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Apple Byte: Apple's product pipeline

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Apple Byte: Apple's product pipeline

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We'll tell you when you can expect the next products from Apple, iPad 3's still aren't coming this year, and Apple wants you to use your iPhone to find friends. Fun.

-What's up, Brian Tong here and welcome to the Apple Byte for all the good and bad inside the world of Apple. There's a lot of products that we can expect to come in the near future. So, let's get to the show. Now, all of you waiting for new MacBook Airs might be waiting a little bit longer after Apple insider's recent report says Apple is holding off on releasing new Mac hardware until OS X line is completed. Now believer they wanna launch the new hardware at the same time as line, which they targeted for July release with no specific date announced. Apple's ultra thin laptops are expected to bring Sandy Bridge processors and Thunderbolt, so we'll keep you updated. Now, many of you Apple byters have also been asking about Final Cut Pro X that was demoed in April. Japanese blog Macotakara reports Apple will be launching their flagship video editing suite next week and a new batch of Thunderbolt equipped accessories like hard drives will be released alongside of it. There's still no signs of new Mac pros and haven't seen refreshed since July of last year and those are right for an update as well, but there are signs in the latest AirPort utility that includes references to a fourth generation time capsule and a 5th gen AirPort extreme discovered by Mac room as a 95 Mac. Apple inventory at their stores had been tight over the few weeks and some expected an announcement at WWDC, so we'll keep post on that as well. Now, one that I do not believe is coming at all by the end of this year is all that silly chatter about an iPad 3, but there's more evidence if you dig deep inside of iOS 5 suggesting iPads of the future will sport a retina display with the resolution of 248 x 1536 double the current iPad's resolution. Now found in the twitter framework's part of iOS 5 and Apple news stand up, there are images with the 2 x designation as well and a similar one was found in January for iBooks. Now, keep me with theme of books, the back to school season is here and Apple just announced one of their [unk] of back to school deals ever. When you buy a qualifying Mac with Apple's education pricing from now until September 20th, you will get $100 gift card that can be used on the Mac App store, the App store, the iTune store, and the iBook store. See the past 3 years, used to get an iPad touch valued at 199 or you could use that credits worth of purchase of a large one, but it's better than nothing, but this seriously has to be the worst back to school deal ever plus Microsoft is promoting their own promo for students who buy a computer 699 and higher. They will get a free Xbox 360, which one would you rather have. Alright, let's take a break to show you how to use the heading keyboard features on an iPad with Mr. Donald Bell. -The iPad's built in keyboard is one of the best reviews on a touch screen device but seemingly doesn't offer all the extra characteristics you have access to on traditional computer, but with a few tips and tweaks, you can really push this keyboard to its limits. First step, check the general settings menu and select the keyboard option. Here's we can find access to the iPad's international keyboards and selectively enable features such as a auto correction, auto capitalization, caps lock and a shortcut to insert a period anytime you press the spacebar twice. For the real hidden gems, press and hold any of the bowel letters on the keyboard and see options for all kind of special characters. If you click over to the numbers and symbols keyboard, you'll find that many of the symbols also have press and hold options. In Safari, you'll also find that the dot com button can be used to enter dot net, dot org, and dot edu at the end of the URL. So, there you go some tips on using the iPad's keyboard, for CNET.com, I'm Donald Bell. -Alright, thanks to the Donald for that one. Now, last week, WWDC brought a bunch of new features to iOS 5, but that doesn't mean they were all original. The Jail break community has treated apps and utilities that Apple wouldn't allow [unk] whose WiFi sync app would let you sync your iTunes collection over your own WiFi network. Well, Apple rejected his app when he submitted it, but guess what one of the new features on iOS is syncing your i device over WiFi, but the worse part it, Apple not only the same name from this app, only the new feature WiFi sync, but they also deliberately ripped off the logo as well, so that [unk] so that's [unk] and weak so much to think different. We're giving you guys the bad Apple. Now, for the international man of mystery business travel, Apple also is now selling an unlocked version of their iPhone 4. That means no contract and you can pop in the SIM card with compatible carries around the world. -Yeah baby. -Now, here in the US, it will work with T-Mobile, but only on their edge network for data and the magical price 649 for the 16 G or 749 for the 32 G. Now, also if you ever wanted to know what the most common iPhone pass codes are. A developed included a pass code screen on this app that look pretty similar to Apple's and assume most people type in the same pass codes for their phone. You collected the data and the number one pass code is 1234, followed by 0000 and 2580, which are the 4 numbers down the center. Now, people, let's get a little more trade of the-- really 0000. That's pathetic. Now, let's take a peek into what Apple's looking to do based on a new pan application, the big A is attempting to use the iPhone location services and your personal interest to make new friends. Now, instead of an awkward conversation that I've never had, Apple says interest can be determined by questionnaires and will be able to find people in your area that show the same interest and introduce yourself through your iPhone. Now that girl in the Mac apps, I see they are winking at me, has allergies to just one eyeball, but how about you just go out to an area where people eat lunch and make friends like we do -[unk] Hey, guess what I wanna see. Lunch time man. -Are you serious? -Say don't. -Yeah I got. I can get another one. -Let's get out of here if you guys need it. -Hey ml baby let's go, let's go. -Yeah, maybe next time guy. -Poor, poor [unk]. Alright, that's that gonna do for this week's show. Send us your e-mails and questions to the Apple byte at CNET.com. I'm Brian Tong. We'll answer some next week on our show, and we'll see next time for another byte of the Apple.

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