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Bring your Mac desktop to the big screen: How To Video

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How To Video: Bring your Mac desktop to the big screen

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Mountain Lion's new Airplay Mirroring lets you wirelessly show your desktop on a big screen monitor via Apple TV for meetings, movies, and a better way to show photos.

Did you manage to get your hands on mountain -- from Mac there's a really cool feature called airplane here. We can show what's on your desktop on a big screen TV hooked up to Apple TV from -- -- Airplay mirroring something you might use when you want to show your work at a meeting to share your photos your family. Watch video and more but on Apple TV connected to the big screen. You start from making sure -- on the same network as your Apple TV the look for the square shaped icon in -- menu bar remember it will only show up if you're on the same Wi-Fi network. Before we get started we've heard about some people having issues -- audio but there's a really quick fix. Obviously you wanna make sure the volume is up on both devices but you're still having trouble under the Apple menu to open system preferences. Choose sound. Then under -- output -- -- Apple TV is collected. Now you should be able to hear audio coming from your TV sound system no matter what your show. Now that everything is on -- ready to go for a look at the desktop choose Apple TV from the drop down menu. When great use for airplay mirroring those photos when you want to show the -- -- you have and her laptop open iPhoto and simply start to slide -- and full screen. -- -- -- Next let's try some video. Obviously with Apple TV you already have connections to YouTube and Netflix so -- not much point showing those here what about who. This is important because even though you -- could use airplay on an iPhone or iPad running IOS five. You couldn't show flash because as we all know IOS doesn't do flash. No problem with airplay and mirror just start up a show or movie and Hulu. Set to full screen that looks great thing with Comedy Central and other -- site no problem there. Overall airplay mirroring is one of the greatest features of mountain line especially for its ability to show -- -- sites. That's it for this how to I'm Jason Parker for CNET -- thanks for watch it.

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