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CNET News Video: Artists view our relationship to tech

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CNET News Video: Artists view our relationship to tech

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On a recent trip to Pittsburgh, CNET News.com's Kara Tsuboi visited the Wood Street Galleries for an exhibit exploring how artists visualize our future relationship to consumer electronics. From hybridized robotic dogs to a piece called "Cellphone Disco," each work is meant to question viewers' level of intimacy with tech.

[ Music ] ^M00:00:04 [ Background Music ] >> Hey there! I'm Kara Tsuboi, CNETNEWS.com. Meet Copy Cat. He's a robotic hybrid between a cat and a dog. And one artist vision of what pets in the future could look like. He's also one installation at the Urban Living Art Exhibits at a gallery in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. These hats off the shelf robotic dogs are the work of French artist and computer scientist France Cadet. They represent her satirical view of excessive cloning and people's desires for perfection. >> That dog there was 50 percent dog and 50 percent cow in its characteristics. You actually notice that Dolly contracts foot and mouth disease and collapses. >> The idea behind Wood Street Galleries Urban Living Exhibition is to examine the way we will live with technology in the future. >> It's an interesting, interactive proposition for the out world. >> Besides the robotic dogs, another clever rift on the household pets are these chirping electronic birds. [Sound of chirping birds] >> This is like a little pet that you can relate to and respond to and you have to tame it and to me it questions, you know, the virtual and the real world is that, how far can you relate to an inanimate object? >> A lot of apartments can't have pets but-- >> Exactly. >> This is a pet. It moves-- >> You don't need to go out and water them. >> This next robot was one of my favorites. >> The robot measures the amount of CO2 in the room and there's a detector up here and depending on the number of people in the room, the robot moves along here and creates a graph of the amount of CO2 in the room. >> Or you can cheat it and blow directly into the sensor and then watch the 'bot calculate the CO2. >> You see it has deep lungs. >> Some are lungs. >> As part of the Urban Living Exhibit, there's this installation of cellphone disco that interacts with your phone's GSA. When you wave your phone over the 4500 LEDs, they light up. >> You can actually draw with your cell phone. >> The least interactive display but quite possibly the most mesmerizing with this post modern spin on a fish tank called roots. >> When I put electricity through the liquid and roots and then depending on how the electricity is flowing, the crystal is forming and then there's animation software in the back and it checks how the crystal is forming [laughter]. >> I'm Kara Tsuboi, CNETNEWS.com. ^M00:02:22 [ Music ]

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