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CNET Update: Apple user data uncovered by hackers

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CNET Update: Apple user data uncovered by hackers

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Device IDs for millions of Apple users have been found by hackers on an FBI laptop, Wal-Mart tests iPhone payments, and Bad Piggies gives Angry Birds a new headache.

Perhaps the next best bike tour with your iPhone I'm Bridget Carey and this -- -- -- -- Members of the hacker activist movement anti -- Claim they accessed an FBI -- laptop. -- found a unique user identification numbers for twelve million Apple mobile devices and the group posted when million of these ID numbers online. This was done to bring awareness to how much -- these Apple ID numbers can share and it calls into question what indeed it could be used for. Now these ladies are not your Apple user is not -- for that used to logging and rather they -- -- -- -- numbers unique for each Apple device. That can track users. Although wasn't shared online hacker group says the files also had -- up about that address and cellphone number of the owners. There's been no word yet on how or why FB I would have these numbers are even if they were used for anything. Apple has been criticized in the past for gaining app makers access to these unique serial numbers. An Apple has previously said it will restrict how much of this I need eating it shares with developers. You've seen self check out he asks the -- but -- research being done by Wal-Mart and other retail stores to take self check out to a new level and have used Cam -- -- using your Smartphones camera. You with an item as you put -- in the cart. And they -- take your phone to pay at a small account owner. It's just in a really early test right now but it's another step by stores to keep you using your device to shop and to make check out stations cheaper. Its official Apple make an announcement about its next advice on September 12. Apple sent out -- -- -- for a press conference in San Francisco and there's a mysterious shadow. Of the number five on the image seems that -- -- iPhone 5. An Angry Birds had better watch out something big is coming a new version of the game called the bad he has the pace tormenting the birds but -- slingshot. It comes at September 27 for Apple -- devices -- is eight coming soon after. Looking ahead this week Nokia and Motorola will be announcing new Smart -- Motorola looks like it -- show up -- new Droid RAZR with four GL TE on Verizon. Bloomberg reports it will have an edge to edge display some images for Nokia's new Lumia Windows Phone eight models have been late. Shall it has wireless charging that -- tech news round of -- today. -- more details on these stories that are blog cnet.com slash update any -- excessive or cars or like learning more about the tech under the hood. Issued a -- up rank police new shows CNET on cards. -- -- is in New York averaging --
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