First Look: Audiovox XpressR XM Radio
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First Look: Audiovox XpressR XM Radio

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The Audiovox XpressR is a full-featured XM radio receiver with a 30-minute recording buffer for pausing and replaying live programming.

[ Music ] ^M00:00:01 >> Hi, I'm Donald bell, senior editor for MP3 and Digital Audio and today we are taking a first look at the Audiovox Express R XM satellite radio receiver. The Express R distinguishes itself in two ways. First, the R part of the Express R is the fact it has a 30-minute recorder buffer built in to it, so you can pause live recording and you can review anything you've listen to in the past 30 minutes. So it's got dedicated controls at the top here for that function where you can play, pause, and buttons for skipping back and forth. You've also got a really neat dial on this thing that works as a four-way direction control, also a center pushed enter and a kind of incremented scroll wheel, for scrolling between your menus. The other cool feature about the Express R is that it has for display modes including two modes that are split screen display. Split screen display allows you to see your current channel that you are listening to and also browse other channels that you might want to skip over to. So the kit comes with the dock, it comes with a receiver, comes with a set adapter, comes with two different mounts; an adhesive mount and like a fan grill mount, and it comes with a remote control as well, although I don't know if you'd really be using a remote control in your car. You also get the antenna and a power adapter that lets you plug in the Express R into your cigarette lighter. The Express R is a great top-of-the-line solution if you are looking for an XM radio receiver for your car. It's around 129 dollars retail and we are seeing it under 100 dollars. Probably not the best first option if you are just getting into XM radio, there is a lot of receivers out there right now that are under 50 dollars. They're going to be a lot more basic, but this is one that is going to be great if you are an existing XM radio listener and you wanted a player that had a lot of controls, a lot of functions that you can play around with. So, I'm Donald bell and that was the first look at the Audiovox Express R XM radio receiver. ^M00:01:58 [ Music ]

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