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Buzz Out Loud: Buzz Out Loud Ep. 1299: Apple iPod announcement shuffles the buttons (Podcast)

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Buzz Out Loud: Buzz Out Loud Ep. 1299: Apple iPod announcement shuffles the buttons (Podcast)

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Steve Jobs revealed today three new iPods, including a Shuffle with buttons, a Nano that can double as a wristwatch (we think) and a razor-sharp iPod Touch. Also: Sony and Amazon have media news of their own, and Zuckerberg wants his privacy.

I'm -- humans. I've read some time -- and it's worked out -- Florida it's a buzz welcome to buzz out loud. Episode 1299. And who -- a little ragged today because we were your music. I forgot they are and where the cnet's podcast of indeterminate length yes -- on it is -- today aren't so what just happened Ellis well. You -- there. I'm glad to know you're there to I was I was there is definitely like one of -- things after -- it all happened so fast I don't know what happened we will or just live live commenting doing color commentary on this Steve notes he announced a whole bunch of new iPods. And a new Apple TV. Cynical that I TV the ones. Yeah. I think Adobe Mac as you laugh -- that I lost the -- I've of those going to be Apple IP agreement that would be. Anyway so we have that the -- announcement I think we all agree on is that nano. Yeah well well everyone has an effort to it that the reason -- says because we have video. Alpha visually the most interest -- -- -- noon and most interesting piece of hardware we have the nano we've got a little clip of Steve Jobs demonstrating the new nano which is a tiny watch sized device with four icons with the show that clip. -- IPod nano. Has multi touch the yeah. -- -- It's. It's small. With. -- It's 46%. Smaller and 42%. Lighter in other -- it's almost half a small. And almost half as light as its predecessor. That doesn't happen too often. It's got clips and no more armed bands when you wanna use it for athletics. It's got volume buttons hard volume buttons. Voice over. FM radio Nike plus pedometer all sorts of stuff like that. And it works and 29 different languages. So we're really excited about this it's got 24 hour audio play that. -- -- So you've got. A lot of different screens got the home screen as you flip through we've -- radio and photos and podcasts and settings and then. All different ways to access your music's songs. Albums. Composers genres. And this is what it's like when you scroll through -- you get these nice big letters to find out you know where you are. That's what albums look like it's great -- album art. Here's some more the first to a radio they're the built in FM radio. Photos. And again the home screen. So this is what it looks like and this is an iPod nano. You're writing. And so let me just put some of the screens here well first of -- go right in the music I just hit artist. And they'll just break through like this. And on the go to. -- he. And I want to find Ella FitzGerald. I could just place on. And again. I can swipe right. You go through our can just hold down any place was not there and get right back to the home screen. So it's very very easy to navigate around. Let me show you some of the other screens here so we've got again radio podcasts and photos. All the different ways of listening to music can. All the other stuff but got -- so let me say I want to up and listen albums a lot I want them on the home page that just push down. Jiggle it and move it just like that -- my other wireless devices so now I have album song -- front page. Again I can just. Scroll through here. Really think. The last thing I wanna show you was we go home again. For the home screen looks sick with the song like clip it on upside down. We just take my two fingers and rotated. But anyway and to see what photos look like -- -- really nice as well. Split between. So that gives you a little bit of an idea. Of the new iPod Touch. That's the new nano that was one of three new. Pretty cool little devices that Steve Jobs -- at the nano is a 149 dollars or 179 dollars for -- sixteen gigs. And will be available when soon. So -- on Apple Store right now on apples or regulatory go ahead and personalize it with free engraving of the -- article yet back. It's sitting below the nano is the shuffle. Which is 49 dollars for two gigs and that is that goes hearkens back to the to -- the second generation shuffle and that has the click wheel buttons -- -- in the buttons that stick of gum and shuffle is a put finally. The people with people like the -- -- could go a little that little ones -- so this thing now has buttons and you really neat really a retro throwback. Yeah but its innocence to before your eyes on bucks or is as a second gen was where was that says this this is a stocking -- you could actually I think they're gonna be selling these hearings. Because it's flat it's that little teeny thing we're gonna we're gonna hear that one before I ask in the -- -- -- -- and two -- fifty bucks five dollars and I -- -- And -- mutual back at tarnish the image courtesy you guys blu and so there's. A I'm gonna wanna write that we got the nano is Apple's sword the smallest. Pilots device which I do for but not for icon -- right now we got the touch. Which is. Eight months 32 -- or 64 expert between 99 united -- and -- what does the touch got. It's gonna add to your face time they're doing that with front and rear camera -- -- display HD video recording. And games senator I think it's probably the newest wrinkle against each that's part of the I OS update bored -- one yeah Florida -- a cactus is there essentially there. -- network kennel like an Xbox Live service built into the iPhone alas. And they're matched with people but you don't have to pay for -- -- -- into this saying this is now the number one portable gaming device having surpassed PSP and -- Nintendo products so we'll hence the the PSP ads that are actually you know going at it. We've -- is now actually yes and it's got some ads that are like you know that's that's not that's a really nice that the colonies that -- grandma I've played video games but what I don't drama I don't know -- your -- iPod Touch is really -- this is turned out to be a real rock -- for them to -- because it was kind of -- product when it came -- it was -- -- It's a rock star product for Apple -- -- very well and ended another -- -- the about the actually need -- dinner. So yeah we thought it was the only -- -- using this isn't what's this thing made out of so that's nice map and hacked almost dangerous now it's so -- that they've taken wolverines closeted Mancini put him at the time. And it's this dilemma to the touch now does the face time but there's also the camera on the back yes -- -- the now here's the really cool thing about him on the back -- thing go that you do it -- the HDR yeah -- right. -- high dynamic range photography. What it does. Go ahead you wanna go to Gulfport I -- what it doesn't if you if you enable the high dynamic range photography in this this lets you take pictures of things -- that the range between bright -- sunlight. And I didn't like shadow all shows up it gets compressed and processing conceived both the -- -- got his M gonna go video has -- -- in -- compared to the ailment is no way around and this is for film 44 stills. What it does is it takes three pictures in in brief success. -- one happens yeah that's that's a thank you. Up reckoning it's call. Low exposure middle exposure than high exposure and then it makes it it puts them together so if you jiggle the camera kind of matches them all up and it does the processing to give you the HD our photo. This is really cool yeah. This and this will be coming you pilots four point one yeah this device and in the iphones when -- Or get not exclusively -- -- we're talking about it would in the tech segment here but this is one you'll make all your photos look as if you did a bunch of Photoshop and on the back to keep if you knew how. This will do -- -- Yeah this is great stuff and not an easy thing to do -- for the first time I've seen HD -- get this easy in the right gotten easier over the years but he used to be some voodoo science free pair fork it over uses this feature however. Well we'll know if it's done right and an event is done automatically probably won't really people it'll just it'll look like and and better exposure it tremendously better exposure works it's gonna be like Mike my pictures looks -- the ones that -- like sexy paintings of the ones where there's like. -- the night images that -- drive access time -- nice images of the gate bridge yet. Also -- other pilots news they showed a little sneak peek at -- less. Four point two different from -- for Portland four point two will be specific to the iPad to the showcase the -- multi. What in my opinion multitasking -- years. Built -- the iPad on an all the things that you're used to in I let's four point one now being ported over the iPad that's gonna be available sometime in November so I bet that's what we get multitask. In the iPad is not until November -- directly to teasing us is that because we don't even have four point one at this or four point -- at this point on the idea who's gonna skip all of that on the iPad go to -- -- That's that let them on a sex I really looking forward to multitasking on the idea yeah and we need both at least you can -- -- -- -- a haul him back in two minutes we'll have more to think. I thought our that's the only product personal hacker here do you know division over foreseeable a couple of the them arguments what is it that does that when -- -- -- just he just from city background background have you done. It's all sorts sitting let -- -- yeah absolutely nothing illustrate. Have done -- -- dot com right is that you that's it is you're -- it's a multitude of and so we have the see we got shuffle the nano the touch -- -- of the game matching service so you're playing a game on the iPod Touch and you want it's social gaming -- be met with somebody else you have no -- find somebody. Who left that says ask me ask what he's actually said that you don't get a lot of high tech CEOs but he's out there if you're an Apple user and -- -- president's answers. They -- pocket rocket and they say. Bring it on its network monitoring and I don't know if you're talking about you can't buys our studio. Then they will help match you somebody who had similar level -- -- you don't yeah that destroy you believe that randomly generate a -- just for you. For prudently residences and -- -- -- other suffered stuff that we saw iTunes ten. Was released they showed -- have a new list feature as well as. Bringing kind of social networking music together Rafe really -- this -- want to talk about that I I stoked about. I am stoked about this from a business perspective so there's this new feature in iTunes can call pain. Which will let you follow other users and -- 160 million iTunes users -- a lot of them out there to choose from if they sign up for this thing. And say what you like what you're listening to more importantly -- this. Is that pain will give music artists a MySpace like page where they can say what they're doing and have like Twitter like experiences and and put up photos and concert information and you'll be able to follow with people on iTunes not just on your computer your Mac -- -- but also on your touch or your iPhone. So basically it's a social network for the music industry and music fans -- within iTunes now. If you don't like the idea of having yet another social network I understand I calculus anyway but I think from a business perspective this is brilliant and it helps Apple. Cement its control over the music industry -- his labels understood. In -- except iTunes they may have their differences -- Apple but they feel good about it MySpace was always the wild west of them where they're crazy about it and artists get it -- they really do you get iTunes to -- to the space is pretty sanitized as Internet applications it's safe. And it's got rubber corners in -- into the get hurt that's right so -- like that so this is going to definitely have -- -- but I agree I -- an issue with another social network if I cared that much of the campaign and listen to hear what people do. On and also I'd you know the fact that -- could still makes we didn't see iTunes move to the web. So something that we could totally see moved to the web and this is a component that really is just a bunch html you know it's -- it's doing is. -- the safari API in Poland in the social network that was all leeway about it when I'm with a big blocks of media around we're not moving our collection of media within the app for this kind of stuff -- paying really should be more web enabled but -- and I think is is just for those exclusive people that have it on either at their IOS devices as an -- war. In their their iTunes so you know it's it's not for the Linux users obviously Mann Bradley and and we did not see I can. ITunes clout clout -- anything like that anything that even you know at the lot of what they're doing with a lot of -- service and no clouds streaming service at the moment your photos and what else we didn't see. The classic. Now I authorized -- an it -- put it doesn't get -- it's gonna store -- I think maybe you'll see Iran next season now they would double rent and a little -- bush. But -- -- -- -- nearly agent you know -- -- poke nothing's changed to 4960. Know what they are able. We -- But yeah a class citizenship so that's the rundown iPod as Steve says its biggest iPod it'd say that they were retiring possibility that that's their right no no he's just he just ignored it. Yeah it's it's it was a -- -- that it's still a child it's just you know the bus left and it's on the side of. Well it's a hook yeah. -- -- All evil all right Andy at last announcement from all all these -- the Apple TV guys impressed unimpressed. I like -- life threatening Apple TV is just to summarize its. It's tiny it's the size and overdrive as -- -- needlessly timing. Who cares if you're putting your stereo -- right it's 99 dollars and it has no storage. And one of -- -- not have and you can't buy things on it you can only rent there's no place to put them right and there's no cloud based iTunes to put -- there was nowhere to put them so this is the new this is half of the cloud based picture but they didn't give us the other half and its. On the cloud -- it's not the ILS device we were hoping for -- not and -- iPad without a screen it is something else is definitely looks like it's still the old school Darwin's one to smaller and August -- in my only. Yeah that's gonna be that's still a little limiting. -- the high end user that's -- that manipulative but it's so cute it's in your palm you just wanna chill went off of my I don't know harder. -- -- look and I've got so. Credit in another the -- Iowa asked for hook up here where you can stream from -- -- for devices to it -- -- it's really cool -- excellent what was that airplane and we -- without -- -- -- -- that was -- -- okay -- was the idea playing wirelessly from my iPad let's say I've got a piece of media from iTunes on the -- play that some might TV do it through Apple TV. It's like you're getting close to the exit to the the unicorn technology which is wireless. HDMI yet what he showed that I really like -- -- showing movie up on the iPad. And any kind of threw it to the Apple TV yup yup and kept the iPad as a remote controller for -- which is really cool and -- it's the future people that are in the ecosystem and wanna do that even if you're doing it directly from your laptop. They -- it yet. And also it will control we will let you stream your Netflix. If yes which is -- which is good -- it will not stream is here. Amazon Graham on yet know is on there right now in which is you know that preeminent disadvantage against all those connected Blu-ray did decks and TV -- that's that's out there that are pretty much. All doing alright so we'll talk about Amazon and Sony and what they're doing in the media were world right after this quick break and -- and -- -- for Apple for now. Yeah it's really quickly -- words -- your favorite thing. I think -- -- -- paying I think it's fascinating I see MP. You know I mean open ports since -- -- guys though those notes it's paying the pay. -- -- -- -- -- -- Be cool -- -- our products are right we'll be right. Well Apple is not the only company making news today in the media world. Brian yeah what's -- Sony okay can drive -- so proxy Miro like six months ago -- -- Talks on the from the CEO of Sony's. Talking about how he wanted to bring their device to get it through an app store or you know digital distribution vehicle. Like iTunes so at. What they're calling. Curiosity. Q. RI OC -- T like now what this what makes this unique though is they have an oft talked about the pricing yet but they are going to actually offer a cloud based. Digital music service. That will be able to talk to all of their devices so well I'm not all voting our our society is the -- a PlayStation so tied up PlayStation 3 though there while I mean you can laugh if you want walkman -- -- -- some level they've got some nice digital media players. Also their TV sets which is compelling when you when you start factoring that in the PS3. And also bio computers so they're offering not all this is part of the equation right they're gonna offer and and it's gonna be music unlimited -- service. They haven't announced the pricing but -- also gonna offer video on the on demand as well. An interesting timing it's announced I mean a media player time it is absolutely horrible but it. -- you know what I -- we first talked about while ago. If there's a company that at least might be able to make a little -- I'm not gonna say they're gonna compete side by side -- iTunes because really no that's not gonna happen but. If there's any other device that I've actually purchase content on digitally other then. My Apple devices the announcement it's it's listening devices and -- they have at least enough devices that means meaning not here but there is -- because and they can actually. Kind of build I'm not I'm not saying this is gonna hang with iTunes but it. It can at least you give any place you can do so but you -- -- -- do you think it's gonna ultimately lead Sony that you are gonna completely. Sony makes a mess that these things I mean I I. Back in 2004 there Sony connect was great for anybody with a Sony device and -- -- that. Yeah I think there's more I just think there's more to because Sony also has the backing of you know they have their own. Meet music studios that's right -- -- so they can pontiff got us into Eric's Vista they have the content is knowledge they couldn't capitalize the back then. It's but it's it's a different I think also back when the 2000 -- and now it's a little did I how -- connected devices Brian what can I guess I need a -- Q Riyaz that. You ridiculous and it's whoever -- -- of -- a shot I insert an option to get streaming subscription. Service like -- cloud based. Okay through all your devices. -- you know I'm not saying it's gonna change the gaming I think there I'm not making it bigger than is but I think this is really -- -- If there's any other company could potentially at least make a -- that they can do a little -- and earlier their cultures Cheney because there -- little that sign of -- -- tedium that sir Howard Stringer is out so this is the new Sony -- the that is going to be a big estrogens and hits in the areas where they never could get it right under news. That's step in -- attraction also in medianews. The Wall Street -- reporting that Amazon is working on a subscription service as well now and this is. For delivering TV shows and movies over the Internet. Amazon already lets you stream movies over the net but there. They're all cart they're all cart there empire -- him yet there -- box solution yet this is Netflix is the difference there -- your Netflix account and your red -- open count you've got a certain amount of blanket streaming yet they're trying to go after. 910. You know forking a month depending what yeah -- -- -- and you get unlimited movies -- certain. Whatever Amazon apparently is going to that as well which is move in interest think -- as the not a good day for Netflix even though the iTunes are -- -- Apple he supports Netflix I don't think it's actually. Long term good for -- Sleep got Netflix where you've got kind of like a back catalog in -- monster of a new stuff and weird stuff right that you can stream however much you want all you can -- pretty much when you've got one of the higher. -- the letter to the stream. And then you've got Apple rolling out their new -- 99 cents a stream for the latest TV stuff from just fox and ABC and you know may be others in the future -- -- but. And then Amazon so so well how would they have to compete with this with how would they fill the gap there. When they have a nobody else does exactly what these as -- to do is they're thinking but reporters are gonna tie it as a freebie to Amazon prime which a lot of people have seminars here. And you get the free shipping deal and other perks and they're gonna add this in that makes primus -- India. I'm gonna -- prime by the way is already a screening dealing it's terrible on a man Y that's what because it makes you buy some futile yeah. I don't believe I'm sorry I don't have to it's true it is now I don't do it -- totally -- shipping is. Read -- -- -- yeah the biggest free and the price is the best on planet earth and there's no taxes put it all together it's like Amazon and the custom. Services. Perfect knows if if Amazon gets of the current releases of TV shows alike Apple TV is. Then someone just doesn't have to do that cost of entry to buy an Apple TV. There may be the -- -- that doesn't wanna watch on their TV -- -- would rather use their laptop to watch her during which a lot of people are doing now so that's what would make it a compelling you know -- differentiator. Gonna be uninteresting media year. If I just slot costs plug it that they reminded me -- you brought that up that there -- these headphones are meant to buy pulled up my phone. And -- on prime I just bought spam right if you did it you did it about good about the twelve dollars. So let's move on FaceBook news. This is this is makes perfect sense but it's ironic nonetheless the FaceBook CEOs legal represent represented -- that's that can. Related to the lawsuit filed -- -- -- who says he owns 84% of FaceBook. That's certain personal information about CEO Mark Zuckerberg must be kept out of a lawsuit -- the. Irony of this Heath here's a FaceBook lawyer battling for privacy. I don't know that's -- -- in new net. But to do there won't do it it's like -- Just like it's gonna throw it out there I just think it's a funny episode I feel their mark are again the -- -- this is what it's like to have your privacy turned upside down again I don't want my life via an update when the lawsuit that's filed against you basically you're opted in had a personal that's -- -- -- that him by the law. Our FaceBook go winning a patent here for click behavior. Based search engine algorithm -- Yet this -- round of it was to get I get a lot of elements and a lot of -- lately. This is a patent titled ranking search results based on the frequency of -- some circles by members of a social network -- within a predetermined degree of separation. Basically it. Let's -- refine its displayed results based on who which friends you could com I believe. With dissent which makes perfect sense it was a patent filed in 2004. That's only just recently been ordered so. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And yeah no kidding. Google has a cute -- little feature 444 pages. Apparently. Now when you get -- the last -- of social -- this is the social network the anti social network is the number of games who fulfill explain what -- is I so now according to techcrunch. When you try to reload and load a page that cannot be loaded IU four or. You'll see. Other users are also experiencing difficulties connecting to the site if in fact the site is down to this is is it down for everyone just -- Being built in. To. -- but there's really anything this is seems to be -- to detective the root domain is down as opposed dvds as opposed to a -- a bomb URL -- -- -- for 04. It's world as far before the code for you into a nonexistent you're you're talking five three -- Mario on the -- audioblog dot com yet done this. Say Google Chrome does is this is really a final not a time via right. But if so it's I like the page you're looking port CNET doesn't exist and now. Crohn's gonna -- that now and you're still gonna get you know using Java not -- but yours yet your private through this is -- -- -- and you know what that's great cost them their ego so. So far Google has been unable to create a social network that works but maybe -- be the one that does it you know -- a what a great to be looking -- -- -- available would you like to chat with other users to have it didn't find any better -- and here as well -- -- Incredibly stupid its hold -- is it looks like he can't get to this page where that's happening I'm gonna get together -- have to treat cereals everybody everybody needs a friend. Everybody out Apple will find friends for you yeah Intel CEO -- different yeah that's right German friend. Jen and -- got thousands ergo it's. That's so that the story basically recently. In -- acquired in opinion on wireless division from one point four billion dollars so what this makes -- I guess a little -- -- relevant with all the happenings with Apple the I thought is that. A while ago it's Intel was kind of even though Apple and insular partners on the desktop side. Intelligent -- -- criticize Apple for not using its chips in the iPhone platform which you could power. So now with Intel only in video on it -- -- has chips in the iPhone yep as well as the iPad iPad three G excuse me. So. Essentially the CEO of Intel like. -- Steve Jobs -- like that position but this could be potentially away now. That Intel -- in the future even get their chips into the Apple -- -- mobile devices in and other platforms as well. Yeah because Apple -- not bristling at. He he's not use -- Apple to my company that is that you are right in -- -- community huge supplier to Apple's -- yet you consider the -- be some bad -- right you've gotta go make the call you have to make the call -- they can't just say see that -- he can't see it says on CNET news it's not enough for -- child right hysterectomy. Masculine -- right and it's called -- on its technical name the child -- Soviet currently no insults -- at all and -- Apple's mobile devices but that's obviously gonna change because they nodded that yes that one -- -- the other there will be Intel inside or -- subdivision -- of in other portable news Archos. Has released. -- -- If I methods in the world I'll I'll just say it -- Android for your account with a girl who went to earth and -- -- went to Korea tablets and they range from. Two point eight inch display to a ten inch passive display. Basically they're trying to cover the gamut of it every every title every possible yes that the four point three makes no sense because that's -- -- phone. Yet there's no -- a phone right so I guess that's you'll like unlike the iPod Touch -- does. -- When this thing it. And -- if if you're maybe if you're an iPhone guy and you really want an Android device yeah yeah. Indeed be the equivalent of me with my Motorola -- here running out and in getting any iPod Touch and it. With that so these are like the second generation of Archos. Android tablets using for Leo and I think it's important that. That these products are coming up but I still think it's a little early for consumers actually want these things they're still -- has -- -- following. You media you have but they don't have an Apple follow even after the -- consumer awareness of the iPad now let's put it face on the tablet -- you you still think it's too early for -- things I think maybe the next generation we'll see some real consumer -- with two -- -- -- Archos here Android -- to. Two experiences that are. Not gonna -- On the isles of best. That's something yeah yeah. Apron with geeks who appreciate -- what with -- company's done it's always been very open company all standard supported for the most -- media types lots of bio on these things they've been very good as -- as a raw tool right now and see nothing here about them putting custom Arkansas west on it looks like yet policy -- rodeo yeah good. -- -- -- -- -- -- Anyhow its economy over the phone to a nice job you know -- Android but yeah but then -- get weirdness between your apps and stuff like I as I said yesterday. You know that's that's unique records -- this meandering and Google's actually saying you know I stop. But in the fighting with the phone companies who learns sentence yet -- a good thing about these tablets all have -- stands. No you can't see you and let's say kick stand on tablet don't look nearly everything that's good hey hey don't -- -- yes yes. It's like they get it to my game changer number one must have -- give me a kick stand is why -- -- It really well in the case as well. One of these things it's been quite regularly case and under the ball -- about something so slim and and slim and -- it and then put these but but it can write everything gets better with the -- and everything like -- said iPod Shuffle. -- key expansion yet okay now we're talking actually bill called the clips stand rests on the right of the eyes and let it be -- market the product right now I -- and I anyway a bum (%expletive) it. Microsoft has couple of -- gaming announcements yesterday personal this is weird transforming. The -- had yet this is really cool stuff so -- big you know wrote quickly big complaint with the it was a response enough for it kind of higher end pro and gamers we can play that video clip on the link. Because it just you -- to flash but here you can actually twists. But the. So it actually becomes a deep had at that point because up until now Microsoft's. It's circular it's it was a sparkle kind of thing yet -- -- but it was like -- circle with a plus on and. Yeah and -- streamline a pencil I think this of these will be available sometime in November but on the we can get to the point it -- for you twist it and the sides of that plus sign actually -- do. But that may mimic sounds -- -- you. And it goes up or down it's just I mean I like this innovative hardware the latest video game controller so here -- he's gonna twister right now because frequency. -- that you can see that angle. Yeah versions I'm definitely a twister -- ago yet -- twisting it while I'm blood yes I've played goofy or twisted if you will not be -- So that's that's it that's the that's -- cool and also from Microsoft known announcement that's. And not so cool a few days ago we I don't think we covered here but they'll be released their -- reason the Xbox Live -- -- it's a 4989 dollars fear. That's gonna go to 5989. Per year. Something the jump on that paper but you can if you wanna -- Game the system right now you can -- places like Amazon. Provide a common purchase. Xbox Live yearly memberships for forty dollars right now they're doing telling deals and sales -- -- -- and stop it stock up on the cards they put on a hard. Source code you -- like three cards each -- years. Forty dollars per year instead of sixty dollars is that racism so you're gonna buy like fifty of them -- -- I -- -- W about the -- finally. If you do nothing with you like but play games you might be interest in this new resort in Japan. Which is designed for men -- virtual girlfriend. Right this is based on the this is based on the dating simulator love plus which can play on your Nintendo DS handheld. Now I'm not an Apple -- -- -- But they will find you a friend to play with and even need to print on games and we got a virtual -- -- -- you know what you do it's -- This is this this is a sleepy resort town in Japan that has been doing very well they found it away for all these. Tons lots and lots of of of man who needs help in finding a virtual or you have. Have a virtual girlfriend this is how you got -- are currently takes -- appreciate it to you take pictures -- equally I'm noticing I'm getting up out of this room before and this madness infects me not to let you guys seem to understand this style of editing and when you know what you do at a resort with the real resort -- yet. But yet shops -- like get points induced the out and buy like you also put your phone vibrate a lot to literally -- It's of this thing -- yeah I -- to -- What's wrong of these people. Single player experience I don't -- resort to go with your virtual girlfriend they have their thirteen romantic locations -- can be overlaid with images of Rico wondering -- when are our friends from a -- our -- there lot of sick people my goodness -- go there it's called the Japanese. Because they're the ones I commit to this and believe in it and for some reason it takes off -- -- -- and up top there 430000. Users out there. That I -- pretty I resort communities. Not let's not forget that coming up in April we're gonna have the love plus spin -- monger a series. That it LL GA LNJ eight. And you look you in your virtual -- cannot -- among the togetherness a little -- a hotel -- traditional rooms to these and usual couples which featured two sets of futon bed while. -- what you need to bed. And another bar code panel that allows -- -- could visualize their girlfriends and a flattering summer kimono this is. For a psychiatrist convention. It. A vacation now what happens you bring a real well. Don't job rather stupid -- -- you know it turns out there's a -- plus plus. The only US with with the plus sign -- I get there -- get to Nintendo DS is you can transfer your game from one to the other. And and -- -- out something about fitness modes and sick days and there. Yeah closing some tabs right enhances -- one man this. What is what is seen cannot be unseen let's right that I believe is our show thank god. No law. -- to the rescue today because rate well and its into the reputable we do have dialed in coming up at 2 o'clock the time. Yes Evans -- if you would like to send a voice mail to us it is 806 from 68 at 806 -- -- -- -- -- -- again tomorrow. Send us an email buzz at cnet.com. And check out EOL dot cnet.com -- the show notes and all other sorts of good stuff car tech live tomorrow twelve noon right here. Our Pacific and Android apps inventor Hak5 -- Yes there thank -- and I don't think it does stuff that's good. -- -- We'll see -- tomorrow -- guys forgive us.
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Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge design compared with S5, S4 and S3
1:26 March 1, 2015
We chart the evolution of Samsung's Galaxy flagships, up to the all-new metal and glass S6 and S6 Edge. Check it out.
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HP Pro Slate 8's ultrasound stylus is perfect for those who love to write instead of type
2:29 March 1, 2015
This Android-powered enterprise tablet packs a beautiful metal design and a cool ultrasound stylus for those who love writing instead...
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Up close with Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge new software
1:30 March 1, 2015
Samsung says it's made its new metal-and-glass smartphones easier to use. We investigate the new interface features.
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Everything you need to know from Samsung's S6 event
4:37 March 1, 2015
Check out the must-see moments from Samsung's Mobile World Congress Unpacked event in Barcelona, Spain.
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MD health monitor reads blood pressure, heart rate, temperature and more
1:39 March 1, 2015
This 5-in-1 monitor could save you a trip to the doctor's office.
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Wireless payments come to the Galaxy phones
1:15 March 1, 2015
Samsung goes after Apple Pay with its own payment system called Samsung Pay.
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Knox keeps the S6 and S6 Edge safe and secure
0:51 March 1, 2015
Samsung's Knox security makes the Galaxy phones business-friendly.
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Samsung's new Galaxy phones pack powerful front cameras
1:20 March 1, 2015
Samsung's new phones have supercharged rear and front cameras.
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