WWDC 2014: Apple previews all-new Mac OS X Mavericks
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WWDC 2014: Apple previews all-new Mac OS X Mavericks

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Apple announces Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks at its WWDC. The new OS brings more iOS features into the fold, including a quicker way to multitask, the Siri voice assistant, and Finder tabs. A preview is available today for desktops.

-For our first California-themed release, we went just outside our backyard just off the coast to a place with some of the biggest waves in most extreme surfing in all of North America. OS X Mavericks. Now Mavericks is release with deep technology focused on extending battery life and providing responsiveness. It has great new apps and enhancements for every Mac user and some features that we think are gonna really appeal to our power users. And I wanna talk about just three of them right now starting with finder tabs. Sounds like you guys know how this is gonna work. So-- you of course can work in the finder with multiple windows-- it's a very powerful tool. But now you can draw all those windows together in tabs. There's the Finder environment, I got a lot going on, a lot of windows, lot of different locations. When I go up here to the window menu and let's merge all my windows just like that. They hop into a set of tabs. Now, of course, these tabs-- have different locations, different view settings for each of those locations, creating a tab is just the way that you'd expect, just click "Plus" I can select another location like air-drop, maybe another for this work file share and going right here. And now that I have multiple tabs, it's a really great way to actually working copy documents if I wanna copy this field report. I can just hover over the air-drop tab, drop it just like that-- really nice. And of course, I can now take finder full-screen. Next, let's take a look at tagging. This is really cool. So I go to save a document. You notice, I can give it a name like, let say Project Plan. And in addition to its allocation-- in this case I'm gonna save it in iCloud. I can also give it a tag from any of the tags that I've made up. So I'm gonna call this document important, looks pretty important to me. And we'll go here into the Finder and you see on the Finder side bar, I have an Important tag and I see all these documents there from different locations, different applications, all drawn together in the side bar. We have other tags I've given things for things that are draft and then review. Now, of course with tags, I can assign multiple tags to the same documents. That's part of the power tags. So I go here and I'm gonna say this one is also in review. And you notice as I signed that tag, it now appears in that location as well. I can also assign tags by just dragging things in to the tag here in the finder. So different assets for my website-- just drag them in and they're tagged like that. And tags are great for searching. Next, let's take a look at multiple displays. I'm gonna open up some other kinda windows that I've often working with. I will open up iPhoto here, maybe a keynote presentation. And I actually have a second display connected to this MacBook Pro, let's show that up there on a display now. Of course, with multiple displays, I can just move windows, cross displays like you'd expect but now I can get up at my menu bar on the second display. If I go now into the bottom, I can summon the dock just like that. If I wanna open an app on the second display, I can just open on a dock here and here's iTunes. You can take this app full screen just like that and as I swap spaces, just right back there just on that display. Let's take a keynote full screen as well. I'm gonna go back to my first display here. Let's even take iPhoto full screen. So now I have different full screen apps on my different display. It's actually really fantastic way to work going here into favorite travels. I can now drag assets across my full screen apps like that, super cool-- and mission control has just been super charge for multiple display. So, I'm gonna go now into mission control and we see my different full screen spaces and desktops across applications, I can drag the window from one display to another like an also go and drag a full screen app right across displays, bring preview open and now I have that full screen on this display as well.

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