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BOL Ep. 1297: Facebook wants to own your face: Buzz Out Loud

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Buzz Out Loud: BOL Ep. 1297: Facebook wants to own your face

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We're back from our BOL summer vacation, only to find that Paul Allen is trying to patent-troll the Internet out of existence, Netflix seems to have finally put BlockBuster out of existence, and Foursquare ain't going down without a fight. Oh, and Donald Bell gives us his predictions for Apple's Sept. 1 event. --Molly

My -- yeah August 30. When he -- and Kelly I regularly and I'm Donald bell I'm Molly Wood plug in a buzz out loud to this podcast of indeterminate length it is episode 1297 -- back. Wow big buzz out loud summer -- -- we ever done that before now. We have never taken a summer we've never had such a confluence of events where. Basically almost every one involved in the show with was traveling in some way and -- was the only one who has actually. Flat out off the -- off. OTG off the grid maybe it was really nice I highly recommend it for. About a week and then -- it -- But it did it it to that buzz out loud fasting week yet to -- have -- some religious experience really. See clearly now puts out loud hello how. And now now -- well yeah I know I take it. I went I went fishing out on running TV's on -- commune with nature enabler and -- threw rocks as awesome as -- better in thanks again. Yes I actually -- think about but all good for you know but now I'm thing -- nothing else. -- at about that the future demise of the Internet yes Paul Allen Microsoft's co-founder Paul Allen is suing Internet. All of it at the little thrown but he did file patent lawsuits against Google FaceBook and you -- Obama -- not among others those three -- that those three have built their businesses. Around his patented technology hilariously The Wall Street Journal when that he didn't develop any of the technologies. He just owns the patents on them it's in -- ideas. In a -- we search which made came up -- these -- a long long long ago one point Amazon credited interval with some of their shopping and these are patents for. Pop up stock quotes. Suggestions for related content. Stuff around the peripheral purple vision like videos longer in the rails yet based -- to web. Things that you think really you can patent putting a video alongside a web page. Right seriously by Alec it's like alerting has been alerting users to items of current interest. I had -- the patent. You know what I think you should I think you should watch mad men out I guess infringement -- -- and then. Alerting users do I don't our current Internet did US patent and owned but not developed technologically speaking by Paul Allen who now all. Comes -- yeah I wouldn't work they get like -- should totally get some money on these -- why did you -- about it that's like I don't understand it. Why why are you why the bad at all and then wire you suddenly now suing the Internet. This is we have this argument every time there's a big patent by its like somebody sits on a patent for 35 years. And then decides oh Google now with forty -- billion dollars now all suit that's the way that game's played now notice who's not suing however. Micros. Yes Microsoft who I believe has some web sites that I'm alert users to items of current interest or allow I'm. People to navigate embodiment from. With particular application to -- represented by audio visual data maybe sometimes that happens. A -- on my guess not according to engadget big hero movement Arab. There are more people beings including AOL Yahoo! and Netflix and and yet mean it started with those three but it basically he's doing the Internet the YouTube everybody all the big companies that use fundamental. Web navigation schemes that in Google says that at the patent on that to stay away from CNET them that -- -- almost patents she's she's he's -- Upgrade today on that -- -- today me. -- I believe let the market Lindley is Stanford Law School professor who specializes in intellectual property and -- representing Google -- epic and other cases. Says it sounds like the classic. Patent troll case I'm so happy that a lawyer said it I didn't have to say it I get them and they're also saying. That the fact they're not suing Microsoft is well you know we haven't fully fleshed our strategy on -- suit of course -- being co-founder Mike -- When you -- nothing when you own a patent. You get to decide who used to you can you can go with small -- then set precedent or go for the big fish first and kind of to go nuclear which is what he's doing here. So whether or not he goes after Microsoft. He doesn't have to be doesn't want to -- that's just a little game -- -- I know we have this conversation over and over but I truly don't understand how it is possible to continue to argue. That are patent system does not damage and it. I love these are -- I mean it -- really -- The this is such a terrifying case and it's so broad and these patents are so broad. That I would imagine it would have a chilling effect on anyone who was planning to start any company. That worked on that was online or it -- -- just be terrified. Point so wanna take -- -- yeah and I can well him. Not necessarily. Because if these big companies that have the resources to stand up to the suit -- and set precedent. Then they will clear this patent out and they will set the terms for innovation in the future I'm not disagreeing that this is -- that this is the stuff that's coming patent -- the may well be forced -- -- Yes it. -- port four horsemen of the patent a power Macs and -- -- -- -- -- nonetheless. Nonetheless. It is possible that by taking on the big companies that they will all come to an agreement that sets the rules for future innovation in the Internet going -- because. The -- -- of already lousy with it's a -- patents already is absolutely but at what point of the rule like what I'm concerned about a that the rule that is ultimately establish will be Amy. -- -- -- you pay me as the and a and that's what the settlements are about right and coming up with an agreement quid pro -- is these guys have -- -- libraries so they -- -- for a little backstretch at -- -- and they can afford to pay and if you're a small company that -- the patent. Portfolio to be able to back scratch and lacked the cash to be able to at you -- me than you might as well just you know -- -- I decided to open flowers look at what you do is you make a deal with Microsoft which has the arrangement with interval. And -- -- pieces you're company and funds view and takes care of the patent on the other end -- -- protection racket up. We're still not -- over -- FaceBook Grail or anybody. Got into in this case it's still worthwhile addicted this is the 11. Industries so we can have this idea and it can turn to millions of dollars and it did you get out. Actually. Hit Apple attacking have to pay out a little bit of money and patent -- a patent losses patent infringement that still you're still gonna be the. Out of it can't come along and stop -- out of existence Korea over its not -- and it's not in anybody's interest. To stop the small fry out of existence because that's renovation. That would not -- this small big again. I think other money yes growth. Growth any that's that Charles they broke and Friday we will obviously be following that. Google and co have started fighting back in thing that they think this is the of these lawsuits are completely without merit. -- but that we will fight it vigorously. Fight them on the beaches. -- -- In other tech news of the day Google is apparently planning pay per view films. On YouTube their negotiations with Hollywood's leading the beastie is the logic global paper view video service by the end of 2010. Putting it head to head as that Financial Times notes with Apple in the race to dominate the digital distribution of film and television content but on Netflix. Yeah I've wondered about that you Netflix Hulu plus and -- Amazon.com would all seem to potentially suffer from this. Unless they're really pitching in as mainly an online service not something that's been -- TV like Amazon on demand and Netflix but but but -- But at Google hasn't new over the top thing that Logitech what do they call it the new Google TV gizmo I think that paglia thinks so they are going after Apple TV -- -- totally -- and if they come out with this and it's built into the Google TV is that they supposedly are developing in connection with Sony and others. Then -- then I mean I think Amazon video on demand. And Netflix are -- but so is Apple this is gonna be such a bloody battle and I like it so much because -- what's the her on the cable companies. And you know the paper view all that stuff going over the cable which is he paying those feeds. Yeah ports once the kill them and -- the rates this time a while it definitely will have the market correction. Against 150 dollar month cable down and that's exactly what -- me yeah and -- me. Just just. -- -- that window is still read. But speaking of old company getting to throw it -- corrections and correction this is a -- needs to happen blockbuster. Is apparently planning to file for bankruptcy. Next month. Long long not a surprise -- of course because Netflix and obviously decimated their their business. You're trying to cozy up Circuit City. At one point -- -- tried to partnered together. Hollywood video that are -- against the. -- -- -- Yeah and it did didn't what was it that kiosk company. Read read about red box yet -- blockbuster try to see red box out of this than -- did the red boxes but also I mean it it was a combination of Netflix and red -- that hampers. Yeah if they're restructuring bankruptcies on -- -- chat rooms it. Ideally they're not an -- in their minds and I'm gonna completely disappear -- kind of wanna be able to shut down. Underperforming stores have -- in all of them yeah. All her most of them how do you reinvent the businesslike that's. Oh I know with streaming yes yeah and you you reinvent it with digital distribution -- -- -- and blockbuster now has a male model which apparently is. Very people elected that -- -- available now. I actually -- that out out of milk you'll -- guy I didn't like the next stop right now of -- and then they did not know. -- -- I would not do you live -- radio for little -- -- that. Maybe blockbuster should -- a Belmont and into that well I like it didn't look at it probes by representative. -- -- -- -- -- -- Blockbuster most likely -- mental model and -- Okay -- going to break I am going to take a break. When we come back what's happening with Apple. I'm I'm role with a 30 seconds -- -- Blackberry messenger. Blackberry messenger instant -- -- communicating with other Blackberry users. That's the one of the contact them and invited us again embargo and send a message click on -- contact. To register it -- -- -- -- picture and then press -- Blackberry messenger comes preinstalled on your Blackberry. One -- give the drive. -- -- Apple's music event as next week obviously we weren't here when the -- came out to talk about it but we have Donald bell on now. And since it is in fact the September do you think -- they always do this it has -- guitar on the invitation. We can only assume new iPods. Animal it's like the one part of my legacy. The united job description of MP3 player reviewers and I get -- yeah. Across the handling now it's pretty much -- this event or September in general -- the -- This -- -- Zune is still has any legs listens will come out. And the iPods guy and I'm really really busy for a few weeks and then and then using it via coax a lot early on -- I could before but now a new Polly -- like they'll be a -- Android tablets coming out the week after our. Yeah so this is the -- the Christmas products but yeah yeah yeah. That's the stockings stuffed most of the speculation seems. Be around though iPod Touch which is obviously that this sort of -- -- -- yeah I'm touch -- big news last year to its posted because with both come with the video camera and they didn't deliver that -- they delivered on the iPod nano line it was like oh the -- stereo video. Hoping for Catholic adorable -- -- -- it death -- -- I don't think -- it makes the most sense now that it would be coming out that'd be a better camera and the public could delivered last time and that front facing that'll be -- -- -- Yet because they need more. -- -- -- connect to face time users over the cellular and then switched to Wi-Fi when you do the but the initial handshake is over so you lose interest in wealthy I mean Steve Jobs has promised there -- many -- -- time he did. Promise something. You know and a million things going eight kind of basis coming out this year so. Could be that also there's been rumors that somehow -- the Apple TV rebrand and what it needs some somehow feet timing. I'm -- I'm pretty skeptical that -- Apple TV announcement what happened here the after that the but what I what I wonder -- is the iPod Touch even. Relevant now I mean are you really gonna put out a 399 dollar iPod Touch with a -- and displaying a front facing camera in a world where -- -- in -- rumors of seven inch. -- public wouldn't that is there some possibility they would just kill the iPod Touch and say now you have many many patent. Now I feel like that the touch is still like of all their iPods them selling the past and it also is one of -- things where they want as many IOS devices as possible on there. On their their sheet date kind of -- that you know keep track of them all built in mad about that -- -- I think if anything. Last is prediction that the iPod classic would finally get. Cut off here is artist version they still have that. This guy has a 120 gigs tired antiquated thinking they're still people who are rabid about the iPod classic and having and there are so few devices out there that still do that I portable I -- have that capacity Newton Matthew and out and -- it's it's a niche product for Apple but it's their final. If -- and another in what other what about the online and licensing issues with Apple in music community that still developing -- one of the reasons I think that they can't go for the TV product if they don't have a license the speaker do it right. And that's still even with the acquisition of -- on everything it's still it's not down. In it doesn't seem from the and that they've worked out where they can be. Apollo like streaming service I know -- Ali can preview answer is but one of my predictions and I am not going to. That too much weight behind it by. That I -- would finally get a better presence on line. Not necessarily like your -- iTunes collection in the cloud yet but even just having a web front. -- the store which is something that kind of odd to think about that of a all the digital music stores that are out there iTunes is the one thing it's it is not technically on the web right. It's still a software only and -- and by the way. A big bloated nightmarish piece of software though it's starting -- that long that's -- -- we have long overdue for an overhaul mean I would be shocked that they didn't announce some major change -- they have been. Doing over the course of the -- of the past a year two years is getting like little bomb pages that -- use like JavaScript or some aspect of push you over in iTunes currently. Of the -- artist page and -- here's hired its album in iTunes click click over to -- a web page for a second show. Kind of like that that that titles between them automatically launch iTunes he had it. War prompted to download the software right or they'll be thinking apps will be -- apps page online them -- into iTunes. I think had a totally web page web based version of iTunes -- of the storefront. Retreating glorious if -- -- and I never -- -- -- -- -- -- and I have -- cloud based iTunes and what I think well that's Canadian yes so you -- outside -- tied to my computer all the time with with buttons -- and you're saying that you don't think there's going to be a subscription service that they're not -- does it sound like but from streaming following that that does those deals have been made -- now how -- not -- well I have the deal. Yeah it's really -- Apple -- it was part of it was actually written to the the -- lot contract about these companies that if they got lineup that those wouldn't carry over to -- Win without them it's -- -- really act. But. What I do but I do think that -- -- Technology will help them with the storefront have been on -- -- the idea we have the expertise fair. -- storefront and I also think that if they have online storefront with -- web based or front. That that will help them search team that's right mountain the whole Google music search as much -- Google might be ignoring -- to the keeping them out of equation is competitively. It's also just -- the content not there on the web 2.2 button so that would be a big win for Apple actually have you know much more searchable. -- -- web callable you know sort. -- they've announced that gap Apple TV -- like I can play. -- it's web based I think iTunes ladies are being there and it's called the the iTunes on your your iPhone your iPod Touch and a bit app based. I don't think I think eventually there'll be this kind of paneled station iTunes iTunes store -- mean. The -- -- and the app. And then that actual software itself being left. I'm writing it down ephemeral as dynamic that's the new as of January and he will also of course have live streaming pre show coverage preached but -- have pre show where we covered the announcement. We're not exactly sure who -- -- is going to become -- -- -- at this point I saw that there will be -- great we'll definitely be here there will be -- -- coverage of it's. It's -- damn thing. Tickets are just -- it's Wednesday morning 10 AM Pacific will start about 9:50 AM yes -- -- -- -- Could be there -- that. I'm other off -- intellectual property news that kind of thing that we absolutely love to read about and go crazy and. FaceBook apparently is going after a company called -- book. For using a similar name it is worth the company called -- book to change its name and is now. Evidently attempting to registered the word. -- Mark. No faith. Faith -- time you gotta stuff savings aren't -- -- for all of this -- mentioning. It's is over something called -- Aaron Greenspan not Alan Greenspan and a trademark -- the something called -- -- cash. CA SH messier the TV's own yeah he's paste but he paid like -- -- jump and what -- they Patrick Stewart should treatments based on it. All it that apparently this guy who runs -- cast and the possible registration. Trademark registration -- faith. Has implications for my company not to mention hundreds of others including -- I've decided that the repeat you know for an extension of time to X to oppose it. He says Apple course owns the trademark too big time. And then he owns this guy Greenspan owns the trademark to -- cash. But it but evidently if but it. And it they -- it's crazy bit. Res image have to do -- you have to laugh at them kind of they're not have to attempt to trademark the -- based. -- FaceBook they had entity to trademark the word FaceBook. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But you know and edit this is Apple's gonna trademark the letter I you know that's gonna happen lol anyways I think they would have -- if yeah I mean I think clearly that must be one of the U areas. Where the patent and trademark -- it has some level of sanity left and has stopped that. If this is the thing that it's finally put you over the edge with FaceBook. One of million the -- of your face the -- of your face that that is all too much for you the open source based but -- -- -- for a project. Apparently. Will release its code September 15. Yeah and this is. -- now this is very cool because it's it's. It's a social network that anybody can use than you can interconnect them apparently be able -- -- -- political stuff like that. But getting to 500 million users. Is going to be a bit -- a challenge. Yeah no matter how cool this matter how open it is a matter how great app is in many cases and this is true for this alternate organist who -- social networks. He's not about the app it's about the people in it. Yeah it's about that the -- stirring and its waters and this this doesn't haven't yet it Willet who knows. Earlier pentagon is still BNP's they're gonna hear this desperate thing in thing like sounds weird and scary sort of like Linux on the -- or opera in -- they're just not -- is it an Android yet. Or Android yeah. I mean it would have to be pretty phenomenal however it did with. The the geeks who actually care about their privacy and at this point and somewhere to go in it is at least. It's an option for those who know better -- -- -- -- I'm reading a book now because it's a -- now -- out -- -- Hey -- you and this is a basic look of the Darknet it's right. -- and square interface but sportswear is not taking -- places business lying down it took them awhile -- -- to -- -- Reaction together they were little circumspect at birth another -- is like no -- yet. Massive. Takeover of Times Square with like the biggest -- you ever -- -- and now we know -- venture money is going boom. Right so FaceBook has not taken a line down their lighting up Times Square and that -- giving here -- -- this is great I love these battles it out I just give this no -- while I know foursquare FaceBook. That's a FaceBook and enforcement via okay partner -- both of them actually FaceBook you know -- basically blanketing the entire sun with an ever present would not be surprised -- -- spirited it is. I -- it it really does say that they're they're not taken it. Line down and they're not gonna -- sort of like partner -- think in. You know so -- -- the the problem that they face however according to New York Times and a new Forrester Research. Reports is that. Most Americans still don't want to do the kitchen tech in most Americans -- revealed a certain age well most Americans. Period ray only 4% of Americans have tried location based services only 1% use them weekly according to port three thirds of that. -- that population though. According to like the -- CEO -- people were born after 1981. Who have different standards from time perhaps. Not surprising. That -- and there are people are very familiar with these services but choose not to use them -- I'm I'm I'm one of those but I'm -- And no I I really wanna try it FaceBook places they think it's -- but. I haven't yet haven't checked in once yet -- -- once when it first came out here via other than that it just it scares of -- that -- force -- like 800 friend request. I don't -- people knowing where I am today what is worse to me. Mine might -- here is -- want to divide up how this might not be generational thing privacy currently being okay with it might be people who are young. Having more active social lives and mean like -- brag about all the stuff and tech the reason I don't do location aware kind of like posting of my location is because. And linking my life is and I don't want people knowing you know how many people would like to have -- I am well -- hope to hang out with my family. And am. If you're if you're twenty something and -- radiate out drinking with your friends -- going to -- concerts and having that lifestyle. Then of course -- want people to know automatically yeah save anytime map between how awesome you're twenty something like -- it's interlaced setting setting and I think objective discussions the verses -- that back is if you are out in a lot of public places you're meeting up with a lot of your and the -- -- actually -- that if your life. If your life comprises a lot of that going out restaurants going to shows going to clubs then. That location -- it does make a lot more sense because the places you've -- in our public at your house and also you aren't some cases using the functionality related to trying to find your friends day at our office and show -- the on the -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm -- ladies like yeah. Hello Donald Alpine toilet paper is local market yeah. -- -- yeah okay our friends that own the thing for me and is security I mean it's like if I check in at placed eight in those I'm not at home. And -- I've got like I don't know 15100 people are. Ammerman 1001000. Twitter followers think -- rates not a home right now I mean I think I let that three security systems and thinking that I'm just saying though. I think places I think that's where the idea is that places and actually -- sport where you have to accept friends and you know have to accept stranger. I think they are way better than I mean I think sharing your your location on Twitter is just in the -- Because that is a security nightmare but if you're sharing your location with only your friends. And actually think it's it's not a big deal in if you go a cool places I mean there are times when you know once life even -- like a matter there's really only. It's not like the robbers. Are that likely to pollen and that are here that thing I love elected really I -- that as a person who had been broken into I don't think the robbers were following and what. It I think they cased the joint -- -- still old fashioned way -- -- I think I think this is an affront to the lie that I like. Of what a beating my status collectively does where I can paint -- but a prettier picture of my life when I do totally even by. And I know -- -- -- have to check in that toilet paper door yeah the only check in when you make around Obama. -- It prepping for your big -- party yeah right. Late last week in Digg launched its big redesign and part of the big redesign of date is that you can now. Customize your own home page which I think it's so cute that there's -- one they built in Cuba on pages but you can customize your -- homepage which. Gives a little bit less power a lot less power to pick a ball of diggers get it becomes. Art. Who have been basically setting the agenda predict right who had all the power -- -- -- they loved it because they were the community that -- -- -- the news where they wanted it and now there's like. -- -- Yeah state so it now. That -- there's no like the water coolers -- the biggest killing water cooler. And a lot of people don't like this mostly most popular users I think whom are the ones who. Set the agenda and there's been this huge rebellion and people over. Which is basically forming up around read it. And all these -- it stores an -- put on big thing. Look these are all the top stories all the big top stories are from -- -- so people are heading over to read it and -- is actually kind of the new -- the four of cool people who release appeals -- -- -- Red is the new of the wired map and insert your fish -- yeah I know -- -- credit is that they -- like you're using read it only -- only god it was wrong with you I have both. I like -- likable I don't love either of them I mean -- just want to know more sources the comments and read it are super valuable their very smart people under edit and -- -- the comments are often funny they're actually interest and add to the story whereas Digg and. In the big complaint about bigger than the comment -- there are. Well they have their own name Digg comment -- -- But sort of that's all you need to know anyway we'll see how that -- that might just be a really vocal rebellion as opposed to a real one I mean if anything I think they just have problems. With users yen you know it's they had -- the and they had a big -- -- to sell -- awhile ago. -- probably should thank them for money I mean they didn't have wealthy. Plus now there's clipboard so they know when -- state. And in cardiac a model there's so many it's -- -- not really but there's so many now ways to sort of -- personalized content that they really hasn't. The big hill to climb in terms of proving that there is way better -- tech mean and -- -- and all these and you can create your own yeah yeah. What he said okay texting while driving big deal big deal big bad thing we talked a couple times about various apps that can kind of improved. The situation but none of them really do so now evidently state farm. Has launched an app that will in fact text back for you can't fifth or eighth which is great like it we'll just send back a predetermined -- ever there are other ones that'll do that I mean like -- for -- I think we'll do the same thing. But then. Not only is their calendars SMS require. Which uses your phone's GPS to know when your driving right into the one -- and. If you're driving it says -- knew that -- alone I'm driving. -- and now actually the one Alex election -- the if you try to pick up your phone. That's an extra feature that. So -- someone I think was on a Blackberry actually where maybe with the sort when I can't remember where if you were using the mobile. If -- -- location service and a new -- you were going and there was a quick way to replied back saying I hope I'm running late I will be either by X time if -- -- when your point of what and where you were going but he had to reply it initiated I'd like -- that. Tied into this thing where -- -- incoming SMS it just -- you know back. Next thing I'm running -- I'm hoping I will I will I will stop driving accident at -- life on Catalina mean now let's run into white and black with that idea like. They idea of the state from one where you can turn and on turn on auto responder anytime you want -- and it went -- -- doing it again and again that stopped -- it does what it what have to. Happen and I don't know if this -- -- that I hope it does is it has to stop the notification from happening because even if I know that they're getting an -- response -- like I'm driving yeah if I hear it. Then and I still need to know with it how important is it texting while mapping is extremely name. Time it'd totally with you on it is lack of sleep has nothing to joke about. Right this is the part where rape and Donald get to completely Geek Out about a subwoofer -- is also a family you're using this. This is a new product is called the eminent technology TRW seventeen rotary -- for -- only thirteen thousand dollars. And unlike a regular subwoofer that uses a diaphragm -- big giant speaker to move air. This thing is of spinning fan labeled variable pitch and so -- get down to frequencies much lower then a speaker. Down to according to this story on our site. The eleven -- fundamental frequency -- helicopters so. Action films -- actually feel like you're being about. Can -- hello happier helicopters seen in these action yet every I can't have -- action film without a helicopters and -- Apocalypse Now over and over aren't the main trick is are the major. One that's totally true anyway it's. And how this is. A better. Alternative I mean I get the sound element right -- like as the -- -- put that you put it in your attic. Because it moves enough air in moves at the and you don't wanna put in your -- Well first you build an -- I think you put it in the -- it -- moves enough -- that. You can put it anywhere in the house because the -- the move there -- And you it's an open fancy really don't want in your living room where little cable going to get this -- likes. Your neighborhood you behave and act according to feed her daughter who is our total audio file -- and everyone here is the TRW seventeen shocked by -- power. To produce a truly visceral experience is called the brown -- hit on -- -- proven commitment. Really good -- I haven't yet -- estimated the penalty is that HIV any dead. I love it I unsure of life now he can call 106 and 5638. Frank called -- last week to weigh in on the discussion of the Apple patents. The patent filings that would let Apple basically. Remotely disable an -- it. Kubrick bought air. Oh and Eric -- Apple. And so that they can -- here -- and privacy. -- -- -- -- -- -- They're already doing it not if the patent would allow them to do it I love the show us. One of those spared him okay you only find out about those the secret army technology after they're not using it anymore and that's right. Done done done. And announcer I think -- point thinks that appreciate it. I -- our -- buzz at cnet.com we had a couple of responses to our discussion about ads -- -- Matthew wrote in and said as a response that's involvement and think about adds an iBook -- -- just. I must say that the banner idea kinda lame bit about must come why don't they try something interesting. Like between chapters give the add take -- the whole page -- novels with illustrations every chapter or so or like magazines that way you don't see that. You just turn the -- and it's not writing you know in magazines they call those full page ads and they actually charge extra for them. As opposed the banners in front of the topic which are going right. So yea I like -- idea bigger we could sell this to the publishers and put political page yeah and you could sell more yet. For more money -- and -- gonna be less obnoxious you can -- I like it again -- never. We got another one here from -- I think an episode 1296 you guys were discussing the potential future advertising and currently -- currently sanitize. Market of electronic advertising my prediction is that you'll see these -- of advertising in the e-book arena. -- further predict that the possible product placement will become rampant in published media. While IAA is already been very rampant in movies primetime TV even via blogs and podcasts I believe that print media is going to be a future of sub conscious marketing. And a fair -- -- market. This email all really got under my skin because when I'm reading a novel. And there's and the author says and he picked up his -- pen and wrote don't so yeah it to meet the brand that is something that I know makes it it has veracity to the makes them the story feel more real because using real products and I'm making up an entire universe. Now what this guy's saying -- that this thing is that this is actually brand product placement. And it's paid for and it just destroyed. The real list of novels for me that's even thicker than before that secretary of so bumped against surely be the key to good writing in many cases is specificity jets and have you ever had like Robert would -- he wrote the company he read these spy novels and and -- and unbelievably over the top specific when he discusses technology -- -- his watch -- has. His tag you're 16100 from -- about there. It makes it. You're Writely to create the universe that you actually believe but if you all -- that and can't trust universe to not be paid for. I don't like the early Clancy's which -- like you know military military hardware point bands that. Well I did I become happy that I -- the authors might -- you -- and -- it -- them. -- my art. That you know TV executives are getting that the product placement money but in the -- -- be getting some TAG Heuer watch Kate back at Penn. Not that -- and then you have to wonder if it's really if the if the stores -- written -- -- that add or the ad was. -- now has break the date they kind of bubble love. And being in the story yeah and and thinking and of the authoring in his watch collection because I -- -- doing it in movies like at this point I'm now just counting that you know touting the references -- aptly. You know I think Iron Man -- you have the most carport and I've ever seen in one single don't even more than your average James -- that look like it -- -- -- different cars anytime you see it's. -- -- -- -- -- -- Anytime there's that the scifi movie with a semi utopian future new Audi will sponsor it and all the cars will be out -- be super fancy I robot and their another's right. They're everywhere I think -- that -- I don't know -- now I had not prepared to -- -- money he calmed down. Robert I -- it saudis -- okay. Chris silly me hey Chris nominee from -- writes us while spending my Saturday afternoon browsing back episodes they came across at the front NBA. Listening to the discussion of Android. And what it was capable of it sat there my jaw on the floor. Listening to rate would -- -- talk about the open plots the of the OS and how that it would be for the carriers come and lock it back down yes what. That is exactly what has happened just two years later case in point and have the captivate an eighteen he has crippled this thing to death. It is an amazing -- by had to unlock this potential on my own through routing trying to confirm -- -- fixes to undo everything my carrier doesn't want my phone to do. I wanted to restricted phone I would still be -- with everybody else. -- -- at the mall waiting for the iPhone will Google ever step up an end the tyranny of the carriers we'll have to sweat out the next few years with a warranty voided. Phone. One. That is so true we were actually and there were a couple good -- ups this past week -- I treated Jason Tyner wrote a good to. Article bird Czech Republic that was just about -- Miami hundreds of and that's how -- carriers have indeed gotten a hands on and need to you know it's really at this point I think that -- -- Maybe -- during Q are the only kind of plain Vanilla. Carrier Android phones that you can -- can by the unlocked Nexus One which is plain Vanilla Android -- but all the other ones have some restriction is an overlay or. It's definitely it is both the that -- has happened the -- -- operating system. Of Android is both a blessing and a curse and when it comes -- that -- consumer. Understanding of -- and adoption flexibility and this is we're seeing the other side now which is that the carriers can do whatever they want with it. Being open means they can make it closed known paired up with analysts -- blast from the past and also the -- hook me up but the fact that -- -- minority report that. We've. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Then they comment verses on Blackberry messenger how about Saudi reluctance. Why not we are also not -- product placement. -- only the free time. In today's free product placement question or Blackberry messenger -- is due for five Q3 C six -- -- your favorite -- or your favorite Lexus which are which one would you choose. Also you can find the links to every -- thing that we talked about today as long as well that pin number and -- all written down on -- -- be allowed us cnet.com you can email us. But at cnet.com Andy can -- 806 -- 6638. -- -- Welcome back we did it we made -- your first they back after a week's worth the news backlog can get any worse than a normal -- -- That's what they have -- -- that double Monaro. I guess I. That's elect that there is the -- in advertising. And -- -- mean. But that's the thing we just gave -- --
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