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Mailbag: Best iPhone case ever

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Mailbag: Best iPhone case ever

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The mystery of Molly's iPhone case is solved and now everyone can have one! Plus: iTunes Prizefight backlash!

Hello, everyone! I�m Molly Wood and welcome to the CNET Mailbag, the show where you complain about CNET Prizefights and � well � it�s fun for me. But FIRST, I have exciting news for everyone who�s wondering about my iPhone case. Pradeep has solved the mystery. The case is made by a company called Kroo, it�s available at handhelditems.com in many colors, and it only costs 9 dollars. So much for my originality, but � I had to share. Thank you, Pradeep. You shall receive a sticker. Ok, on to your other mail. Raheem wrote in about our recent iTunes Music Store versus Amazon MP3 store battle and said: In the iTunes - Amazon prizefight, it's said that whatever audio file is downloaded from the iTunes store can only be played in AAC. That's wrong because if you go to the drop down menu it says "MP3 Encoder" which is second from the bottom. If you want to check go to Preferences > General > Import Settings. Click the drop down menu and hmm...what's that? Yeah, there's MP3 right there. You should redo the prizefight or at least that round. And Brian Tong points out that the video was talking about purchasing directly from the store. You CAN convert files to MP3 in iTunes, but when you buy them, they�re AAC only. Now, a lot of you thought iTunes should have won the Prizefight, and the argument from most of you was that �everyone� has an iPod or iPhone and that technological homogeneousness should be reason enough for victory. Ahh, yes. Smells like monopoly. But monopolies aren�t always better, now are they? I mean, would you argue that Windows should win all ITS Prizefights? Of course not. Moving on, I�ve got a new segment for you this week, called: Letters to our editors. Our CNET editors get a lot of mail from their readers and, well, that�s what this show is all about. Let�s dive into a few. Alan sent a note to our own Dong Ngo from the Inside the CNET Labs podcast, and he�s got a complaint about Tom�s Top 5 giveaways. Alan says: You guys need to teach Tom Merritt how to do a successful giveaway. You guys � he means Eric and Dong on their podcast -- actually give away cool stuff like routers and headphones, he gives away windup robots and Star Wars 3D puzzles autographed by Molly Wood. Who cares about her signing their puzzle? Who wants a 3D Star Wars puzzle in the first place?! Nothing against him personally, but he needs to start giving away some stuff that people might actually want. Yeah. Stupid free stuff that you won that�s not cool enough for you that you got for free. Also, email me if you�d like a Star Wars puzzle. I�ll give Alan a tally. And taylorandrewrosenbergflagstaff sent a note to Kent German, wondering, how do you set an alarm on the glyde And then he sent a followup about three days later that said: HEY EMAIL ME BACK OR ILL TURN YOU IN Er. Whoa. Are there reply cops? Dang. I am an email FELON. Well, I guess I�d better go turn myself in. That�s it for today�s show! Keep the feedback coming! Email me at Mailbag@cnet.com, or send your snail mail to 235 2nd St., San Francisco, CA, 94105. Thanks for watching, everyone.

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