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First Look: ATT Video Share

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First Look: ATT Video Share

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ATT Video Share is a video-calling service that lets you stream live video to your friends. With 3G connectivity, performance was quite good, with barely a second of delay in video transmission.

[ Music ] ^M00:00:02 >> I'm Nicole Lee, associate editor for CNET.com. And I'm about to demonstrate to you AT and T's new video share service. It's the first mobile video calling service in the country and it allows you to stream live video from one phone to another. Both phones need to be video share compatible in order to, for them to stream video to one another. And they both need to be 3G phones, because of the high band width required. They also need to be connected to a 3G network. So you need two phones. This is the Samsung A727 and this is the LGC [unclear] V. So you make a call from one to the other. So let's say you want to share a video from this one to this one. You hit the video share option and then the other phone will be prompted to accept the video share connection. So now you instantly streaming from this phone to this phone. So I'm sort of streaming video right now from the Samsung A727 to the LG phone, right here. The only problem as you can see, it's a one way video streaming. It means, meaning that you can stream from this phone to this phone. But not together at the same time. As far as video options go, you can adjust the brightness setting, you can mute or unmute, you can turn the speaker on or off. Once you end a video call, you'll actually be able to save the video that you just recorded. So as you can see the video share service is pretty cool. You can use the video to share videos with your friends or you can use it for comparison and window shopping things like that. There are a few down sides however. As we mentioned it was only one way video streaming, only was on certain 3G phones and on 3G networks. It's also a little bit expensive. It's like 499 a month for 25 minutes of use or 999 a month for 60 minutes of use. And if you go over that it's like 35 cents a minute. So we definitely don't recommend a long stints of video with the video share service. My name is Nicole Lee and this has been the AT and T video share service. ^M00:02:06 [ Music ]

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