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Tech Industry: Brian Tong's live tour of Central Hall at CES 2013

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Tech Industry: Brian Tong's live tour of Central Hall at CES 2013

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CNET's Brian Tong gives us a live, on-the-floor tour of Central Hall at CES 2013 in Las Vegas.

Hey, guys. What's going on? Brian Tong here back, live from the CES show floor. Still one day before the official floor opens up and you know, nothing says CES setup like a bunch of boxes and maybe this little Sprint #sweepstakes. I know, we're pimping it but hey, you guys, all you have to do is follow @CNET on Twitter, then send a tweet with that hash tag and in enters you in a contest, potentially win a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1-inch 'cause you know, we're gonna take care of you. Now, we are nowhere near Samsung's booth. We're gonna go there a little later today. But we're here in front of Panasonic's booth. We don't have access to this one specifically right now but we just wanted to show you 'cause we know that Panasonic is a huge player when it comes down to television's set top boxes, Blu-ray players, home theater system. So, we're gonna see a lot of that. Over here, you can see again stuff covered up. This is Panasonic's kind of new concept of their design philosophy with glass and metal. My design philosophy is to make a TV with a Thin Bezel, that looks sexy, you know. Just make it high. All right. So, Panasonic's booth, we're gonna be able to get in here and show you a lot of the new TVs and technologies that they have going on later in the show. We'll have a lot of first looks to that stuff but I wanna give you just an idea of how big it is. Even in this far corner over here, this is what Panasonic typically has, like a stadium where they have all these different flat panel displays and TVs. They do a lot of their presentations from there. We're probably expecting to see a few things out there a couple of years ago, they had like a Star Wars, Blue-ray that was announced, as well as other big ones like the Bond announcement, it was last year on Bond on Blu-ray. So, we might see some of those media content partnership deals with Panasonic shop here. So, what we're gonna do is we're gonna keep on walking around the Central Hall and show you guys a little bit, a little more other stuff, might not be the sexiest because you know, we're in Sony's booth last time but let's just kinda keep on walking through here and again, throughout the course of all of our coverage right, we have our live press conferences and we'd like to thank Lexus for that really long press conference. No, I'm just playing. All right, so, let's just come over here. And this is kind of really the center of the Central Hall that we're gonna be checking out here. You may not say, oh these aren't the biggest of players but right now, this is the acoustic research, RCA booth. RCA, those are lot of those antennas over the air antennas. A lot of people still have been a little resistant to be-- to go over the air with their television set right. You can get these digital stations in full high-definition, your local broadcast using those antennas. So, that's something that, you know, I don't-- I still see people catching on especially for your cable cord cutters. You should look into that, all right? Now, also here, this is from acoustic research. These look like, you know, thermoses or coolers, these are their MVP portable wireless speaker systems. A lot of people have jumped on to the whole Bluetooth portable wireless speaker bandwagon right. We saw everything from like the Jambox, and other products. So, those guys you can like customize in skin, we actually tried it. Let me show you this one. Did you see the Giants baby? We're from San Francisco, that's the one that I want or you know, maybe we could put like my own lovely face on one of those coolers or whatever speaker systems. All right, let's keep on walking on this way. Down here, my best friends, a little soft carpet. With that kick-starter project that was called a Pebble Watch, they're gonna finally make their announcement of the hopefully the debut of the Pebble Watch here. We know it was supposed to come out in 2012 but the due announcement here at CES but I think, you know, look out for the watch space, there were also ramblings of an Apple watch. Who knows? We'll see what happens there but that's another place where, you know, we're gonna start seeing technology move into. Okay, so we're gonna keep on going here. Casio was over this way but just to kinda get a big scope of everything here, this is just again the center of the Central Hall. You'll still kinda catch glimpses of people setting up to different booths and the displays, there's a lot of colors and open space right now. I can't tell you right now, though, that it'll never be this clear or this wide open here at CES. It never will. I'm-- this-- you can't walk. Look at this. It's like clear path. All right. Just come over here and check out Sharp's booth. Now, we show Sharp makes some announcements today, so we're gonna walk in there and see what we can do or what will happen, right? 'Cause this is all live on the flyer, right? So, here at Sharp's booth, we're gonna set up around here. Sharp has really been continued to outdoor game in the flat panel and TV space. So, what we have here is we have like their 90-inch LED series. They just recently announced those here. This is their Aquos series. These are 8 series. They're really sure like big, large TV displays that are pretty much-- is this thing taller than me? Taller-- bigger than me? Probably is, but Sharp is doing some other really cool stuff and so we're gonna kinda show you-- this is their setup and their display. I like that they aren't try to pack in too many things here. Again, you were seeing a lot more open displays here at CES. Again, more 90-inch LED TVs, which are pretty darn impressive. Just from the size and the scope of it here at Sharps booth. And I'm gonna show you one thing. We're gonna come over here. Everyone, every company has like a concept TV that they really wanna show to showcase what's coming down the road. So, come follow me. This is one TV that, it's again-- it's a prototype and it's a concept but it's worth checking out. So, check this out over here and you can get in Titleist, Charley. This is their 85-inch 8K TV. Now, you guys have heard of 4K television that's obviously the big buzz here. But we have here is-- this is their own proprietary content on their own proprietary cameras that are captured in this footage. I mean, you might not be able to see this at home but you can catch every fine drain detail. The best way that I can describe this 8K TV is it looks like digital pictures from a DSLR in motion. So, again, it's only a concept. We aren't excepting to see this anytime soon. You've heard of 4K, this is Sharp's 8K concept. So, you know what guys, we're gonna keep on going throughout the show floor and show you more stuff. Again, you know, check out, well, look out for a Sprint #sweepstakes. We'll have more press conferences for you. We're gonna wrap things up here, go back to a break and you know, we'll see what else we can find for you, okay? See you guys.

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