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First Look: Asus ZenWatch smartwatch has real steel appeal (hands-on)

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First Look: Asus ZenWatch smartwatch has real steel appeal (hands-on)

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Asus has a smartwatch -- the metal-framed ZenWatch, powered by Android Gear. CNET's Andrew Hoyle goes hands-on.

[MUSIC] I'm Andrew Hoyle for Cnet. And I'm here taking a look at Asus ZenWatch. It's the first smart watch from Asus running Google's Android Wear software for smart watches. Now, physically, it's quite an attractive piece of kit. You can see here that it's got this quite slim metal body, and it has an attractive curved display. It's go a leather hand stitched strap as well which has standard watch connections so you can swap that out for any strap you like. It's water resistant but not water proof which means it can probably put up with a bit of hand washing in the sink but you shouldn't take it swimming. It's running on Android Wear so you'll have the same cards interface that you'll see on watches like the Samsung Gear Live or the LG G watch. The Asus has added in a few of it's own additions like a wellness app which tracks your activity and apparently your mood throughout the day, as well as it's own smartwatch manager. There's no official word on pricing or indeed availability yet from Asus, but it has said it expects to be going on sale later this year for around the 199 Euros mark. I'm Andrew Hoyle for CNet and this is the Asus Zen watch [MUSIC]

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