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Phones: Best features of the Amazon Fire Phone
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Phones: Best features of the Amazon Fire Phone

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Five reasons to get excited about the Fire Phone, Amazon's 3D smartphone.

[MUSIC] There's a new player in the smartphone game: Amazon. It's kinda weird, huh? Amazon's Fire phone is kinda weird, too. It's not cheap, it's not exactly pretty, and it's locked into Amazon's ecosystem of apps and media. So why buy this thing? I'm Bob Odell, and on today's Top Five, I'm counting down the five most interesting features of the Amazon Fire Phone. Be truth, that might even convince you to give it a shot. Starting off at number five, head-tracking 3D. Now I know that anything 3D should be met with some healthy skepticism, but the way Amazon is doing this is legitimately groundbreaking stuff. The phone uses four cameras to track your head position in real time and fool your brain into seeing 3D on a 2D screen. Even if you just use it to show off the lock screen image on your phone, I can guarantee that you will be showing this trick off to everyone you know, and isn't showing off what technology's all about? At number four, gesture control. We've seen gesture control on phones before. The iPhone has their shake to undo feature and the Samsung Galaxy has their tilt controls for scrolling and flipping pages, but Amazon is the first to really bake these gestures and tilt controls into every aspect of the phone. Tilting reveals menus and shortcuts. A swivel will show you your notifications and a twist will reveal extra info like restaurant ratings on a map. I can't tell yet if this is the future or a carpal tunnel lawsuit waiting to happen, but I'm excited to give it a try. Coming in at number three, the Mayday button. Sure, it's advertised as a way for lonely guys to chat up a red head who's paid to tolerate them, but the truth is, even if you don't buy this phone, the Mayday button could save your relationships. Chances are, if you're watching CNet videos, somebody probably considers you their free tech support. So, what if, instead of calling you, mom presses this Mayday button and could chat up our friend Ginger here? Think of the hours of your life you just got back. At number two, Firefly. At the press of a button, you can call upon the powers of the great Amazon brain to make sense of the world around you. Firefly can tell you what song is playing, what TV show your watching, and if you point it at something, Firefly will try extra hard to try to find a way to order it on Amazon for you. Pair it up with a stolen credit card and you've basically got a magic genie with unlimited wishes. You'll go to prison, but, man, what a weekend. Which brings us to my number one Amazon Fire phone feature: unlimited photo storage. Every photo and video you take on this phone will get automatically backed up in full resolution to your Amazon cloud drive. No extra fees, no storage limits. If you've ever lost a phone before, you know that losing your photos can be the biggest bummer, especially if they're photos of your kid, or a vacation, or Sasquatch. Having those precious images backed up automatically with no worry of hitting a storage limit is a killer feature. So there you go. Five features of the Fire phone that could put it at the top of your Amazon wish list. For more info on the Fire phone and its competition, visit And for more top fives from me, I'm Donald Bell. Thanks for watching. [MUSIC]

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