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CNET News Video: Apple's speedy Mac Pro arrives in December

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CNET News Video: Apple's speedy Mac Pro arrives in December

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Apple's Phil Schiller shows off the company's latest high-performance desktop, the Mac Pro. The new computer boasts a 3.7GHz dual-core Xeon processor, 12GB of DRAM, and a 256GB SSD. Pricing starts at $2,999, and it will be available in December.

-Next, we like to tell you about Mac Pro. Mac Pro, as you know, we gave a sneak peek at our developer conference this June and it's not a stretch to say people have been blown away by this incredible new design. Its anodized-aluminum enclosure with diamond cut chamfered edges. So many innovations like the cooling system that is a single fan. The previous generation had 8 fans in it where the innovation of the unified thermal core at its center, it is a computer that packs an incredible amount of power into something that's one-eight the volume of the previous generation. That's simply remarkable. It is our vision, the future of the Pro desktop. And today, we'd like to tell you even more about it. So, inside this new generation Mac Pro is the fastest processor we've ever put in a Mac, a new generation Intel Xeon E5. It comes in 4, 6, 8, or 12 core designs; 30-megabyte L3 caches; super fast buses; PCI Express generation 3 bus. Inside it is the fastest memory we have ever put in a Mac. 1,866 megahertz, DDR3 ECC memory on a broad 4-channel controller, a massive bandwidth and up to 64 gigabytes inside. Probably one of the most remarkable things about this machine, the team set a goal to have a breakthrough in graphics. It's the first Mac that comes standard with dual workstation graphics, AMD FirePro, D300, D500, or D700 graphics. Fast buses. Huge amount of VRAM up to 12 gigabytes. Over half a terabyte of bandwidth to it and up to 7 teraflops of compute power. That's power that can be used both for graphics as well as for compute intensive tasks using the OpenCL technology that Craig mentioned earlier today. Storage inside is all Flash based. Simply put you cannot put a hard drive in anymore that's as fast as this Flash. This PCI-based generation of Flash is 10 times faster than a hard drive if we put one in. 1.2 gigabyte per second reads a gigabyte per second right up to a terabyte of Flash storage. It's an incredible storage system. If you want to expand it, well, external expansion begins with Thunderbolt 2. You can add expansion chassis, storage arrays, and so much more. It has massive throughput. You can bond them together with channel bonding, can have up to 6 devices per port. And this is heart of being able to create a true next-generation video work through model with desktop computer. 4K video, 16 times the pixels of 1080p HD video. You can have up to two displays plus a third HDMI display for broadcast monitoring. There has never been a system that can do what the Mac Pro will be able to do for 4K video. Expansion, that's a really cool feature. When you move it, there's a motion controller and the I/O illuminates to show your way. It has a lot of great I/O, dual audio out, four USB 3, six Thunderbolt 2, dual gigabit Ethernet, the new-generation HDMI up to 4K, Bluetooth 4.0, 802.11ac. This is packed and built for expansion. We can't wait to get this in hands of more customers so they can show us what they can do with it. So, the new Mac Pro will cost 2,999 and that's for a configuration with a 3.7 gigahertz quad core Xeon, 12 gigabytes of ultrafast DRAM, dual FirePro D300s with 2 gigs of video memory each, and a quarter terabyte of high speed SSD. Now, if you know what D300s cost and that high speed Flash, you're actually super impressed with this pricing. It will be available before the end of the year.

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