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First Look: Asus G74SX-A2

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First Look: Asus G74SX-A2

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Asus has built a very nice sideline over the years with its gaming laptops, including the G74SX, which is a strong, if expensive, quad-core rig.

I'm John Ackerman and we are here taking a look at the Asus G74SX. This is something we don't see a lot of these days, it's a big 17 inch gaming laptop. Now of course you're familiar with HP's (MB?) line, the Dell alien ware line but Asus actually has a pretty good side gig besides making ultra portable like the Zen book or net books like the original EPC enjoying gaming laptop. Actually have a little sub brand they call republic of gamers and they maintain a pretty good reputation for gaming systems. This guy doesn't look a heck of a lot like. Let's say in area where or something like that doesn't have flashing lights or big skull logo on it but at the same time it also doesn't look like some of the boutique gaming laptop that we see and that despite the fact that they're very expensive, they're usually built in a (??) looking ugly cases. I like to think that it's kind of a muted black sort of plastic shell, it's not gonna stand out too much. You can have gaming power but it doesn't look really dorky which I appreciate. There is 1 kind of cool feature on it, let's show you in the back, there's kind of a big, gigantic fan grill here that can always look a (muscle car grill?). Other than that laptop just sort of fades into the background. It's what inside that counts over the gaming laptop so in this case you got a quad core, intel core, i7 CPU. You got a GPU that's kind of a video, the highest in line with low end of that highest end line. You got a Blueray drive and you have, get this, 16 gigs of RAM, I don't think I've ever seen that laptop, at least not reasonably and that's got a combo hard drive, a 160 gig SSD and just a large regular flat hard drive so you get to put, you know, add some stuff on the 160 gig drive to speed things up and bigger bits of data on the... under just the traditional hard drive to get the best of both worlds. Now of course all of that doesn't come cheap, this guy's about $2,000 and we play all of it for a bid specially the plasticky keyboard and the screen with the thick vessel and very glossy. I mean, I really feel like a $2,000 laptop is actually a less expensive $1,500 version that has less RAM and gets rid of the SSD, that might actually be a better overall deal. Gaming wise, it did perfectly fine, obviously super, super high end gaming laptops are gonna do better but with the quad core, intel core i7 CPU and the, you know, low and the high end graphics card you can certainly play anything on the (??) sky room. We think everything all the way up to the (10 EP?) resolution and high graphic settings. It played perfectly fine. Now if you're on the market for a gaming laptop, you probably fall into the show off kind of cam in which case you may want like an (air and wear?) with the big flashy lights or the super series gamer cam in which case you probably gonna want something super custom made with over (clock?) parts. If you don't fall into either of those you certainly can do a lot worst than this guy, although I'm not really sure of that many people are out there looking to spend 2 grand on a gaming laptop right now. I'm Dan Ackerman and that is the Asus G74SX.

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