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How To Video: Automate Android tasks with Tasker
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How To Video: Automate Android tasks with Tasker

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Get started with Tasker, an Android app that lets you automate settings, apps, and more.

But if your phone automatically launch a music player when you plug headphones then. Or enable the Wi-Fi when you got well. With tasker you can automate those costs and much more using a simple formula if I mean -- situation and it then why it happens. For instance if I'm at home than my Wi-Fi is enabled and the lock screen is off. Tasker is a whopping six dollars but hopefully I can convince you that it -- worth that. The possibilities for this -- are endless but to truly understand tasker you have to dig and so let me show you a couple of examples of how this app works. Let's say I want my phone to -- a certain number of things when I'm not work lunch at tasker and in the profiles -- topped the plus button. You don't have to create a title but to help you remember it -- work now here's redefine the situation in which this profile is triggered. In this case I want it to be triggered between 9 AM and 5 PM when -- in office so all top time and enter in those two values. The next step is to define the task. So between 95 while marking what I want my phone to do well I have few things in mind I'll -- the new task -- and I won't bother to name it. Now I've action. Press the plus sign and you'll see a ton of options either basically all the things your phone can do settings lives. In this case I'll go to audio settings and select silent mode. And turn it on. At the check mark. I also want got an action to turn on Wi-Fi so a lot of task. Go to next -- top Wi-Fi. -- its online. -- the -- mark and you're done. All also adjust my display brightness by adding another -- -- -- display. And -- here. Finally it -- a check mark. Happen again and the profile will be saved now whenever I go to work all of these -- -- automatically. Just attacked we can look here and -- about tasker is running and since -- before 5 o'clock my Wi-Fi is turned on. You -- you wondering why don't -- -- these tasks to be activated when I arrive network based on my location. You certainly can do that but it'll be a huge drain on your battery as -- from constantly -- record it so I really don't suggest it. Okay here's another cool -- but shows up just how much tasker can -- I make it's about when I plug in my headphones and music app launches. Okay adding new profile. Name it music and in the context menu select states. Then top hardware it. And -- headphone plug. -- the check mark and creating a task. Hit the plus sign. Select -- Load act. And choose your preferred music -- When you're done hit the check -- to save everything and that -- Every time I plug my headphones in play musical alliance. Okay though -- just two of the literally thousands of ways you can use tasker and a little action to helping get start it. Now that you know how words begin of the profiles and look at all the other ways you can -- trigger actions like by day or -- -- week or even patient. I'll include more useful -- in my blog at CNET how to -- and if you have any questions along the way we mean. For CNET and -- back. -- -- --
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