First Look: Asus VivoTab 8 is a Windows tablet built built around stylus use
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First Look: Asus VivoTab 8 is a Windows tablet built built around stylus use

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With a built-in Wacom stylus, the VivoTab 8 lends itself to sketching or drawing on the go.

A lot of Windows 8, 8" tablets look and feel the same. Here's one that's at least a little bit different. I'm Dan Ackerman, and this is the Asus VivoTab 8. Now' we've looked at 8" Windows 8 tablets from Dell, from Lenovo, from Acer. They all generally have the same components inside. Some have slightly better performance, some have slightly better battery life, some have better ports and connections. They all cost around $300 or $400. In order to stand out from the crowd, you've got to have something that nobody else has. In the case of the VivoTab 8, it does do one interesting thing. It has a stylus built in, a Wacom stylus and it's tucked right into this little slot right in the corner here. Of course it's a standard Wacom, about 1,024 pressure level stylus and it works with a variety of programs. You do get one or two built in, that including Microsoft OneNote. If you want other compatible software, you're gonna hafta go out and download that yourself. Otherwise, this is you know, a standard, fairly low-resolution screen just like most of the other tablets we've seen. Intel Atom processor, 2 gigs of RAM 64 Gigs of storage, so not as much as you get in even a lower level budget laptop. But when you have the small 8" device like this, you're probably not gonna store that much on it. If you do a lot of let's say watching videos, you're probably just gonna stream them from Netflix or something like that. Obviously Kindle books also a good reason to use a smaller tablet. Those dont take up a lot of room. And that's why you can get away with that smaller SSD on these tablets. It's neither the lightest nor the heaviest of the Windows 8 8" tablets that we reviewed recently. Right in the middle I do like that it has a fairly fingerprint resistant matte finish on the back. It's odd that the camera is over here in the center of the body, rather than up in the upper left hand corner where you usually find it. So keep that in mind if you're gonna be taking a lot photos with it. And it's also slightly annoying to me that the Windows key, which is very important in these things it, it's a little physical button right over here that may be hard to find. Otherwise you can just kind of, pull out from the corner, and get to it right here from what they call the Charm's bar. Now in order to get this Wacom tablet you're gonna pay a little bit more. Comparable Windows 8 tablets usually around $299. This guy is a little bit more, it's $329. It's a pretty reasonable premium to pay if you're really gonna use that Wacom stylus, because none of the other 8" Windows 8 tablets in this price range have that feature built in. I'm Dan Ackerman, and that's the Asus VivoTab 8. [MUSIC]

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