -- -- -- new product okay go ahead Molly Sony upgraded all three of its readers they have new touch screen technology which is good that has been a big gain on the now they finally do but they're low end model gets a little bit more expensive. And they only have right now I think each of Wi-Fi out of -- -- lower end models to wait a minute of that -- so they've got. Only the top end model has built in wireless are the other ones we'll have built in Wi-Fi but only -- top model has built in wireless well that's what Amazon is doing actually mean they've they've taken three G out of their low and it to be priced competitor -- three -- -- -- what my own. Right yeah so but they're also that they have a new one a few months than in the reader daily edition -- 950. Which has to 27 days of battery life ala the Kindle -- and -- it's kind of more. It's more. Sony's out of this game already and they don't -- -- it but. And it's still hot market the -- think he had depends what's you know how you can get content onto these things the one -- -- will say -- Sony right its pretty. Yet they are and they don't have the keyboard and often use a keyboard on a Kindle. And -- as well -- -- editor. Yeah for any not to surf the web but to search for and about after the terrible keyboard. If so why bother why pick up that hope that much of the device with key where the feeling you want immigrant while an -- the touch screen and attach -- had an affluent ago. But the which is actually kind of a big deal and -- borders. Which. I think even a slightly fatter. Target I think also -- the Kindle. Yeah yeah anyway so I would say for. And if -- in the market for any reader -- don't buy one now because there in the prices are serious. Seriously. I would -- there -- free fall but there's big battle going on here for people to tell -- -- yes. And Amazon you know they're good they're we're gonna see pretty good -- -- dollar. I'll -- year eighteen months. -- they alert attack the borders ones are the Cobo annular attack in their e-book pro is now 9999. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And Amazon will will try to get you know the Amazon Kindle store and as many products as we can eventually -- ball and -- -- dispute in the Kindle in the Apple's the PCs will be on other. And eventually the seven inch tablets when they do start to arrive. Are gonna kill I mean this sort of feel like the last desperate flailing of a dying industry in -- that when those readers Iraq are those seven inch tablet -- -- arrived they can do so much more plus readers. -- feel -- that's when. When Agassi 49 Alec and a bit. Well let metal and then you'll buy one because it's like -- it's even -- -- it's that it's more contrast and longer battery life if you're gonna vacation better so there will be a market -- things but not. When they're competing in price. You know at at this level have to drop a lot -- that's cool actually. -- it lets skip past some stories as rare -- law we're. Chatty today we're chatty but we're getting -- and talk about mapping a little bit nav tech is launching a new service designed to add. A human element to GPS navigational little more -- a new trigger if -- -- we have somebody there. -- I mean I want to we our show is in -- -- -- isn't in Berlin yes. People. All that lets you pitch for buzz out loud Nepa -- to -- -- -- petition. I'm in anyway it's called natural guidance that it -- traditional GPS navigation instructions and gives you directions that you might otherwise get from my friends or family the rather than. Turn -- 150 feet or meters or whatever which makes modems and you better. It it would be like. You know hang a right at the that's a Foster -- turn right at the light. -- or turn right after the yellow store -- more intuitive and practical directions sounds really cool sounds incredibly difficult to do. Although if you do have are a really good street view database that your computer understands the main thing about -- left at the Chevron hardly yet. Which I think is getting more and more. Filled out I think it does seem possible -- can -- landmarks instead of feet or meters. Our streets. I like tragic university. I -- -- give you turn right here now here here -- man. I'm trying so hard not got -- -- But I think it kind of natural language and worldwide recognition and semantic web and -- there's so much possibility that like if an email today for the Italian them in a plate with an Italian hotel. But I was using Google translate like in real time to type my email and it translated real time and it seemed to be like relatively accurate and I just thought. And we are so lucky to live in the time that we live in technology. -- speaking you know I were living -- we're lucky because we don't have to say we don't have to call our. Family and friends than -- get your house is thinking yet. Please just give any added it's clean stuff at least stop giving me directions geriatric there's a great excuse tedium that just the day or two ago and I just want the address -- it's it's very reluctant. We got emails. -- -- -- Tell -- any aren't here any Arnie from Tampa says that I just want to add my two bits -- a whole Indian government snooping issue the issue they face is one of criminals using these IP based forms of communication -- the firms that provide these services are not locally based. This in turns makes it impossible to tap these lines of communications for law agencies. The situation is not like China where there is a question of censorship in the government's buying -- -- 5%. Law agencies and by extension government still have to get a court order that these lines. In India and in my opinion it is no different than governments listening on phone conversations of organized crime in most countries including USA. The US does not face -- situations because almost all the major servers of Google and Skype would be based locally and that's -- Circuit Court order ask them to comply. With the law agencies there. That's an interesting point interest argument Skype of course is distributed in their servers are all over the world but. It's more difficult break inspect -- distributed but the but the very weird -- going very very valid point. That it's about getting. About giving tools to law agencies which if -- or servers that you trying to get into our out of your country can really do. Register -- -- that I mean we're at where the only went through. They just -- -- buy a -- you know it. Q birds maybe it. William from Australia writes -- with a very distinct. Argument against software patents and says. Race that India -- -- Andy -- that we need some form patents to protect intellectual property well I challenged this -- At least as far as software -- you cannot patent mathematical formulas algorithms are really no different. The result is that we get all these patents -- obvious things there's a saying in business those who can innovate and those who can't litigate. Innovative companies don't need patents to protect and their million group on -- but group under the better than anyone else -- they don't care. Patents are for the Levy and incompetent -- available -- but step. What's more many say software patents are a zero sum game where companies grab patent for the defense against others coming at them -- -- I said. This is fine in theory but it -- and has led to the creation of patent trolls. I agree with Molly cannot argue at this point the proper patents don't stifle an animation in many countries. Have outlawed them -- US needs as well or you'll find entrepreneurs going elsewhere are taking their jobs with them software is the ultimate portable business. Them through. -- -- -- also -- assignment to being about a seven. -- 5% and boy. But I have to comment on one thing from the Apple announcements I downloaded iTunes and fired up and -- movement but the thing that did strike me. Is that Apple seems to have violated their very own cast in stone religious fervor word of god human interface guidelines. In every OS-X app in the world and the -- -- and minimize controls are horizontal in the upper left of the app window red yellow green left to right. Every app that is except I didn't and corporate know every second -- Apple decided to put the buttons in a vertical display. So ten million hours of muscle memory are unknown and and compounded it is single instance. The button I want in the words should be isn't so pointless and annoying and every other developer than it Steve would have personally punch them out our Barone got. I'm not only are they -- a -- but they're -- but there -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Anyway you just give you body knows and apples at what the heck are they doing I'm so with Leo -- -- a couple of emails on this and a actor on this and click the funniest female ever -- and I'm not gonna. Anyway and finally Jason X and says -- -- iTunes has taken the same model as the Zune marketplace with the band pages and social net sharing and following. Hmm. None among men as well everywhere like and -- -- -- and does very true Apple is not the first and that's the do everything they just -- -- -- I noted that paying. That pink thing -- week you're and we tired singing thing -- know I'm sounding thing -- loving evening tell us what you think of pain is it. Home being -- -- dating her I don't know anyway of -- of the comment via Blackberry messenger and is due for five to three. -- 65 we will read those comments on Friday you can finally everything we talked about today the latest episodes and links to our Wiki way to contact us are very useful blog the AOL dot cnet.com. You can email us advises cnet.com and you can call us at 80616. He thinks there is -- can follow us on Twitter gets mad at Hollywood and -- -- Stay there. I and.
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