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First Look: Apple MacBook Pro 2009 (2.66GHz, 17-inch)

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First Look: Apple MacBook Pro 2009 (2.66GHz, 17-inch)

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Apple's redesigned 17-inch MacBook Pro joins the 15-inch model with a redesigned aluminum body, new trackpad with expanded functionality, and a dual-graphics setup for either longer battery life or better performance.

[ Music ] ^M00:00:02 >> I'm Dan Ackerman and we are here taking a look at the very latest from Apple. It's the new 17-inch version of the MacBook Pro. Now of course we've look at the 13 and 15-inch versions of the new Pro a couple months ago. They finally rolled most of those changes out to this 17-inch model and what that means is you've now got this aluminum unibody construction. And what they do is they take a big block of metal, they literally carved in out, put the components inside and then put a cover on it. And of course now you've got this big 17-inch screen. It's a 19 by 12 screen and it's got that cool edge to edge glass that everybody likes. This is a glossy screen. You can actually now get a matte screen option even though it's another 50 bucks. They should kind of make that free because a lot of people do like matte screens instead of the glossy ones. Now, if you're coming from an older line of MacBooks one of the things you're going to have to get used to is this new touchpad. It's a larger touchpad. There's no distinct button. It's actually the entire thing is a button. You can just click down on it or if you are like me and you come from the PC slide, you can go into the settings menu, turn on tapping and then you can just tap on it like you would on a regular PC touchpad. Now, you get to do a lot of gestures with this. We always have the 2 finger scroll and the pinch and stuff. Now, there are four finger gestures and again we've had them on the 13 and 15-inch Pros a little while. So, I can take my four fingers and go up like that and down like that and I can look at all my stuff, expose, make it disappear or look at all the different programs spread out on the screen and it's super handy for getting back at your desktop if you have a lot of clatter going on. Now, another cool thing about the new MacBook Pros both the 15 and 17-inch versions the switchable graphics, what they had is an integrated and video graphics chip which is actually pretty decent. And a dedicated in-video graphics chip, which is better for playing games and doing video editing. In order to switch back and forth in order to you know save battery life or get better performance, you got to go into the settings menu and you have to know where this is. It's under energy saving and you click on this and then you can choose better battery life or better performance. Now, the one bummer part about this is when you switch those dedicated graphics on and off you actually have to log out and log back in, so it will close all your windows. The other thing people worry about about this new model is the battery because it's a sealed system you can't actually take the battery out anymore and replace it or carry an extra battery with you. We found the battery life is really great. We got like four hours playing back video which is fantastic for a 17-inch laptop and Apple claims that they've designed new batteries to last for more recharge cycles than a regular laptop battery would. So, hypothetically at least you are not going to have to worry about replacing this battery down the road, although if you want to you can actually take it down through Apple store and for like a hundred-something bucks, so I should popped out the old battery and put in a new one for you. I'm Dan Ackerman and that's the new 17-inch MacBook Pro. ^M00:02:41 [ Music ]

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