Car Tech Video: Audi's new MMI interface
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Car Tech Video: Audi's new MMI interface

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Ready to drive a car by Braille?

Alright, here at Audi Land. Derek Fung for you to expect to see lots of cars and lots of people by the way but one of the things that caught my eye the most was actually about this big. A display of some of their new ideas for MMI, their in-car control interface. Come and take a tour with me. Okay, first of all here is the present Audi MMI. You're not familiar with it. You've got a knob. You can turn and click. You've got four regions around the top and map to menu choices on the screen corners. You've got this multifunction panel with a knob for volume and on/off and over here the newest thing. You've got this touchpad that can also do handwriting recognition. So, that's a state-of-the-art. Great, but a little big they found in a little tiny city cars they're showing now. There's not enough console or real estate. So, what do you do? You do this. Take a look. So, here's a much more compact. We are doing all the same stuff. Check it out. The handwriting pad is now on top of the knob and those various buttons for radio, media, and knob, they're now in a set of compact to the rocker switches right there. And those buttons that took up room for track forward and track back, those are now integrated in the volume knob. Kick right, kick left. Look how small that is. Okay, then there's this one. This is a future thing and not ready for market but it's killing me. It's very cool. This fabric pad here has Braille underneath that. I mean not real Braille where you can read the letter with your finger but Braille-like regions of pins that are sticking up to create little high spots. So, check it out. Right now, you can't really see this on camera. I feel a high spot for those icons. If I click on one, I now get a list and it totally changes the pad. Now, I feel rows that map to those line choices. Do you get what I'm telling you here? Now, I go to the map and you'll see all those point of interest icons, those are raised on the pad. It works a lot better than it tells, believe me. Now, I'm not sure if it's intentional but there's like this little piece of black shimmery silk over little bumps. Kind of obscene, isn't it? It gets attention. Three ways today, next year in their small cars, someday in all their cars and that is having you control the technology that is really what cars were kind of all about these days.

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