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CNET News Video: Apple tunes up Keynote features

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CNET News Video: Apple tunes up Keynote features

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At Macworld 2009 in San Francisco, Philip Schiller, Apple's senior vice president of marketing, demonstrates new features of the company's Keynote software, which enables users to create dynamic presentations. A Keynote-coordinating iPhone application, for example lets users advance slides by using the device as a remote control, clicking them back and forth wirelessly.

[ Music ] ^M00:00:03 >> So first up, Keynote09. It's what I'm use working on in using this presentation, so you know it's rock-solid. [ Laughter ] >> Keynote09. Well, one of the things we focused on in Keynote09 is giving you some really powerful animation tools that combined all together can help you make incredible professional presentations, but really easily. So what are those tools. First up, Magic Move. Magic Move is a transition between slides, where you set up your slides and I -- and Keynote does all the work to move your objects between the slides. So for example, let's say this is your first slide. You've got a bunch of cards on it. And to make a second slide, you just move a bunch of the cards off and you take that queen of hearts and you make it bigger, you Tilt on an angle, you create a reflection, you set it up the way you want, and then use Magic Move and Keynote will be the transition for you. So, for example, it looks like this. As the first slide, and now the second slide. So that animation is done by key note. Here's a second example. Slide one, cards are all messed up, slide two, we organized them. And asked Keynote to do a Magic Move between them. It's really simple, really powerful. So that's the Magic Move. Second, Object Transitions. What you can do with Object Transitions, have a lot of objects on your slide and ask Keynote to move from this set to another set of objects with a bunch of powerful transitions. So for example, the first object transition I'm going to show is called Object Zoom. We're going to zoom these objects from one slide to the next and here's how it goes. Now if you look closely, those object zooms with a different rate of speed for the different rate of objects, and the second slide started to show up on the first slide before it was even done and off the screen. Something near impossible for us to do with techniques ourselves, but automatic now in Keynote. Here's another one that's really powerful, what I just explained with this perspective move. Check this out. So it's a simple, beautiful powerful transition. Now I'm going to move these objects off the screen with an object push up. Simple, powerful Object Transitions that you can combine with other techniques to make advanced presentations. And this last one. Text transitions are really great because the simplest thing -- doing a transition between text objects -- can be beautiful and really powerful. I really love the first example the team came up with. I like this one. It's called a swing transition. ^M00:02:28 [ Applause ] ^M00:02:31 >> I like that one. ^M00:02:33 [ Applause ] ^M00:02:35 >> Read whatever you want into it. Next, a shimmer. Energy. It's for you, Al. And here, this is called an annogram. If you don't know what an annogram is, you will by watching this transition. There's an annogram transition. So great text transitions in addition to Magic Moves and Object Transitions. You put them all together, some really powerful tools to create your presentation in a way that people just won't believe how you did it. We also have animations on charts. The charting in Keynote is the best there's ever been in a presentation application. Beautiful charts with incredible textures on them. And these new chart animations bring in and bring out your charts in incredible ways. So first up, I'm going to do a crane move. Bring in this graph, and it's got a beautiful metallic shine that's reflecting as it's moved into the slide. Here comes another one. A rotate. Now we've got etched metal. And this is a new cylinder shape that's in Keynote09 that you can use on your charts. Here's a third one. Rotate and grow, with a chart using new stone texture on the chart. The last one, a zoom through the Z axis of a pie chart using the new beautiful wood textures as well. So we have incredible new chart animations to make your slides just beautiful. In addition to all of this, of course we have beautiful themes in Keynote, and now we have even more themes where you have these gorgeous set ups like [Inaudible] just pick it and all your slides have this beautiful look of the fonts and the graphics and the backgrounds. Here's Showroom. Brushed Canvas. Venetian. So that's just some of the new themes that you can use to make your presentation beautiful in Keynote09. There's one more feature, something you get extra, but it's really cool. If you want a way to wirelessly control your presentation we have the new Keynote Remote. So watch this. This is an application you run on your iPhone or iPod Touch. ^M00:04:38 [ Applause ] ^M00:04:41 >> You set it up to talk wirelessly using Wi-Fi to your Mac, whatever Mac you're running the presentation on. And if you have it set up in a vertical mode it shows you your slide but any [Inaudible] notes you want. You set it up horizontally, and you see this slide and the next slide, and in either mode you just flick it with your finger and that's how you advance or move backwards or forwards through your slides. [ Applause ] >> The Keynote Remote is an application that will be sold in our application store for 99 cents -- and if you see we've already given it five star reviews, so I know it's a big hit. So that's the Keynote Remote and those are some of the new features in the Keynote -- new Keynote09.

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