The Buzz Report: Asus Transformer Prime: it's love!
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The Buzz Report: Asus Transformer Prime: it's love!

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The Asus Transformer Prime tablet wins Molly's heart in one fell swoop, Facebook loses a privacy spat, and AT&T should fold. Now.

Hey everyone I'm Molly Wood and welcome to the other part the show about the tech news that everyone's talking about. This week FaceBook -- -- spanking AT&T get some poker -- -- ice and gadgets make with a special effects excitement. But first -- against the the gadget of the week is the Asus transformer -- tablets. What you -- say. I thought we were past getting excited over tablets especially 500 dollar tablets. But the transformer -- is hot. It has a Quad Core Nvidia tegra three processor in a body that's thinner and lighter than the iPad two. There's -- gig of internal memory up to 64 gigs of onboard storage plus a micro SD slot for more. Super IPS display front and back cameras and a -- says it will get -- four point -- ice cream sandwich early next year. All that is that could -- plus there's an optional 150 dollar laptop dock. That -- a keyboard a second battery USB ports and Apple's ISD card slot. I mean. I didn't even know that Michael Hart could follow up again like that wants. And now for the news. FaceBook settled the major privacy dispute with the federal government this week and agreed to a few changes the biggest one. FaceBook now have to let you opt in any changes that would -- -- your current privacy settings -- -- -- Like remember that one time when FaceBook made your gender your current city your name your profile picture and the pages that you like public without telling giving you the option -- it back. -- -- -- But they can introduce new features like places or something like that and then make all that information public by -- When -- them. Still FaceBook will have to -- yearly privacy prostate exams for the next twenty years and we all get yet another apology note from Mark Zuckerberg. -- -- -- a macro for writing has by now. In that good job government news AT&T is attempt to buy T-Mobile is theory. I wrote the FCC officially oppose the merger this week. Saying it would dramatically reduce competition and lead to massive -- which. -- The FCC also released and then -- a huge report. That basically -- AT&T had engaged in creepy talon double speak to try to push the merger through. And that AT&T had no factual basis at all for its claims that the merger would increase competition lower prices and lead to more drops. Again dot. AT&T withdrew its application to buy T-Mobile and it's now trying to come up with some other strategy to get the deal dot. That strategy could include trying to sell off massive amounts of its own assets to make itself seem small enough for the deal to make that. Which doesn't make sense. That the you know AT&T I. It might be time to take some advice from our friend again. And now for some action. HP this -- denied reports from Columbia University researchers said that networked HP laser printers can be hacked. -- new software remotely controlled and abatement remotely set on -- HP's two Romley disputed those findings. Which. I would you deny it that is that seriously awesome James Bond -- -- OK I get it I understand. Just say and I know some printers that I would like to remotely -- I -- PC load letter I don't even know what that means. And other electronic expect this week an iPhone or overheated in the middle of a flight over Australia. Passengers and flight attendants reported that the phone started emitting -- red glow. And lots of dense smoke. The photos quickly extinguished and an investigation is ongoing. Now find it funny that the phone only smoked and glowed red and -- man that thing really doesn't support flash does it. Plus the phone is obviously an alien just -- -- you guys watch -- movies at all. And finally -- we -- are clogging the tubes this week. It last week buzz report producers there are hard and -- apps department and I collaborated on the video Hitler reacts to the pepper sprayed me. In which Hitler is mad that the pepper spray -- became -- -- so fast. My backpack and anyway it's Ariana Huffington even did it we are so proud of our inappropriate humor and thank you -- for watching it. And if you haven't already go watch it -- area. And that's the buzz report this week everyone I'm Molly -- at --

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