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Apple Byte: AT&T gets hacked!

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Apple Byte: AT&T gets hacked!

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Showing you the iPhone 4 is a no-brainer, but you'll also see the moments that people aren't talking about at WWDC. We'll show you how to check your phone upgrade status, and iPad users beware after hackers break through AT&T.

[ Music ] ^M00:00:06 >> Brian Tong: What's up? Brian Tong here, and welcome to the "Apple Byte." It's good to be back. WWDC2010 has come and gone, so we'll recap what happened, show you guys some of the things you might not have seen, and talk about the latest news from the show. Now, WWDC was all about the iPhone 4. We've all known about it, but we just haven't seen it in action until SJ's announcement. Here's a first look at the gadgety goodness. >> Brian Tong: Brian Tong here with CNET.com at WWDC2010, and here, I have two of my new friends. This is a first look at the iPhone 4. We got it in black. We got it in white. Let's just check out some of the killer features of this guy. If you look really closely, we have the front-facing camera. This is what it was all about. Face time. The first phone fully integrated with a seamless video chat. What makes it great, it does work over WiFi only right now in 2010. They're going to work with the carriers to make that happen in the future hopefully over 3G. We'll probably see it over 4G networks, but what you also have here is the ability to use the camera on the backside so that they can see what you're seeing, and this phone here was all about the camera. It's a five megapixel still camera with an LED flash. It also takes HD video at 720p, 30 frames per second, and then when you add all of that together, you have the ability to get their application iMovie for the iPhone. [inaudible] enables you to edit video with themes, transitions, take picture assets, music assets, as well as transitions and make a polished video all on this little device. Now, we also know it's a really slim form factor. This is 9.3 millimeters, the slimmest smartphone to date, and some unique features here is its stainless steel frame. Now, this frame, what makes the difference is that they've actually built technology into it that allows to serve as the antenna. So it not only is it the structure for the phone, but you can get signals to your 3G, your Bluetooth, and your WiFi. This is the antenna. Now, another feature you guys may not really be able to see is its retina display. So, if you compare it to the original iPhone or the iPhone 3GS, the pixels on here are four times the amount in a one-inch square. You'll get supersharp images and text here. Looks superclean, but this is one of those things that you really just have to hold in your hand, hold it up next to another iPhone, and see to believe. One thing you really didn't expect to see, and it wasn't on this iPhone is 4G compatibility. This is still a 3G phone that will be operating on AT&T's network. And for all of you AT&T current iPhone users, if your contract expires in 2010, you have the ability to upgrade to this phone without paying any early termination fees. So here's the break down. These come in black and white, cool sexy colors. The 16 gig models are $199; the 32 gig models are $299. [music] They'll be available in five countries, U.S. included, on June 24th, and the worldwide sometime in September. There you have it. A first look at the new iPhone 4. I'm Brian Tong for CNET.com. >> Brian Tong: Did that guy say black and white were sexy colors? Yeah. He's been sniffing the Apple paint fumes a little too much. Now, we mentioned how AT&T is allowing people to upgrade earlier, and there's an easy way to find out if you qualify on your AT&T phone. All you have to do is dial star 639 pound on your phone, make the call, and a text message will be sent to your phone telling you your upgrade status. And as you can see, I am good to go. Now, for people who are just fine with their current phone, you'll still get a makeover with the release of iOS4, the artist formerly known as iPhone OS4. We've covered its features like multi-tasking, threaded e-mails, and everyone's favorite, changing your wallpaper, but no new features were shown off, and it will be a free upgrade on June 21st for iPhone 3G and 3GS users and iPod Touch users as well. Now there were also things that most of you didn't see at WWDC. Steve Jobs featured a few developers to showcase new apps, and Guitar Hero for iPhone rocked the house. ^M00:03:47 [ Music ] ^M00:03:52 >> Brian Tong: As long as that guy stops doing the air guitar. Then Farmville made an appearance of its own. >> Quickly select multiple plots for fast and efficient farming. [background noise] >> Brian Tong: Oh, boy. I can't wait for harvesting and tractoring with my finger. Now, SJ also had a prolonged keynote fail thanks to the 500 and 70 WiFi signals in the building. ^M00:04:16 [ Laughter ] ^M00:04:22 >> Steve Jobs: There we go. Yes, I know that. I don't want [inaudible] [laughter] network. >> Brian Tong: We didn't even hear a peep about the Verizon iPhone many of you were hoping for, but it did make an appearance. ^M00:04:32 [ Laughter ] Verizon [ Laughter ] [ Applause ] ^M00:04:40 >> Brian Tong: Now, things eventually got back on track, even though Steve might have earned himself a new name - the WiFi Nazi. >> Steve Jobs: It's real. Especially when people turn their WiFi stuff on. [laughter] >> Brian Tong: And in another classic Apple promo, we felt like we were trying to be drawn into a cult after Apple execs used the same catch phrases that Steve did in his keynote. >> Steven Jobs: For 2010, we're going to take the biggest leap since the original iPhone. >> For 2010, the iPhone 4 is the biggest leap forward since the original iPhone. >> Brian Tong: But face time was the icing on the cake. There wasn't a single dry eye in the house. ^M00:05:19 [ Music ] ^M00:05:26 >> Brian Tong: [Crying noise] >> Alright, Brian. Let's [inaudible] up. >> Brian Tong: [Crying noise] >> Be a big boy. >> Brian Tong: [Crying noise] [inaudible], I love you. >> [inaudible] >> Brian Tong: Yeah. I know. OK. Now, a few stories that have surfaced after the keynote. Apple released Safari 5. SJ made no mention of it, but it includes a new reader view, plug-in support, and more. So you guys should check that out. And in one that I'm really thrilled about, AT&T's website was recently hacked, and approximately 114,000 e-mail addresses and SIM card identifier numbers of iPad 3G owners were made public. I'm potentially one of those owners. AT&T says the hole has been closed, but if I get barraged with e-mails for male enhancements, I'll know I was one of the unlucky ones because I don't get those right now anyways. And Apple once again has changed the terms of their developer agreement. To make this short and simple, if the big A enforces the new changes, it will prevent developers from using Google Ad Mop and other ad networks like Microsoft's as advertising options on their apps, which means app developers would need to implement iAds or smaller network into their apps, leaving Google and Microsoft with a big goose egg revenue stream on Apple devices. Now, SJ talked about their support for fully open and uncontrolled platforms like HDML5, but they refused to act the same way. I know developers will just implement the ad network they need to make money, but it's another blatant jerk move by Apple, and you know we're throwing out the Bad Apple [scream] on it. Alright. Let's quickly get to our winner for the chick magnets. We had over 1,300 e-mails, which is amazing, and the winner is Ms. Jenny Black with her favorite ice cream being Ben and Jerry's Everything But The, which is chocolate and vanilla ice cream mixed with Heath Bar and chocolate white chunks, peanut butter cups, and chocolate-covered almonds. Ah, that sounds amazing, and I just wet myself for the first time on the "Apple Byte." That's going to do it for this week's show. I'm Brian Tong. Thanks for watching, and we'll see you guys next week for another Byte of the Apple. ^M00:07:30 [ Music ]

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