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Apple Byte: Apple's next refresh: The MacBook Air

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Apple Byte: Apple's next refresh: The MacBook Air

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We have more details about the revamped MacBook Air. The next iPhone might be called the 4S and it doesn't look like LTE will be a part of it. Plus, Brian learns why he should just leave cats alone.

-Damn, is that you on CNET TV? You look good. -Really, amazing. Knock, knock. -Come in. -BT. Hey. -Hey, Coolie. -You know, kinda got a little rough last time we did a little thing together. -Yeah, it kinda got a little out of control, yeah. -Yeah. You okay? -I'm all right. -All right. Well, I'd come to bury the hatchet. -Really? -And I saw you do that really cool episode about a couple weeks ago, you had the cat painting app. -Yeah, and, see, I thought you would like that. -That was the best-- -I knew you'd like that. -That was the best. -Okay. -So I did a little gesture for you. I have my cat there to make you a painting app. -The cat? -Not the best-- -Dude, it's wonderful. It's wonderful-- -One day-- one day in galleries-- one day-- -Oh, yeah, I'm-- -But in the meantime, I'm thinking...dude, your wall. -My wall? -Yeah. These are cool. I had one of these when I was in 8th grade, I think. How's this? Like, kinda there. -Yeah, that's-- -Everyone can see it. -That's perfect. -You good with that? -That's awesome. That looks great. -That's my gesture-- -Yeah, we're good-- we're good, baby. We're good-- -We're good? All right. -Boom, baby. -That's it. -All right, Cooley, I'll catch you later, thanks a lot. -Okay, sure, bye. -Appreciate it, man. -You bet. Any time. -Kitty cat art. What's happening? Brian Tong here and welcome to the Apple Byte. You know how we do it, it's all the Good and Bad inside the world of Apple so let's get to the show. If you're waiting for new MacBook Airs, you guys won't be waiting too much longer. Digitimes reports that the next-gen Airs with Sandy Bridge and Thunderbolt are being manufactured and will begin shipping from Taiwan in late May for a June or July release here in the States. The form factor will remain the same and, what a surprise, just in time for the back to school season. Cha-ching. Now, there's also more news on the next-gen iPhone from Digitimes who's really all over this stuff like white on rice. I love rice. Now, Digitimes says Apple has lowered their shipment volumes of the iPhone 4 and production for the next iPhone 4S--that's what people are calling it now--will begin in August and its earliest launch may be in September. They say Qualcomm will provide the 3G and CDMA chips. The form factor will be very similar. It will feature an 8-megapixel camera from OmniVision and a dual-core A5 processor. Digitimes also says an LTE/4G enabled iPhone is unlikely to come out until 2012. Now, we've heard some of these details before but some new wrinkles with the next iPhone have surfaced. Now we showed you the purported case that featured an image of an edge-to-edge glass iPhone 4S or 5, whatever you guys wanna call it, last week. Well, that case and image has now been removed from the Alibaba trading website according to 9 to 5 Mac. It's also the same site that had images of the iPad 2 case before the iPad 2 was even out and Apple's legal team had images of those cases removed, so, if this sounds a little fishy to you, it's probably because it is. Now, that same picture also shows that the camera lens and the flash are opposite of each other on the back side of the iPhone. Website Apple.pro posted the purported camera parts in the next-gen iPhone and compared them against the iPhone 4's parts. Take a look for yourself. The flash isn't integrated with the lens and Apple may be indeed relocating it. Now, these are some little details but I know you care about them, like...a lot. All right, now, we wanted to address some of your not-so-positive responses-- -Hey, Brian. -About the Paint for Cat-- -Brian. -Hey, what's up, Jim? -Now, are you sure you wanna talk about the cats again? -There's nothing wrong, you know, me and the cats are cool. Come on, don't even worry about it. All right? -Okay. Roll the tape. -Yes, Bear, BT put your picture in a very nice place. I want you to see it. You're gonna love it. Look. Look at your...picture. What the-- Oh, that son of a bitch. Hmm, what do you think of that? What? Oh, you wanna redecorate the office? That's a wonderful idea. Yes. Give me that, Bear. Ooh, you're a very creative boy. -What the-- -All right, you know, I think I learned my lesson. I love cats. Really, they...are my best friends. Okay, back to the show now, people. In a CNET exclusive by our own Greg Sandoval, Apple has signed a deal with EMI Music and is very close to completing deals with Universal Music Group and Sony Music Entertainment with the big A. This is after they recently signed Warner Music Group to be onboard in their hopes of launching a fully-licensed cloud music service compared to Amazon and Google's unlicensed offerings. Negotiations could be wrapped up as early as this coming week and it would mean signed contracts from the big 4 music labels with big announcements to come when Apple kicks off WWDC on June the 6th. You see how things have changed? The labels now wanna work with Apple again after they criticized iTunes for destroying the music business. It all comes full circle, my friends. Now, staying in the cloud, AppleInsider also discovered a recent patent application by Apple where a portion of a song from your collection would be locally stored on your iDevice, and then when you play the track, the iOS software would send a request, over the internet, for the rest of the song to be downloaded from a file stored in the cloud. Amazon and Google's cloud services don't work seamlessly on iDevices yet. Others like MP3tunes does, but iDevice users are still looking for a fully integrated solution. All right, let's check out the Quick Bytes. Thin is always in with the tech world and Apple's rumored to be proposing to some major mobile operators a new standardized SIM card for your phone that's even smaller than the current Micro SIM used in the iPhone 4 which would allow for thinner devices. Also, Infinity Blade fans, it's still one of the best looking iOS games and a new free update is adding multiplayer and survival modes to the mix. Feel free to slash and parry away. And if you're looking for another video calling option on your iPad, Yahoo Messenger now brings support for the iPad 2 with a free update and best of all, it's cross-platform so you can talk to your PC and Mac friends as well. And, finally, the team at G-Form continues to pump out these videos to showcase how strong their iPad cases really are. First, they dropped a bowling ball on it, then they dropped it out of a plane, 'cause that's really smart, and then someone else decided to run over it with a car. Seriously, that thing is sturdy, but it still looks like a backpack for one of the X-Men and it would really clash with my Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles one. All right, that's gonna do it for this week's show. Wend me your e-mails to theapplebyte@cnet.com <mailto:theapplebyte@cnet.com> and we'll answer them. I'm Brian Tong. Thanks for watching, and we'll see you guys next week for another byte of the Apple. This is good. -There we go. Bottoms up.

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