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Apple Byte: Apple vs. Google: The music wars
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Apple Byte: Apple vs. Google: The music wars

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The two tech giants battle over the music space. A 15-inch MacBook Air could be coming in early 2012. Plus, a customized iPad snowboard!

-What's happening! Brian Tong here and welcome to the Apple Byte for all the good and bad inside the world of Apple. The big A finally wants the iTunes Match service and Google announced their own Google music service this week with the ability to share and purchase songs that are Google+ friends, and tools for independent artists to control their music. It's an ongoing war between android and Apple that won't end anytime soon, but a recent study from Gartner reveals that android winning worldwide market share for the OS with close to 53% share for the third quarter of 2011 and apple at 15%, but that's only part of the story because Apple is winning when it comes to the money race bringing them more than half of the industries profits at 65% and we all know [unk] makes it better. Now, both platforms want you to spend more money consumed content, but is iTunes match really worth the $25 you put in per year. Let's check it out. -Hey guys, Brian Tong here with, and we're gonna show you a first look at the iTunes match services that's finally been launched by Apple. Now, to get iTunes match, first of all, you got to download the late version of iTunes and it's a service for 24.99 a year and you can turn on iTunes Match by going into the store menu. Now, it will match your own personal music collection with the same tracks on the iTune store and it will also upload your remaining songs that can't be matched to the iCloud that allows you to listen to you entire collection anytime on your iOS devices plus you'll also be able to use this service with up to 10 iOS devices in computers total and a maximum of those can be computers. Now, once the iTunes match service completes, you will be able to either stream tracks to your computer by playing them or click on the download cloud icon and store them locally. Now, once they are downloaded, the icon goes away and the size of the file changes to represent it's been loaded downloaded locally. Now, if you don't have internet connection, the iTunes match music that's not been loaded will be graded out from your music list and you will be unable to access it until you have an active internet connection. Now, let's jump over to our iOS devices. I have my iPhone running the latest iOS 5 and will go into my settings, then music where I can turn on iTunes Match on my phone. Then jump into the music app and just like an iTunes, you will see you tracks with the cloud icon next to each one. Now, I can select the song and the first play behaves as if it's streaming, but once it downloads the entire song, it will remain on your phone and the cloud icon will disappear. You can also choose to download an entire album instead of selecting it tract by tract to your iOS devices and the iTunes match service will also bring over all your playlist. So, there is your first look at the iTunes Match service. It really delivers on giving you access to your entire collection of multiple devices, but you really have to decide if that's worth 24.99. For, I'm Brian Tong. -Alright, I can tell that after using it for 3 days, my large music collection still hasn't been completely loaded, different playlist from different machines all combining into 1 place. That's annoying, not all my playlists we've been syncing when iTunes matches a track I have with multiple versions of that song from different albums on their store and then throws them all in my library. It's a mess. So, bottom line, it's really not worth it to me right now when it still needs to be cleaned some. Now, in iOS, according to German website [unk], Apple is working on 2 separate software updates. They say, 5.0.2 should be coming no later than next week and addresses more the battery bugs that haven't been resolved with Apple's last 5.0.1 update and iOS 5.1 will feature significant improvement to Siri with additional commands for taking pictures, turning on or off services like Wi-Fi and Blutooth and also accepting my request for a date, which reminds me over the past few weeks a lot of little things including the iOS not update having adding up and it's really worthy of throwing out a bad Apple. You see, couple of weeks ago, Siri completely goes down. No one really mentions it, but that's okay because it's still beta even though Apple is touting that as the newest feature and selling point for the iPhone 4S, then they released the iOS 5 battery update, but only after swarm of users say it hasn't really fixed anything, then they admit there're still bugs haven't solved like that battery issue, and my favorite one, here we go guys, Apple offers a replacement for first gen iPod Nano after discovering a really finally admitting the original model had the potential to catch fire, 5 years later. Now, that same model was exploding and setting fire for years, but at least now we know 5 years lager, mind blowing, and that's a bad Apple, bad Apple, and bad Apple and [unk]. Now, in product rumor news and sometimes made up stories, Digitimes reports a small number of components for the 15-inch ultra thin MacBook Air will start shipping this month and mass shipments of the finished notebook will start moving in March of 2012 just in time we celebrate St. Patrick's Day. Also Digitimes reports Apple's full back on its 4th quarter orders for iPad 2 display panels after they stock upon parts for Q3 with new iPad 3 retina display parts for early 2012. Now, everyone ask me is it still a good time to buy an iPad 2 and the answer is absolutely yes. 5 to 6 months away from the last release is really a long ways win. That's if you assume a new and is coming then, so it's the safe bet right now. Now, in the Nielsen Survey, the iPad, iPod Touch, and iPhone are 3 most desired consumer products this holiday season among kids ages 6 through 12. Now, the iPad tops the list with 44% of little people thinking that it's an affordable Christmas present and no, don't try to trick them into a Kindle Fire because I have nieces and nephews and they know. So, parents, if you bend to your children's demands just accept the fact that the only thing you will be buying yourself for Christmas or socks and little nano socks that don't have toes. Alright, let's check out some quick bytes. We the iPhone 4 and 4S rank us to the most fragile cellphones ever, but in a revealed Apple fan, they were working on it in an inflatable shock mount like an airbag to the protect the screen and obviously that didn't make it into the final design. The Netflix Apple will be getting a revamp on the iPad with improvement for browsing, searching and watching TV shows and movies, so it's currently available on android tablets and coming to the iPad soon. Samsung and Apple have also been going at it with their fan battles which resulted in Samsung having its Galaxy 10.1-inch tab banned in Germany, so you know, they made a cosmetic change and added a silver edge around it. So, now it looks like a first gen iPad instead of an iPad 2. Also, you guys wanna check this out, it might not the cleanest video we have, but it's really worth watching. It may not look like anything recognizable, but this is a live painting by artist Aaron Kizer who made a portrait painting of Steve Jobs in 6 minutes at the 11 hour live music and art show in Kentucky recently, 6 minutes. I don't think I could do that in 6 anything, and we'll wrap things with more cool stuff into winter time, snowboard and skiing seasons are in full effect and the team at signal snowboards created the first iPad snowboard. They called iShred. The snowboard is made from an aluminum based with its own light up logo and iPad functionality. It's a pretty sweet stuff. Alright, that's gonna do it for this week's show. Send us your e-mails to the Apple Byte at Thanks for watching. I'm Brian Tong and we'll see you guys next week for another byte of the Apple.

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