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Apple's next big push will be "Healthbook": Apple Byte

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Apple Byte: Apple's next big push will be "Healthbook"

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Heath and fitness will be the focus in iOS 8 and their iWatch-a-ma-calit is going to bring it all together. Plus, our best guess on 2014 product releases and a DBH t-shirt giveaway!

What's good -- -- here and welcome to the Apple byte for everything good and bad inside the world of Apple. Let's get to the show and there's warnings about Iowa -- from nine to five Mac with a new report showing off re creations of screenshots from Apple's new -- look at. That is the next area they're hoping to re invented I was eight. Now it takes cues from Apple's passbook app. And internal versions of health books are able to track several different -- and -- data points. Like heart rate hydration blood sugar -- respiratory rate and others that can -- amazed by the user. Now when you look at these -- -- it just can't be a folding data's on this data thinks the M seven chip snaps miles walk -- collect data can be tracked by the phone. But things like blood hydration respiratory -- -- -- come from another source like. A wearable device. Not that one got something like this. All right -- -- five Mac also reports and possible I was tweaks including -- change the notification center. Don't include today is -- and notification thing because honestly how many of you actually look at all tabs. Better in -- app communication yes that's actually where -- now. Where apps to -- data like a third party photo and ending up being able to push content more easily to FaceBook in -- There's also the potential that the messages that will auto deleted messages threat after a month or year so that it frees up more storage space and you wouldn't believe how useful to me. -- sources also say game center could just go away and be found inside the actual games using the service. And Clark lake which will initially only work over a lightning cable Iowa seven. Is testing versions and I was eight that will work over Wi-Fi. Now sometimes what is old is new again because every -- comes back right. Well except the strategies. But Apple recently re introduce the fourth gen iPad with -- a sixteen gig model for reading at night replacing the illumination done when the iPad -- was announced but really the most pathetic part. Apple's press release describing it as their most affordable nine point seven inch iPad with improved cameras and enhance performance over India. IPad two. And data and that's a bad -- But out better late than -- -- -- and in another lame duck. Apple bringing their least popular -- the iPhone 5 C. With an even smaller capacity of eight gigs to -- five markets including the UK France Germany Australia and China. -- is they'll cost about 712 US dollars while the sixteen model costs 779. Dollars. I'm not gonna see anything because some of -- Apple byters are really sensitive when I think -- I'm gonna say -- thing. Example our bad Apple. Sorry guys could help it and a -- anything -- do not buy an eight gig iPhone I've seen. But before we go you know let's reflect on the iPad -- Microsoft making a cameo on the Apple -- this week the long -- Microsoft Office will officially launched for the iPad on March 27 according to the -- Microsoft launched a version for the iPhone last year that requires an office 365 subscription and the iPad version will require the same thing. And you know you can always trust -- Canada poston -- screen -- of the software as well. And Microsoft also recently released its. Digital notebook app called one note on the Mac App Store -- can -- info between platforms and there -- -- version of the app as well. Now the app also allows for collaboration lecturing notebooks and real time and okay guys blog you've been asking me lately there's Apple's product -- site looked like this year. You want to buy something but you're not sure so I figured it would be a good time it's gonna give you a little breakdown of what we foresee. Now this is not a guarantee at all but based on past trends and what we know today. So my first hunch based on reports Apple's first new product release in 2014. Should be -- Apple TV sometime in April not march but April. And it looks like it will definitely be their set top box and not a TV TV. Well then I get tells me millions WW DC in June percent of the announcement of Iowa City and the new iPhone six along with the I watch him. Or the I want to add its own and it shortly after. Now the reason being is that I was -- is going to have a lot of data -- with some kind of wearable that we talked about earlier and he can't just talk about it. And then ignore that wearable. The other factors that this I watch -- -- thing. There's also going to be dependent on the phone to exchange data so the timing of all these announcements for all three will be relatively close together within a month of each other. But the actual launch dates be separate you know to X -- the -- Now rumors say -- -- front is starting -- -- production earlier than normal so. I'm leaning towards an earlier -- -- six wants this year with the I want to follow shortly after it. Also -- -- you guys asked about that typically happen right before the back to school season around July time frame even though they were late in 2013. And -- -- also towards IMAX performance upgrades in September. Now ipads finally came out in late October right for the holidays in 2013 so expect that to be its time slot for the foreseeable future and again. You guys this is just a rough prediction if I'm wrong please remind me at the end of the year -- that. Allegedly went -- All right let's get to our giveaway thanks to make. I designed my students and their change but T shirts we're giving away five years to you the Apple byters. All you guys have to do is tell us how many bad apples -- were in last week's show. This is that easy and email me at the applebyte@cnet.com. Or tweet me Brian Tong and I will pick five of the -- it's people in the whole wide world next. Plus -- a special promo -- just punch it Apple byte five Bob to get five dollars off any shirt on the website and is that from April before. On the Apple.

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