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Tech Culture: Black Friday deals

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Tech Culture: Black Friday deals

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Wal-Mart and Target are offering the hottest Black Friday deals, said Jon Vincent of blackfriday.info, who is the first guest on our first show of the season.

^M00:00:00 [ Music] ^M00:00:07 >> Hello, folks. Welcome to it. It's the Holiday Help Desk, the new edition. It is the Skycam. That's Santacam we'll call that. >> It's a cozier edition of Holiday Help Desk. >> That's right. It's warm and cozy and lots of good Christmas decorations, yeah. It's an all new look to Studio B. >> Sickeningly holiday. >> Sickeningly; oh, boy, is it. Anyways, it's the Holiday Help Desk. The new way we're doing it this year, we're doing half hour blasts on weekdays starting today. You're here for the first episode. These will be happening like they are now; one o'clock pacific going on for the next half hour or so. Myself and, of course, Dr. Tom Merit in the-- >> Not an Actual Doctor. >> Christmas Corner. Right. We'll be taking your calls and questions about all the executive questions you've got as we get to the countdown toward, you know, Black Friday 2009. And then we have Cyber Monday, and then, of course, we have the end of the holiday gifting season. >> Yeah, this is show number one. >> This is number one, so it's going to be a little rough. >> Yeah, just be easy on us, alright. >> We're going to step through it, and by the time we get done it'll be just as slick as that CNET Live used to be. You remember that? >> By the time we do our 22nd show at four p.m. eastern, one p.m. pacific on December 23rd, you can criticize us all to get out. It'll be perfect. >> Today, not so fair. >> Also because I don't think we're not doing that one, right? >> No. Exactly, criticize that one all day long. Yeah. And we've brought in some special guests to help including we have CNET's head cheapskate. That would be, of course, Mr. Rick Broida. We've also got our expert Deb Althero [assumed spelling] from Shopper.com joining us today. And we've also got Jon Vincent of Blackfriday.info; one of the Black Friday deal scouting sites. It gets the early drop on those before the newspaper comes out, and he'll have a preview of what to expect on the sale as we get just the far side of Thanksgiving. We're talking all those folks coming up shortly. >> So, yeah, no marathon this year. >> Right. >> Instead, you get us everyday for a half hour; four p.m. eastern, one p.m. pacific. And a week from today on Monday the 30th, right? >> Yes. >> We're doing a two hour version for the marathon lovers. We made a compromise. >> Right. >> We'll do short marathon. >> Sort of a marathon X. >> More like a 5K. >> A 5K, yeah. >> Same time; four p.m. eastern, one p.m. pacific. We'll do it for two hours, and we're doing it in the main studio. So do call in, and there's lots of different ways to gee to us actually. You can call in. You can send emails. Right? >> That's right. You can do Holidayhelpdesk at cnet.com, so there's one way to get to us. We'll take those, and if we see them come in live we'll take those. Of course, you're joining us live. You can easily call in at 888-900-CNET. 888-900-2638. Also we've got the chat room open at Cnet.com slash live slash holidayhelpdesk. Or just go to Cnet.com slash live, and we're the live show right now. So you can just find us by default. >> Yeah, if you're watching us live, just go to Cnet.com slash live where you already are with us now. >> Right. >> It's that easy. >> Yeah, see. We don't change much for the holidays. We're still annoying as all get out. That's just how we are. >> Now every weekday we're going to bribe you with fabulous prizes. Go to Crave.cnet.com to check it out. Look for the giveaway posting. Post a comment. You'll be entered to win, and today the prize is an iPod Nano. So what happens is go there, post, and then you'll have from now until nine a.m. eastern, six a.m. pacific today. Tuesday, November 24th, tomorrow on the show we'll announce the winner. >> Oh, that's how that works. We have a lot of other good stuff too. >> Yeah, it's an iPod Nano today. >> Today. >> But it's all going to be TVs, 500 dollar give certificates, all kinds of stuff. >> Yeah. Candles, all the stuff you want to give but you don't really want to pay for. Now we can't do this alone, of course, and we won't be. Every show we'll be checking in-- >> Injunction prevents us. >> Right. There's got to be some adult supervision. We'll be checking in with the folks from a long list of some of the internet's best retailers during this marathon of short shows; Amazon, Best Buy, Newegg, Circuit City, Tiger Direct, BNH; all of those folks. And the folks who helped us book all those big names are our team at Shopper.com and, of course, joining us here just about everyday during this baton death march of holiday shopping advise is Deborah Althero who is program manager from CNET's Shopper.com, one of our CNET sites. And, Deborah, welcome, and tell us what Shopper does and how you do what you do. >> Oh, well, thank you and happy holidays. Well, actually Shopper--I consider Shopper to be a one stop shop. Basically you can see reviews. You can find products in our deals and bargains area. These are updated daily. We pull from a catalogue of thousands of products and some of our top premiere merchants; Amazon, Best Buy, and more. And we will have lots and lots of deals and bargains posted fresh everyday for your eyes. >> Right. So you guys are coming up with special deals to bring into the show, and we should point out that CNET doesn't sale stuff. Right? We're not a merchant. >> Right. >> A lot of folks don't always know. A lot of folks aren't always clear about that, because they see CNET Shopper, and they figure that must be CNET's store. We're not a store. We're totally on the objective and independent in this. We want to bring you the best deals from whoever's got them whether it's a big store, a small store, one you've heard of, brick and mortar, whatever it may be. >> Yeah, we don't sell anything, but these fine CNET mugs available at the CBS. >> Yeah, that's right. We will reserve official studio bourbon. Wait, what? Alright, let's talk to our cheapskate. Thank you, Deborah. Let's talk to Rick Broida, who, of course, is an old friend of ours from the CNET Live show. You may know him from there in terms of web casting, and Rick is the cheapskate on Cnet.com. His cheapskate blog is one of the most favorite followed out there by folks who want to save money or even those who just love to see a good deal as a sport. Now, Rick, give me some idea how you find your deals. People often wonder what's his in. >> You know, a magician can not reveal his secrets. But vice it to say, you know, I have legends of minions scattered across the country and across the globe really. And they look for the top stuff, and then they messenger the information to me, which I keep encouraging them to stop using messenger, because that just takes longer. But, yeah, I've got a network out there. They're all looking for me. >> And when it comes to a great deal, is there some kind of a bar or some kind of a cutoff where you say, "Okay, that's a great deal versus just a good price." Because, you know, who's to say when it makes the cut for the cheapskate? >> Well, you know, I kind of think I've developed a bit of a sixth sense about this, so it's like when I spot a Blu-ray player that's like a big Black Friday promotion that's 129, I think, "You know what? I've seen Blu-ray players for below a hundred bucks for a couple months now, so that's not really the great deal of the year." But, you know, it's really just a matter of kind of keeping in tune with what's out there and where some of the price levels are for different kinds of devices. It's my special, spooky gift. >> Your special sauce, which just noticing the special sauce color of the walls there at Cheapskate Central, which I'm sure is a secret location, right? >> Secret basement location in my basement. >> Okay. >> Bunker, yeah. >> That's right, because otherwise they'd storm the doors, man. >> Yeah. >> They'd go pull his bookmarks down. >> There's 100 days of deals in there. Get him. >> That's how he finds them. He clicks on that and that and that. Alright, Rick, stand tight, because we're going to be going to you from time to time as we want to get peoples' best possible deal. Oh, yeah, and today what's your cheapskate special? You got one for us everyday on the show. >> Yes, I certainly do. Well, today's deal which has been up on the Cheapskate for a little bit here is an 80 gigabyte Zune, which is a refurb. But I believe it is still backed by a one year warranty by Microsoft. The product page doesn't say as much, but that's what some of my readers have mentioned, and that baby is selling for 129.99, which is just about half of what it sold for when it first hit the market. So that is a lot of storage for pretty little cash. >> See, I'd be so excited about that, because if people saw my video of my wish list for this year I want a Zune HD, because I lost my original 30 gig brown turd Zune. But this weekend I found it, and I'm the real cheapskate when it comes to MP3 players. So I'm not just going to replace it, so someone else can get that one. >> Just losing it. >> Right. >> We can take care of that for you. >> Right, we can do that. Alright, Rick, so hang tight. We're going to be going to you from time to time also as we get calls about really good deals. >> Phones are up. 888-900-CNET. 888-900-2638 is the phone number. Got a couple lines open actually right now. If you didn't think any lines were open, if you didn't think it was worth calling, pick it up quick. Get in line, because we've got some folks who want to talk to us here, and I think who should we lead off? How about T.J. down in Georgia? Hey, T.J., welcome to Holiday Help Desk. You have the distinct honor of being our first caller. >> Thank you, sir, thank you. Thank you, Dr. Merit. >> Not a real doctor. >> The Gateway LT in 2005 view, any good of a netbook? I see you guys haven't reviewed it so. >> The Gateway LP2005 view, now you're wanting to see if you should get this right away or wait for a deal. Is that what you said? >> Yeah, wait for a deal on Black Friday like, you know, like before another netbook or something. In comparison to like the UPC line or something like that. Is that any good? >> Yeah, it's not as good. Obviously our favorite is the E. That's the one we recommend as the best. The Gateway LP2005 view, as you say, we haven't reviewed that particular model. In fact, I'm having a hard time pulling up anything. >> Anything with that model, yeah. >> Deborah, are you having any more luck? >> No, I don't see anything, no. >> I'm looking on Best Buy, and they have it for 230 right now as of today. >> And the model number is LP2005view. >> LT as in toy. >> LT, toy, okay. >> Like Lawrence Taylor. >> Right. >> Okay. >> That might do it. Okay, that will help us get a fix on that. >> There we go. So look at LT2005 view. Yeah, I'm not familiar obviously. I'm off the top of my head with this one, but I get it. Okay, it's 230 dollars at Best Buy. It's a one gigabyte RAM. What does it got? A ten inch, screen. Yeah, it's--you know, Gateway is not our top netbook maker. They are decent netbook maker, but this one just looks like your average-- >> Garden variety, yeah. >> I think we may have some better deals out there on the way. Is there a particular reason why you wanted to get the Gateway? >> Oh, no. No reason. I just need a netbook. >> You just saw the cheap. >> You can watch it bring videos and send, take notes and stuff. So should I look around? >> Yeah, because the ones we recommend are all over 300. That's true. There is the Dell Inspiron Mini 10v netbook computer. The Dell Inspiron Mini 10v runs about 279 dollars right now. So that's pretty close to this sale Gateway that you're seeing at Best Buy. And we gave it three and-a-half stars out of five. But it is in our top five our best netbooks page that Dan Acraman threw together. Okay? >> Mini 10v? >> Yeah, the Mini 10v, Dell Inspiron. Alright. >> Okay, I think I heard that, because it's coming on sale for 249. So I might just hold off till Black Friday. >> There you go. Hold off till you see a deal for it for sure. >> Okay, T.J., thanks for the call. Appreciate it. And congratulations. You are the first caller. We have time for one more. >> He has the distinct honor. The questionable honor. >> And that wins you nothing, absolutely nothing. >> Prestige in your community. >> Your very small community if that's prestige. I want to go to Nathan in Michigan who's got a question about choosing between two cars. I always love when someone is considering buying a car especially if it's maybe as a gift. It's probably a gift for you. Hi, Nathan, welcome to CNET's Holiday Help Desk. >> Hey, guys. I just want to say I love all your reviews. >> Thank you. >> This is a question more for you, but if anyone else knows, go ahead. So my 16th birthday is coming up as well as Christmas obviously. And I was wondering if I should get a VW GTI, BMW 128i, or Mazda's Speed3. >> Well-- >> First of all, that's awesome that you even have that choice. >> Let's see. Who's money are we playing with here? >> Is it my 16th birthday? I got my sister's hand-me-down '77 Maverick, which is pretty cool today. But that's because I'm a Ford guy. Alright, here's the difference on at least the Mazda versus the GT. We are woefully out of date on both those cars for reviews. I got to say it. So as a result I can't give you the most immediate review data that we've got on those vehicles, but I can tell you this about the DNA on those two cars. The GTI is a more serious road car. The Mazda3 Speed or Mazda Speed3 is no slouch, but it's a different kind of vehicle. In terms of cabin tech, the Volkswagen line is just recently had a complete redo with a hard drive based pretty advanced navigation and multimedia system if you want to go for that kind of an in-dash top-in head unit. Mazda continuously, almost continuously frustrates us in terms of their cabin tech. I just shot the video for the Mazda6 which is a couple notches above the Mazda3, and even that is like unless you buy a really high-trim model, you can't get much cabin tech in many of their cars. On the other hand, Mazda is also known as among the Japanese makers the one that is closest perhaps to German-like performance. So these are cars that are about the driving feel more than anything else, so you got to go drive them and decide which one you like driving the best. These are not cars you're buying because they have the most technology loaded up in them. And the other car was the 128. Is that right? >> Yeah. >> Yeah, the 128 is a great handling car too, but that's going to be in a different price class. Right? >> Yeah. >> Yeah. I mean, you got your Mazda3, your GTI, and your 128. And in order of prices and order of seriousness as a driver's car, go drive them all. That's the only way you can do on those. They're meant to be driven not necessarily be total technology showboats. >> Alight, we're going to take a short break. >> Time to say goodbye to Rick. >> Time to say to Rick Broida. >> Yeah, time to say goodbye. >> Oh, the cheapskate. Oh, Rick, we didn't have a chance to throw anything at your way and stump you. But anyway, Rick Broida, thank you for joining us. The cheapskate will be back with us again on our next episode tomorrow. And, of course, you can find him at the CNET cheapskate blog on Cnet.com. So we've got a break coming up. Is that right? >> Yeah. >> Good, someone tell me what it is, because my spreadsheet just closed. >> We're going to be talking to Jon Vincent of Blackfriday.info, a website that publishes all those Black Friday sales flyers, the ones you get with your Thanksgiving paper in advance. And we have a caller that has a Black Friday, so hang in there, caller. Maybe we'll get you a chance to talk to Jon as well. A lot of good deals coming up this Friday though, so hang with us. >> Right. That and more is the CNET Holiday Help Desk. Episode one continues. ^M00:14:12 [ Music ] ^M00:14:19 >> If you think all batteries are the same, consider this. These Duracell batteries were giving to the Mattel Children's Hospital UCLA, because when it comes to kids of healing, you're not just powering a toy. You're powering a smile. Duracell, trusted everywhere. ^M00:14:34 [ Music ] ^M00:14:39 >> The phones are up. Actually they're sitting right there they always do. Sure. They're open. 888-900-CNET. 888-900-2638. One line open. Has it closed yet? One line open. >> That's the last one. >> Give us a call. >> Just one. Okay, let's go to Jon Vincent we talked about at the top of the show. He is from Blackfriday.info; one of those Black Friday websites that gets the early drop on what the Black Friday deals are going to be before the circulars come out in the newspaper. Jon, welcome to the show. Now we can hear you. Let me ask you this. Blackfriday.info is getting its information where? It almost sounds like it's a little bit sneaky. >> Yeah, it's either entities in the company or people that work in the printing press. What they do is they'll grab a copy of the ad, take pictures of it, and then send it over to us. We just look at it and make sure it looks legitimate. Then we'll take up a product listing and post a picture of the ad scan and a product listing so people can see what's going to be on sale on Black Friday. >> Every get any guff from the retailers about doing this? >> Yeah, sometimes. Sometimes retailers don't like when their ad leaks to earlier. For example, Office Max, they complained early in late October, because their ad kind of leaked a little too early. And they were still, you know, a sample version of their ad and not their final version of their ad. Another company, Gander Mountain complained. For the most part, a lot of the retailers actually like the free publicity. It just brings more people to their website and exposes more people to what's going to be on sale. >> I was talking earlier to Scott Art, our editor in chief here at CNET. He was saying one year he found a leaked Black Friday ad online, went to the store, and made an order. Or went to the store's website and made an order to pick it up on Friday. So he already had bought it, right. So he knew it was in inventory. He knew he was going to get one. They weren't going to run out. Showed up on Friday to pick it up, and said, "Hey, I happened to notice in your circular today that it's, you know, 1,200 dollars cheaper." It was a TV. "So, you know, I want the discount." Processed him. Didn't have to wait in the big Black Friday line. >> Love that. >> He was in and out in 15 minutes. >> Love that. >> Yeah. >> That's good stuff. >> So that's one good reason to look at these ads in advance. >> Let's talk about some of the things you're finding. Let's get right down to the nuts and bolts. Dr. Merit, what do you like among these four or five things? We've got a few examples here. >> Yeah. >> What gets your eye? >> There's a couple TV deals that are prettying interesting. You're showing a Westinghouse 32 inch LCD HD TV for 246 bucks at Target and then one for only two dollars more, an Emerson 32 inch 720 PLCD HD TV for 248 dollars at Wal-Mart. >> Those are like really cheap. >> Do you see a lot of TV deals like this? Is this sort of the average of what we're seeing? >> Yeah, I mean, those are actually the two best TV deals. In fact, the Target deal for the Westinghouse is actually our number one item added to our shopping list. More than 50,000 people add that to their list. I'm not sure there's 50,000 people that have, you know, I'm not sure there's 50,000 TVs at Target right now, but people are really gunning for that. Also the Wal-Mart Westinghouse TV is really popular as well. >> I want to go to Deborah here from CNET Shopper and just ask. How does that compare to other deals that aren't being leaked out in Black Friday? What are you seeing? Anything that you can compare to that or that you'd say in contrast to this? A 32 inch TV for 246 dollars? A 32 inch for 248 dollars? That's pretty cheap. >> Yeah. >> Do we have Black Friday link on our-- >> That's petty cheap. I'm looking at some that are give or take 50 dollars. We have a lot of merchants once again. We have hundreds of merchants that are sending in their deals, and these are also certified merchants. And I think you're going to find some very impressive price reductions around that time. >> Certified merchant means what? People need to know that. >> Okay, certified merchant means that we are checking the performance of a merchant that is on our site, and we rate them according to stars so that they can go anywhere from zero up to five stars. And we look at the types of complaints that are coming in and also the good information that we're receiving from users and what they're experiencing. So it's a safe place to go. We've built a lot of confidence into our shopping site. People feel very comfortable, and we actually respond. And if a merchant is not performing up to our criteria, we will remove them. >> Okay, so we can back up those kinds of things. Of course, the deals you're talking about, Jon, are coming from reputable national retailers. These are not little shops that are doing Black Friday stuff, right? >> Exactly. And it's Target, Wal-Mart, Best Buy, even Amazon.com. Those are definitely brand names you can trust. >> Here's one that's getting all our attention around here. We're seeing a Blu-ray player for 78 bucks at Wal-Mart. Who makes it? What's the story on it? >> Yep. It's a Magnavox Blu-ray player. Wal-Mart has this one. They do door buster specials, so it's going to be a limited quantity item. So you really need to arrive at Wal-Mart, I'd probably say the night before like 10 p.m., 11 p.m. just to get this Blu-ray player just because there's going to be a ton of people in line. Really Wal-Mart's ad this year is great. They have lots of good deals not only on electronics but on toys and clothing. So we expect a lot of people to go there. >> This is their year I've heard that they are really starting to become--they're doubling down on being an electronics retailer. They are really getting serious about it. >> Yeah, I mean, they're really making a big push for electronics this year. You know, you can see that with their pricing in their Black Friday ad. Also they've, you know, they're putting some HD TVs on sale, you know, on Thanksgiving Day so people can buy there. So really a bunch of the items you can actually buy on Thanksgiving or on Black Friday from Walmart.com. And a lot of the other retailers are doing that as well too. >> The all new Black Thursday. >> Yeah. Everyday can be black. It's Black Monday, Cyber Thursday. >> I mean, just one last thing. On this question is--doesn't Black Friday kind of leak in both directions now? It kind of gets started a little early and runs a little long, and almost blurs into Cyber Monday. Isn't it just like Black Month? >> It really is. There's early Black Friday sales throughout the entire month of November. Amazon just released their Black Friday deals today. It's going to last the entire week. So really starting toady and lasting right through Saturday you're going to be able to get Black Friday type deals. And then you get Cyber Monday on Monday. So you're really going to be hit with a lot of different sales. >> Okay, Amazon.com. We'll be talking to Amazon on Wednesday in fact. >> We have a caller on the line who's got a Black Friday question. It's T.J. It's a different T.J. than the one we talked to earlier. Welcome to Holiday Help Desk, T.J. we've got Jon Vincent here from Blackfriday.info. You've got a Black Friday question. What is it? >> Yeah. My question is my mother wants a 15 inch laptop. >> You are hearing us in the background, aren't you? >> Yeah. >> Turn down those speakers. Did Jamie not tell you to turn that? I knew show told you. >> She can't spend more than 300 dollars on it. What's the best laptop for her to buy? >> Well, it's a netbook at that point, right? I mean, 300 bucks isn't really going to get you a full-on laptop. >> Well, yeah, actually now there's a laptop deal that you've got, Jon Vincent. Tell us a little bit about that Wal-Mart deal. >> Yeah, there's actually a HP Laptop. It's 15.6 inch screen, Intel processor, 3 gigs of RAM, 250 gig hard drive, and it's going to be 298. So it's right below your 300 dollar price point. >> With everything. >> Nice. >> And that's not even a netbook. >> That's a real laptop. >> That's a regular, old laptop with a nice, big 15 inch screen. >> Where do I buy this from? >> That's Wal-Mart. That was Wal-Mart. > >That's one that's coming from Wal-Mart on Black Friday, right? He's going to have to wait until Friday to get that? >> Yeah, exactly. You have to wait till Friday for that one. >> Okay, there you go, T.J. I hope that gives you one more option for you to look at there. >> Nice. Nice. Okay. I think we're going to move on now to some calls, and, Jon, thanks for giving us some good deals here. And, again, you're at Blackfriday.info, right? >> Yes. >> And you guys have stuff going up fresh every day? Every hour? Are you posted for the season? How does that work? >> We're actually putting all these Black Friday deals online right now actually. So as the deals come online, we're updating the site, so people can actually get most of their Black Friday shopping done today or throughout the week without having to stand in line on Black Friday. So be updating the site all week, and we're getting tons of traffic right now. So definitely come by and check it out. >> Okay, good stuff. Jon Vincent from Blackfriday.info. Thank you, Jon. >> Cool. Thanks for having me. >> Phone lines are open. 888-900-CNET. 888-900-2638. And let's go to Noah. This is one that Deborah might be able to help us out with. What's your question, Noah? >> Hey, I just want to let you know that I absolutely love barf. >> Oh, okay. >> That's nice. Thank you for my very first call. >> Isn't that great? >> Yes. >> This is what happens. >> Noah just made himself look really stupid. >> This is what happens when you do a show during, you know, after school hours on the East Coast. Alright, actually, I think Deborah can help with this one as well. Juan from Georgia. Hey, Juan, thanks for calling in. >> Hi. I just wanted to know if you having any thoughts about buying a portable drive. >> What kind of portable drive are you looking for? >> Like an external hard drive, like something around 320, 120, something like that. >> 320 or 120? >> Those are a big difference. Which one? >> 120. >> You just want 120,120 gigabyte portable hard drive. >> I saw one at Wal-Mart for like 50 bucks. I was wondering if that was a good deal or not. >> Do you remember what the brand was? >> I think--I don't remember exactly what the brand was, but it's out on their website. >> Yeah, yeah. >> I saw one that was 320 for 80 bucks, so I was wondering if it was better to go ahead and get the 320 or buy the 50 dollar one. >> What are you going to be using it for mostly? >> Like to store my pictures, my music, my files. >> Okay, just a little offloading of stuff so you don't have to keep it on your computer's hard drive? >> Yeah, so I don't have to go into my computer and process to panic. >> Okay, so a potable hard drive somewhere around 120 gigabytes; although, it sounds like he would be fine if it was larger. >> If it was larger, yeah. >> But he's looking of something in the 50 dollar range. >> It could be more, but I want something that's a good deal on a portable drive. >> Just want a good deal. Now I am seeing a thing called the Edge DiskGO Backup Ultra Portable Hard Drive; 120 gigabytes, 64 to 70 bucks at a couple of stores. But it's not one we've reviewed, so I can't swear by it. It's a good deal, because most of these are around 100, 150 dollars, but it's just not one I can vouch for. Amongst the ones that we vouch for, do you have a recommendation on hard drives that we've reviewed? >> We love the Cgates. You know, they'll know who does these reviews incessantly. These Cgates and the Western Digitals, they have a very wide array of drives in terms of the interface so whether it's FireWire or USB that you want. They have some that are made in a way that can also be used as a media dock for your television. If you want to spend a little more money and get some kind of--you said a lot of pictures, maybe video. If you want to be able to dock that drive in a little, portable plastic dock that connects to your TV by an HDMI, and it's an instant home sort of a presentation system. But, you know, I've had good luck with--and I've forgetting the name of the company Acomdata; a, c, o, m. It's one of those, you know, who knows who they are type. I've got five of their portable drives. None of them have ever died, and they're a no name. And I buy those for kind of the price point you're talking about, which is how you save the money is typically you're going to buy an off band you're going to get, you know, white label stuff. In other words no ones know who this particular company is. But drives are drives. There are no fly by night hard drive neighbors. >> And which one is better? USB or FireWire? >> Well, for most people, USB is fine. It's the most common. You're going to find that connection on far more computers if you move it around. If you have FireWire-- >> I have FireWire connectors, so should I get a FireWire connection? >> You don't need to. But if you can get it for cheap, I would, you know, because it's fairly fast, and it gives you the flexibility. I would--because most of the time when they're FireWire they're also USB these days. They'll do a duel. The Iomega eGo portable is 250 gigabytes. It's 80 bucks right now at Amazon, and its is duel connection. You can do FireWire 800 or USB 2.0. >> And bus powered? >> Yeah. > >That's the cool thing is look for a bus powered drive, which means it's like this little, tiny one that we're showing here. And that means you don't have to plug into a power adapter. It gets the power from the FireWire or USB connection. It's really easy to plug in. That's a huge hassle saver if you're moving it around from computer to computer. >> Now the thing about this Iomega eGo portable, it's going to say Mac edition. If you don't have a Mac, just ignore it. It's a reformatting. It's a hard drive. >> You know, I might be able to beat you guys on that. >> Oh, yeah, you got something? >> Yeah. >> Alright, smarty, what do you got? >> Well, actually, I have a little secret shopper in the back here. And I see a Transcend Storejet 25 mobile, 320 gigabytes, 75--starting at 64 going to 75 dollars. And that's from Amazon and some other merchants; Beach Camera by DIJ [assumed spelling]. >> And what capacity is that again? 300 and something? >> It's 320. >> So it's a bigger capacity. It's a hard drive maker we can't vouch for. >> Right. >> We've haven't reviewed it. >> What's the brand of the hard drive again? >> Yeah, what's the brand on that again, Deborah? >> It's a Transcend Storejet. >> Transcend; t, r, a, n, s, c, e, n, d. There it is on the screen right now. It's, you know, a goofy looking little thing. But people might mistake it for a waterproof cigarette case, but, you know, that's alright. >> That looks not that bad. >> It's fine. Yeah. What do you care? You're trying to hold files. That's all that matters. >> I'm seeing a four star rating on this. >> Oh, we have reviewed it. I missed that. >> Yes, gentlemen, you have. >> Yes, we have. >> Not me. We. >> Alright, so go with that, alright. Go look at that Transcend among others, but just go-- >> One last question. >> Okay, one last. >> Has the file have any [inaudible]? Should it have anything special like a back up software or anything special? >> You know, if you're on Windows, download Micromere Reflect from Download.com for free. If you're on a Mac, download Carbon Copy Cloner for free. And don't worry about what software comes with those had drives. In fact, my recommendation is ignore any software that comes with those hard drives, because it's usually bunk. >> And ignore any softer they say you have to use to access the drive. A lot of them will try and get you to do that. It's just going to show up like a regular drive when you open up in Windows. Don't use their little software to operate and connect to it. That's really nonsense. >> One more call. >> Alright, which one should we sneak in here? >> Well, let's see, who's got one we can answer easily and sound intelligent? That's my main question. Number four scares me to death, so forget that. How about the remote control that works with third party headphones for a Nano? Good luck. >> Hey, Jason, from Pennsylvanian. >> That's the one I wanted, exactly. >> How can we help you? >> Alright, we do we got? >> Hi, I'm calling because I have the tossup between two cell phones, the Samsung Flight and the LG Sign2. And I was wondering which one might be better. >> So you've narrowed it down. You've said, "Look, I've looked at all the wealth of smart phones and other kinds of phones out there, and I'm down to these two." Or are you willing to entertain other options? >> I'm willing to see other options. >> Okay, so what kind of phone are you looking for particularly? >> One that has like full keyboard where I don't have to switch companies, because I currently have AT&T; touch screen possibly, as long as it's under 400 dollars. >> Okay. >> Smart phone, keyboard, AT&T, under 400, highly rated. >> Well, smart phone, keyboard, 400 dollars. >> What? It's wide open at that price. Talk about an under subsidized price. >> So, the iPhone's out, because no physical keyboard. >> You could go with the--let's see what are our favorites. I'm looking at our best AT&T. >> The RIM BlackBerry Bold for 200 bucks. >> Yeah, that's going to be--it's not a great web experience though, because the screen is relatively small. It doesn't take up a lot of the surface of the phone, and it's not a very good browser. >> Is that important to you, Jason? >> No, because I'm not really going not have the internet on it. I had an iPhone previously, and I'm a college student. So I'm trying to help, you know, pay the bills too. That's like 92 dollars a month, and I was like, "I can't afford it." >> Okay, alright in that case you might not want the Bold, because they may try to bully you into getting that data plan. >> The data plan, right. >> In which case, you're looking for a more basic phone, and I would say--I know you want a physical keyboard I'm trying to figure out if this Sony Cybershot C905A has the corded keyboard. I think it has a slide out keyboard that goes down in the bottom, but it's one of our favorites as well. And there's also-- >> It's almost like he wants a texting phone, which is a slightly different class of phone than a smart phone. >> Does that sound like what you want? >> Yeah. >> Yeah, that's--unfortunately we don't have a category called Best Texting Phones. We have best basic phone, best smart phones, MP3 phones, video phones, and then ranked by carrier. What you're looking for is a texting phone, which the good news is they will cost less typically than you'll pay for a full board smart phone. Let me see what we have among our editor favorites right now. It's AT&T and Verizon Wireless in AT&T, the iPhone, of course, gets constantly going to blot out the sun in terms of favorites on that carrier. But you don't want that, because that's not what you're looking for. >> We've got the LG VU. >> The VU? LG VU? >> Yeah. >> An old standby. >> Okay. >> A classic. >> Good price. >> A perennial. >> You know, we have a new price ride up with the Droid Heiress and the Samsung, is it the Beyond? That might be a be good price fight for you to go watch. Although, I don't know if either those are on AT&T. No, the Droid is on Verizon unfortunately, the Droid Heiress. >> Well, dig through our reviews. Go to Cnet.com and click on the cell phones, and look for the reviews that are underneath AT&T, under that filter so you can filter by carrier, because you don't want to change carriers it sounds like. Right, okay. The good news is there are a lot of choices. There are a ton of choices out there. The bad news is a lot of them are very close and very competitive, so it's not easy to make a black and white decision between them in some cases. >> Yeah. >> Mostly in the chat room, ASU Rudolph is suggesting this Samsung Impression as a good AT&T phone. It does texting. And we have given it a decent review as well. >> I also recommend you go to the carrier store, because you got to get your hands on these keyboards. >> Samsung Impression has a slide-out keyboard. It's 74.99, and we gave it 4 out of five stars. So it seems like it fits the bill. >> Yeah, that was as recent as April '09, so it's not stale product. >> Okay, I might look at that one then. >> Yeah, and go down to the AT&T store, and just poke around what that they've got, because you do want to maker sure that the thing feels good in your hands otherwise it's--that's key. Then you can narrow it down very quickly, but the Impression is definitely one to look at. >> Okay. >> Okay, thanks a lot for the call, Jason. Well, how you feeling? >> Time to wrap it up. >> Good. I don't know about you, but should have brought the bourbon. >> Holiday Help Desk Show. One down, 21 more to go. And don't forget to enter to win the daily giveaway at Crave.cnet.com; giving away an iPod Nano. You've got till six a.m. pacific time, nine a.m. eastern time tomorrow to enter. Go to Crave.cnet.com. Find out how you win. >> That's right, and don't forget we have got tomorrow. We change hosts. We change everyday so you get sick of all of us in even measure. Tomorrow is Molly and Brian Tong, and they'll be hosting tomorrow. Rick Broida is back with another cheapskate deal at the top of the show as well. We'll have Michael Brim. He's coming in this time in terms of the Black Friday angle. He'll be here from Bfads.net, another Black Friday web aggregator. Of course, we'll have even more deals from Cnetshopper.com. So we'll see you here tomorrow. That'll be at four o'clock eastern, of course, and one o'clock pacific. And-- >> Eleven a.m. Hawaii time. >> Alright, close enough. Alright, thanks, folks. We'll see you tomorrow. >> See you. ^M00:34:23 [ Music ]

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