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Apple Byte: Apple won't use protection

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Apple Byte: Apple won't use protection

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Apple stores will no longer carry screen films, we'll show you how to download YouTube videos in Safari, and the Steve Jobs cheese head tastes good.

[ Music ] ^m00:00:07 >> What's happening? Brian Tong here and welcome to the Apple Byte for all the good and bad inside the world of Apple. Let's jump into the stories. Now in 1 that makes you say - why? iLounge is reporting that Apple is planning to ban all protective screen films from it's retail and online stores. According to their sources, Apple is removing film only solutions, cases that include a protective film, and even the large size films for laptop screens as well. Regular, matte, or mirrored films? It doesn't matter. They're getting rid of them all. Vendors think Apple is doing this so they can promote their oleophobic surface. It's that anti fingerprint coating that only lasted about a week on my phone, and also to promote the durability of the screen; which is interesting because mine already has several surface scratches. Is Apple really having that many issues at the store level, or could this just be a thing where Steve Jobs said, I hate those covers, let's get rid of them. But really, the biggest crime is the fact that a piece of sticky plastic 2 inches by 4 inches costs around 15 bucks - and that's worthy of a bad apple. Yeah, we're throwing it out early. Now in iPad use, all the hype is over and according to Fortune's brainstorm tech, it estimates about 152,000 units were preordered, with the largest surge being the 120,000 fanboys on the first day. It's a healthy number, but there are still plenty of people on the wait and see fence. Now if you preordered an iPad, don't expect to have key Apple accessories with it. The iPad case, keyboard dock, and USB power adapter are all delayed anywhere from mid April to May, which sucks to be an early adopter, but they should be ready by the time the 3G'ed out iPad releases. Now those customers end up having a battery issue, and their iPad no longer holds a charge, Apple's offering a battery replacement service that just doesn't swap out the battery for a new one, they'll replace the entire iPad for a service fee. Just make sure you sync all that iPad data to your computer before you do this. And Apple's iPhone SDK team is hard at work releasing the 5th Beta that also supports the iPad. It's only been about 10 days since they released the last one, so they're cranking away for the developers. At the time of our shooting, no new details have been unearthed, but you know it's only a matter of time. Alright, you like You Tube and use Safari? So let's check out a tip from one of our resident experts at CNET. ^m00:02:19 [ Music ] ^m00:02:22 There's probably been countless times where you saw a You Tube movie and you wanted an easy way to download it. I'm Brian Tong from CNET.com and I'll show you how to do it using just the Safari web browser. Now let's open up Safari and to to You Tube. And I'm going to find a video that I like from CNET TV. And if we look here we have the Nexus One versus iPhone prize fight, so let's go with that one. Now as it's loading and playing, go to the menu bar to window and then activity. A window will appear and each line here represents a tab or window you currently have open in Safari. Find the one that's your You Tube tab, then click on the triangle to reveal a list of items related to that tab. There's surely a lot of stuff here, but if you look closely you'll find the largest file in that list. It's going to be a video file and you should still see it downloading, and we've found ours right here. Now once it's finished, hold down the option button on your keyboard and double click your mouse. The file will now download directly to your computer, and now you can watch it whenever you want, or use it to create those popular You Tube match ups and response videos. I'm Brian Tong for CNET.com with your how-to for downloading You Tube videos in Safari. Use it wisely. Wow, he makes it look so easy! Now let's check out some quick bytes. We told you about Virgin getting rid of Flash on their website a few episodes back, and now Media Memo reports that MPR and the Wallstreet Journal will roll out iPad optimized versions of their sites when the device drops on April 3. The sites won't have any Flash based content, and they'll also be formatted to take advantage of the larger screen real estate. Now Research in Motion can't like what a recent survey for market research firm Crowd Science suggests about current Blackberry owners. 40 percent of the respondents said they planned on getting an iPhone when they upgrade next, and if that wasn't a big enough kick to the groin, 32 percent of Blackberry owners said they would get a Nexus One for their next phone. Now only 28 percent of users said they would get a Blackberry again. Now if you flip it around, 90 percent of iPhone users and 90 percent of Nexus One users said they plan on sticking with their phone platform for the next upgrade. These are not numbers RIM wants to hear, and the platform's lack luster showing is hurting it the most. Now we're almost done with the show, and I'm getting hungry, but not this hungry! Ken from the Cook's Den has made an edible Steve Jobs head using 2 blocks of mozarella cheese, some pepper, and a whole lot of love. Ken admits he's a fanboy because that wasn't obvious at all, and he uses this for 3 different dishes. Probably the most disturbing is the spicy Steve nacho supreme with a melted face that only Google CEO Eric Schmidt would enjoy. But it gets better with this dish - the iPad tie. Dude... I just threw up in the back of my mouth a little. ^m00:05:05 Why'd you got to go there Ken? Just... just why? Alright that's going to do it for this week's show. Make sure to send your emails to the Apple Byte at CNET.com. I'm Brian Tong. Thanks for watching. We'll catch you guys next time for another Byte of the Apple! ^m00:05:18 [ Music ]

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