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2015 Land Rover Range Rover Sport SVR (CNET On Cars, Episode 72)
23:56 August 29, 2015
Ranger Rover Sport SVR goes down a new road. Should you buy an EV, a hybrid or neither? And new tech to remember kids left in cars.
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This classic-looking Frigidaire fridge runs a temperature
2:04 August 28, 2015
Despite a nice build and some very cool modular door shelves, this refrigerator runs too warm for us to recommend
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Metal Gear Solid V gets a perfect 10
6:50 August 28, 2015
Jeff Bakalar talks with GameSpot's Peter Brown about his perfect 10 review score of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.
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NYC taxis to compete with Uber
2:52 August 28, 2015
NYC taxis set to launch an app of their own, one billion people visit Facebook in a day, Chrome sets end date for Flash support and...
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Jaguar F-type S Coupe is beautiful and impractical
3:59 August 28, 2015
With stunning lines and sharp handling, the F-type S Coupe is an excellent sports car, and as impractical as a true sports car should...
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Best Bluetooth speakers for the great outdoors
1:03 August 28, 2015
Whether you're sitting around a campfire, chilling at the beach or planning a Labor Day picnic, a good, portable speak can liven up...
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What if you never play your favorite game? (The Point)
8:12 August 27, 2015
How come we rarely play games outside of our comfort zone? Do we really know what we enjoy that well? Danny examines the reasons why...
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Plenty of coffee brewing extras at an agreeable price
1:39 August 27, 2015
The new $140 Ninja Coffee Bar packs lots of slick java making features such as multiple brewing modes plus support for various container...
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