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Apple Byte: AT&T becomes iPhone owners' public enemy No. 1

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Apple Byte: AT&T becomes iPhone owners' public enemy No. 1

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FaceTime over cellular in iOS 6 won't work with your standard plan. You can thank AT&T. Apple Byte sources say the current iPad is getting revamped seven months later with a new dock connector. Already?!?! Plus, Apple might be working on a DVR.

What's happening Brian Tong here I'm back -- you know. A little Browner and welcomes another episode of your favorite and a friendly show. Now would also like to take a moment of silence to remember valve now the world's oldest -- who. Passed away this week. Philippine in this. All right it's all the good and bad inside the world of Apple will start things off with an Apple byte exclusive right here. Now according to my well placed sources I can confirm what you're all already expecting obviously the next in iPhone with a mini dock connectors coming in September. And the seven point 85 inch rumored iPad with a mini dock connector -- well it's coming for sure but here's the surprise. My sources -- also told me in a move that I refuse to believe earlier that Apple will indeed be releasing a new version of the current. Third generation iPad with the use of the new dock connector to push the new standard moving -- alongside the other devices. Now expecting the next and I thought to be unveiled at the September 12 event but. If the ipad's don't make the keynote my sources say they will still be released this year in time for the 2012 holiday season but the -- -- -- would just a new dock connector. Is actually happening. I've also been told that the Apple TV isn't even close for a production standpoint and it won't make the 2012 timeframe that some analysts continue to pound on like we've been saying. -- some other stories that piggyback on the new IOS devices. The times reports but the seven inch iPad will begin volume production in September with a target of four million units per month to launch before the holidays. Also USB cable specialists -- there. -- on the -- table but the next ten IOS devices that feature in the smaller dock -- connection on one end with this picture they sent out to multiple outlets. And if you're curious about all those iPhone parts went around repair site I rescue was ever taken docking port and headphone Jack assembly that they showed off last week. Then placed it in the alleged iPhone -- -- -- and they were able to put the pieces together with all of -- the readiness -- lining up. Perfectly just like fitting together pieces of a complex puzzle. But forget about what you seen if you don't believe any of that -- really guys you -- because that's just the iPhone. Maybe you're thinking what Adam Sachs is thinking check out this -- about what he thinks the iPhone 5 will be. People only use iphones to take photos of their -- They're sad and alone so they use pictures of -- to create the illusion of the fulfilling life with that knowledge we went back to the drawing board introducing. The iPhone four. We rethought everything. The big stuff like screen resolution to small details like the size of the screens and the include. Of the fifteen millimeter Mac programs these pictures look so good that nobody would ever imagine you lie awake at night wondering why can't feel happiness. And within minutes I had friends telling me how much fun I was having. And you know. From one brief moment. I don't -- -- myself. Doubt it's gonna have to agree with him on that are right now we mentioned the Apple senior earlier but that might not. Only CD -- project Apple's working on. According to Wall Street Journal last week -- in talks with US cable operators about a set top box that would make it so viewers -- watch any show anytime. Through a cloud based DVR that would store shows online and viewers could then search string in the show minutes after begins -- -- It's really an ambitious idea but there's huge challenges before this becomes a reality. Even if Apple is able to sign deals with a big cable operators individual content -- -- also have to give their permission. We finally just a little plus get onboard with the Apple TV and CBS -- parent company has been -- say. Reluctant to let their content be viewed anywhere else outside the walls. Annual CH BO or showtime jumping on board a list they are gaining paid. Handsomely so. How are kind of -- -- tech unicorn. This one as a violent revenue stream called the -- that -- it's free and it's available for I was devices right now with an Android version coming soon. Now doesn't -- best friends for -- but instead. Broadcast for friends. Now what's cool about this that is once you connected your FaceBook account. Lets you stream video live from your IOS device and straight to your FaceBook timeline where fans can watch it live and comment on the video can also add in cement like filters. And seen the videos to your timeline it's really simply isn't -- you have something cool to show people are. If -- think your friends really wanna -- -- airlines. This is the app for you. Alright guys now we're still waiting for the final rulings mean Apple vs Samsung. After closing arguments were made by both sides Apple called Samsung the iphone's biggest fan and a copy back. Samsung then also argued that Apple is stifling competition and if they win the case consumers lose. Billions of dollars are at stake here and it could set a precedent for future cases so we'll keep you in the know -- one thing you have to know about this AT&T. After they decided to make themselves the tech world number one target when the announcement facetime over cellular on -- six. Will be only available for people who choose to go with their new. Global share plants -- on an individual or family plan right now it won't matter you won't get to use the feature. Those plans might make sense for families but they're really need to be more expensive for heavy data users which is a lot of you. Now sprint has already said -- will not put any limits on facetime over cellular and we're still waiting for Verizon's position. Then AT&T had the nerve to say since facetime is up preloaded app they don't have to support it. But if it was a downloadable app that's not bundled on the phone. FCC net neutrality laws would force them to allowed to work properly. Two words. Honestly I'm considering leaving mixer with a jerk move like this and Verizon let me know what you guys thinking of doing the call me. Alright guys -- and things on a high note we wanted to let you know that the Apple byte is celebrating its. One. In a few more weeks with a party in San Francisco on September 7. Friday night -- 111 minute with -- Free drink specials over 300 giveaways from -- -- and in -- iTunes gift cards and a raffle yes a raffle. For the best tablet on the planet. And if you can -- these letters. You know what it is all right we're also diminishing it was -- that you could be -- part of -- so why would you go so -- -- see you there and you can follow my Twitter for more details. Our and it's gonna -- for this we -- sinister emails to the applebyte@cnet.com. Sorry catching up to them I'm Brian Tong thinks watching we'll catch -- next time for another bite of the Apple.

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