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Buzz Out Loud: Best of Buzz Out Loud

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Buzz Out Loud: Best of Buzz Out Loud

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Introducing the BOL digest! The biggest stories of the week from Google to Facebook smears, plus our favorite funny bits.

Say -- I'm Brian Tong and welcome to the very first episode of the best of buzz out loud. Now buzz out loud as our daily -- show featuring Hollywood our producer -- -- and myself along with cnet's top tech experts reviewing the day's tech news. In each episode we analyze interpret. Argue about what all this technology means -- what it's doing to us and sometimes will also you know occasionally burst out into song an offer some romantic advice. Now the best the buzz out loud brings you the highlights of the week's five shows and this one has -- been jam packed in the world -- So coming up on this we show face -- -- of busted in a clumsy smear of Google a US judge has an IP address is not a person. And there's a really cool iPad app which takes your music collection to a whole new level. But first let's just start with this -- biggest tech story mills -- event where they announced their next flavor of Android called ice cream sandwich. They also launched Google music beta -- cloud music service and a whole lot more to sit back and join the best a buzz out loud. Started off -- said -- was a Google IO's keynote here over -- -- Cisco just a few blocks away from less than and -- got to give them major -- first of all in an hour they were able to pump out like. About six feeble point of what they're gonna be doing moving forward. So are enough that they wanted to you know show their how impressive they were they -- off -- hundred million users activated worldwide on Android devices. Four point five billion app installs but some stuff that we saw here sign up with honeycomb. Three point one and we talked about how we are hoping to make get a little more polished and finish on it they didn't go deep. -- showing off their new flavors of honeycomb and ice can sell it but. They showed up more true multitasking involving more than just recent -- a lot of apps going on the same time -- widgets and a cool kind of interesting thing that data showed up with. Baylor you'll now be able use a tablet device or an -- device. Excuse me as -- USB host so you can directly connect keyboards mice even game had to had an Xbox controller directly plugged into. A tablet. And USB sticks offload. Digital photos directly on your Android device without some cool functionality it'll be rolling out to Zune users first through Verizon they said I believe. In -- out today as those -- three point one will be integrated into the next version of Google TV. And give you access to Android market place. -- -- really interesting because they they kept on that track about -- come being the very. The tablet device and then also being extended to that Google TV interface would like okay it would do and every -- -- But then they rolled out ice cream -- to it will be the first resident Android that's designed to run on all kinds of devices though it won't just be a tablet -- this will be. And open source Android version. They'll run on phones tablets and -- even like you said devices like Google really did a lot of hardware extension showing off at and at this particular. And 8101. -- -- on -- putting everything you know. The keynote presentation speech what wanted to state things they came out -- this is that you concede though they did an outright say it but there's a division between. Ice cream sandwich -- -- -- -- -- for tablets but -- seems like that's gonna be more of Google's controlled environment. They referred to ice can sell it as open source -- and it is compatible on tablets so the your -- -- a separation of the two. And they're at the same time they are bringing some of the interface and features from honeycomb on to ice cream -- as -- there's there's there's a little bit of it I don't know if you if you wanna see confusion everyone says fragmentation -- getting sick of -- but there's a division between the two products. Other announcements though today some upgrades to the Android market including the fact that you can now -- rent movies. In the Android market starting at a dollar 99 through your browser and your devices -- And that'll be that the usual 24 hour. Rental window we can't complain about them not having a multi media options now especially since they also announced the long awaited. Google music to -- -- calling it music beta by Google. It will reportedly function it will -- it will function rather as an online music -- that can store 20000 songs for free unlike -- -- 1000 songs. Because that -- when they remember the -- I read some tweet from somebody who said. Well I have nine gigs of music and I'm not gonna paid several thousand dollars a year to store it in there are those people out there. And this what Google does what they did with Gmail they came in offered a gig of free storage and everybody I'm offering -- the whole idea. -- this some of the cool things here also they showed up instant mix which is -- you could say very similar genius playlist and iTunes also -- play -- across devices again through the cloud. It does capture most recently played music -- about it that's always on the device. You can if you guys want to jump into it you go to music dot google.com. You can sign up to be invited or send an invitation into the beta. It's also downloadable today at least some some of the music features. On your Android phone devices on 2.2 and higher and there is like most of 20000 song upload for the beta right now I I don't -- -- in a statement that that's. That's pretty box and as we like to say that if you wanna talk about brilliant things we saw -- now. Google and their Android platform really trying to enter in not only the home but. Your life -- and every device you can think of they announced the Android open accessory -- initiative where planets and API. That allow Android devices to work with any device soloist. It what was -- about this is have you plugged in like for example here in workout machine at your gym in pure Android phone it would eight. Detect the device but the device would tell the Android phone -- Go to the Android market place and get an app that is compatible with this device camps and I are having. It you know physical products that are able to dictate okay get this app and then interact with data that was sweet. -- definitely part of that kind of embedded LS this to our idea and the idea of being the Android anywhere strategy and there's an interesting article on TV net today that's like top tech toys in reality -- And what -- reality -- they point out of every one is gunning to be the living room operating system. You know Microsoft wants to do it -- we'll get to that -- -- -- but they're trying to make the Xbox the hub Apple is trying to do it it's and they say it's really important. That Google is aiming to do this connected devices and the appliances that are not currently Wi-Fi enabled because of Google can be at the heart of the smart home. Then they've got it right you know. They say it it Android at home might have been one of that seemingly minor announcements from today but it's like going to be hugely -- Yesterday yeah -- that there was not 101000. Separate pieces of Google news yup they've they've -- -- a whole other passel of Google news for it right now there's a ton of -- -- kind of go down to just hit hit it right out of the bats. Chrome -- showed off the new browser in some thirty speed improvements they announced that 260 million active users. And it showed us some cool of their like ten X improvement for TD -- -- three rendering but you're literally every time I showed -- -- and -- drink made her the for -- under the -- how how ordinary -- is that how other possible it is possible angles and yet they also are showing off more of the Chrome. Or web store -- make -- available worldwide now what was interesting because we know how Google's kind of -- little -- with Apple now. They mention how to grow by putting in app payments in a Chrome apps. For their -- web apps they're taking only. 5%. Vs what some other companies take which is. There really says that -- now this again this is only for the web apps on any mobile laps but his -- -- wraps specifically between one of the when you know you're a web map now you know -- -- I don't even wanna say jumping the shark you're even beyond that and Angry Birds probably -- the law had the most spotlight -- the entire section. -- -- -- -- -- -- Dude that is also. Playing I know it's not -- -- your mouse -- have -- the you know that is that are a tyrant there Fermi. But the big news for the day was. At as not totally expected -- a little bit expected -- -- the Chrome book. They are actually launching a production version. Of the CR 48 but better you know kind of -- tweaked more polished two versions in fact. What Samsung will make one that will cost 429 dollars for the Wi-Fi only version. For 99 with 3-D built in and an Acer is gonna make another one that's 349. And they'll both be available on June 15. Yeah you'll be able to get them here in the US on Amazon and best buy and in the -- play around six European countries the only retailers these are the cloud based laptops. -- you know -- the storage is done in the cloud the apps are done in the cloud should there is some very small local storage but it's in the Chrome open itself doesn't even have a desktop. -- -- right it's a complete it's almost it's just an OS version of the browser you guys haven't seen this before but I did like that they showed off. Some improved capabilities because what I -- the Chrome -- was. And I -- -- as someone who adds that on the -- several times like I only living -- mean I live in the browser and never need. Software. Except for media management basically music photos and videos. And that was impossible but the Republican and that was the biggest complain about it and the crowd looked at the -- -- -- of the hard work. It was below the track pad fact. And the media management with the nightmare though they specifically addressed all three of those things like is that the revamped the track pad. Now they're dual core Intel processors plus support with Adobe Flash support -- the -- hot and and then also they basically built -- maps for media management so that it's not such an impossible task the you -- they they did sort of probably concede -- like I'm sure that is the geeks at Google live way in the future right they were to think you need to. But the fact is. People do still have media and they wanna manage it -- want to offload it may -- -- download a document from an email and so they showed off specific ways to be able to -- back and I think the Chrome look. Is super compelling first -- all I -- just take a crack at these guys for a week and see. -- I change or how I can actually adapt to it. Do I really like or not I wanna just -- throughout these but even more impressive as they talked about. You know we have all these -- slim portables and their battery life is key route and these are chunky. Laptops that you almost. I mean the Samsung has a twelve point one it's -- but has an eight hour battery life and all day on yeah. So you're you're -- -- competing. With some of these regular size laptops for battery power and it and use and if you're living in the cloud. You would you want as much power you want when your portable gap and so that that -- I've found that really it's an about the battery life that it's squeeze out on the laptop I -- it a compelling -- -- That is totally. -- -- month will also now let Iran Gmail offline like you said Dana hour battery -- which is often full size keyboard on the Samsung version. Plus doesn't SD card reader a web -- stereo speakers and two USB ports. Acer's as an eleven point six inch laptop the Samsung's and twelve inch. Machine we will obviously -- -- trying to get her hands on from those comes with a little earlier than that we can review give them the full review. But. Is that with them. With an interesting announcement and again Google thank you an hour for your keynote. Turns out according to Symantec 100000. FaceBook apps have been accidentally leaking your personal data. Four years. For years. Semantic and that third party FaceBook apps have accidentally had access to -- but user account including your profile photographs. Chat and that they also had the ability to post messages and mine personal information. Now the good thing about this is according to FaceBook. This exploit was not used by the third party apps because apparently they weren't aware of it but Symantec this. I don't know about that. I don't know about that you needed no week. Mac it was just all coming into our servers that we were harvesting and we -- the net but we did it you lose it. I use that I don't know about that but that what happened a semantic did some digging and in -- -- and applications they were inadvertently. Leaking the access -- to third parties like advertisers -- analytic platforms or a youth -- a pretty much like the spare key given a FaceBook app -- let the app. Do whatever it wants that. Laureate. Apparently when notified by the way FaceBook fixed the problem semantic -- I had no interest but -- Thank you only worked with them to address -- Immediately unfortunately they say. The resulting report has some inaccuracies -- they say they revealed no evidence in their investigation. Of it resulting in users' private information being shared. With unauthorized third party this -- find those find in addition this report ignores the contractual obligations of -- developers which prohibit them from sharing user information only that violate our policies area we trust them -- percent. -- -- than they are really scared that. Who got her -- there Gizmodo points out quite rightly that -- but probably dodged a pretty humongous size bullet there by accident -- And if they -- it is still do feel concerned you can just change your password and that will apparently kill off -- of -- left over access token that are tied to your. Google and Apple were in the hot seat yesterday on the hill on Capitol Hill they were testifying. In the -- these smart phone. Privacy hearings that have been called by senator Al Franken. And hilariously apparently the tone for the hearing with that early on when senator Patrick Leahy accidentally linked to -- the slip -- the -- referred to you iphones and Android does. IPhone and the -- few who -- her. -- 0101 of the distinctions that Apple continues say was that you know there was a bug and they -- tracking people's locations. They were rather tracking the location of cell towers and Wi-Fi spots around the user's. Where -- where I'm from. That's how the distinction without a difference. Which is kinda what -- -- what they pointed out that the they had a third party. Technology. Consultant on the panel to kind of way and so that when these guys that we're not tracking looking into attacking Iraq by the powers -- the -- spot near you. Near you and he said if you're in a dense urban area with lots of cell towers and -- I've I've been the location is actually pretty exact for example he said. My iPhone pinpointed my location this very morning -- within twenty feet of events and -- the city. Yeah yeah and -- so keep that one it's called like triangulation where you drop three lines in your yap at I mean they -- Basically they just yelled at them for a -- You know I think Google and Apple that while you can turn location tracking off and and offered him federal you have it you apparently Apple you have that bug where. It it would still -- after people turn it off like how can we trust Theo de. More than anything needs -- to have a conversation with the companies and really come to some sort of how do we move forward. To make this easy for users to understand them and if it's. If every app -- -- have a pop up that clearly states what's involved in locations. Location tracking or location information you give up. I think that's kind of good enough. Yeah but is is that it's never existed. Itself. If -- is that's is the quick little notification every time you pop. A sought insulin as a reader I'm sorry sometimes we say it's not you know -- -- enough but sometimes we actually have to read. So does have a little public health and -- a little -- Yeah I mean Apple has actually been okay with their transparency they've been pretty good about warning people about location tracking and now the Verizon phones -- -- -- sticker on it you know we're getting there. In other exciting is a US judge Harold baker has ruled that an IP address can not be considered. A person. For purposes of cross of the prosecution and in fact that it is not adequate evidence to -- at a crime on someone. This is an awesome precedent is a pretty big ruling -- this is. Also exciting because we just told you about the case yesterday. About how the copyright holders groups were going after something like 23000. BitTorrent people that -- downloaded the BitTorrent for -- expendable swat and you know about that later not happy that. But there are other but for them for the US -- identify that I could just not a person he leaned. On the case where we had talked about how I gentlemen -- believe it might have been in Boston or somewhere in the East Coast where someone was sniffing his Wi-Fi and downloading child porn. His home was raided because FBI authorities -- that it was his house I was doing it. But it was really a neighbor or someone nearby who was using his open -- Norton so that in itself. Is it is a case that has yet you can't pin and IP address to a specific person now and and usually in Florida if that's really cool. Yeah I mean they're big technical concerns about it -- -- -- long time but thankfully now there's some legal precedent as well. -- -- We -- kind of cat fight to report. -- you know right. If you didn't think that FaceBook and Google didn't like each other you can tell they really don't like each other so it had recently been revealed. From the USA today. Is that somebody seem to have hired -- mark mark marsteller one of the top PR firms to -- anti Google stories newspapers. Urging them investigate claims that Google was invading people's privacy and so -- in the PR firm also even offered help and in one of an infant influential blogger. Or write a I guess you call it Google bashing the op Ed which promised it would place it in you know Friday ballots as well so -- working together. And it was put it was a whisper campaign -- not only by the super high profile PR agency but also by -- the NBC news anchor and total Apple and board Jim Goldman. And a former political columnist John Mercury Mercury -- who both recently joined -- So the USA today basically was getting all these pages they were getting a proposal for this big op -- that we talk about Google's social circle feature. And what a massive privacy invader that is yes that's basically the feature that Google rolled out as as part of Gmail. That goes out and finds all your other social connections like Yelp and FaceBook and all those and kind of import that information. To make your social circle complete all -- -- facing directly to leave Google. However USA today when they investigated basically said there's no news here there's no there there to this story. And then as. They started to wonder why they were being pitched so hard to -- Is because they then ended up breaking a story about birth and spreading a whisper campaign about Google and try to -- -- -- the -- was. And -- client was. Based book. -- -- They work. -- -- PR firm. Just spread anti Google story that -- empty have been and other needs now and -- -- the -- -- so it was confronted with the evidence. And in a spokesman last night confirmed. Yes indeed FaceBook harbors and -- -- to the reasons. First because they believe Google's doing some things and social networking. That raised privacy concerns that they they had to bring that to light yeah and if it is super worried about our privacy I have noticed that many and then secondly the spokesman confirmed or at least said in their statements that. Because FaceBook presents Google's attempts to use Facebook's data in its own social networking service they wanted to bring with the light. Because they were trying to pulled it needed to treat that social graph right because what their -- because good. I prefer it that that that data that is -- -- that I put on FaceBook should be freely available to me across any service that I use. -- -- an attempt to scrape the web which -- -- -- Google doesn't don't appear on I'm not gonna make it out like Google is the number one to die here right they're not all about your privacy because they're not that good at it. But the fact is. FaceBook is the one who has built in Encino walled garden who will not let anybody access that data no matter what happens. Who try to lock it all up so that you never leave their little freaky suburb. And then they actually what does that -- the -- -- could look like that aren't gonna. -- all right granted until late life of that woman's stomach. The fact that they would just that I mean. If anything it shows that that they are just. Children. That this is just flat out childish and now they have been totally busted in the most -- As it's kind of wild is that there really lead to clumsy if smear ever -- out. Let you know what do your own dirty work you African babies if you wanna bash Google in the press than -- -- damped out you don't get to hide behind them PR agency. Molly was so sad about this he emailed me like I don't know what would memorial on vacation on vacation -- -- you know -- you gotta do this attack that -- They're gonna talk about this while I navigate the you'll wonder that is planetarium and so cool -- there is my brother Lincoln have been scattered and easily confused planetary out. And it's an iPad -- -- -- galaxies style visualize or for the music on your iPad it's free and it. It launched -- just it just launch early this month and it is against delisting everywhere look like on CNBC's. And it's all over the place and it -- it literally turns. The music on your iPad into this 3-D interface where. It's our universe and every planet is an album when it -- these are all these are alike artists and then I click on an artist here. Not that I was in the Blink-182 U2 lead to Atlanta on songs the songs are like mini planet of the hover around the sun album -- And then you can just -- -- it to speeding and there's all these stars and it's just. It's -- sweet visualization. Of your music gorgeous so here's here's American pine bill where's my songs on it. If they don't have it unanimously and -- -- on let's -- here. The Rio are right -- here's an example here's an album cut it up your pants and you know I mean and what on earth. So now this is the actual songs to take this out. In the rings around this planet. You'll see it increase in size and then you can zoom out and that's the whole ring and everything and all the songs are plotted on the ring. And then you can zoom into it I mean it's a big problem with the fact is the irony here but look at menaces like beautifully rendered planet Linda said it has been in the -- I love that it. It's so insane and then I I after nearly you guys you all know how I feel about -- And not deputies bagged the duties and that again but again a -- baby blue velour outfit but I gotta -- -- -- dvds bag have a little dongle or -- iPad display in the near the iPad display on the Big Three like me. -- making the planet -- and it's zooming through the galaxy in rounding things like I would be like. That's not needed each bag that -- you need. Good job planetary and it let me remind you that song happen to be an iPad I don't know how it got there it's not like Ellison that -- and insulin like -- like -- You know I would try to show use something cool and it was a. -- -- Don't -- I could have picked something sappy here but you know. Does this mean -- mean I'm not gonna show you my secrets of brilliantly -- actually I don't even know if it's on I've an argument -- -- for iPad. Yeah it's absolutely gorgeous -- It's in -- Angry Birds of music -- elevations where. I mean things fun but I'm not gonna use a -- -- music now that mean I think you'll like it will be around me it's physical it's called like impressed you know people like about that's not -- -- -- -- -- my brother is basically like -- I I put music on my iPad because of the this could be an iPad -- to get girls. I'm just saying -- serious are you -- as the amount needed each bag on it that you can win me over. This -- eager. I'm -- You have some division I can view but I'm never buying you -- really hard on my three -- case saying. -- -- -- -- -- -- So we have been on the video that we're gonna pull you might have to speak a little faster -- you know because it's on it happening yeah they don't have you -- to despite getting to that Roland but. Yes the -- -- -- the background here in case you didn't -- -- episode is that you know I -- it again maybe got a Mac can make an enemy like -- and then not only -- I like it but actually -- the -- app purchase keynote purchased keynote -- many to mean in a pre -- meeting -- -- that went crazy lust -- -- -- had to -- -- -- on the shelf and you like you're gonna love to see how easy it is easily got to make a presentation and I agreed to make a presentation about my spring -- -- it. So -- head and then exported as the quicktime movie although weirdly it would not export the movie with the music and packed them into -- separately and I can't -- them give them that move. Because oh no they don't have a we don't have a link to directly connect a laptop in the studio right now though we had -- YouTube -- wasn't the easiest thing ever redundant with pain. Anyway here we go. My feeling great that you all -- doesn't have music yeah I Astaro detractors and then we'll go into the dramatic. -- okay so I'll tell them I'll try to marry quickly -- the music at -- its -- Alaska. And only and Steve kind of an awesome Alaska. And new -- -- the elite. There is. Though Alaska stated moose pass legislation of this reason is that it's totally gorgeous that we had we had -- -- of these being and I finally is actually -- of the -- lot of attack they give it three. Life jackets for kids kids don't like -- -- endeavor there's an otter. And the glass and water -- -- wants -- -- and then. We thought or how my -- molecular whales right there in resurrection bay this phenomenal all my photos look like a coffee table book with a crazy and then also there were dolls purposes. And Eagles. And as -- -- and a glacier and ice -- At a mountain go way up on a mountain and -- -- line right there in the harbor and we viral event of math and look like 1139 there was salmon -- and -- am on the -- -- the -- I river with high bush cranberries and snow. I was actually better than it's. No -- Man and you -- those transitions. Those are amazing I have exhausted. And I'm okay so -- -- -- the special Thursday edition. You know it's not -- -- -- attract the mass within me. Okay. -- I -- and Hewlett -- -- of the last people they actually don't let the coming oh yes and meanwhile is here okay here we go computer to love it's this -- comes to our buddy -- I'm fourteen and the only nerd in my school and neighborhood it's hard growing up when people have most things that come with our. I hate to admit tech journalists and bloggers -- -- well I wanna be a tech journalists when I grow up but there's still for a physicist -- future. What I'm really concerned about is the president more precisely. An upcoming formal in three weeks there's this girl that -- been -- for a year now but things haven't gotten though there. She makes me laugh which is a rare thing in. I feel good about myself so I wanna ask -- but I don't know whether I should or how to. Any advice on the girl or how to grow up being a nerd. -- Nearly fourteen -- -- -- -- that the intimately video game that night I would've gotten a girl out with no kids -- so it's faster now. -- my man. -- assign you an out anyone out ever again because every time they do they get smacked down -- that's right. That's right. You know like 'cause it's hard being a guy -- its army -- -- You're only fourteen you're gonna grow from this ask her out. If you get heart broken and it's my fault you'll thank me later. Trust me than you NASA -- out. And he's gonna say yes. And it's -- be all looking. I mean you know our eyes and an excellent idea think it's important and actually in the morning for everyone rightly I think if you like -- you should ask you -- I think everybody does but. Just say doing an informal and there and no goal and Intuit. Every time we do this stuff got to be prepared for the very high possibility. They won't get what you want but doesn't mean you gonna look nick. If she says no you walk turn your back and say. You later our ranks are right on maintenance -- and better and it certainly but that. -- It as to how. Just don't make a big deal out of it. Give any you know what then it gets -- built up an awkward. You just gotta be like literally when you're asked our resident it's -- when I was fourteen and I had to ask you go to hang out I was like. Peeing myself it's hard it is hard but I'm just saying -- don't don't like -- a computer program to do -- don't bring your flowers don't be nice. All over intensity -- about it. To be cool about it like you're talking to -- already it's making you laugh or whatever the -- like anyone up formal opening. But like the practice this played out over and over hey you wanna learner. You -- -- -- that don't do that. Known and 00 Aurora you can do it became way I was just gonna save that -- what going through the -- on Friday night you should come with me. Glance -- the game like a -- I -- I thought the game it was like I am already do and it. Become if you want you. Yelp and that's that's how I asked most of my 2000 and hasn't worked out very well noted that it you know I just eliminated -- -- is -- it -- be really -- What that they were decisions that it was like announcing I'm having dinner at -- he said -- should join me in a -- wants a really wanted you can't you know. The ice that today -- don't really get your not gonna be able to do that whole company's -- they gotta be cool they still has got to be like. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We got him to be filled and it over an hour when Elijah Anita played Mortal -- I'm going -- what you want debating. Not them and -- Worth it doesn't work computer at its computer encryption involves computers wide you know that -- now we are told we are eminently qualified evolved and -- -- -- equivalent. Probably had no idea we just want totally happy. And that's it for this we sell -- -- -- live each weekday at 10:30 AM Pacific time at cnet.com slash live. I'm -- -- This has been. But that's the -- Allah.

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