Buzz Out Loud: Buzz Out Loud: Comedian Aziz Ansari chats with CNET
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Buzz Out Loud: Buzz Out Loud: Comedian Aziz Ansari chats with CNET

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Aziz Ansari talks about putting his stand-up show "Dangerously Delicious" online, how he deals with fans on Twitter, and his love for R. Kelly.

It is episode 1587. And you know where we're winding down this season but you guys know that we deliver the goods and today in the city -- join -- -- via Skype. Funnyman -- and sorry all the way from NYC as he looks up. I'm doing -- we're doing great so welcome to the show what they so much for coming out and obviously there's been a lot of news surrounding you not only in what you're doing in the coming world but also on the online world. -- I wanted to talk to about you know what are you been doing your starting your two -- -- and also how is dangerously delays is doing. I it's doing well I don't released any numbers. That's okay so how about this weekly little kids aren't asking how much money you make here in and you -- money you make your -- It isn't that exactly that. And private thing yet. But how's the response to dangerously delicious you're -- -- market. -- -- it up and get response has been. -- is. Overwhelming thing I've gotten back is people are still glad that. Guy someone else done the same thing we see it there like -- more -- students. Tom. This is so simple it's easy get a it's a fair price and that's been overwhelming feedback at. All. Everything -- in background too long what this is this is your comedy special dangerously -- offering from your website. As at a five dollar download. React -- is get it directly -- me -- sorry dot com Spybot and he and you get that special there's no like. It's DRM free and you know I'm someone that. You know download media and -- You don't it has been frustrating sometimes as you're Michael I want I want in the tunnel exit on Netflix on -- is it on HBO on demand we're gonna watch and it -- on the -- It's weird I get it from and and that image like I was gonna steal it -- -- -- So -- such -- -- have you on the this is a DRM free things you're definitely in touch with what people want have in the past have you experiment in using. Some the benefits of the Internet has sometimes offered for. Content that you may not pay for. Well the -- impetus for this -- I'm I recorded a special like in June of last year. And I sorrow to people watch clips -- -- last -- -- excellent YouTube versions how many dvds -- And it's clear we -- people are discovering the -- online so I was just trying to embrace that. And while I was having different meetings with people about ways you could use and pretty unique digital release. I was actually hanging -- at least -- anyone who's editing is actually told me what you gonna do. And I thought I was really interesting in us curious to ask you whether at work in -- inning clearly did was resounding success. And immediately after he did -- people were asking me would you ever release a special this way -- -- -- -- rules so. It is seem like why -- -- -- optics and it broken it's in excellent people -- and so far more often mean. And -- -- it's been a -- experience. -- and that under that same like Louis CK model I know he he -- a huge expense upfront like. But the production company but the theater. Didn't do everything his own way was that still the same case for you yet -- can all the production company and make this at the actual special. -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah I mean I didn't back in June when I get it to you before releasing came out I paid for everything myself. You know you Paper ready to venue and all that stuff -- it and -- about roughly. 280000 dollars where everything. Yeah and of that -- -- offset by people -- to get the shows that you film. But out he'll get -- expense and you're gambling or yourself -- -- -- Make things work let you know you also know like. All right well. -- this online thing doesn't work I'll you know I I only its content into whatever I want -- you know. Are you -- are you happy enough with the response that. You will potentially do this for your new -- that's coming up buried alive and -- still have to -- -- -- I think April 10 is that when you're starting to jump on board inspire around the country to do the store. Yeah branded torrent doing all it material and gap I'll cry -- -- a special a couple of years but you know who knows how much landscape will change by that time. I mean I'm still not sure what to do with the want to -- you know this by directing. The main thing I like about this is. You can -- -- five dollar as opposed to a dvd is cheaper than it would be on iTunes and it's directly from me. Our loan you know. I don't know maybe down the road I'll also want uploaded on you know beyond commander whether -- should put it on TV like. I think it's like such uncharted territory. That no one really has any answers but. For right now for -- year at least I like being able to release directly to people from five dollars and just because it's way cheaper than a dvd I just think. Ultimately this is better than EDE. Is more expensive and people just want the video anyway so. Or edit a got a question from the chat room here and I want to ask you and doctor Carl. Wants to know and -- if you got any -- from Moore the corporate channels more than than the distribution channels that you might have previously put your content on with this many many backlash. From you know deeply would have worked with before for the method -- -- using or is it pretty much to win all around. -- -- -- like backlash tablet mean emails. -- -- a -- Comedy Central on a lake on what illness diseases do and Louis CK is doing it or they is it in a sense that this kind of the trend going forward. I mean I think they understand it -- comedian that has. A big following. There's been some power -- -- back and artist and and you know. They were super cool let me the last acts like -- -- down on -- -- -- that special all the time. I had no lol bombs on on I didn't understand like as -- -- releasing it usually that is what I wanted to do and then right down but. You know I don't get -- and apparently -- Yeah that's awesome some nice if you guys haven't just joined us make sure you guys can check out Aziz ansari dot com his special that we're talking about here are dangerous to look dangerously delicious. Is available for five dollar download a really funny stuff but -- is also -- -- embracing the whole Internet technology generation you really active on Twitter. And I just kind of -- -- know it may be what your thoughts are good or bad or some of your unique experiences you've had using Twitter. I'm you know I. Well I like about Twitter is its directly. At a direct connection with people that follow my -- -- I can you know not only just make jokes about -- -- but. Do things like releases special. -- -- also -- -- and things like. So whenever people by the specialists ads like -- want to tweak and say that you liked it at you know you can do that. And so I'll see you and people we say -- at -- spot accelerating your -- so. Out dynamic random people like that and there to tell people last week long for starts only dialects and the like ours and -- Couldn't do that before like I don't know who I don't have anyone in bull Bob EV -- released last couple years ago you know like. We didn't think we're actually -- like all of your new York new -- -- -- on public lands first and people you know this address. Like I will blow to I will will get you launch and so. And people even -- a hundred people you know right away and we found like ten people that. -- -- -- -- -- We started a new -- today where IE use. Go to Aziz ansari got -- at the FaceBook like button. -- has the most number -- likes I am. I'm gonna do three show there like a small pre show reflects well on -- when -- -- special thing that. I just school you have access to direct connection people and buttons that really mean there's never -- like at and T won't work -- Now your routine sometimes you've talked about some of the interactions you've actually had. Based on feedback that someone might have given you is that all really real -- you know some of it is a little disorienting you have -- those -- raw conversations with. You know let's say -- -- -- may agree or disagree with your stuff. Yet and there in the new especially liked it a bit toward the end about argue with the guy online and you don't know I just never -- -- Connecticut. Negative it's ultimately it dumb thing to do because laid out -- artists like take your favorite thing in the world like. You know what ever movie years you know for me I could backtrack and Chris Rock bring the pain like that's one of my favorite things ever -- -- the best and a couple ever and I could type that and -- REE people let's say it's a horrible Chris -- terrible that joke not funny. And then you realize it's like why am I even playing as and you never win no matter what you do is going to be people that don't like it and there's gonna be let's say its battery would -- and it's like. You know -- if you're pretty easily on so many people enjoy it just you know you be -- -- -- of one person. This is there and -- -- just -- criticizing it. And us up but in that it lacks about a one guy -- something indeed that is 38 million light and bargain with them. And I just kept going back report and out it was really playing these -- talked about it and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Also there's one thing that you -- I have in common a believer or not a love for our telly where did that start for you. You know. I have been edited since you know the nineties -- -- its own right and everything in the end my -- and through with that track the clouds and everything and then I went to this concert that was really insane talk about that -- for special. And they'll -- touring -- -- -- what are our come out for -- whatever. You know people of our alien. Want to talk about and so I can't with the new bit about it and -- actually better than the person writing it and -- actual. All to update people are. Half of it very difficult because it up. -- had a one question to -- idea how involved did you get. And getting back the special and this whole -- direct distribution model how involved to Begin with the actual -- -- the back end of it of actually. Figuring out -- how you gonna -- to deliver the video file the people and now the complicated mess that would with scare people like me off from doing anything. -- -- -- A friend that out. Luckily is like very good without the less I Canada at him and -- a charter think that out as really hands on everything I wanted to date use all -- Site and like. He all the pages in all the stuff you read like when you get an email from -- a -- that's like I wrote that -- -- -- make sure the -- and -- -- my voice and you know. It can actually get like naked really sound like use like when you buy special you know it's not on Amazon where you get like they do for -- -- -- and like -- it. Snapped up by Alex's mind I got -- email I got email is awesome. Add people really like that happen you know all I want whatever you buy a -- like a digital -- -- -- on. You know -- -- in the tour different were bolstered negate. And it's like -- set to like make your own dvd cover art with Photoshop thousands that you need -- like make your own dvd -- using all the photos in materials. NASA's we give an amount -- -- sending those on Twitter and that it it's really cool we can do stuff like that the only can be with a traditional is released. Awesome well Aziz and always wanna say thank you so much for your time a believer or not we actually have an earthquake drill coming up in two minutes via IE I -- -- not. -- -- -- And I gather that's that's excuse for the outlet -- you know congratulations on your success will keep on file new and hopefully -- you back you know sometime in the future about a -- -- and thanks for coming out. Are an awesome -- yellow Aziz ansari in the -- reveal also gonna take a quick break. We're gonna get stuck under duck cover and -- if it. -- -- due solely back in a few moments. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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