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CNET News Video: Apple's iTunes 8 with Genius

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CNET News Video: Apple's iTunes 8 with Genius

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Apple CEO Steve Jobs sings the praises of the latest version of iTunes and announces the return of NBC shows, now in HD.

[ Music ] ^M00:00:04 >> So we're adding some new content to iTunes today. The first thing we're adding is HD TV shows. ^M00:00:11 [ Applause ] ^M00:00:15 Now, you can buy TV shows for $1.99 in standard def on iTunes today. The hi-def shows will be just $1.00 more at $2.99, and you can watch them on your computer. This is a first. So you can watch them on Apple TV, and you can watch them on your computer. The second thing we're adding is that NBC's coming back to iTunes for this season. ^M00:00:41 [ Applause ] ^M00:00:49 >> They're bringing all their great shows with them. So The Office is coming back. Monk. Battlestar Galactica. 30 Rock. Heros. All these great shows and more. And these shows are coming back not just in standard-def, but they're coming back in high-def as well. So again, you can watch all these show in standard def, or you can watch them in high def right on your computer. Maybe the biggest thing, though, with iTunes today is we're introducing iTunes 8, the next major release of iTunes. It's got a ton of new stuff in it, but I want to cover the few main pieces. The biggest ones are, of course, HD TV shows, which we just discussed. Accessibility. We've had a lot of requests for this. We've built in voice-over and all of other accessibility technologies into iTunes. So it's accessible now to even more people. We've got some new browsing in iTunes, which we think you'll like. And we've got something called "Genius." So let's take a look at the last two. Browsing. The way to browse albums up 'til today has been this. This is the best we've offered. You could look at things by albums, but it's not so space efficient, especially if you only have a few tracks per album. So what we're adding in iTunes 8 is the ability to just look at your albums by album cover. And we've added this little bar at the top, right? Albums, artists, genres, and composers. And you could look at anything graphically by album art in these four categories. So you can go from albums to artists, and see little tiles of all of your artists. And you can skim these, just like in iPhoto and see all the albums that you have of that particular artist. This also scales to, of course, movies, TV shows -- showing you the episodes you might not have watched in a particular series, podcasts, the same thing. But of course, it'll get used most for music. So that's some new browsing, which is really, really nice. And we're introducing a new feature called "Genius." Genius is pretty cool. What Genius does, it allows you to automatically make playlists from songs in your music library that go great together with just one click. So if you could take your library and pull together playlists of songs that just really work together, it helps you rediscover music in your own music library and make great playlists that you probably wouldn't think of making any other way. And it really works well with just one click. So that's what Genius is. And here's what it looks like. Let's say your listening to a song, in my case a Bob Dylan song, "Don't Think Twice, It's Alright." There's a button down here in the corner, the Genius button. You push that and, viola, you've made a genius playlist. You can refresh it as much as you want. Make different playlists, 25 songs, 50 songs, 75 songs, or 100 songs each. And they're amazingly good. In addition to that, you can bring up the Genius side bar, which makes recommendations from the iTunes store of stuff you might want to buy to complete this collection of songs like this. Albums, songs, and songs by other artists that are gonna great with these songs. ^E00:04:35

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