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First Look: BlueAnt Wireless V12 LCD Bluetooth headset

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First Look: BlueAnt Wireless V12 LCD Bluetooth headset

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The BlueAnt Wireless V12 LCD Bluetooth headset has an LCD for viewing caller ID and battery status, and it can store as many as 10 contacts.

[ Music ] ^M00:00:02 >> I'm Nicole Lee, associate editor for CNET.com and this is the blue [inaudible] wireless V12 LCD Bluetooth headset. It's evidenced by the name, it does have a very nice LCD in front here, it's actually really useful, it displays caller ID, the volume level, the name of the phone that it's connected to, it also displays battery status indicator so that you know when the headset is out of battery. It does add to the bulk of the headset, as you can see it's a little bit bulky than most headsets, but it's really useful so we forgive it for the size. On top here is a multifunction button and on the side here are the volume controls, the volume controls are a little small, a little too small for our taste but they are still raised enough above the surface to touch by feel. On the back here is the earpiece and the flexible earlobe. You can also store up to 10 contacts in the headset for easy dialing from the headset itself and there's also a vibrate mode so that it vibrates whenever there is an incoming call. Other than that you know typical headset features, it can answer, reject calls, mute calls, fast number redial and so forth. Many as Nicole Lee and this has been the blue end wireless V12 LCD Bluetooth headset. ^M00:01:13 [ Music ]

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