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Tech Industry: Best of CES Awards 2010

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Tech Industry: Best of CES Awards 2010

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CNET presents the winners of this year's top products in nine categories as well as one coveted Best in Show award winner: the Panasonic VT25, the company's first 3D plasma TV. The Intel Wireless Display was our CES 2010 People's Voice Award winner.

[ Music ] ^M00:00:23 >> Thank you, everybody, thank you, thank you. Well, my family is here. That's good to see. Thank you so much. I'm Ryan Cooley, editor at large at CNET.com and this is the best of CES awards. How's your show been? Pretty good? Yeah? Okay, well, I'm gonna introduce you to 27 of the products and companies that have had a really good show 'cause they're nominees. We're gonna recap those along the way. I'm also gonna introduce you to nine products that have had an outstanding show because they're about to be revealed as winners in their categories, and we're gonna need one product and the company behind it that's willing to be having a really great CES 'cause that will be our best of show plus we have people's voice coming. We have nine categories in the best of CES awards. We're gonna run through those and, of course, people's voice is what you and many of the CNET users of our 20 million monthly uniques have been voting on at voice.cnet.com. That's always the wild card. We never know where that's one's gonna go so that's always very interesting. And of course best of show is almost too tension filled to stand. That's the one where a product takes away the award for the entire show. So without any further adieu, we're gonna get started. Here's how it works. As I roll out the categories and review the nominees and announce the winner in each category, don't come give me a bear hug, go give Molly Wood a bear hug. Executive editor Molly Wood is back there at the winner's circle. And she is standing by to present the award in each of the nine categories plus people's voice and, of course, I'm keeping the coveted best of show right here next to me. So we're gonna have a little special talk when we have that particular winner names. With that said, let's get right to it now and begin the 2010 best of CES awards. Starting off with a category that is absolutely a perennial in the world of CE, it's how consumers get out there and capture their memories. And of course it's digital photo and video. This year we saw a lot of trends including mega zoom plus ultrawide lenses, of course, a lot of HD capture on still cameras. Flash has taken over all but the fewest of the camcorders in the marketplace and we're also seeing GPS technology finally make it into cameras. So let's now review the nominees for the best of CES award 2010 in the category of digital photo and video. Those nominees were, as they were announced here just about 24 hours ago, the Casio Exilim EX-FH100, the Sony cyber-shot DSC HX 5 V and the third nominee was the Eye-Fi Pro X2 SD card with built in wi-fi. And the winner in the category of digital photo and video is, Eye-Fi, Eye-Fi Pro X2. Let's hear it for them. Head to the winner's circle. Whoever's here from Eye-Fi, make your way to see executive editor Molly Wood and pick up your trophy. Now the Eye-Fi card now has 8 gig of total capacity on the high-end version. They've added 802.11 N for better speed and for better power conservation, also a technology built in where the card can be programmed to clear itself as it transfers photos so your card is always free for the maximum number of pictures that you've already gone and stored somewhere else. Great innovative product. Okay, let's get to our next category now. This is the one that in recent years has really soared to new preeminence here at CEA and it's become, shall we say, a member of the fast lane of visibility here at the show. Of course I'm talking about car tech and GPS. We saw connected cars this year. We saw streaming media. We saw apps that connect your car to your smartphone and of course an enormous number of audio and video systems are in vehicles, many of them necklace [assumed spelling], having no optical drive or anything of that nature involved at all. So now let's review the nominees for this fast-moving category, car tech and GPS. They were Alpines IDA-X305 S necklace streaming head unit. We also liked Pioneer's AVIC X920BT. Hello Pioneer. And we also were very fond of Ford's MyFord Touch, three really strong winners, nominees I should say. And the winner in the car tech and GPS category is, it's Ford's MyFord Touch. Head to the winner's circle, folks. Now the MyFord Touch platform is part of a whole new interface with both voice, touchscreen command, a zone system to make use of the vehicle very easy and low distraction. Plus they're also rolling out connectivity for wi-fi hotspot in the car you can bring your own air card to and apps within the sync platform including an early roll out of Pandora streaming to the vehicle. Okay, our next category, a category that keeps surprising consumer with the amazing amount of technology you can actually carry in your pocket. And that, of course, is cell phone and smartphone technology. This year we saw a lot of branching out of phones that can do just about anything that any other computer device can do. It showed the continued encouragement of smartphones into many other categories of CE making them truly the Swiss army knife of the high-tech digital lifestyle that we enjoy when we come to this show and, of course, all over the world elsewhere. Let's take a look now to recap the nominees in cell phones and smartphones and they were Motorola's backflip, also the Sonim XP3.20 Quest Pro Ultra-Rugged phone and the LG Lotus Elite. Now the winner in the cell phone and smartphone category for the best of CES award is, ah, Motorola's backflip. Let's hear it for Motorola. Head to the winner's circle, guys. The backflip is fascinating. It's got a display that can show on one side while the keyboard remains exposed on the other and when you flip it into that mode there, you have a touchpad on the back of the display for moving around the various icons on the screen plus, of course, it's also a touchscreen. So an amazing combination of interfaces all around the device like we've never quite seen before. Let's move on to our next category now, the best of CES awards. By the way, these awards are the official awards of the consumer electronics show, not just CNET's awards, but these are the awards for the show, the awards of record. These really are great honors for these vendors, so give them a great hand. We do have nominees and the winners here. Thank you. Okay, our next category, a category that is so central to what CE is all about. It really was one of the original fonts of where so much innovation and integration came from. Let's take a look at this next category. It's computers and hardware, one that can be just about anything. It can be a portable netbook. It can be a device that's going to bring you media that looks almost like a television. We've got all kinds of computing powers showing up in devices that go from tablet to configurables to convertibles to luggables to, of course, still the full-powered desktops. All of that a huge part of this expanded range of computer and hardware technology. Now let's review the nominees in computers and hardware. And they were as announced right here 24 hours ago at the CNET stage, Lenovo's IdeaPad U1 hybrid. Also Intel's wireless display technology and the Sony Vaio W green netbook. Interesting mix there all comes from different directions. And now the winner in the computers and hardware category for the best of CES award for 2010 is, ah, Lenovo, the IdeaPad you want. Head to the winner's circle. Hollywood's got an award for you guys. This is a fascinating notebook computer that runs both Windows when it's in notebook form or when you pop out the display, as you can see there in the photo, it becomes a Lennox-based tablet and the two parts will sink when they're reattach and, of course, they have separate processors, power supplies, operating systems but the integration is really quite elegant, so bridging the gap between the hot netbook today and the hot tablet of tomorrow is part of what impressed our editors. Let's go on to our next category now, the category that is entirely all about entertainment. That's gaming, of course. Now gaming usually means hardware here at CES and it did mean that, but advanced controllers taking center stage as well as games showing up on smartphones to a much higher degree than before and lightweight portable laptops and notebook computers that can do gaming at high refresh rates and high performance right there with many of the better desktop machine. So always a hardware intensive category, gaming here at CES. Let's take a look now at the nominees here in the gaming category. And they were the Nyko Wand plus, the Dell Alienware M11x ultra-portable gaming machine and the Razor sixth sense controllers, ultrahigh precision controllers. And the winner in the gaming category for best of CES award for 2010, it's the Dell Alienware M11x. We were very impressed by this machine because while it is an ultra portable very thin and light notebook computer, it's got upgradeable changeable graphics, no slouch. When it [inaudible], you can bump it up even more. It's a lightweight machine, it promises 30 frame per second high-definition gaming in a form factor that small and light and at a price point or just under a thousand dollars. So a lot of things going on here that you didn't think you could do with a portable gaming computer. Very impressive performance there by the folks at the Dell Alienware division. Okay, our next category is a category that tries to make you feel good about any kind of tech you purchase. Yeah, it's screen tech, the feel-good category. We saw lots of solar charging going on out there and a lot of things had to do with low-power usage plus companies are trying to pay attention to how they create their products, what kind of materials go into them. Was it recycled or responsible to begin with as they build these things and often end up being replaced and upgraded and, of course, they go back into some kind of use if they can be easily recycled. So the green category has a lot of different angles to it. And now let's review the nominees in the categories of green technology. And they were the Ten Rate Technologies Picot Watt Wi-fi smart plug [assumed spelling], Solar Power International's Freeloader Pro and Control 4's EMS, Energy Management System 100 Platform, an entire platform of products that work together. And the winner in the green category for the 2010 best of CES award is, it's Ten Rate. Ten Rate's Technology, their Picot watt wi-fi smart plug. To the winner's circle with you. No, they're not excited. That's great. That is an interesting product. You plug it into an outlet, you plug in a device or an appliance into that and then via wi-fi, you can both control the outlet switching power off and on and scheduling that. You can also get readouts of power consumption for whatever's plugged into it. So it's an early way to jump start into the smart grid while the grid itself is still working itself that way which may be a long gestation. You can get there sooner with a product like this. So congratulations to Ten Rate. We were very impressed by this innovative approach. Okay, our next category is the category that makes those big HDTVs look good. This, of course, is the category of home theater. Your HDTV doesn't mean much unless it's got great home theater components attached to it for getting sources in and getting the audio and the control out. Great remote controls are always part of this category, of course, the sources are critical with high-def and now 3-D, all that much more important. And as we try to get the connections done, we're doing it more and more wirelessly now so that in itself is becoming another mini revolution in home theater. Let's review the various very different, very diverse entries in the nominees in the home theater category. And they were LG's BD590 Hard Drive Equipped Blu-Ray Player. We also have Panasonic's DMP BDT 350 3-D Blu-Ray Player and the D-link Boxee Box. D-link in the house. Okay, and the winner in the category of home theater for the best of CES award for 2010 is, what do you think? It's LG with the BD590. We were quite impressed by this one because it puts a 250 gig hard drive into a connected blu-ray player, so it's starting to break all of the kinds of media assets that you want to have in your home theater today into one device and does it very elegantly and, of course, internet streaming is in there which, if you were at our next big think super session earlier in the show, you know that that over-the-top screening of movies and tv we feel is arguably the biggest trend in CE for the year or two ahead. So congratulations to LG. We'll go to our next category now. This is the category that continues to put more and more entertainment into your palm or our pockets. Talking about MP3 and video player, of course. And this year we saw a lot of things that were beyond just audio and even video but also software running on these devices, connectivity like we haven't seen before, eBook integration across a category that's not only getting smaller but also, in some cases bigger, to handle eBooks and even some minimal web browsing in there. And this is a category that really is starting to show it has another life, a second, shall you say, rising into a whole new meaning in people's lives. Let's review the category here and the nominees for MP3 and video players for the best of CES 2010. Samsung's W1 My Fit, it's like having a fitness coach on a player in your pocket. We also were very impressed by the [inaudible] Tibet mobile DTV to smartphone solution and the enTourage eDGe which brings together both an eBook reader and a web tablet. And the winner in the category of MP3 and video players for the best of CES 2010 is, [inaudible] Tibets. Let's hear it for this company which has brought mobile digital television to smartphones, blackberry, Android, iPhone, using the device you see on the right, their product, you can beam digital TV to a smartphone even if that smartphone's not equipped for DTV reception. This bridges that gap by turning that DTV broadcast into wi-fi and sending that to an app on the smartphone. Clever solution to start to get mobile TV going without having to replace the hardware and smartphone they already like. So congratulations to [inaudible]. Move on to our next category now. This is the category that is, in many ways, the biggest every year here at CES. You know what I'm talking about, it's televisions. The products are big, the footprint of these products are big and, of course, what they mean in integration of other products is always very much [inaudible] what happens at CES every year. We saw connected televisions, we saw thinner televisions, bigger televisions, 3-D televisions and televisions that can hold enormous amounts of content within their own integrated system. So let's take a look now to recap the nominees for the best of CES awards for 2010 televisions. Here we have Panasonic's VT 25 series, 3-D televisions, plasma based. Toshiba's cell TV 4K with enormous amounts of storage and tune into 3-D rendering. And the LG LE 9500 series, also thin and very impressive on image quality. And the winner in the all- important category of televisions for the 2010 best of CES is, what do you think? It's Panasonic, the VT 25 series, 3-D television. Of course, 3-D TVs don't just do 3-D. It's 3-D capable so you can do more than that, it's a very important upgrade path. I give them particular kudos for actually including a pair of goggles when they ship these televisions, something the manufacturers don't do, and the goggles don't look dorky. That in itself is a technology breakthrough, so thank you Panasonic for not making us look stupid while we move ahead in technology. All right, congratulations to them as they pick up their award at the winner's circle from Molly Wood, our executive editor. And now we move into another category of a different type entirely. We're done with our nine specific categories that are product based. Now we go to one that is completely different, the one that tells the CNET editors to sit down for a minute while the users, like you, take over. It's the people's voice award. This one's interesting. We opened it up as we announced the nominees just about 24 hours ago at voice.cnet.com and anybody here at the show or watching our coverage at ces.cnet.com could see what's happening here at the show and then go vote on any of the 27 nominees that you've seen us recap here. So that's the pool, but it's wide open to the users to say, you know what? This is what we think is the best across all those 9 categories and 27 products. So now let's find out what you, the users, thousands voted on in the last 24 hours as you saw what's happening here at the show and decided what really matters in your business or in your particular technology-consuming life. The winner for the 2010 people's voice award, it goes to Intel's Wireless Display Technology. Congratulations. To the winner's circle for Intel. Now wireless display here, they're also calling it wi-di. It will be integrated into machines, laptops frequently by manufacturers and then it talks to an adapter box, like you see there, which connects to any large display, a television, a large computer monitor, what have you, allowing to you to send what's on your screen to the TV in a full-screen well-rendered way. It saves you all that cabling, all that fiddling around with different types of connections and translating signals and all that sort of ugliness in the living room, or whatever room in your house you're using this in, that can make things just very kind of unpleasant to bounce to a large television. This is a very practical solution elegantly done and the OME's will embrace it as well as offering the products to consumers to adapt to the monitor of their choice. All right, folks, you know we're at now. We've gone through our nine categories and the people's voice and now it's time to look at the category that everyone is really here for. That's right, best of show. This is the big one. This will be given to 1 product to the 27 that we've seen in the nominee categories here that transcends its category. It is simply the best product we've seen at the show according to the editors of CNET. It's not only killing its category but it's showing the other categories, how it's done, showing how to really look at what consumers need and where the technology can be embraced and to really get there in an elegant, effective and really compelling fashion. So now without any further adieu for CES 2010, the winner in the category of best of show is, not that easy, I'm gonna make you wait for it. Not that easy. The winner is Panasonic, they've got the VT25 series best of show. I want to see Panasonic up here. This one's too good to wait. Now the VT25, come on up and collect this one with me. I want to see you guys right here, 2-D, 3-D, good-looking goggles. Hi guys, how are you? Who we got here? Dean, welcome. Jason welcome. Come on up here, guys, I want to give you the award. You've got one already. Here's one for you, Dean. I don't want you guys to be without. When we talk about 3-D TV at this show, it was the big topic for television. It was the big topic for the show. What is the most compelling aspect you think that will get consumers to embrace it? The sets are here, you've got a great effort here with an outstanding-looking plasma, but what's gonna get the consumer to pull the trigger on a new TV? >> Most definitely our overall lineup. I mean not just the VT series that we're offering for this year, but the entire series going into 2010, just tremendous, got a lot of new advancements in infinite black pro. >> Right. >> And our panel, six [inaudible] drives. So overall, just outstanding lineup of [inaudible]. >> These are high-end TVs, not just grafting on 3-D to an existing line. >> Correct. >> Now in terms of content, that, of course, is one issue I know Panasonic's been working with content raters a lot. How do we get the content to flow out there? >> Well, as more studios come out with 3-D content and consumers embrace it and go to the stores, kind of use a full effect so that consumers are buying and the demand is built out there. So I would imagine once that demand is built, there'll be consumers going into the stores and wanting that and the movie houses will be putting out that content. So I think it will be out there and it's gonna be a big demand for 3-D content. >> Okay, well, last question I got, tell me the truth, you guys, when you leave work in the evening like you grab a pair of those goggles, you just wear them to look cool, right? Right. >> Oh, yeah. >> You get in the car, you drive home. They're on, they're flickering, you're driving all over the road. >> Late at night that we're heading home so. >> Yeah, that's a good thing. That scares me. You see these guys on the road, you're gonna want to avoid them. Hey guys, congratulations, nice work. I want all the winners, every single one of them on stage. Stand here with us, guys. Big hand for all the winners in nine categories, people's voice. Everybody with a trophy, come on up. Let's recognize these companies that have done such a great job of knowing what CE is all about and how to deliver it. Congratulations. Congratulations. Come on up. Everybody, come on up. Congratulations, nice work. Thank you for taking part. Excellent. Congratulations. Outstanding products, everybody. Thank you so much. These are the heroes of CES 2010. Let's give a big hand for companies that know how to do technology right. Hold those awards up, guys. Let them see them, nice and high. Nice and high. There we go. There we go. ^M00:21:48 [ Music ]

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