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Best of CES Awards wrap-up: Tech Industry

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Tech Industry: Best of CES Awards wrap-up

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Molly Wood wraps up what happened this year at the Best of CES Awards 2010.

^B00:00:01 >> Gonna have a good show, Brian? >> Best show ever, Charlie. That's because you're here. ^M00:00:06 [ Music ] ^M00:00:09 >> Hi. I'm Molly Wood, from CNET.com, here at CES 2010, where every year we give out the official Best of CES awards. And in fact, I think there was some controversy about who ended up winning. So let's have a look at some of the top products, the big winners, and of course, our big party here at the stage. ^M00:00:25 [ Music ] ^M00:00:28 >> Let's get right to it, now and begin the 2010 Best of CES Award. And the winner in the category of MP3 and video players for the Best of CES 2010 is -- ^M00:00:38 [ Music ] ^M00:00:40 -- Valups Tivits. ^M00:00:42 [ Applause ] >> Mobile DTV is rolling out across the country right now, and with this little, bitty device, you can pick up mobile DTV and then send it via WiFi to your iPhone or your Blackberry or your laptop. That's it in a nutshell. >> This is super exciting, you know. We're so humble to win such a prestigious award. We think that this category is really exploding, the whole netbook category. And we think, you know, netbook is great, but it's not for everybody. And there are some users that want to sort of have the benefits of a fully functional notebook, but also have different operating modes when they want to switch into just their online experience and their personal media experience, and then like to go in a slight mode. So we though, hey, why not put these two products together and get two brains in one? >> Now, the winner in the cellphone and smartphone category for the Best of CES Award is -- ^M00:01:29 [ Music ] ^M00:01:32 Aha. Motorola's Backflip. ^M00:01:33 [ Applause ] ^M00:01:36 >> Have fun. >> We're really excited about it. This is a great product, and we're excited to have the award, too. ^M00:01:42 >> Tenrehte Technology is their Picowatt WiFi smart plug. >> We just sort of wanted to create a way for people to control their appliances and have some way to be interactive with the smart grid. While we're waiting for advanced meter infrastructure and electric cars to come out, there needs to be something for -- to get consumers excited, to whet their appetite about green technology. And what better way than allowing them to control what's in their house, what's in their grasp already. We're a really small shop, five people, just started the company in January, developed the prototype this summer, and we're launching in April, so it's been a whirlwind. Huge for us. Huge. Huge. Very big. We're -- we were not expecting to win at all. >> For CES 2010, the winner in the category of Best of Show is -- ^M00:02:26 [ Music ] ^M00:02:28 >> Panasonic. They've got the VT25 Series. ^M00:02:31 [ Applause ] >> I can't ask for anything better. It's an amazing show, amazing technology, full HD 3D. Yesterday was the first time I actually got a chance to view it, and it blew me away. So, you know, Panasonic is the leader technology of 3D HD TV. >> It was a close vote. So we got down, and we did the vote, and we came up nine to eight in favor of the Panasonic TV. And I will say that I did not vote for the Panasonic. I was on the eight side. So like any good editor would, because my product did not win, I called for a revote. So we did a revote and ended up coming up ten to eight for Panasonic. So it came out clean, but yeah, there was a missing vote there for a while. A little bit of drama. ^M00:03:13 [ Music ] ^M00:03:15 >> And there you have it, everyone, the absolute best products of CES 2010. Not too surprising there was a 3D TV in there. You can find all those products and all of our coverage at the show at CES.CNET.com. ^M00:03:27 [ Music ]

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